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Agatha Christie Collection - With 37 Audio Books

Agatha Christie - 2013
     FULLY FEATURED TABLE OF CONTENTS The full Table of Contents appears at the beginning of the book and can be accessed through the MENU or GO TO button. EPUB 3 CHECK The book successfully passes ePub 3 check developed IDPF. The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is the global trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing and content consumption.

Sherlock Holmes The Definitive Collection

Arthur Conan Doyle - 2011
    No more searching for each of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books, you get them all in one book. In addition you get 54 amazing mystery stories by all time great writers, including the Father Brown series and The Man who Was Thursday. The following is included:THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLESMR. SHERLOCK HOLMESTHE CURSE OF THE BASKERVILLESTHE PROBLEMSIR HENRY BASKERVILLETHREE BROKEN THREADSBASKERVILLE HALLTHE STAPLETONS OF MERRIPIT HOUSEFIRST REPORT OF DR. WATSONSECOND REPORT OF DR. WATSONEXTRACT FROM THE DIARY OF DR. WATSONTHE MAN ON THE TORDEATH ON THE MOORFIXING THE NETSTHE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLESA RETROSPECTIONTHE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMESTHE ADVENTURE OF THE ABBEY GRANGETHE ADVENTURE OF BLACK PETERTHE ADVENTURE OF CHARLES AUGUSTUS MILVERTONTHE ADVENTURE OF THE DANCING MENTHE ADVENTURE OF THE EMPTY HOUSETHE ADVENTURE OF THE GOLDEN PINCE-NEZTHE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSING THREE-QUARTERTHE ADVENTURE OF THE NORWOOD BUILDERTHE ADVENTURE OF THE PRIORY SCHOOLTHE ADVENTURE OF THE SECOND STAINTHE ADVENTURE OF THE SIX NAPOLEONSTHE ADVENTURE OF THE SOLITARY CYCLISTTHE ADVENTURE OF THE THREE STUDENTSTHE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMESSILVER BLAZETHE YELLOW FACETHE STOCK-BROKER’S CLERKTHE “GLORIA SCOTT”THE MUSGRAVE RITUALTHE REIGATE PUZZLETHE CROOKED MANTHE RESIDENT PATIENTTHE GREEK INTERPRETERTHE NAVAL TREATYTHE FINAL PROBLEMA STUDY IN SCARLETTHE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMESA SCANDAL IN BOHEMIATHE RED-HEADED LEAGUEA CASE OF IDENTITYTHE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERYTHE FIVE ORANGE PIPSTHE MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIPTHE ADVENTURE OF THE BLUE CARBUNCLETHE ADVENTURE OF THE SPECKLED BANDTHE ADVENTURE OF THE ENGINEER’S THUMBTHE ADVENTURE OF THE NOBLE BACHELORTHE ADVENTURE OF THE BERYL CORONETTHE ADVENTURE OF THE COPPER BEECHESTHE SIGN OF FOURTHE VALLEY OF FEARHIS LAST BOWTALES OF TERROR AND MYSTERYINNOCENCE OF FATHER BROWNTHE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY * The Great Valdez Sapphire by Anonymous * The Lost Duchess by Anonymous * The Minor Canon by Anonymous * The Pipe by Anonymous * The Puzzle by Anonymous * The Baron's Quarry by Egerton Castle * The Dream Woman by Wilkie Collins * A Case of Identity by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle * A Scandal in Bohemia by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle * The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle * His Wedded Wife by Rudyard Kipling * In the House of Suddhoo by Rudyard Kipling * My Own True Ghost Story by Rudyard Kipling * The Sending of Dana Da by Rudyard Kipling * The Pavilion on the Links by Robert Louis Stevenson * The Fowl in the Pot by Stanley John Weyman * Bourgonef by Anonymous * The Closed Cabinet by Anonymous * The Avenger by Thomas De Quincey * The Haunted House by Charles Dickens * No. I Branch Line: The Signal Man by Dickens * The Haunted and the Haunters by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton * The House and the Brain by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton * The Incantation by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton * Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Rober Maturin * A Mystery with a Moral by Laurence Sterne * On Being Found Out by William Makepeace Thackeray * The Notch on the Ax by William Makepeace Thackeray * The Nail by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón * The Adventure of the Three Robbers by Lucius Apuleius * Melmoth Reconciled by Honoré de Balzac * The Conscript by Honoré de Balzac * The Deposition by Luigi Capuana * The Invisible Eye by Erckmann-Chatrian * The Owl's Ear by Erckmann-Chatrian * The Waters of Death by Erckmann-Chatrian * An Uncomfortable Bed by Guy de Maupassant * Fear by Guy de Maupassant * Ghosts by Guy de Maupassant * The Confession by Guy de Maupassant * The Horla by Guy de Maupassant * The Man with the Pale Eyes by Guy de Maupassant * The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant * The Miracle of Zobéide by Pierre Mille * Letter to Sura by Pliny, the Younger * The Torture by Hope by Auguste comte de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam * Zadig The Babylonian by Voltaire

Fear CD Collection: Hunting Fear / Chill of Fear / Sleeping with Fear

Kay Hooper - 2007
    Now Jordan has come to Clayton County, North Carolina, where the latest in a string of kidnapping victims has turned up dead. Complicating the situation is the presence - and predictions - of someone who’s even more of an outsider than Jordan himself: carnival psychic Samantha Burke, a woman out of his own haunted past.Chill of Fear:FBI agent Quentin Hayes always knew he had an unusual talent, even before he was recruited by Noah Bishop for the controversial Special Crimes Unit. But for twenty years he’s been haunted by a heartbreaking unsolved murder that took place at The Lodge, a secluded Victorian-era resort in Tennessee. Now he’s returned one final time, determined to put the mystery to rest.Sleeping with Fear:A federal agent assigned to the Special Crimes Unit, Riley was a chameleon - a clairvoyant who could blend in with her surroundings. She’d been sent to the beachfront cottage on Opal Island by her enigmatic chief, Noah Bishop, to investigate reports of dangerous occult activity. But that was three weeks ago. Now she’s awoken to discover that she’s got a sexy new man in her life and an unreliable memory, and that the clairvoyant abilities she’s always depended on to protect her are MIA.


George Weinstein - 2018
    Luring you in with atmospheric elements--a small town hiding dark secrets and a woman determined to uncover her questionable legacy-- Aftermath 's final, disturbing twist will jolt you and good. A gripping, suspenseful read." - Emily Carpenter, author of  Burying the Honeysuckle Girls Can Janet Wright complete the deadly puzzle connecting her father, his murder, and a hostile small town? After her father is murdered, New Yorker Janet Wright returns to her folksy childhood home of Graylee, Georgia to tie up loose ends and mend her broken heart. When Janet is met with hostility upon arriving to her hometown, she begins a relentless search for answers about her father’s death. The unwavering heroine soon discovers that there’s more than meets the eye within the enigmatic small town, including secrets, scandals, and lies. This suspenseful Southern thriller will have Wright facing pieces of her broken childhood and fighting for her life. Mystery, murder, and romance converge to keep you turning page after page.“Aftermath has everything I crave in a novel: the perfect blend of mystery and romance, flawlessly crafted dialog, and an unsinkable heroine with equal parts grit and heart.” - Erika Marks, author of The Last TreasureOUR SOUTHERN FRIED GUARANTEEIf you wouldn’t enthusiastically recommend one of our books with a 4- or 5-star rating to a friend, then the next story is on us. We believe that much in the stories we’re telling. Simply email us at

Gone (Connor Callahan Book 1)

Reagan Keeter - 2021
    He knocks out Connor's father, tasers his mother, and then, as quick as he came, he is gone.The police quickly exhaust their leads. No ransom call comes. And Connor takes it upon himself to find his parents before it is too late. That quest, however, is complicated when he crosses paths with a group of anarchists bent on causing chaos in New York City. And their plan, Connor learns, is not only related to the abductions, it will also upend everything he thought he knew about his family.

The Wife Who Knew Too Much

Campbell Michelle - 2021
    HE LIED.‘Twisty’ Crime Monthly‘Taut, unpredictable … The perfect escape’ Newsweek‘Page-turner’ Publisher's WeeklyA decadent summer thriller about marriages tainted by ambition, wealth, and desire from the Sunday Times bestselling author. She’s in too deep….Meet the first Mrs Ford. Beautiful. Accomplished. Wealthy beyond imagination. Married to a much younger man. And now… dead.Meet the second Mrs Ford. Waitress. Small-town girl. Married to a man she never forgot, from an affair ten years before. And now, she’s wealthy beyond imagination.But who is Connor Ford? Two wives loved him, and knew him as only wives can…Who is the victim? Who is the villain? And who will be next to die?Set amongst the glittering mansions of the Hamptons, The Wife Who Knew Too Much is a decadent thriller about the lives of those who will do anything for love and money from the Sunday Times bestselling author Michele Campbell.Praise for The Wife Who Knew Too Much:‘Gripping’ and ‘Twisty’ Crime Monthly‘Taut, unpredictable and sensual, Campbell's writing provides the perfect escape’ Newsweek‘This page-turner is poolside ready’ Publisher's Weekly‘Cleverly revealed subterfuge and a genuine aura of danger and confusion make this a fast and exciting read for fans of Liv Constantine’ Booklist‘A fantastic poolside or at-the-beach read, but just as perfect curled up in a chair inside, escaping from the summer heat, The Wife Who Knew Too Much will have your fingers busy turning page, after page, after page’ The Nerd Daily‘Campbell has crafted a practically perfect thriller with plenty of twists and turns that still relies on the believable to drive its thrills home’‘I will read anything Michele Campbell writes! Her stories are shocking and suspenseful. No one is superhuman just human and that resonates with me’ Rachel Howzell Hall, bestselling author of They All Fall Down

Drifting Back

Trevor Scott - 2010
    He survives but now his memory only lasts one day. A second man, Sig’s old high school friend, is killed while swimming in Minnesota, the incident made to look like an accident. When Sig travels from Oregon to Minnesota for his class reunion, he finally starts to remember fleeting moments from his painful past. After another friend dies mysteriously, Sig’s memory drifts back more vividly. Through the help of a former classmate and girlfriend, Sig starts to uncover a grand conspiracy of murder and political corruption. Clues lead to a fourth man who is running for the Oregon governorship—a man whom Sig had been writing about before he was shot. Will Sig recall everything before the killer finishes the job?

Orchid Blues / Blood Orchid

Stuart Woods - 2005
    A highly disciplined team of men hit a bank in Orchid Beach, Florida, and the waves from this robbery nearly capsize Holly's life. She vows to find these men - who have been careful enough to leave nothing behind except the corpse of a bank customer - and quickly, she discovers evidence that leads her into the midst of what appears to be a politically motivated clan. Her father, Ham, a retired Army chief master sergeant, is her ticket into this strange world, and what Ham finds there stuns both Holly and her FBI contact, Harry Crisp. Blood Orchid: This time out, Holly is trying to get her life back together after the shattering loss of her fianc?. With the help of her wily Doberman, Daisy, and her father, Ham, she throws herself back into the job with a vengeance. But before Holly can settle into her routine again, bullets crash into the home of a friend and a floater is found bobbing in the Intercoastal Waterway. Joining forces with a handsome FBI agent, she tracks the clues straight to their source, only to find a scam more lucrative and more dangerous than any this idyllic town - or Holly - has ever seen.

The Last Door

M.M. Boulder - 2020
    Because Amy Harrison's perfect life is a LIE. She has the perfect adoptive parents, perfect job, perfect friends, and she's about to marry the perfect man. There's only one problem. She can't remember the first twelve years of her life, and she's terrified something horrible happened, something she should have never forgotten. Amy starts taking an experimental drug in an effort to recover her lost past before her wedding, and all she can see is blood.Can her chaotic flashes of memory be real? Bloody halos. Doors and a car and chocolates. Whiskey. Pink. A voice. Someone who loved her. Someone she loved. And death. So much death. Determined to protect her fiancée and her unborn children from her past, she keeps pushing forward; but the memories take over more and more of her, pushing Amy away and replacing her with someone else.Will Amy be able to recover her past, learn the terrible secret that made her forget it all, and save her own life before she loses everything?

Final Approach

Christopher Hodder-Williams - 2016
     John Emerson, brother of the deceased, is suddenly the owner of an international airline. Problem is he doesn’t know much about flying. And the Board is full of people who’d rather he didn’t interfere in things. Funnily enough they felt the same about his brother. As John learns more about the airline, certain discrepancies and irregularities lead him to question his brother’s death. Why are pages missing from the log book? What is the meaning of his brother’s last letter? And did someone know the plane was not fit to fly the day it crashed? Up in the air in Final Approach is death itself. Praise for Christopher Hodder-Williams: ‘original, realistic…combining the elements of science fiction, the straight novel and the thriller’ - The Guardian “Mr. Hodder-Williams deliberately keeps his extremely exciting story to the thriller level in a way that makes its moral impact all the greater.” - Sunday Times “ … an exciting new form of detective fiction … ” - Evening News Christopher Hodder-Williams was an English writer, mainly of science fiction, but he wrote novels about aviation and espionage as well. Before his career in writing, Hodder-Williams joined the army in 1944, and served in the Middle East and lived in Kenya and New York, later settling in the UK. Many of his books are early examples of what would later be called techno-thrillers. He also worked as a composer and lyricist, and wrote numerous plays for television. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks. Follow us on Twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Endeavour Press believes that the future is now.

Defending Innocence

Peter Kirkland - 2021
    Now he’s back in his hometown to hit restart and repair the relationship with his troubled son. But the past is always present in a small town.Leland returns to find his high school sweetheart hasn’t had the easiest of lives—especially now that her son faces a death sentence for murdering his father. Yet what appears to be an open and shut case is anything but. As Leland digs deeper to uncover a truth even his client is determined to keep buried, a tangled web of corruption weaves its way throughout his once tranquil hometown.Leland soon realizes it’s not just his innocent young client’s life that’s at stake—powerful forces surface to threaten the precious few loved ones he has left.

High Five by Janet Evanovich l Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.

Jess Castle and the Eyeballs of Death

M.B. Vincent - 2018
    It's home to all sorts of people, with all the stresses and joys of modern life, but with a town square and a proper butcher's. It also has, for our purposes, a rash of gory murders ...  Jess Castle is running away. Again. This time she's running back home, like she swore she never would.   Castle Kidbury, like all small towns, hums with gossip but now it's plagued with murder of the most gruesome kind. Jess instinctively believes that the hippyish cult camped out on the edge of town are not responsible for the spate of crucifixions that blights the pretty landscape. Her father, a respected judge, despairs of Jess as she infiltrates the cult and manages, not for the first time, to get herself arrested.  Rupert Lawson, a schooldays crush who's now a barrister, bails her out. Jess ropes in a reluctant Rupert as she gatecrashes the murder investigation of DS Eden. A by-the-book copper, Eden has to admit that intuitive, eccentric Jess has the nose of a detective.   As the gory murders pile up, there’s nothing to connect the victims. And yet, the clues are there if you look hard enough.

Friends Don't Lie

Cath Weeks - 2019
    I loved it' Carol MasonHow far will the ties of friendship stretch before they finally break?Everyone knows Melissa Silk and her two best friends: a walking poster for friendship and community. People might hate them if they weren't so infectiously likeable.But when a fatal accident causes their perfect world to shatter, Melissa can't move on.Everyone urges Melissa not to let obsession and paranoia pull their friendship group apart. But she knows that something about the accident doesn't quite add up.What if learning the truth means losing everything she cherishes?Because friends don't lie?Or do they?This is a breathtaking novel of friendship and heartache, about the ties that bind us, but how lies can unravel everything.

A Bottle Full of Djinn / Loony Town / Mummy Issues

Paula Lester - 2019
    She's the Chief of Staff at a retirement home, which doesn't sound odd on its own, but when you consider it's a retirement home for witches and other paranormals, the strange factor ratchets up.  And, with a facility full of partly senile but still powerful witches, things go hilariously awry fast. This e-book contains the first three books in the Sunnyside Retired Witches Community series. Book 1: A Bottle Full of Djinn: Zoey Rivers has a pretty great job as Head of Staff at Sunnyside Retired Witches Community. She's good at handling the magical messes that are part and parcel of providing a home for elderly (and some slightly senile) witches. But when the messes turn from slightly sloppy to hugely horrible, Zoey realizes there's more involved than just her residents. If she doesn't figure out who's causing havoc at the Home, the place might not be standing for much longer. If you love crime capers with magic, mayhem, and mystery, you'll adore Zoey Rivers and her comical crew of witch retirees. Please note: This book is a crime caper, not a murder mystery. Book 2: Loony Town: Caring for elderly witches at the retirement home in Sunnyside, California is a full-time job for Zoey Rivers. But when one of them is blitzing, causing magic to act even weirder than normal, things get…well, downright wacky. And when a local insurance agent winds up dead, some of the people Zoey is responsible for become the prime suspects. As the zaniness of the magical blips continues and things get crazier and crazier, Zoey has to work fast and try to stay one step ahead to keep her charges out of jail, figure out who is causing the chaotic blitzing so she can fix it, and also figure out who the real killer is. It’s a tough job, but she's determined to do it. The people who live at Sunnyside Retired Witches Community are counting on her. And she’s not about to let them down now. Book 3: Mummy Issues: Sunnyside Retirement Witches Community gets its fair share of visitors. Some of them like the entertainment and others enjoy volunteering. But when one of the sight-seers ends up dead, Zoey Rivers has to figure out what happened. The residents come up with a fantastic idea: Since the retirement complex seems to have more than its fair share of murders, they figure it might be a good idea to have a psychic on staff. So, Zoey hires Iris. And all the information she pulls from the ghosts of the growing list of victims points to Zoey herself. Except the clues aren't pointing to her. They're fingering someone she'd thought was long dead.Sunnyside Retirement Witches Community gets its fair share of visitors. Some of them like the entertainment and others enjoy volunteering. But when one of the sight-seers ends up dead, Zoey Rivers has to figure out what happened. The residents come up with a fantastic idea: Since the retirement complex seems to have more than its fair share of murders, they figure it might be a good idea to have a psychic on staff. So, Zoey hires Iris. And all the information she pulls from the ghosts of the growing list of victims points to Zoey herself. Except the clues aren't pointing to her. They're fingering someone she'd thought was long dead.