Season of the Witch

Jaid Black - 2015
    Adamant the stronghold is returned to Scotland at once, he dispatches the ruthless Highlander warlord Cainnech MacKenzie to lay siege. If Cainnech can defeat the Nords and recapture the island by year's end, the land, castle, and titles that go with it will all belong to him. Cainnech expects to make war against a Viking jarl, but is shocked to discover the current master of Eilean Donnán is no man at all. The Viking is a woman... and the woman is rumored to be a witch. Lucia Ingegärd is an American of Italian and Nordic descent. Or at least she was an American until she was transported to a time long before her country existed. Desperate to return to the future before Christmas, Lucia puts her engineer's mind to the singular focus of going home. Her work is stalled when a huge, fierce-looking warrior surrounds her temporary home and gives her an ultimatum: surrender herself or she'll be shown no mercy.

The Yeah Baby Series: Volume 3

Fiona Davenport - 2017
     Play With Me, Baby: Guy Rule: It's only stalking if you get caught. Safe With Me, Baby: Guy Rule: No sleeping with your employee. Devour Me, Baby: Guy Rule: Don't steal from the company pantry. This steamy box set full of insta-love and oops babies contains three novellas from the Yeah, Baby Series.

Signed To The Billionaire (The Billionaire's Offer, Book 1) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Ella London - 2016
     Until the night that Luke Rockford comes into the diner and changes everything. Gorgeous, rich, and demanding beyond all reason, Luke takes an immediate interest in Alyssa. He wants to see more of her…much more than a small-town girl should ever show a man she doesn’t even know. But when Alyssa finds out the truth about Luke Rockford and why he’s really in town, her tiny, simple existence will be blown apart. And now she could lose everything she has and more…finding herself signed to the billionaire.

Nerds Are Freaks Too

Koko Brown - 2011
    Lovers may come and go, but true friends are hard to find. Instead, she enlists his help to sign her up for an online fetish dating site. She immediately meets a man who can help her explore her kinky side, starting with a chat session that leads to the best orgasm of her life. While her body's satisfied, her mind can't forget Leo's confession . . . Leo, meanwhile, isn't giving up so easily. He knows Roxanne like the back of his hand, knows what she needs, and he's more than equipped to give it to her. Subtle touches, a sexy spanking, the most erotic dessert-eating session ever . . . Leo is successfully proving that computer nerds can be sexual freaks too-until Roxanne discovers his secret. One that could kill not only a potential relationship, but their longtime friendship as well.


Eve Montelibano - 2015
     She isn't looking for love and all that crapola women get hung up on like junkies. She just wants to get knocked up by a man who doesn't know her wicked intentions. Well, someone up there plays a joke on her. Or maybe not. She's granted a Baby the form of a 25-year old who's not only ILLEGALLY GORGEOUS and BADASS NICE but a BILLIONAIRE REAL-LIFE PRINCE! You might think she'd be over the moon. Nope. It's in fact a nightmare for hard-to-the-core cynic Stella Rhodes who has sworn on her designers her hormones are immune to the male species. Yup, even if he comes with 8-packs! Even if he's THAT guy every woman wants to kidnap and bring home to mama! -------------------- Renowned fashion designer Stella Rhodes celebrates her 37th birthday with a reality check. She must have a child. An heir who would inherit her billion-dollar, hard- earned clothing empire. Now, in order to have a kid, she needs to get pregnant. In order to get pregnant, she needs to have a Baby Dada. So, why is she having this silly math? You see, despite her tremendous success in her chosen career, she lacks skill and experience in one department: Sex. It has been so long since she’s last dated and she’s VERY rusty. Uh-huh, capital. But really, that’s the least of her concerns. In order to have her wicked way with Baby Dada and acquire his genes, she must first find THE perfect man for the job. Oh she finds him, alright. One look at him and she has to remind herself of her cardinal rule regarding this mission: She wants a Baby. Just a baby. Period. No strings. No entanglements of any kind except between the sheets. Trouble is, Baby Dada comes not only with a body perfect for baby-manufacturing but he wants the baby, too AND the Baby Mama. Bigger trouble is, he’s only 25 and it was never her lifelong dream to be a cougar. Moreover, she doesn’t want to have a mega come back as a tabloid punch line! __________________________ THIS IS A ROMANTIC STAND-ALONE NOVEL WITH A HEA. Expect insta-love, insta-lust, cheesy lines, over the top plot, too-good-to-be-true character/s, eye-rolling, kindle throwing scenes that will want to make you swear off romance books for good. NOT! For readers over 18 only.

Bad Boys of London

Georgia Le Carre - 2016
    And I'll wrap myself around you're heart - Layla Eden He's forbidden and everything I should loathe in a man. Arrogant, foul-mouthed, inked, a bare-knuckle fighter, thinks he's God's gift to women, and yet ... one look into his magnetic eyes and I am doing crazy things I've never imagined doing. I tell myself just one taste -- what harm can it do? But what happens if one taste is not enough... Billy Joe Pilkington She's the hottest girl I know, and I've been lusting for her since I was old enough to fuck, but she's also a spoiled little fucking princess who swoons about the place like she's something special. She wasn't so high and mighty after her first lesson on my knees. Well I've got news for her -- I'm gonna kick down her walls, strip away the façade, and take what I want. And this time I'll keep what's mine... Wounded Beast (Book 2) What happens when the good girl meets a hard, ripped and dominant bad boy? - Ella The first time I met Dominic his magnetic arrogance took my breath away. He was everything I'd never expected to have. Inked and Dangerous, a real Alpha bad boy. But it was my job that led me into his path and he hit me like a freight train that I never saw coming. Suddenly this complicated man beast has erased the staleness of my terribly dull life and replaced it with a lust for the excitement, danger and knowledge he brings to my life. The longer I'm with him, the more I need him. His touch answers needs I never knew my body had. Now, all I want is him. Everything is perfect, well almost. Except there's the parts of him that I cannot reach. The parts he keeps locked away. The parts he wont let me explore... Dominic I've been dead for years. I wasn't looking for anything other than meaningless sex. But Ella had something that intrigued and enticed me. From the moment we locked eyes she got my attention. Fuck it. I should have let her go. But I can't. Instead, I lose myself in her body. She thinks she can fix the pain. Save me. But not even her incredible magic can conjurr up a potion to remedy that. Or can it ? Beautiful Beast (Book 3) He's determined to make her his... No matter the cost. Snow: If only he hadn't wrapped his strong hand around my wrist and caused me to look into those wickedly intoxicating eyes. But he did. Now I can't get this sexy alpha bad boy out of my head. There's just one obstacle. I belong to someone else. Though I don't love him, I'm a possession he's willing to kill for... Shane: If only she hadn't come into my club, and turned my head. But she did. Now I'll risk it all to have this fairytale beauty in my bed. There's just one obstacle. She's indebted to him and forbidden to me. But I don't care. . I'll die before I let him keep her...

A Maine Christmas...or Two - A Duet: The Billionaire's Angel & A Mermaid Isle Christmas

J.S. Scott - 2013
    Scott and Cali MacKay.Although these stories are connected to both authors’ current series, they are easily stand-alone reads with no cliff hangers. The Billionaire’s Angel by J.S. Scott - Considered an eccentric beast by most of the residents in Amesport, Maine, Billionaire Grady Sinclair stays isolated on his private peninsula in a grand mansion most people are afraid to approach. The arrangement suits Grady just fine, until a fearless angel lands on his doorstep, making him painfully aware of how lonely he really is, and how much he wants to keep the fiery blonde cherub for his very own. But will he have to become the monster the townspeople believe him to be in order to get his Christmas wish?Emily Ashworth needs money, and plenty of it. As director of the Youth Center of Amesport, she either finds the funds she needs to supply Christmas presents and other items she needs to purchase to give the kids of Amesport a Christmas, or they won’t have one at all. Desperate, she ventures to the Amesport Peninsula to ask the wealthiest person in the area to provide a Christmas for her misplaced, abused, or troubled kids, and to help keep the doors of the much-needed refuge open. Emily is shocked when she meets Grady, and surprisingly more attracted to him than she has ever been to any man. He might have seemed like a barbarian in the beginning, but Emily quickly learns that Grady is nothing like she’d imagined. Was the monster of Amesport truly the very devil, or just a lonely man who needs the gift of love for Christmas? A Mermaid Isle Christmas by Cali MacKay – Once Aidan Nordson made his fortune, he was finally able to leave behind the world that left him broken and scarred. Escaping to Mermaid Isle, all he wants is to be left alone to live his life and deal with his demons, but when a blizzard hits and strands Chloe Madison at his door, the gorgeous and feisty brunette stirs feelings in him he’d rather push away. Forced together by fate and circumstance, can Aidan let go of the past that haunts him so he can learn to love again or will the storm in his heart swallow him in its darkness?Note: These are steamy romances and suitable for readers 18+ due to graphic language and sexual content.

The Billionaire's Bride

Nikki Chase - 2017


Scarlett Avery - 2015
    Her body.Once, she had it all…She was New York’s real estate queen.Then she made a decision that cost her everything.How quickly a partner turns into a backstabber.On the brinks of financial disaster, she’s forced to rebuild her life.Betrayal stings…The humiliation is unbearable.Sometimes in life, desperation is the only card you have left to play—your body in exchange for some money to crawl out of hell.Sofia is about to meet her first client… Bryce, a trailblazing billionaire in the Big Apple for business.A man who never takes no for an answer.A man who gets what—and who—he wants.A man who has the means to buy her soul.Could their arrangement turn into more?You’ll love this exceptionally provocative billionaire romance, because everyone loves a Pretty Woman inspired story with a generous dose of steamy romance.USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery brings you the perfect getaway filled with passion, steam and a twisty storyline that will keep you riveted until the fairytale ending!Get it now.No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed. This is Book 2 of the Billionaire Romance in Manhattan Series. Each standalone romance in this sexy series can be read on its own.This romance was first released as Unbearable Passion.

Leashing the Virgin: A Bad Boy Romance

Riley Rollins - 2017
    It’s pain I understand. And control. Always control.I’ve built an empire of destruction. One so enormous, no one can touch me.I take what I want, and I can buy all the rest.She’s a risk I shouldn’t take, but too f*cking tempting to deny.Naked, sweet and perfect on the auction block, she’s the only virgin Club La Laisse has ever offered. Now she’s mine… to do with as I please. One touch and I couldn’t stop. One taste and I nearly lost control. One unguarded moment and now she has the power to ruin me.She’s discovered my deepest secret. But I’m going to discover all of hers. I don’t care how deep I have to go… But how can I live with myself? When she’s suddenly become everything… I can’t live without.


Thayer King - 2013
    Keva Lane loves her job at the Institute of Parapsychology. When she responds to an emergency call to help Sebastian Brooks, a psychic about to go supernova, things go horribly awry. Normal treatment methods don’t work and Sebastian rudely suggests that she could cure him with sex. With lives at risk, Keva doesn’t have any choice but to give in to the sexy psychic. Little did she know that she would be setting off a chain of events that would change her life forever.Being psychic cost Sebastian Brooks his family. He’s not interested in being saved. Though he knows he’s not good enough for Keva, he can’t resist her. And he can’t seem to stay away from her no matter how hard he tries. Because whenever he loses control, it’s like he’s possessed and nothing can stop him from claiming the woman he’s had visions of for a lifetime.

Double Feature: The Game Plan & Double Dare

R.L. Mathewson - 2015
     The Game Plan (Book 5) Spend the next 40 years in prison or break her lease early? Normally she’d be able to say that this one was a no-brainer, but things have definitely changed since she was forced to move in across the hall from Danny Bradford. A lot of things... She wanted to get through one day, just ONE day without Danny Bradford doing something to test the limits to her control, but with that damn smile of his and his habit of leaving her contemplating manslaughter, she didn’t see that happening anytime soon. He loved his family, but some days... It was too much, but that was okay, because his small neighbor living across the hallway provided him with endless hours of entertainment. Not on purpose of course, but did it really matter as long she made him smile? Double Dare (Book 6): Marybeth still couldn’t believe that she’d survived this long with a friend like Darrin, but somehow she’d managed to beat the odds and not give in to temptation and smother him with a pillow while he slept. Of course some days were more difficult than others... For twenty years he’s been biding his time, waiting for the right moment to make his move and now that she was finally his, he had to do everything in his power to keep her even if it meant making a decision that would tear them apart and force her to face the truth.

Flirting in Traffic

Beth Kery - 2009
    Esa never intended to participate in her best friend's unorthodox dating scheme-flirting with hunky construction workers in Chicago traffic. Her thoughts changed when she saw a long, lean slice of heaven strutting around the side of the highway. For him, she would be the carefree sex kitten her borrowed car with its suggestive license plates implied she was. Though smarting from the wounds of a recent breakup, Finn can't resist the tempting redhead driving the come-and-get-me car, flashing him contemptuous looks with those brandy-colored eyes. The lure of taming the feisty little kitten is just too great to deny... Reader Advisory: This book contains smoking hot, sexy scenes.

The Curvy Astronomer and the Cowboy

Victoria Wessex - 2014
    She lives on the road, making just enough from her photos to survive. But for her latest assignment, she’ll have to find somewhere that’s really, REALLY dark—some place far away from all civilization.Cowboy Troy knows horses, not the Horsehead nebula. He agrees to take the stubborn scientist out to a tiny cabin in the mountains, rather than see her get lost…but a blizzard traps them there, miles from the nearest living soul.A Wyoming winter can be dangerous: howling winds, blizzards, even bears. Can Troy protect the curvy stargazer…and tell her he’s fallen for her? And will loner Emily really want to stop running, settle down…and start a family?

My Curvy Belle

Jordan Silver - 2018
    Part of him believes that there's someone for everyone, but with his taste for kink and a very discerning palette, he's beginning to think that his 'one' may not be out there. Then one glance at the curvy gem and his taste buds come alive and he knows he'll do whatever it takes to get her in his bed.