Never Give Up Volume 1

Hiromu Mutou - 2001
    But things get a bit complicated on the catwalk when others start to fall for Kiri's male alter ego!

AAA, Vol. 01

Haruka Fukushima - 2010
    The middle school she attends is one of the best in the country and is called "AAA." Aoi goes there to meet her first love, but after a surprising meeting, she's finding out that her first love is a gang leader in the neighbor school, called "CCC" (lowest level). Maybe it's only a coincidence, and that gang leader and her first love just happen to have the same name. After all, they look completely different from each other. But now, Aoi wants to find more about this person...

Peach Girl: Sae's Story Volume 1

Miwa Ueda - 2006
    Kairi and Momo are attending university, but Sae has been left behind after failing her last year of high school. Follow Sae's adventures as she reunites with a childhood love and deals with high school life once again. Rated for teens 13+.

Saint Tail, Vol. 1

Megumi Tachikawa - 1997
    But by night, she pulls off fantastic heists as the mysterious thief Saint Tail! with the guidance of her best friend, Seira, a nun-in-training, Saint Tail steals back treasures that are unjustly taken from the innocent. She is pursued by Asuka Jr., the son of a famous detective, who is determined to be the one to catch the thief. Where will St. Tail strike next? One... two... THREE! Let's find out!

Princess Princess, Volume 01

Mikiyo Tsuda - 2002
    Boys who are chosen have to dress up as a girl in every school event! Little does Toru know that he would be the chosen one.

Fall in Love Like a Comic! Vol. 1

Chitose Yagami - 2002
    And although she's never been on a date, that doesn't stop her from drawing steamy shojo scenes for Chami magazine. But when the gorgeous Tomoya Okita finds out her secret, she finds herself asking him out to get some real-life experience in love!Rena asks Tomoya to be her boyfriend, hoping that gaining some experience in dating will help her improve her manga. Rena is positive that Tomoya is only dating her to help her out, but that doesn't stop her from falling in love...

My Medicine

Satoru Takamiya - 2007
    In order to pass her final exam to graduate, she has to make a "love potion." In order to make that "love potion," Inori lives in the same house with Aoi, in hopes to get him to fall in love with her (required for the "love potion.") The only problem is they don't get along at all! So how will Inori get Aoi to love her when he's always picking on her?!

Cipher, Volume 1

Minako Narita - 1985
    Although the cool and handsome Siva seems unapproachable, Anise manages to become his friend. But her happiness turns to surprise when she discovers Siva's secret: for years, he's been switching identities with his twin brother, Cipher!

Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts

QuinRose - 2009
    Can the charming Alice Lidell mellow Ace and his violent ways? Perhaps Ace will even fall in love with Alice...if he doesn’t kill her first. Also includes a special bonus feature: a 44-page Crimson Empire short story!

Dramacon Ultimate Edition Manga

Svetlana Chmakova - 2008
    Celebrate the world of Dramacon with this ultimate collector's edition! The hardcover complete collection features previously unpublished chibi comics, a new cover, creator interview, early story concepts, and more!

Twinkle Stars, Vol. 1

Natsuki Takaya - 2016
    In times of pain and sadness, she's always taken comfort in looking up at the stars. One day, a mysterious boy suddenly shows up at Sakuya's house for her birthday. He leaves her with kind words, but she has no idea who he is!All she has to go on is his name--Chihiro! Not one to let that deter her, she sets out in search of him with the reluctant help of her two best friends, Yuuri and Sei. Everyone says that Sakuya should just forget him, but she's oddly drawn to the curious boy. Then, a twist of fate allows them to meet once more! Will this meeting bring them closer together...or will the feelings between these lone stars remain forever in the dark?

Tokyo Boys Girls, Vol. 1

Miki Aihara - 1995
    Through a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself the focus of attention of three boys and her teachers for all the wrong reasons! Mimori is reunited with Atsushi, a boy she knew in elementary school - and it turns out he despises her for allegedly bullying him in their grade school days. In fact, he plans to exact a little revenge!

Ultra Cute, Vol. 1

Nami Akimoto - 2000
    But the vicious cycle is broken when the girls go to a party and each fall for two different guys! With potential love on the horizon, the sky couldn't be bluer...until Ami discovers that these two dudes are actually duds with ulterior motives. Determined to get revenge on these players, Ami vows to make her guy fall for her while she trys to protect an unsuspecting Noa!

お嬢様はお嫁様。 1 [Ojousama Wa Oyomesama 1]

Megumi Hazuki - 2007
    When she was very young, she was told that on this 18th birthday she is to marry the young man who was born on the same day, the same time, and the same year as she was. However, during their first meeting, Yuuga was incredibly mean to her! What’s Towako to do when her husband-to-be is the shy and cool type of guy?

School Rumble, Vol. 1

Jin Kobayashi - 2003
    . . is a second-year high school student with a single all-consuming question: Will the boy she likes ever really notice her?He . . . is the school’s most notorious juvenile delinquent and he’s suddenly come to a shocking realization: He’s got a huge crush, and now he must tell her how he feels.Life-changing obsessions, colossal foul-ups, grand schemes, deep-seated anxieties, and raging hormones–School Rumble portrays high school as it really is: over-the-top comedy!