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Tempted by Scandal by Karen Booth


Choose Me

Jo Leigh - 2012
    Be yourself…Charlie Winslow isn't your average New York date—he's wealthy, successful and usually mingling with the A-list crowd. So how exactly did he get set up with Bree Kingston on Valentine's Day?Still, there's something about Bree. Her quirky style, her authenticity, or an unanticipated attraction that just keeps Charlie wanting more. And if Bree plays her trading card just right, this might be the luckiest—and nakedest—Valentine's Day ever!

Nobody Does It Better

Julie Kenner - 2000
    she's fallen in love with a man who exists only in her mind--a man she invented as a pseudonym for the fast-paced, testosterone-laden spy novels she writes. Now the man of her dreams is standing beside her, touching her, loving her.-- But who is he? Bar owner Devin O'Malley wanted Paris the first moment he saw her. And he was willing to do just about anything to get her--including becoming novelist Montgomery Alexander, but his deception worked too well. Before long, he'd stolen his way into Paris's bed and into her heart. Was she in love with Devin--or the fantasy he portrayed?

The Privileged and the Damned

Kimberly Lang - 2011
    A rich, powerful family: if the U.S. had a royal family, this would be it!Running scared, Lily needs a fresh start--and, fingers crossed, she's found one. After all, why would any of her new employers, members of the hot-shot Marshall dynasty, even think to look beyond her humble facade?Until she catches the roving eye of infamous heartbreaker Ethan Marshall...A fling with one of the Marshalls is a bad idea--especially for a girl with a scandalous past. But Lily is terrifyingly susceptible to Ethan's lethal brand of high-class charm...

Minding Her Boss's Business

Janice Maynard - 2015
    Convincing the exiled Montoros to give up their American life and return to Alma's throne has become personal. Not only is his trusted aide Maria Ferro flirting with a potential prince, but Alex is actually jealous! So jealous, he might sabotage his goals so he can take Maria to his bed…a prize more tempting than any commission from the crown. But Alex doesn't know that Maria has a longtime crush of her own—and it isn't on the playboy prince…

The Counterfeit Secretary

Susan Napier - 1985
    James demanded cool efficiency and exclusive loyalty from a secretary so Ria donned spectacles and learned to blend in with the sleek office furniture. But she couldn't escape her boss's notice. As James became increasingly fascinated by his elusive secretary, Ria found herself responding to him with a long-dormant passion. As their attraction grew, she wondered what James, a confirmed bachelor, would think when he discovered she was a warmhearted, tempestuous woman, the widowed mother of twins--and very much in love.

Point of No Return

Carole Mortimer - 1981
    Megan wasn't disposed to think much of Jerome Towers even before she had met him—all she knew about him was that he was the new squire that he wanted to take over her family's farm and that he was a first class snob.

Claimed for the Billionaire's Convenience

Melanie Milburne - 2018
    His lethal charisma may have ignited a fire in her blood, but she's finished with fairy tales. Yet Zack seems determined to turn this scandal, and their red-hot attraction, to their mutual advantage... Swept away to Paris, Holly must remember this alliance is only temporary--even while wearing his diamond!

Pure Temptation

Vicki Lewis Thompson - 1999
    But growing up in a small town with four very big brothers ...well, she might as well have been wearing a chastity belt. She's read loads of books about sex, but now she needs some hands-on training. And her best friend, "Mac" MacDougal, looks like the perfect teacher....Mac can't believe the sexy siren propositioning him is the girl he's known forever. Suddenly Tess is on his mind, in his fantasies ...and setting the sheets on fire in his bed! And he's thinking about keeping her there indefinitely. But Tess is supposed to leave at the end of the summer. And Mac can only hope their blazing nights together mean more to her than research...

The Baby Switch!

Melissa Senate - 2018
    But the unthinkable has happened--his beloved baby isn't really his! And Shelby Ingalls is reeling to discover that her baby was accidentally switched with Liam's. Their solution? Marriage! And in this new Wyoming Multiples miniseries by the former Meg Maxwell, the sparks flying in this marriage of convenience sure look a lot like love.

Rich Man's Touch

Anne Mather - 2002
    But she isn't prepared when he touches emotions in her that she had carefully hidden away. Can she allow herself to open up her heart -- and her bed -- to him? Or is Gabriel interested in only a fleeting affair?

When Opposites Attract...

Jules Bennett - 2014
    But producing a movie about a racing dynasty means he has no choice. Luckily Tessa Barrington, star jockey, provides the distraction he needs—feisty attitude, stunning looks…and a surprising innocence he can't resist. Tessa won't give herself to just any man, especially a smooth-talking player like Grant. Once filming wraps, how can she trust he'll stick around? He's already keeping secrets. Besides, Tessa has her eye on bigger prizes…unless falling in love is the biggest prize of all, for both of them.

A Certain Affection

Patricia Wilson - 1989
    But it was clear that all he felt for her was the friendly affection which she had enjoyed as a child all those years ago. His love was reserved for another woman and it would be foolish of Amy to try to come between them. And yet he exhibited something remarkably like jealousy when he met the men in Amys life. Perhaps there was hope for her after all?

His Very Convenient Bride

Sophie Pembroke - 2014
    It has nothing to do with the fact that she's always held a special place in her heart for her childhood crush!But after embarking on the perfect Tuscan honeymoon, their paper marriage dissolves to ash as an unexpected heat flares between them... Dare Helena dream that this convenient marriage could be the fresh start they've both been searching for?

Rafe's Revenge

Anne Stuart - 1992
    And when he took ruthless steps to undermine her career, Silver swore she'd never surrender.But no one had warned her that Rafe's smoldering sensuality would set her blood on fire. Or that each new skirmish would only fuel their mutual desire.Silver knew she was in danger, but she couldn't surrender. Rafe had laid out his terms: nothing less than a night in her arms would satisfy him.

Vows in Name Only: An Arranged Marriage Romance

Naima Simone - 2020
    But she can never let her billionaire husband-to-be know why she agreed to her father’s dangerous machinations. Just as she’ll never know her father is blackmailing Cain to tie the knot, too. What kind of marriage can Devon even expect from a man with such cold eyes…and such hot kisses? She’s about to find out.