Coached, In His Arms (The In His Arms Series Book 3)

K.L. Donn - 2020
    Family, friends, everyone. Except Hunter, her nephew.Her father wants her married.Her sister wants to party, leaving Brynlee to take on the parental role.And Hunter? He wants to hook her up with his little league coach.Single and unattached.It’s how Logan Dawson wants things to remain after his ex splits, leaving him to be both mom and dad to their son, Carter.A chance meeting with his son's best friend’s aunt has Logan questioning his single status. When he finds out Brynlee's father wants her married in less than a year’s time or have a husband chosen for her, Logan steps up. Looking to put a ring on her finger and a baby in her belly, he’s unprepared for the shocking move her sister makes.Will the pressure of marriage pull them apart, or will they become closer than ever in the end?

Flirting with the Girl Dad

Sadie King - 2021
    I’m a travel writer, and my life is on the road.But when Dad gets sick, I head home to help with the family business. I’m staying for a few weeks until he gets back on his feet, and then I’m gone.
I don’t expect to meet Damian, the troubled single dad with a heart of gold.But my life is on the road, and I need to get back to it.DamianI’m a widower with a five-year-old daughter, and that makes me the most eligible bachelor in town. When my mom sets me up with yet another daughter from her church, I don’t expect the independent and sinfully curvy Emma.She’s everything I never knew I wanted.But can I convince her to stay? Or will the pull of the road be too much?Girl Dads are a special breed… This Father’s Day meet 16 single dads who will gladly hold up the world for their little girls. Whether fending off bad guys or braiding hair, they show up Every. Single. Day. Ready to do anything it takes to show their daughters how a good man treats a woman. Bonus? There’s room aplenty in those big strong arms—and those hearts of gold—for the right woman who can love on their babies too, and bring a fiercely protective Girl Dad straight to his knees.Each book in the series is a standalone, no cliffhangers.

Officer Slater

Flora Madison - 2021
    With my past, it's the last place I should be working.If I'm ever going to move out of my sister's house and gain my independence, I'll have to take the risk.It doesn't hurt that Officer Slater is tall, dark and inhumanly handsome.It's harmless, though. A cop like him could never fall for a woman like me.Slater:The minute I lock eyes with the curvy, raven haired beauty I know she's meant to be mine.It's been so long since I've even considered letting a woman into my life.There's something about Melinda, and the strangest thing?I feel as though I've seen her before.I'll take it slow, but Melinda will soon see; I always get what I want.And I want Melinda, no matter what skeleton's are hiding in her closet.The Mountain Man Police Force books are sweet and spicy one hour romance reads, featuring alpha cops and the curvy women of their dreams. While they read as a stand alone short romances, all of the books are interconnected and tell the tales of the men of Steel Creek Police Force as they fall head over heels in instalove. As always, these stories are steamy but safe! There's no cheating and no cliffhanger. Just a swoon-worthy HEA to melt your heart. They're the perfect one hour short romance read for your coffee break or when you need a quick high heat escape read. Insta Love Forever!

Layla's List

Rosa Mink - 2019
    From Halloween to Valentines this group of friends will find everything they’ve wanted. Tami, Layla, Penny and Keke have been friends from the beginning of their freshman year in college, but in the three years since they’ve become closer than just friends, they’re now family. Their lives are about to change as they meet just the men to handle their curves. Layla The last three years I’ve had the best Christmases with my three best friends. They’ve replaced my three sisters that are complete opposite of me, twigs to my curves and I love them to bits. This year Christmas is so different. Tami and Penny are both in amazing relationships and I’m still trying to catch up to all of it. Thankfully, these men understand that we’re family and our Christmas Eve movie marathon is still on. Everything is going just fine until a gorgeous man walks in with Mike, making me swoon and panting after him the way Mike does for Tami’s cinnamon rolls. A kiss under the mistletoe has me falling hard, but will I find him on my Christmas List for keeps, or just until morning? David When my best friend Ryker asks me to track down his new wife’s disappearing father, I can’t say no to him. Little did he know it would change all of our lives with the answers. I wasn’t expecting to give him a little Christmas miracle to make his woman smile, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to find my own Christmas miracle to pull me out of my workaholic ways. My best friend Mike had the nerve to kiss my woman under the mistletoe and all I see is red. If I hadn’t sworn to never fight again, I’d have blackened his eyes for touching this curvy goddess. The second I taste her lips I know I’m never letting go. This woman will be mine and if anyone tries to take her from me, they’ll learn just how good I am at my job. I’m going to be the first on Layla’s list for good. Layla’s List is book 3 in the Curvy Girls Holidays Series. If you’re looking for a quick read with alpha men, curvy girls, strong language, no cheating, and HEAs, you’ve found the right book. It's intended for an adult audience that will leave you longing for a man like David on your Christmas List.

Trading Favors with the Girl Dad

Piper Cook - 2021
    His past is closing in quick. Can one little girl and a whole lot of love be the key to their happiness, or will his past bring everything crumbling to the ground?MichelleI’ve had my share of unsuccessful relationships in the past. The last thing I need in my life is another man with drama issues.So, I’m starting fresh with a new town, new job, and my first real home. I’m in charge of my destiny and this year I’m choosing self-care over romantic relationships.When a precocious little girl wanders into my backyard followed by her father, my priorities begin to shift, and seeds of love begin to sprout.Charlie is gorgeous, engaging, and comes with a side-helping of extra cuteness.But do I want to give my heart to a man with trouble brewing in the background and guaranteed drama on the horizon?CharlieI never expected to be a single dad, but life has a way of working out for the best sometimes. For now, it’s Emma and me against the world.I’m not looking for the picture perfect woman. What I’m waiting for is the perfect woman for my daughter and me.When my new neighbor turns out to be a head turner with maternal instincts, my daughter and I are both smitten.Michelle is an independent, down-to-earth, knockout gorgeous woman with curves for days.But will trouble from my past be a roadblock to the three of us becoming one happy family?Trading Favors with the Girl Dad is a short, steamy insta-love romance with no cheating or cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after. I write sassy, strong, curvy women who don’t need a man to save the day but love the men who charm their hearts.

Her Cocky Billionaire: A Curvy Woman Romance (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

Liz Fox - 2021

Fake It With Me

Kate Hunt - 2019
    But when I turn to a dating app to find a guy, I can’t find anyone I want to take. Not one in a fifty-mile radius. Then my best friend, Hunter, makes a suggestion that could solve everything for me… Hunter I don’t do weddings. I just don’t. But when Lydia needs a date to her sister’s wedding, I offer to be her fake boyfriend. That’s what best friends do, right? When the day comes, though, we quickly find out that a fake relationship can lead to genuine desire. But did we just completely screw up our friendship? FAKE IT WITH ME is a fun, short, friends to lovers romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!

Bells in Boston: An Insta Love Holiday Romance

Ava Pearl - 2021

Gabe (Holidays with the Hometown Hero #3)

Carly Keene - 2020
    Holidays with the Hometown Hero is a series of standalone short, sweet, and steamy instalove romances. No cliffhangers. No cheating. HEA guaranteed!Gabe's been back in his hometown for months after serving as an Army medic, but he doesn't feel quite at home as he expected he would. He's searching for his purpose -- until he's needed to rescue Makenzie from a car accident. One look at each other, and they just know.Christmas comes in hope.

Fix Me Up with the Girl Dad

Scarlett Woods - 2021
    I get to travel and throw larger-than-life parties. But as much as I love the party life, I’d give it all up to have a family of my own.Luckily, my research for fertility options is successful, and I’m prepared to move forward with or without a partner.But when a sexy animal doctor and I bond over a sweet pup, I need another dose of him.Ken is tall, strong, and makes my heart skip a beat.But can I love him without holding him back?KenMy job as a veterinarian is everything I hoped it to be, rewarding and it pays well. But as I adjust to life as a single dad, the busy schedule can be challenging most days.It’s my dream to find a woman to love my daughter and me, but dating isn’t what it used to be. So I stopped looking to focus on raising my daughter.When a gorgeous woman brings in an adorable pup, she changes my plan.Azalea is curvy, sexy, and I want to examine every inch of her.Can I convince her that she’s enough?

Dog-Eared Love: Animal Control Officer Instalove Romance

Mazzy King - 2021

Curves for Her Older Boss

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    Every time I see him, I have palpitations, but there’s only one thing wrong with that – he’s my boss.Not that he’s ever going to look at me anyway… a quiet, shy girl from accounts, but when he asks me to take a trip with him to see our new office in Chicago, things start to heat up.Is it just my imagination, or does he keep staring at me? I’m a curvy girl, and I’m sure I’ve seen him looking at my figure when he thinks I’m not watching. If this trip away plays out like my dreams, I’ll be a happy girl... but who the hell am I kidding? And what if he does come on to me. I’d probably run a mile?Let’s face it, I’m a twenty-three-year-old virgin, and that’s how I’m probably going to stay.Still. I can dream, can’t I?BradFrom the first time I saw Amee, I knew she would be mine. Beautiful, smart and with curves in all the right places.The trouble is, I’m her boss, and she’s a quiet girl. I hardly get the chance to speak to her, and when I do, she just seems to nod or smile. I know there’s much more behind those blue eyes and that blonde hair, and the thing is… I have to have her, make her mine, or I’ll go crazy. Heck, I already am crazy... for her.I decide to take her with me to the new office in Chicago... pretend I need her advice on something when really, all I want to do is get to know her better both mentally and physically. I dream about those soft curves of hers, and I’ll do anything it takes to claim them, and her... forever.*Curves For Her Older Boss is a SHORT insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Sun of a Beach: Curvy Girl Summer

Claire Ashlynn - 2021
    . . until him.A one-night stand with a tourist that she'll never see again can help her shake off her break-up blues, but it gives her the baby blues.Until. . . she finds out he's not a tourist but her brother's friend.Can she let the past go to find her forever?This is a short, sassy, and steamy novella. The place is real but the events are fiction. Instalove and HEA!

Spring Break - Left Behind: a Spring Breakers Short Story

Olivia Hawthorne - 2019
     When she asked me to stay behind over Spring Break to do some work for her, how could I say no? Little did I know I would be working with the most annoying, hottest man I’d ever met. Barrett Whitaker was an enigma with a know what, an intellect with a bad boy side, and a man who could mess up my life and derail my future. Would he ever believe our love was worth fighting for? Or would he leave me broken hearted and regretting my decisions? Is it getting hot in here? We hope so! Just in time for Spring Break, your favorite Flirt Club authors have put together some steamy, short stories about sexy times in the sun! So grab a pina-colada and take a break with our stories. We promise you will get hot and bothered with our hunky heroes!!

Sabrina (Holidays in Daisy Hills, #3)

Kali Hart - 2021
    Where love is waiting around every corner for those who are ready to accept it. This small town has a little bit of something for everyone. Holidays in Daisy Hills is one of many series to come, set in this charming world filled with guaranteed HEAs. All sweet & steamy short insta-love romances. Come, stay awhile and make yourself at home.