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Living In Your Hell by Barb Shuler


Don't Break (The Reluctant Heart Book 1)

Jeannette Winters - 2020
     The Reluctant Heart Series Book 1: Don’t Break Book 2: Don’t Hesitate Book 3: Just Trust Book 4: Just Feel Book 5: Don’t Quit Book 6: Just Believe

Whiskey Heart: An Alpha Billionaire Friends to Lovers Romance

Caroline Tate - 2018
     But when a casual fling turns serious, will they both be down for the ride? Riley Pratt is content living her quiet, less-than-thrilling life in the city minding her own business. Due to her hectic work schedule and self-made career as one of Savannah's up-and-coming interior designers, she's learned to keep her thoughts to herself and her eyes on the prize-- a fruitful, shining career in design. Until Cameron Alden waltzes into town.Always thinking up his next cocky comeback, Cameron is arrogant and annoyingly charming in all the wrong ways. Heir to the largest whiskey distillery in the South, he prides himself on being well-endowed but also claims he's prudish as hell. Official word around town? He's Savannah's hottest bachelor. And he takes complete advantage of it.Which... isn’t Riley’s glass of rosé. Though she can feel sparks flying rampant when they’re together, will Riley give him a chance? Or is she too sure that Cameron's old habits will die hard, making her just another one-night stand?

Syx Thirty Sevyn (Situationships Book 3)

Grey Huffington - 2018
    After the rash decision to relocate and join her sister in New York City, she’s forced to adapt to the new environment while - simultaneously - adapting to newfound heartache. The two proves to be complicated, especially when the culprit is still on the loose and hunting her every waking minute. Sevyn Rouge, the heart-stopping brown beauty, freelance writer, and sister of Syx, finally finds her voice. Smitten by the likes of Ace Mallard, the blandness of her life is altered the minute he steps foot into her world. His intriguing persona keeps her up at night long after her computer is shut off and projects are completed. It isn’t until his absence that she realizes commitment may have been a bit far-fetched and it was foolish of her to even consider Ace settling. His flee from Sevyn’s web of sappy Romance novel based fantasies come to a screeching halt only when he accepts and admit that she could possibly be everything that he never knew he wanted.

Avenging Amy

Annabelle Winters - 2021
    . . ANNABELLE WINTERS STYLE!When a brash Saudi prince takes liberties with State Department translator Amy Hadad, she’s told to forget it and move on, to be a patriot and swallow her personal pride for the sake of the bigger picture.Saudi Prince Rafiq is helping the US in a delicate hostage situation with the rogue extremist nation of Jawal, and so Amy is stuck with an impossible choice: If she accuses Prince Rafiq, he might not help the US, and hostages might die.It’s not just an impossible choice, it’s no choice at all.She has to stand down, keep her mouth shut, smile for the camera, and let the show go on.Navy SEAL Jake Axelrod, busted down to security detail for a loudmouthed Senator after running his own mouth off in public, is used to choosing his country over himself.It’s what he was born to do, trained to do, loves to do.But when he senses how Amy reacts to Prince Rafiq at a State Department Gala in Dubai, something awakens in him, something comes alive, a different sense of moral duty that burns strong in his heart, like it comes from someplace deep and ancient, from a time when a man's highest duty was to protect his woman.Soon Axe faces his own impossible choice, and he makes it with his heart instead of his head.An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, they say.Well, even a blind man knows when the sun is shining, and that’s what it feels like around Amy.So what the hell.Who needs eyes when your future's so clear.Hooyah.Toe-curling suspense, button-popping steam, mind-breaking action. And of course over-the-top drama and madness, Annabelle Winters style. This is a full length standalone.

Petit à Petit

Ambica Uppal - 2020
    It assures you that tomorrow will be a better day and encourages you to realise your potential and achieve your aspirations. Petit à Petit is centred on themes like self-love, self-confidence and taking life into your own hands.No matter how far-away and impossible your dreams seem, don't be afraid to reach for them.

The Ones Left Behind: A Traditional Regency Romance (Brethren in Arms Book 4)

Elizabeth Johns - 2021

A Wedding Written in the Stars

Tracy Ellen - 2017
     Quick! Knock on the barn wood because the fates are not finished with Anabel yet! She still has the wedding extravaganza, the huge reception dance, and her favorite part--the much anticipated wedding night ahead of her, where the new bride will get the most shocking wedding present imaginable! Did Anabel marry the man of her dreams, if she was the kind a girl who had wedding man dreams, or was marrying Luke Drake the deadliest mistake of her life? A Wedding Written in the Stars will delight you and then stun you to the toes of your seriously sexy, fancy, high-heeled wedding reception shoes! (Author's Note: A Wedding Written in the Stars was written to entertain an adult audience.)

Danube Street

Linda Tweedie - 2018
    Danube Street was always the first port of call when Merchant or Naval ships docked in Leith, and was the attraction, never to be missed by visiting clergymen of every denomination. Stella Gold began life far from the bright lights of the city. Born Agnes McLeod, she was reared in the wilds of Ayrshire. The only daughter of a tenant farmer, she endured a harsh, rugged upbringing. Now, although the darling of Edinburgh’s glitterati, she finds herself the victim of a vendetta by the city’s most dangerous and violent criminal brothers,and a corrupt Chief of Police.Survival was a constant challenge which Stella thought she had under control. How wrong could she be?

The Valens Legacy Publisher's Pack 2

Jan Stryvant - 2018
    Now all Sean has to do is figure out not only how to reproduce his father's greatest achievement, but to solve the one problem his father wasn't able to. Holed up in a Cold War era bomb shelter, all Sean wants to do now is keep his head down and his family safe while he untangles this latest problem. Like it or not however, Sean has set events in motion that will change the future for all of the mages and supernatural beings involved, should he prove successful. While many may welcome these changes and the freedom it will bring them, some of the more powerful councils will most definitely not.Head Down, Book 4:Things are starting to look up for Sean: he has a safe place to stay, allies, way too many wolves, and a couple of dangerously cute werefoxes around as well. However the other Councils now know that he's serious, after the raid on Gradatim that left several important people dead. Battle lines are starting to be drawn and the Council of the Ascendants realizes that they're next in line and start to take precautions while the other councils start to play politics and jockey for position. Even the Council of Vestibulum, the most powerful in both Reno and the rest of the country, is starting to be concerned. And how could any conflict between these major powers be complete without bringing back the assassin hired 12 years ago to deal with the son of the man he killed?Warning: The Valens Legacy: Publisher's Pack 2 contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language, attempted murder, actual murder, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, military-style raids, mass combat, destruction of private property, vandalism, breaking and entering, tantric magic, polyamory, mayhem, gratuitous sex and violence, an opportunistic goblin, a little girl who knows all about guilt trips, and Sean being completely and totally clueless about why his friend is embarrassed.

Road to New Beginnings (Hope Springs Series #5)

Ashley Farley - 2022
    But trouble brews beneath their calm demeanors. Stella faces her first crisis as an adoptive mom when a second-grade bully wreaks havoc on Jazz’s life. When their beloved teacher is suspended on bogus charges, Stella takes on the principal and the president of parents’ association.Ollie experiences crippling panic attacks as she struggles to cope with her parents’ death. While she loves her new friends at Hope Springs, her job as wellness center manager is a pit stop on her journey of life. Her hopes soar when she discovers a vineyard for sale in the nearby town of Lovely. But there’s a catch. Why is the price of the property so low? Does it have to do with the current owner’s ancient feud with his neighbor.Cecily is falling in love with Parker. But she’s worried it’s too soon after breaking off her engagement. Lyle begs for another chance, but Cecily isn’t interested. Lyle’s advances become increasingly more aggressive, placing Cecily’s life in danger.Presley’s baby is due in a few short weeks. But she’s heard nothing from her country music star husband in months. Is it possible the rumors are true? Could Everett be having an affair with his attractive young co-star? Or is he hiding a more serious problem?The exciting conclusion of the bestselling Hope Springs series where some journeys are ending while others are just beginning.

Hunt's Desire Complete Box Set: Alpha Billionaire Romance

Lily Knight - 2016
    On Sale for a limited time. Skye O’Keefe has her sights set on the elusive Caleb Hunt, determined to find out the secrets he’s hiding. As the intensity between them heat up, she finds herself falling for a man she once viewed as spoiled and self-centered. The closeness has unlocked a side to Caleb that she’s never seen. When Caleb’s ex-girlfriend, the gorgeous and stunning Megan, shows up unannounced, Skye is confronted with the possibility that Caleb will forget about everything they have just created together. Struggling to come to terms with this ailing father, a new relationship with Skye and the return of his ex, will all of this be too much for Caleb to handle? ** Hunt's Desire is a billionaire romance idea for fans of Hannah Ford, JS Scott, Cassie Cross and Nancy Herkness

When the Stars Conspire

Shalu Thakur Dhillon - 2019
    The stars may collude to bring you down. But God has a plan, always the best one for you. You need to trust it, live it and enjoy it.Amrit, an accomplished doctor with a fetching personality, blames himself for his wife Niharika’s death. He is stuck in his past.Arpita, a simple girl, fighting many complexes, cheated in her marriage, is not ready to trust anyone in life.The Stars, ever conspiring, bring them together. But can they be together for a lifetime? Is it facile for Amrit to let go off past? Is it possible for Arpita to trust someone again? Will Arpita ever be able to see herself through Amrit’s eyes? How do the stars conspire bring Niharika into their lives?Does the destiny unite them finally or push them away forever?

Finding Home (Family Bonds Book 4)

Carolyne Aarsen - 2020
    He’s trying to overcome his scandalous history. Together, forgiveness might give them a second chance. Nurse’s aide Naomi Deacon desperately wants to heal her devastated soul. After caring for her fiancé in his final months, she’s returned to her small hometown alone and looking for direction. So when a pregnant teenager needs in-home care, Naomi takes the job… even though the young woman’s step-brother is the bad boy who broke her heart.Jess Schroder is lucky to have survived his wild teenage years. With time, he’s grown into a man compassionate enough to take in his expecting step-sister. But when the only woman he ever loved is part of the package, he’s painfully reminded of their lost passion.As they prepare for the baby’s arrival, the two high-school sweethearts rekindle old feelings. But Jess doesn’t know how to prove he’s really changed. And Naomi carries a dark secret from their past that could destroy any hope for their future.Can Naomi and Jess forgive their younger selves to build a new, better life?Finding Home is the second book in the sweet Family Bonds Christian romance series. If you like characters with depth, trust built through faith, and stories filled with compassion, then you’ll adore Carolyne Aarsen’s touching novel. Buy Finding Home to see destiny find its way today!

A Crafty Cigarette – Tales of a Teenager Mod: Foreword by John Cooper Clarke

Matteo Sedazzari - 2016
    Want to remember what it was like to be young and angry? Buy this book. A great read.’ - Phil Davis (Actor Chalky in Quadrophenia)‘Written in first person narrative, in a style and delivery reminiscent of Hunter S Thompson.’ - Scootering Magazine‘It’s a good book and an easy read. That’s pretty much what most pulp fiction needs to be.’ - Mod Culture‘A coming of age story, ‘A Crafty Cigarette’ maybe Matteo Sedazzari’s debut novel but it’s an impressive story.’ - Vive Le Rock‘Like a good Paul Weller concert the novel leaves you wanting more. I’ll be very interested in reading whatever Matteo Sedazzari writes next.’ - Louder Than WarA Crafty Cigarette is the powerful story of a teenager coming of age in the 70s as seen through his eyes, who on the cusp of adulthood, discovers a band that is new to him, which leads him into becoming a Mod. A mischievous youth prone to naughtiness, he takes to mod like a moth to a flame, which in turn gives him a voice, confidence and a fresh new outlook towards life, his family, his school friends, girls and the world in general. Growing up in Sunbury –on-Thames where he finds life rather dull and hard to make friends, he moves across the river with his family to Walton –on –Thames in 1979, the year of the Mod Revival, where to his delight he finds many other Mods his age and older, and slowly but surely he starts to become accepted....

Criminal Romance Boxed Set (18 Book Boxed Set)

David WeaverJazmyne - 2013
    BOXED SET INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING TITLES: Bankroll Squad by David Weaver The Union by Tremayne Johnson The Versace League by Shan Country Girls by Blake Karrington Teflon Mafia by Alicia Howard and Drusilla Mars Ghetto Girl Games by Torica Tymes The Throne by Cole Hart Thug Luv by Jazmyne Truth Hurts, Lies Kill by Raymond Francis The Streets Don’t Luv Me by Alicia Hartley Love and War by Jackie Chanel I see Dead People by Joe Awsum The Real Blockwives of Atlanta by Sevyn McCray Love in the Chamber by Rasheed Carter Hard by Anjela Day Ballad of Bad Bitch by Ms. Bam Kush and Cologne by Envy Seal Handbag Mafia by Chanel Jones