Aliki - 1990
    This time she brings us a paperback version of her 1990 hardcover Manners, a cheery, funny dissertation on how and, more important, why to be a polite child. A combination of hilarious, colorful illustrations, comic-bookish playlets such as "You Are Interrupting Again Leon," some of what a grown up might call role-playing, and miscellaneous other gems, the book adds up to the best child's handbook on manners since the Goops showed up at the end of the 19th century.

Down the Drain!

Robert Munsch - 2009
    His hands are dirty. His face is dirty. And his feet are dirty."Adam, you need a bath!" his father yells.But Adam doesn't like baths. All that soap in his eyes, soap in his ears, and soap in his mouth! He doesn't like them one bit.So while his little sister, his dog, and his cat are laughing, Adam's father outsmartshim and pops him in the tub.Little does Dad know that Adam has a few tricks of his own...and once he's in the tub, in control of the tap AND the plug, the mayhem will begin!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong...

Jeremy Clarkson - 2014
    It's not about the cars. Well it sort of is. Eventually.But before Jeremy gets to the BHP, MPG and MPH, there are more far more important things to consider:- like not wasting your life using time-saving gadgets- Prince William in a Ronald McDonald outfit- The exploration of outer space- and Pete Townsend's G-stringArmed only with conviction, curiosity, enthusiasm and a pair of stout trousers, Jeremy hurtles around the world in search of answers without forethought or fear for his own safety. What, you have to ask, could possibly go wrong . . .

Bachelor Boys: The Young Ones Book

Ben Elton - 1984
    London RICK, VYVYAN, MIKE and NEIL

Best Book Day Ever! (so far)

Liz Pichon - 2013
    Including all the teachers, who are making costumes of their own. Mr Keen says there’s an EXCELLENT prize on offer for BEST costumes worn on BOOK DAY. So suddenly making a good costume is VITALLY important – but tricky. Delia’s not much help (as usual) and the Fossils get carried away with the dressing up box. Marcus decides that HE is a super hero and can’t understand why ‘Super Marcus’ isn’t the best name.

A Sticky Note Guide to Life

Chaz Hutton - 2016
    He covers all the important things: dating, working, eating, fighting gorillas, the impossible physics of toothpaste, the family history of a sock drawer, and so much more.Basically, all the big life questions that you didn’t realise needed answering.

You Might Be a Redneck If....

Jeff Foxworthy - 1989
    Foxworthy's runaway bestseller, with more than one million copies in print.

Makamisa: The Search for Rizal's Third Novel

Ambeth R. Ocampo - 1992
    He began in Tagalog, called the opening chapter "Makamisa", then started anew in Spanish, and eventually left behind two texts comprising an unfinished third novel.In 1987, while working in the National Library, Ambeth Ocampo stumbled on the Spanish drafts of "Makamisa" with a 245-page manuscript labelled "Borrador del Noli Me Tangere". He reconstructed the unwieldy drafts into a translation and a full narrative, which is the core of this book. He provides context for this by detailing for the non-specialist reader the scholarly chase that led to the discovery of the manuscript, the process of research, and the task of authentication that led to the conclusion that "Makamisa" is Rizal's third novel, and not, as previously thought, the unfiished work know as "Tagalog Nobility.""Makamisa" brings forward a new Rizal work for students and their families, historians and scholars, to enjoy -- one in which Filipinos can see themselves and part of their history. Through it Ocampo proves that Rizal is not a closed book, and that even as we approach the centennial in 1996, ther still is matter for study on, research on, and enlightenment from the enigma that is Jose Rizal.

Guinness World Records 2009

Craig Glenday - 2008
    It includes two gatefold spreads and more than 20 pages of special records, all with 3-D photos which can be viewed with the enclosed 3-D glasses.

The Great Book of Best Quotes Of All Time

Abhi Sharma - 2013
    Customized according to alphabetical order & Contains quotes of Great legends & some top most categories as books, music, A.I, movies, teamwork, Business etc. An organized collections of 200+ pages & 2000+ quotes. The great book of best quotes of all time. This is a Creative Commons Licensed book and is available for free. This book looks best in pdf readers.

Guinness World Records 2020

Guinness World Records - 2019
    and to break records of your own.In a series of 11 fact-packed chapters, we introduce you to the record-holders who've pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Meet...- The adventurers who trek, swim, ski, climb and fly to all four corners of the globe - The real-life cyborgs who augment their bodies with cutting-edge technology- The painters, sculptors, musicians and moviemakers taking performance art to new levels- The stars of social media generating millions of views on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter- The athletic legends who continue to raise the bar in the world of sportsBut it's not only human beings who set records. Explore the wilder side of life with 24 pages of record-breaking animals, and take a trip around the world to visit the most awe-inspiring sights on each continent!Plus, we investigate 10 record-breaking robots to find out what makes them tick. And look out for our exciting new "Snapshot" feature, in which our digital artists put a unique visual spin on some iconic record-holders such as the largest ever crocodile, the richest person on Earth and the tallest living tree - prepare to be amazed!

How To Be A Carioca

Priscilla Ann Goslin - 1992
    native who has made Rio her home for more than thirty-eight years. If you dream of blending in with the locals while visiting Rio, help is at hand. Natives of Rio have a unique way of maintaining an up-beat samba-like swing while dealing with the woes of the day-to-day in paradise. How to Be a Carioca will help any traveler understand the endearing Carioca attitude about life and gives an insider's view into the unique daily rituals of the charming natives who populate this marvelous city.

Plays With Cars

Doug DeMuro - 2013
    In “Plays With Cars,” the former Porsche manager covers some of his most ridiculous decisions, like buying an old Land Rover sight unseen, taking a Mercedes AMG station wagon to a rural Georgia dragstrip, and roadtripping across the United States in a Lotus Elise without air conditioning. He’s also reviewed his former cars, which range from a Mercedes G-wagen to a Nissan Cube. Most importantly, he wrote this entire description himself in the third person.

The Best of Dave Barry

Dave Barry - 1992
    There's no such thing as too many laughs! Dave Barry's quirky take on American life will shed new light on popular culture.

The Social Guidebook to Norway, An Illustrated Introduction

Julien S. Bourrelle - 2014
    It takes you through an illustrated Norwegian journey. This guidebook is not about typical Norwegian behaviours. It is about behaviours that are peculiar to Norwegians. Foreigners will fast forward their adaptation. Norwegians will learn how their behaviours may be perceivedThe guidebook is rooted in the author's experience helping Norwegian organizations benefit from diversity. Julien S. Bourrelle held several board positions in Norway. He is educated as a rocket scientist and lived in a variety of cultures. He is on leave from his doctoral degree to hold lectures, workshops and courses around the country bridging cultural gaps in businesses and universities.«This is a book providing a roadmap to Norway.It presents Norwegian behaviours in an entertaining and purposeful manner»- Birgit Skarstein, Curator of Global Shapers Oslo and World Champion«Funny and good insights into the complicated Norwegian culture. Recommend - also for Norwegians!.- Maria Amelie, journalist and writer«Concise, entertaining and eye-opening. You see your own behaviours from the outside.»- Erik Villum, Alarga Founder and Chairman