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Wistons: A Story in Three Parts by Ellen Melicent Cobden


Sweet Days by the Bay: Kay Correll's Complete Indigo Bay Collection

Kay Correll - 2019
    The three stories are all interconnected. SWEET SUNRISE: Sometimes life has a way of teaching lessons whether you’re ready to learn them or not… The last place on earth Will Layton wants to be is Indigo Bay, but his younger sister, Whitney, needs him. He’s never been able to say no to her. But she left out a few details… like their father staying with her and the girl who dumped him years ago is living right next door. The last person Dr. Ashley Harden thought she’d see in Indigo Bay is Will Layton, but he’s back in town and just as irresistible as when they were young. Seeing Will again is a complication that isn’t on her carefully mapped out life plan. In spite of Ashley’s best intentions, she starts falling for Will again, but nothing has changed. She’s still focused on getting the townspeople to accept her and see her as more than the girl from the wrong side of town, while Will is determined to guard his heart at any cost. Not the easiest road to true love… especially when secrets from the past are revealed and history threatens to repeat itself. SWEET HOLIDAY MEMORIES: (a short holiday story) Sometimes a surprise from the past changes the future forever… Meredith Snowden — who by some strange twist of fate has the nickname Merry — avoids everything to do with the holidays. Everything. Her best friend, Whitney, has given up trying to change Merry's ways. Except… This year Merry’s in charge of the holiday bake sale. Not the best way to avoid Christmas. Then Austin Sullivan returns to town and literally runs into Merry sprawled on the sidewalk among boxes of smashed cookies. Austin is all about Christmas and offers help with the baking and the sale. Merry’s carefully hidden memories of Christmas past begin to resurface. Will Austin’s love of the holidays and a single lost ornament bring the magic of Christmas back into Merry’s life? SWEET STARLIGHT: Sometimes worlds collide and sparks fly and things don’t turn out as planned... Whitney Layton doesn’t recognize the actor who comes into her shop and commissions a custom jewelry piece for his grandmother’s birthday gala. Rick Nichols doesn’t know if he’s upset or thankful that Whitney doesn’t recognize him. While he longs to become more well known so his family will finally think he’s made a success of himself, he enjoys hiding out anonymously and being just an everyday normal guy. As Rick’s best-laid plans for his grandmother’s party fall apart, Whitney steps in to help him. But as things heat up between them and the press catches wind of their relationship, their photo is splashed all over social media. Whitney wants nothing of the limelight nor does she believe Rick will ever be happy with a small-town businesswoman who wants nothing more than to live out her life in Indigo Bay. She doesn’t need to add one more name to the list of people she’s cared about who have left her.

The Groom's Obligation (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas)

Susannah Calloway - 2020
    James taught him how to be a bounty hunter, and Beau has been content with his life. When Beau gets word his father has died, he travels back home to Arkansas to see his mother and brother. Upon arrival, he learns of his father’s will, demanding that Beau marry within ninety days of the elder Dawson’s death. He even ordered his attorney to place an advert for a Mail Order Bride for his youngest son. Rose Lancaster was born and bred in Boston. After her husband dies, she thinks her life is over. Her father is determined to help and makes a contract for her with a Mail Order Bride Agency. When Beau and Rose finally meet, sparks fly. Can this mismatched couple ever find a way to live together, let alone live happily ever after?

The Stolen Amish Wedding: Amish Romance (The Amish Bonnet Sisters Book 27)

Samantha Price - 2022

Harvest of Dreams (Historical Romance from the Heartland Book 1)

Alison Henderson - 2018
    Help arrives in the form of a stranger with a six-gun. Lisa has no reason to trust this man who makes a living by violence, even if he is on the right side of the law. Men and their guns have already claimed the lives of her father, brother, and husband, and she's determined to protect her son at any cost. Jared Tanner, a security agent for the stagecoach line, has been on his own since he was twelve. With Lisa and her baby, he's finally found something worth fighting for--a family of his own. But can their new love survive the fresh wave of violence that threatens to tear them apart?

Katherine Moves To Kansas (Modern Mail Order Brides Book 14)

Olivia Gaines - 2022

Untainted Love

Mel Dau - 2018
    From a man of the streets to a successful entrepreneur his goal is to make money and make it last. Love lasting was not a part of his thought process, well that was until Ava. She came into his life playing hard to get and this was a game he is fully amenable to play and win. The win seem in his grasp until a secret threatens to ruin everything he thought to be true. Is this a secret he can live with? Will it change the way he sees her? Will the secret expose a side of him that he doesn’t expect and/or like? Ava Mae Boyd is the definition of a Boss. Leading her firm in groundbreaking marketing strategies have placed her as the woman to know. She wanted by everyone, but love. Love is a distant stranger to her and has been since the tragic death of her first love and husband Andre. Will Isaac’s love be the one to break through her heart of pain or will the secret she’s keeping barricade her heart from ever experiencing a love like no other? Be the fly on the wall of Isaac and Ava’s Love Story. Will they be strong enough to fight the battles of secrets and uncertainty or will taint a love that has yet to even begin. Find out can these two survive the challenges of love and learn how to keep it pure in Untainted Love.

Destiny Rules... (Pure Destiny #3)

P.G. Van - 2018
    Sameera is the happiest woman in the world with everything she could ever ask for, but she still has one unanswered question. She needed to know why Rajaram abandoned his life and family. What could be more important than love? Follow Nick and Sameera's story as they embark on a journey to find the answers and realize their love is their Destiny. NOTE: This is NOT a standalone story. Destiny Rules.. is book 3 of The Pure Destiny series. Part 1 - Destiny Decides.. Part 2 - Destiny Embraces..


Nako - 2021

Lord Cavendish Returns (The Cavendish Mysteries Book 5)

Rebecca King - 2015
    However, doubts soon begin to surface and he is forced to return to the place of his childhood, Hambley Wood, in his quest for the truth.To find the register that proves his birth, he has to enlist the help of the astonishingly beautiful vicar’s daughter, Arrabella. Unfortunately, they are soon drawn into series of frightening adventures which brings them together and ignites a passion that neither of them can ignore. However, while the mishaps draw them closer, the truth about Harper’s ancestry tears them apart. Can a future ever be theirs, or will a cruel twist of fate, and affairs of the past, prevent them ever having a future together?

Walk With Me

Emily Fern - 2021

Autumn Awakening (Summer Unplugged Book 9)

Amy Spaling - 2015
    As in, ALL of their free time. As the days go by, Bayleigh's not even sure Jace has remembered the occasion. But she's hoping he'll prove her wrong. This is a novella. Also available: Part 1 - Summer Unplugged Part 2 - Autumn Unlocked Part 3 - Winter Untold Part 4 - Spring Unleashed Part 5 - The Beginning of Forever - A full length novel Part 6 - Autumn Adventure Part 7 - Winter Wonderful Part 8 - The Girl with my Heart (a novel from Jace's point of view)

The Thanksgiving Innkeeper and The Desperate Widow (Brides For All Season Volume 6 Book 1)

Terri Grace - 2020

A Onesie is not just for Christmas - Sequel to Blame it on the Onesie

C.J. Morrow - 2017
    Sequel to laugh-out-loud romantic comedy Blame it on the OnesieIt’s all change for Ella.•Nathan has declared his love: ‘It was only ever you I wanted, only ever you I loved.’•Sleaze weasel Hal is but a distant memory•Spring Cottage ‘rules’ are getting in the way•And Christmas seems a long way offPull on your onesie, light the fire, grab a hot chocolate and join Ella, Nathan, Sam, Charlie, Walt and the cavalry for another riotous read.

Leaving A Thug For A Savage

Khadijah J. - 2017
    If a person loved you they would hurt you. She believed that and after experiencing that kind of love in a abusive home Sa'dai knew she had to get out unlike the girls around her she didn't use her body to escape the pain she used her brains.  When her dreams of becoming a nurse and securing a better future are coming true. She finds after a chance encounter that there is love in Hip-Hop and falls for a local rapper who promised her love in exchange for lies and deceit. With a heart full of hurt will she be able to feel her heart with love again? Savage Johnson was living up to the name his daddy gave him. He carried himself in the streets and in the sheets with many different women like a Savage should. Being proud of it until he ran into Sa’dai. Those eyes instantly drew him in. No woman had ever captured his heart just from a glance. Sa'dai was everything he wanted his future to look like. He hadn't spoken a word to her but he knew he had to make her his. Seeing she wasn't being treated right he was determined to turn from being a savage to her savior. He was going to love the hurt from her heart. ​In this urban tale of love and redemption we will uncover the story of two lovers battling the world as well as mending broken hearts.

A New Start at The Cornish Bakery: A beautifully uplifting seaside romance... (Escape To... The Cornish Bakery Book 4)

Sarah Hope - 2022