A Sea Rose for the Duchess

Fanny Finch - 2019
    What he never expected to find, however, is a beautiful young woman who has lost her memory. All he knows about her is her name... Aboard the Sea Rose, Odelia struggles to remember who she is. What the pieces of her returning memory show her, though, may be something she’s not ready for. When the voyage ends, their quest for Odelia’s identity takes them on a journey across England. However, someone dangerous seems to lurk in the shadows of her past, and that person may not be finished with her yet. Now, Arnold and Odelia will both have to face the sorrows and secrets of their past and seek a way into the future they desire. But their enemy might prove more cunning than they expected, and has vowed to turn their dreams to ashes…

Dancing with a Gracious Lord

Bridget Barton - 2020
    When her father announces that she is soon to marry Ira Galbrathe, an opportunistic and arrogant man, Juliana desperately tries to escape from her future misery. Will she find a way to break an unwanted betrothal? Could she meet a man who will overlook her broken visage and love her for the beauty of her heart?Before the Earl of Dunville died, his last wish was that his only son should find a suitable wife and shoulder his responsibilities. Following his father's desire, Lord Horatio Vincent decides to stop being a womanizer and find a bride without any delay. After his first dance with Juliana, he is immediately won over by the beauty under her scars, defying all the resentful comments on her appearance. Not long after, he comes up with a plan to rescue her from an insufferable man and meet his father's expectations; to marry Juliana the earliest possible. But, could this deal ever turn out to be a fairytale? Will Horatio manage to love Juliana, or will he be trapped in an emotionless marriage that himself proposed?By the time their feelings are starting to bloom, their life is about to fall apart. When Ira joins forces with Horatio's past love to break off their marriage and destroy their lives, Juliana and Horatio must prove that nothing can deprive them of their happiness. Will a true romance flourish in such an unfortunate situation, or the barriers they come across are too many to overcome?

The Commoner Who Stole Her Heart

Hanna Hamilton - 2019
    After saving her from a near-fatal accident, old feelings return, and the flame is rekindled. But the scorn of society is not the only obstacle they need to overcome, and bad things come in threes. First comes sickness, then comes poison, and then Liam goes missing… *If you like a realistic yet charming depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then The Commoner Who Stole Her Heart is the novel for you. This is Hanna Hamilton's 23rd book, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after. Pick up "The Commoner Who Stole Her Heart" today to discover Hanna's amazing new story!

How to Train a Duke in the Ways of Love

Abby Ayles - 2020
    She has always breezed through social circles without breaking a sweat.Benjamin Abberton may be a Duke, but his conduct was always lacking. He can never seem to say the right thing or act his station, leaving his peers in a bewildered, stunned state.When Annette returns home to find her friend has not changed at all, she is ready to help Benjamin refine his terrible manners, just like she always did when they were children. But this time things get a tad more complicated…An unexpected love will confuse them and turn their lives upside down, and their only hope to get out unscathed is to find the courage to admit their feelings to each other, but foremost to themselves…

The Rebirth of a Peculiar Lady

Abigail Agar - 2019
    But not even the ones closest to her would ever call her a conventional beauty; a title she wouldn't crave either way. All until the pressure of Society and her parents will imperatively start demanding that she compromises with the standards a typical debutant of her age should follow. Soon enough she finds herself trapped, away from London, with an obstinate aunt, aching for the comforts of home. How will things evolve, though, when she comes back, totally transformed? Oliver Garrison has experienced unique moments alongside Catherine, as her brothers' best friend. When she leaves London without letting him know, the only way they could communicate with each other are the countless letters they exchange. But when she returns, there is something changed in her... How will he deal with feelings of jealousy when his childhood friend will now be approached by every eligible bachelor, even by a despicable Duke? Will he dare to even risk his reputation in order to save her from the prison of her beauty? Catherine finds herself in the midst of a budding war, unsure of how she should proceed. Should she uphold her parents' wishes and marry for title and position? Or should she listen to Oliver's advice to ignore other people's opinion and just follow her heart? "The Rebirth of a Peculiar Lady" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

His Duchess in Disguise

Emma Linfield - 2019
    A secret. A terrible choice... Groomed to be her estranged father’s ticket to social ascent, Miss Emma Hoskins lives in a cage. When her father, Lord Calber, announces that he bet and lost her hand in marriage to a heinous man, she does the first thing that comes to mind. She flees. There are few things Leo Brady dislikes and being Duke of Menhiransten is at the very top of his list. Especially when hiring a new maid nearly lands him in the grave. Accused of kidnapping Emma by the man hunting her, Leo is willing to do anything to protect her. Even dig up the most painful aspects of his past. As they quickly realize, crashing a wedding is not nearly enough. The only way to unmask the greatest treason London has ever seen is by staying apart forever.

A Love Song for the Duke

Aria Norton - 2020
    Her talent and great prospect of becoming a successful musician are about to go to waste though when her father decides to marry her off to someone she despises to financially secure the family. Sophia feels trapped in an undesirable future, until she meets the handsome Duke of Berkshire by chance and under the false identity of a high society member. Apart from making her heart flutter, could he also be the solution to all her problems? Guy Bastable, the Duke of Berkshire, has mourned for a long time. Nothing can soothe his passion for revenge on the man who left his sister to die. At least that’s the case until he saves a young woman from a collision and realizes that there’s something more to live for; an extraordinary lady that is nothing like any other woman he’s met before. The more time he spends with the charming Sophia, the more his vengeance and pain give place to other, deeper feelings. Could she be the salvation he has been looking for? Sophia’s and Guy’s growing love might be undeniable, but it’s also based on a tale of lies that Sophia will struggle to free herself from. Through their connection, Sophia will discover the greatest truth of all in the midst of her lies, but nothing guarantees that her feelings will be believed. This time it’s not her future or financial security she is worried about losing, but something much more important. Will love manage to overcome the reckless lies and the class barriers or is this romance doomed right from its dishonest start? "A Love Song for the Duke" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Bride to Melt the Sheriff’s Iron Heart

Melynda Carlyle - 2020
    A sheriff with an iron heart. Their worlds are fated to collide.Melanie Thomson is an outspoken woman who was raised by her father as a tomboy. if she was a son. When he passes, she is hurled into a world she does not understand. Trapped in high society and courted by to a man she never loved, she makes a run for herself and flees town.Peter Matherson, the sheriff with a rugged past, finds himself increasingly attracted to this headstrong woman arriving in his town. He tries approaching her through the school she has replied for a job to no avail.But when his adversaries and her past collide, the pair is forced into an unexpected alliance that will reveal more about themselves than they ever anticipated. Can the truth set their lives on the right path?If you like stories full of unexpected turns and you believe strong hearts attract, then this book is for you!*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A Bride to Melt the Sheriff’s Iron Heart”!Buy “A Bride to Melt the Sheriff’s Iron Heart” and unlock the exciting story of Peter and Melanie today!Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Montana Mail Order Brides Box Set: Books 10 - 12

Linda Bridey - 2014
    Her father, the chief of her tribe, has denied the divorce she is entitled to by Lakota law and she lives in misery until with the help of a friend, is able to contact Jack Samuels, the handsome deputy she fell in love with years ago. Jack Samuels, heartbroken when Sparrow’s tribe left for good, has never forgotten his Lakota maiden. When he receives a mysterious letter from Nebraska, he quickly realizes that Sparrow is reaching out for help. He jumps at the chance to be with Sparrow again and is soon on his way to rescue her. Getting Sparrow back home to Dawson is the easy part. While danger lurks everywhere, the biggest threat comes in the form of secrets and lies. Can their love survive or is the handsome deputy and the Lakota maiden’s love to be forever denied? Westward Christmas Sasha McCall and Dr. Ben Walker shared an instant connection when she visited Dawson, Montana before. Sasha moves to Dawson and a powerful romance develops. The Christmas season approaches but events test their love turning things dark. Can they find joy and light again? Westward Visions Reckless Wolf on the Hill is a Lakota brave who lives near Dawson, Montana. He’s a fun-loving, fierce warrior who is in search of a bride. However, there are no women in their tribe who catches his eye, especially because most of them are related to him. Courting a woman from Dawson is out of the question because no woman he knows there would ever live in an Indian village. After voicing his frustrations to his friend Abby Bradbury, she convinces him to search for a bride with a tribe she was friends with in Wabasha, Minnesota. Reckless is always willing to do the unexpected or come up with creative ways to solve problems and decides to give it a chance. Whispering Brook is a Lakota maiden who’s romantic future looks bleak due to a familial tragedy. Considered bad luck by most of the tribe now, none of the younger braves wish to court Brook. When Abby first contacts her family about this Montana brave who is looking for a bride, Brook is filled with dread at the thought of marrying someone she has never met. Her parents accept this Reckless’ proposal, however, because he offers a very good bride price. Though it is unusual, her parents agree to let Brook exchange letters with Reckless if it will ease their beloved daughter’s mind about the man. By the time her family makes the trip to Dawson, Brook is smitten with Reckless and even more so upon meeting him. He’s handsome, charismatic, and lives up to his name. Reckless finds Brook beautiful, sweet, and spirited; just what he’s been looking for in a woman. Their romance blossoms and they are soon married. The young couple is happier than they ever expected until a devastating tragedy befalls the tribe and creates tension and heartache for all—including them. Reckless and Brook face an uncertain future when pride and anger threatens to divide them for good. Can they get past these obstacles to ensure their visions of a life together?

A Bewitching Lord of Her Own

Lucy Langton
    She was dreaming of marrying for love, but her father passed away before she found her perfect match, and she was left penniless. Ada had to make her own way, and became a lady’s companion to Mrs. Statham and Mrs. White. But little did she know that she would meet a very scandalous man who would set her heart on fire. Will the passionate Ada manage to find the love of her dreams after all?Lord Flynt Statham’s mother and aunt have had enough of his bad reputation. His behaviour has been detestable ever since his return home from the Napoleonic Wars. In order to keep his inheritance, they force him to marry a lady’s companion, hoping that her pure heart will make him a better man. Even though he has no interest in finding a wife, when he sees Ada he knows what he must do. Will this wicked man be tamed by the fiery Ada, or will their torrid personalities clash?Just when Flynt starts to truly care about his captivating wife, his troubled past comes looking for him, in the form of his “first” wife. But what will happen when he cannot recall ever marrying this woman? Even though Flynt says that she is an impostor, Ada feels devastated and betrayed by his lies. Will he ever convince her that he is a changed man, or will their delirious lust be vanished forever?A Bewitching Lord of Her Own is a Regency romance full of passion, forbidden love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you'll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.A Bewitching Lord of Her Own is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Her Port in the Storm: An Inspirational Historical Romance Book

Grace Clemens - 2020
    Focused on her work as a schoolteacher assistant, it seems that nothing could disturb her peaceful existence. Little did she know that her world would be turned upside down the moment her mother starts receiving mysteriously threatening letters. Wasting no time, Loren turns to the charming sheriff, who will do whatever it takes to help her and the only person she has by her side. However, she has no time for romance, as she needs to find the evil mastermind behind her family's ruin. Will she manage to escape from a painful dilemma of choosing between love and devotion to the only person that was always there for her?Edison Haynes is a determined man who has devoted his life in serving justice after his brother's tragic passing. Upon completing his training under one of the best sheriffs in Tombstone, he moves to Bridgestone at the age of twenty-six to become the local sheriff. Soon, fate brings him in front of an unprotected woman who is desperately asking for help. When he realizes that his mission is not a child's play, it will require all of his skills to rescue the helpless lady. What he could never expect though, is that he would find himself hopelessly in love with her along the way. Will Edison manage to save the helpless woman that could be the missing piece to the puzzle of his lonely life?The clock is ticking for Edison and Loren, who have to quickly discover what lies behind the blackmailing letters that are haunting their dreams. Will they manage to solve the baffling mystery and find their other half against all odds?"Her Port in the Storm" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Perilous Road to her Heart

Carol Colyer - 2020
    All she ever wanted is to meet a promising young man to fall in love with. To her surprise, a secret admirer gives her hope for the first time that true love actually exists. Little did she know that her world would soon fall apart and her priorities would change drastically as her brother gets unexpectedly kidnapped. Based on the rustlers' demand, she has to be the one delivering the ransom money. Against her will, though, deputy Heath decides to accompany her to this dangerous mission. Will she find the courage to bridge her differences with the one man in town she doesn't like, in order to save her only brother?As the deputy in Charlesland, Heath Jackson is really passionate about his role while at the same time he takes care of his parents. Ever since his older sister passed away in a horrible accident, his parents have been in a constant depressed state which has seriously concerned him. What brightens his day is the girl of his dreams and his best friend's little sister, Lottie, however, he hasn't been able to express his love for her sincerely. Unbeknownst to them, fate and ruthless criminals will finally bring them closer together. Will he be able to save his friend and protect Lottie during this risky quest? Will he declare his true feelings to the woman he loves?When it all comes to a terrifying clash, lives are hanging on a ledge, while both Lottie and Heath will be forced to admit what they really mean to each other. Will the opportunity ever come for them to be together? Will Lottie ultimately choose a romance with her secret admirer or with her childhood nemesis?"A Perilous Road to her Heart" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

His Heart's Whisperer: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2020
    Luckily for her, her best friend steps in with the perfect solution that will guarantee her financial security. Before even Lizzie realizes it, she becomes a mail-order bride, traveling off to Texas to meet her husband-to-be. Just when she thinks she's finally found some hope, Lizzie discovers that her fiancé is expecting a well-accomplished lady, which she is certainly not. Torn between lies, she finds herself trapped in a painful dilemma...Will she go against her own values for a chance at love?Upon his father's death, Charles Johnson inherited a small ranch and made it the largest in all of Spring Branch. When his brother announces he is expecting his first child, it is a wake up call for Charles that it's high time he found a wife too. Charles is no ignorant to women trying to trap him because of his money and status and he has no choice but to employ a marriage agency. While he never expected to actually fall for his bride-to-be, the minute he meets Lizzie, he is captivated. When secrets come to light, will he manage to trust her and succumb to this unprecedented feeling?Moving to Spring Branch was supposed to solve all of Lizzie's problems instead of creating new ones. In the middle of a web of lies and confusion, she and Charles will have to learn to accept their untameable feelings. Together they must decide if love is worth the trouble... Can the two of them overcome their differences and let their romance flourish, no matter what the cost?"His Heart's Whisperer" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Sins of an Intoxicating Duchess

Violet Hamers - 2019
    When she sees her cousin’s betrothed for the first time, her life is besieged by a mixture of dread and excitement... While ready for his much-talked-about engagement party, Jasper Munro, Duke of Gillingham falls madly in love for the very first time. The object of his desire is not his intended but, rather, her utterly ravishing younger cousin… A romance doomed by the Fates before it even starts, meant to drown them in longing... Suspicious murders around the Dukedom see the wedding postponed, and Jasper realizes that betrayal starts with little lies and wears a smile. Standing before his very own nemesis, Jasper must make a choice: save himself or the one he loves most...

Tamed by a Passionate Lady

Henrietta Harding - 2020
    But she's desolate, because she can't have the one thing that she has always desired...the passion of her husband. Even though she is determined to seduce the man who fills her with impossible yearning, she hardly exists in his world. Nothing she does to tempt her husband and make him fall for her seems to matter. Is there anything she can do to make him lose his mind?James Townshend hides a painful secret that has kept him from discovering the pleasure of his lover's touch. He wishes desire flickered inside him but he knows it can never happen. When it comes to love and secrets of the past, there's only so much one man can get away with...Will he finally be able to set his heart free and give Adaline the love she deserves?A wife, who craves the love of her husband. A husband, lost in his dream world. And a friend, who will change everything between them, forever...When the shadows of the past threaten their future, will James and Adaline find their way to love and finally surrender to desire?"Tamed by a Passionate Lady" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.