The Earl and Mrs. Dalloway

Charlotte Darcy - 2017
    Was she right or have they only just started? Find out in this sweet and clean Regency romance for FREE on KU. Ruined by a Duke and thrown from her home Josephine knows she has nowhere to go and nothing left to live for. When she wakes on the bank of the river she is about to start on a new life and a new adventure but where will it all lead? Austin Dalloway The Earl of Pennington is quite unable to settle back into society following his years at war. A face chases him through his dreams, one that he cannot see, one that he does not dare. When he finds a body on the river bank he fears the worst only she is alive. Now he knows he must help her and so he sneaks her back to his home but how long can he hide her and what must happen next? Josephine is afraid of her parents and of the wrath that they will bring down on her for the shame she has caused. Only it was no fault of her own. Pushed by her father towards an immoral man who took advantage she now believes her life is over. Austin will not hear of it and sneaks her away to a quiet town while he tries to decide what he must do. As the days turn to weeks Josephine falls for the damaged Earl and wishes to help him but what can she do? Soon he must leave her to her own devices and she fears it will be the poorhouse for her and her unborn child. When the dastardly duke turns up in her life will he claim her as his own or can she find a way to true happiness? Find out in The Earl and Mrs. Dalloway a sweet and wholesome regency romance

Til I Overflow

B. Love - 2019
    Poetic Justice, maybe? Whatever the case, Rakeem Owens escaped the streets, and at his retirement party, his home was raided, and he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit. After spending seven years in prison, he is given the opportunity of early release with two major stipulations - probation and volunteer work to give back to the community the Judge believed he took so much from. With no hesitation, Rakeem agrees, but when he finds out that he'll be serving under Maliah Dixon… jail seems to be a better option. It was karma. Fate, maybe? Whatever the case, Maliah Dixon is thrilled when she finds out Rakeem will be volunteering with her organization. She started it with her best friend before he went to jail, and it has been her main priority ever since. Rakeem's heart has been closed and guarded for years, and it will take more than a familiar pretty face and nice frame to soften him toward any woman. But Maliah is determined to not only fill him with her love but be cleansed in the overflow. There is one problem with both water and love, though. Both were soft enough to cleanse and give life yet hard enough to drown and destroy anyone or anything who stand in their way.

Cathy's Clown (The Fairground Romance Series)

Pam Howes - 2013
    The couple fall in love and Cathy's long-harbored dreams of becoming a nurse are no longer the most important thing in her life. Gianni's estranged father is the owner of Kandola's Fair and a Wall of Death rider. Gianni hopes one day to follow in his father's footsteps, but first bridges need to be built and family relationships are put to the test. Maria, the Gypsy fortune teller, foresees danger for Cathy and warns Gianni, who misreads the signs… A sixties tale of love against all the odds. PAM HOWES is also the author of: 1) THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN: (rock'n'roll romance series) 2) 'TIL I KISSED YOU: (rock'n'roll romance series) 3) ALWAYS ON MY MIND: (rock'n'roll romance series) 4) NOT FADE AWAY (rock'n'roll romance series) 4) THAT'LL BE THE DAY: (rock'n'roll romance series) THE ROCK'N'ROLL ROMANCE BOX SET: (rock'n'roll romance series) FAST MOVIN' TRAIN: (A stand-alone true romance) COMING SOON: RUBY TUESDAY. (The sequel to Cathy's Clown) IF YOU ENJOYED DREAMBOATS AND PETTICOATS YOU'LL LOVE THE ROCK'N'ROLL SERIES.

Another Way

Frankie McGowan - 1993
    A sought after magazine journalist with her own column, she is a strong, sexy, independent woman, who has worked hard to fight her way to the top. Her office is regularly awash with flowers, complimentary tickets and review copies of the latest books. But when a man from her past - Theo Stirling - is unexpectedly put back into contact with her, her glamorous lifestyle is under threat. Suddenly, without reason, Ellie is fired. Her diary is empty, lunches are cancelled, doors are closed. As she is close to giving up, Ellie finds her fighting spirit. Can Ellie use her contacts to continue a successful career in journalism? Or will she be forced to find Another Way to keep her freedom and her happiness? 'Another Way' is a brilliantly told story of ambition, dreams, adversity and love.

Daring the Highlander's Beast: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel

Eloise Madigan - 2021

Craved By a Beast

Jade Royal - 2018
    In Mavericks clutches and separated from her pack Rita was truly helpless. Shackled and powerless, Rita and her beast began to crave and long for the man the universe had given to her to be her mate forever. It was the burning need to be reunited with her mate that gave Rita the strength to survive Maverick's torture at all costs. Without his mate, Jayce's control disintegrated daily. In his moments of rage and helplessness, he realized how he'd taken advantage of the thought that his mate would forever be around. But now, every moment of separation from Rita amplified his craving of her. In this second installment of the Phoenix Pack series, Jayce and Rita knows that their feelings for each other beat with the power of a thousand hearts. But after this upheaval of their normal lives, nothing will be the same. Craving each other might just save both their lives; but will the mates finally be able to complete the bond and have a happy ending?

The Key to a Lord's Heart

Alice Kirks - 2020
    However, she is far more fascinated by reading than attending balls, while holding a book club meeting to discuss the latest in English literature makes her the happiest. Even though her passion for books had always been embraced by her parents in the past, her father is now fed up with her churlish refusals to settle down and decides to take matters into his own hands. Could her one chance at true love be among the sea of men her father invites to win her hand?Henry Beckham has never been the one to seek the attention of ladies. He is content with living his life the way he pleases and a wife would only get in the way. His parents have different expectations, though, that include him producing an heir to carry on the family legacy. Henry is inevitably introduced with the terrifying ultimatum of marrying by the end of the year or forfeiting his title and fortune to his younger brother. All seems to be lost for him, until he receives an intriguing invitation from Lord Bolingbroke to attend a book club meeting in order to win his daughter's hand. Could this unknown woman secure his fortune and capture his lonely heart?They have both expected a completely different life, one without love and romance. Now that every one of their dull expectations has given place to the profound revelation of true love, they are in awe of what they had been missing all along. Regardless of how undeniable their connection is, it is also tainted by dark secrets and contrasting priorities. Will Henry manage to break down Helena's walls and win her heart? Will the powerful light of their romance dissipate the threats that lurk around?"The Key to a Lord's Heart" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Penny Vincenzi - 2012
    Told in Penny's unique voice, The Mermaid, Fair Exchange, Knowing Best and The Brooch are four unmissable stories in which a young woman battles to be accepted by her boyfriend's son, a divorced couple rediscover their passion for one another, a young couple's marriage comes perilously close to disaster, and a feud over a missing brooch separates two sisters for over a decade. With this collection, Penny Vincenzi explores the passions, jealousies, truths and lies that bring lovers and families together, and that can tear them apart.


Tabby - 2021

Tangled up in Blue: A Rainy Day Women Romance

Linda Steinberg - 2021
    Deadbeat dads, that is. Until she's arrested by a handsome detective who won't listen to reason. But when she discovers a dead body while working a case, she needs Detective Tall, Dark and Handsome's Help.Protect and serveWhen Dallas P.D. detective Trey Donovan arrests a feisty, gun-toting woman with a stack of hundred dollar bills stashed in her camisole, he senses this is no ordinary drug bust. He manages to maintain his professional composure but he can't get her out of his mind. On his next case, when he finds Selena standing over a dead body, they agree to work together to catch a killer.Trey is by the book; Selena prefers to color outside the lines. But the chemistry between them sparks creative detective work. And ignites simmering passions. Despite their intentions to keep the relationship professional, a rainy night stakeout leaves them 'tangled up in blue.' And when Selena's out-of-the-box ideas put her in danger, Trey realizes this is a woman he will never put out of his mind. And that's a 'Dunn deal.'Tangled up in Blue is the first book in the Rainy Day Women series, featuring women empowering women--and the men who love them. In a converted warehouse near downtown Dallas a group of strong, professional women come together to volunteer their services to the women of an under-served community. They name their facility the Rainy Day Women's Center. Each book is a stand-alone romance about competent, independent women and the equally competent, independent men they can't ignore--or live without.

A Wedding She'll Remember

Patricia Rosemoor - 2018
    EIGHT New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors bring you eight stories of memorable weddings, spilling over with nervous tingles and overwhelming moments. Experience the euphoria of wedding day bliss, cry a river of happiness and celebrate the joy over and over again with these happy ever after tales. Patricia Rosemoor – A Rancher’s Vow – Reed Quarrels asks Alcina Dale to marry him so he can save the Curly! Ranch, not knowing Alcina has been in love with him forever. Taylor Lee – Undercover Wedding – They called her the Ice Princess. That was before the sexy police commander turned up the heat and proved that fire does melt ice. It couldn’t have been a more perfect wedding until a group of would-be assassins crash the party. Natalie Ann – True Love – Shattered dreams vs. a new beginning. Can a young widow with a two-year-old heal this wounded warrior? Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts in Accord- When active duty wounded warriors lieutenants Anna Drummond and Neil Harrison insist that the last thing they want is a long term relationship, will TWO HEARTS IN ACCORD finally admit that it’s love? Stephanie Queen – Margo and George Forever? – Will Margo make it to the alter in spite of George’s family and the circus of a wedding they planned? Suzanne Jenkins – A Greektown Wedding - Relationships are blooming as Spring approaches, but will the Detroit Police Department be enough to keep the out of control lovers in check? Alicia Street – Maybe Lovers – Can a hot doc with his own troubles convince a cynical bartender that it's okay to dream of love? Mimi Barbour – My Cheeky Angel - Can a tomboy change to attract a man?

The Scandalous Secret of the Tempting Duchess

Scarlett Osborne - 2019
     With no prospects on the horizon, she has devoted herself to her family’s happiness instead of her own. But even though deemed utterly unmarriageable, her life changes when she meets the most unattainable gentleman in town. Timothy Wilson, Duke of Brentminster, is every lady’s dream. Betrothed to a lady he doesn't love and trapped in a life he hasn’t chosen, he finally finds happiness in the eyes of the town’s most gossiped-about spinster. Craving to court her, he is willing to give up everything for her. Until he accidentally unveils her well-kept that isn't just hers and can destroy the person she loves the most. When the father of her child suddenly shows up, Matilda must make a choice: sacrifice her family or forever crave a man she can’t have.

A Matter of Honor and Passion

Lucy Langton - 2020
    When an accident during a wild storm renders him amnesiac, with no recall of either his recent or distant past, his life will change forever. Rescued at the last moment, destiny brings Laurence, a seductive lady to his side, to care for him. Why does he feel such an instant attraction though? Was this accidental meeting a coincidence or was it meant to be?Recently freed from her position due to the death of her employer's father, Harriet is experiencing first-hand the hardships of being a fiery woman with neither a name nor any prospects of a suitor. Life will bring her to the nursing bed of the dashing Sir Laurence, with the only aim to bring him back to good health. Her task will prove to be unexpectedly challenging, as the sizzling passion between them is undeniable. But when his darkest secret is revealed, will she give him a second chance?Once Laurence regains his memory, she will find out that he is the notorious Sir Laurence she's been fighting against for months, petitioning against his land development. Harriet's own romantic feelings will be thrown into chaos when she realizes who she has been helping. Will Sir Laurence reciprocate the love and kindness he has received? Or will he ignore his chance at true love again over his lust for money and power?

Shiloh, the Preacher's Bride (Mail Order Brides of Shadow Gulch)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

Love Me When It Hurts (Love Me Series Book 2)

A.C. Taylor - 2017
    Niam is honest, loyal and more understanding than she feels like she deserves. But even the best men make mistakes and sooner or later those mistakes catch up with them. Naomi is doing her best to look beyond what’s staring her in the face, but it gets harder and harder by the day. On top of it all, she can’t seem to shake old habits and get over her own trivial fears. Niam doesn’t want to step back into his past, but he can’t resist the desire to make things right. He never meant for things to go the way that they did and he would do anything to fix them. But in an effort to fix his past, he stands the chance of ruining his future—a future that he’s worked way too hard to see flourish. When it’s all said and done, love is supposed to conquer all. But how is that possible…when it hurts so much?