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SL,UT by Alison Lee


The Edge

Ellie Danes - 2017
    Includes ALL 7 Books in the Edge Series Edge of Atttraction Edge of Desire Edge of Passion Edge of Ecstasy Edge of Love Edge of Bliss Allison Mahoney is the hardest working employee at Tolbert & Tolbert. She gets in early and stays late, all to impress her boss, who doesn't even know she exists. Joshua Tolbert dates supermodels, drives fast cars and runs the planet's most success dating site. Lucky in love and life, Joshua has it all, including a jealous brother and partner that barely gets any recognition at all. After being dismissed and ignored by her secret love, Allison turns to the one place she never thought she would in order to find love.

The Sheikh's Imposter Bride (Sweet Sheikh Surprises Book 3)

Holly Rayner - 2021

Diamond Mine

Stephanie Bond - 2019
    And sure enough, Carter says he's going to be needing an engagement ring soon... but it's for another woman!Carter Grayson thought he'd never see Faith again--her parting words that he'd never be able to commit have dogged him. To prove she's wrong, he blurts out a lie, and it's a whopper! Too late, he realizes when she discovers his deceit, she might be lost to him forever.   A romantic comedy for Valentine's Day and any time you're in the mood for a story to make you laugh and sigh.

Summer in Sorrento

Holly Greene - 2015
    A Kindle Unlimited Series - all books in this series are free to read via Kindle Unlimited. Escape To Italy Series (can be read in any order) SUMMER IN SORRENTO SPRING IN SICILY AUTUMN IN VERONA WINTER IN VENICE Maia Connolly never expected to find herself widowed at forty-five. Her beloved husband died unexpectedly while restoring their nineteenth century Italian farmhouse on a secluded hillside in Sorrento. Since his death, money is tight which is why Maia decides to open the farmhouse to tourists as summer accommodation. Uncertain of her business capabilities and even more of her hospitality skills, she is thrown in at the deep end when her first bookings appear and her new guests all arrive over the same week. First there’s Jacob, an attractive New Yorker of obvious Italian origin who has returned to the area to visit his ailing father. Clearly they don’t get on, as he refuses to stay in the family home in Naples. But what has caused their rift? Amelia, a shy twenty-something London girl is in Sorrento for a friend’s wedding. But she seems hesitant about her connection to the bridal party. Cal and Lori have returned to Italy for their ten-year anniversary in the hope of recapturing some of the spark lost from their marriage. Will the beauty and romance of Sorrento help them rekindle their love for each other? Gradually each of Maia’s summer guests find their worries eased and hearts lightened by the beauty of this magical place….

The Beachside Cafe (Saltwater Secrets Book 6)

Sage Parker - 2021

A New Beginning (Small Town Romance Book 1)

Faith Blakely - 2021

Late to the Wedding

Laura Briggs
    True, it was written four months ago, but could his heart have changed so drastically in so little time? Desperate to know, she packs a bag and plans to bridge the five states between them. But a series of cosmic misadventures leaves her no other choice for her cross country journey than a gypsy cab driver who’s willing to take her the distance for a hefty fee. Sardonic, arrogant Brian Stoker is the last person likely to sympathize with a quest for last chance love. But he may be her only hope as a chain of obstacles and adventures threaten to become a detour from her destiny. Will Evelyn be late to the wedding–or will she have a romantic rendezvous in time for a happy ending?Excerpt from Late to the Wedding:Evelyn closed her eyes as despair washed over her. Turning away from the taxi lane, she walked forlornly towards the automatic doors. Her glance fell on a vehicle parked nearby, a 1970s notchback Sedan she had noticed circling the lot as she spoke to the constantly moving line of cabs. Most likely a hack, or gypsy cab driver as some referred to them. Guys willing to take legal risks for a little extra cash on a busy weekend. The driver lowered his newspaper to glance up at her passing figure, revealing a faded button down shirt with an open collar. Dark, tousled hair and a jaw that sported days old stubble; coal black eyes that flicked in her direction with a hint of challenge. As if daring her to approach, knowing all the while she was too timid and guarded to risk it. Perhaps that’s what made her shoulder her carry-on more firmly and march directly to his driver’s side window.“Excuse me…” she faltered a little, her gaze taking in the car’s shabby interior, with its dusty dashboard and peeling leather upholstery. “By any chance…that is, are you…” “Operating an illegal cab service?” supplied the sardonic voice, the dark eyes studying her beneath raised brows. “Sure.” He tossed the paper into the passenger seat and offered a smile that struck her as arrogant for someone who clearly did most of their grooming with the aid of a rear view mirror. “I–I need a ride,” she stammered, realizing a second later how obvious that must be. “That is, can you take me to Binghamton?” she asked, selecting a city that was relatively near the Pennsylvania state line and roughly two hours into her journey. If he took her there and not a mile further, it would be at least be a start.He seemed to hesitate, no doubt weighing the loss of convention traffic. His gaze taking in her trim figure, expensive attire, and scant luggage with a scrutiny that made her blush. “I usually settle my fee before driving in circumstances like this,” he said, after a moment. “But I guess I can make an exception for you. Although this seems a little far for a cab ride if you ask me.”Evelyn shrugged, pretending to miss the insult behind the provision. “Well, I’m sort of playing this trip by ear, so I can’t really guarantee…” She let her voice trail off, turning her head nonchalantly in the direction of the moving cab line. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she prayed that this maneuver would call his bluff. Show him she wasn’t the usual sucker tourist in need of a cheap ride.“We’ll work something out,” he said, taking the bait.

Rhythm Of Love

Nivedita Vedurla - 2018
    But being good means living a restricted life, and making many sacrifices in order to follow all the accepted social norms. After graduation, she moves to Mumbai and discovers a whole new life. During her struggles to find a job, she meets Siddharth, a start-up owner, who employs her as his assistant. Life is good until one mistake changes the course of her life. Can this one misunderstanding destroy all her efforts and dreams? Find out how Esha struggles to overcome the misconceptions of good and bad, and how she survives to fulfill all her dreams in Rhythm of Love.

All That I Want: A Queensbay Small Town Romance (The Queensbay Series Book 6)

Drea Stein - 2017
    She left Queensbay, determined to leave her past behind. Now, after a mysterious inheritance she's back in town. And she's determined to make a new home for herself. Jake Owen's never forgotten his time with Colleen. It might have been ten years ago, but no one - no woman - has ever quite measured up. But he was - and is - a small town guy. And he wasn't good enough for her then. But can he show her that small town doesn't mean small time? Will he convince her that a small town guy holds the key to her heart - and her happiness? Find out if Jake Owen can win over Colleen McShane in book 6 of Drea Stein's Queensbay series.

Tiaras & Teacups (Berry Lake Cupcake Posse Book 2)

Melissa McClone - 2021
    She’s struggling to leave her trophy wife identity behind and make ends meet as a full-time event planner. When her handsome new neighbor needs to throw the perfect birthday party for his niece, Juliet offers her services. If she pulls this off, maybe she can get her life back on track. But to do so, she’ll need the help of the Cupcake Posse. Too bad her friends are grappling with problems of their own:Missy’s recovering from injuries; Nell’s trying to thwart her mother’s matchmaking efforts; Selena’s husband wants her to work less when she needs to do more; and Bria’s facing obstacles she never anticipated trying to save her late aunt’s bakery.Join the Cupcake Posse as they work together to navigate the difficulties of life, loss, and love. They continue to rely on each other, never losing sight of the importance of friendship and family, but will that be enough to save the Berry Lake Cupcake Shop?

Ruby Slips and Poker Chips: A Modern Day Wizard of Oz Romantic Comedy

Heather Kindt - 2017
    . . until Dottie’s given a free trip to Las Vegas. Second-grade teacher Dottie Gale lives in the tiny town of Quandary, Kansas, which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of nowhere. No mountains. No ocean. No life. Her ex-boyfriend and current school board member, Corbin Lane, cheated on her, making school functions more than a little awkward. But worst of all, a tornado named Maxine Westward rips through Dottie’s school as the new principal and has made her life at work a living hell. When Dottie is chosen to go to a teacher’s conference in Las Vegas, she knows her life is going to change. Driving from Quandary to Vegas, three strangers enter her life. Through a string of situations involving poppies, flying monkeys, and a life-size sculpture of an iconic rock star the four soon become inseparable. So, when Westward arrives on her broom in Vegas, Dottie is ready for battle. Her boss black mails her with stories of incarceration, thievery, and a steamy relationship with her travel companion, but Dottie knows that those who hurl insults shouldn’t hold secrets of their own. Editorial Reviews "I had so much fun reading this and spotting all the clever twists, it was very entertaining. In fact I’m tempted to re-read it, to find more of the subtle hints. I’ve also been to a few of the places mentioned in the book which meant an extra thumbs up for me. I would definitely recommend to readers who enjoy a modern take on a good original oldie." Roses are Amber

Love, California Box Set 1

Jan Moran - 2016
    “If you love Danielle Steel and Jackie Collins books, you’ll adore Jan Moran’s stories.” – Goodreads Reviewer. Set in sunny southern California, this linked series of stand-alone novels will keep you turning pages all night long. Now get the first three books in the Love, California series at an introductory price.FLAWLESS: A handsome celebrity chef. A treacherous ex. Can Verena Valent survive the biggest break of her career, or will it break her? When skincare-guru-to-the-stars Verena Valent meets Beverly Hills chef Lance Martel in Paris, she gets a second chance at love. Saving her grandmother’s Swiss skincare salon means everything to her, but will she find the courage to change her life?BEAUTY MARK - A treacherous boss. The client from hell. Can Scarlett survive a deadly career while an old friend turns into a new love? In the glamorous world of high stakes beauty and fashion, Scarlett Sandoval is a top attorney who jets between Los Angeles and Madrid. When a devious plot endangers her life, childhood friend Johnny Silva -- now a handsome Beverly Hills restaurant owner-- offers his protection, though their platonic friendship ignites in the Spanish countryside. Can Scarlett mend her life, or has she made an irrevocable mistake in business, and in love?RUNWAY - A sabotaged fashion show. An Irish rock star. A missing bride. Can fashion designer Fianna Fitzgerald survive her debut season? A walk on the Malibu beach with reclusive rock star Niall Finley nearly claims their lives when they get caught in high tides. From the runways of Los Angeles to Dublin, someone is trying to ruin her debut season. Can she solve the mystery and leave Ireland with her heart intact?Get your three-book set now to escape into a glamorous, feel-good get-away!BOOK AWARDS:Reader's Favorite Bronze Award for Historical FictionSan Diego Book Awards FinalistThe Kindle Book Review Book Awards FinalistTHE LOVE, CALIFORNIA SERIESFLAWLESS (Verena and Lance in Beverly Hills and Paris)BEAUTY MARK (Scarlett and Johnny in Beverly Hills and Spain)RUNWAY (Fianna and Niall in Malibu and Ireland)ESSENCE (Dahlia and Alain in Paris and Monaco)STYLE (Penelope and Stefan in New York and Copenhagen)SPARKLE (Elena and Jake in LA and Sydney)Discover Jan's sweeping HISTORICAL FICTION from St. Martin’s PressThe Winemakers: A Novel of Wine and Secrets (A mother and daughter keep disastrous secrets from each other in Napa Valley and Italy of the 1950s)Scent of Triumph: A Novel of Perfume and Passion (A French perfumer’s obsession to reunite her family in the midst of WWII)Tasteful romance/women's fiction with a touch of Hollywood.

Starting Over In Key West: Darkest Day: A Florida Keys Romance Series. Prequel

Amy Rafferty - 2021

Totlandia: Book 7 (Contemporary Romance): The Twosies - Spring

Josie Brown - 2017
    Each book completes a story arc, but it includes a series cliffhanger that connects Books 1-4; And then Books 5-8. IN BOOK 7 OF THE TOTLANDIA EPISODIC SERIES: For the women of Totlandia, spring brings new life and emotional renewal: A big question for Bettina is whether she'll succumb to an easy fix for her problems, or will she embrace the challenge that may lead to the financial and emotional freedom she craves... At the same time, Bettina's mysterious disappearances are adding to Lorna's anxieties to keep the club on an even keel up until she delivers her twins. Little does she know that a cruel trick by the power-hungry Kelly will curdle Lorna's relationship with her mother-in-law, Eleanor; Jillian is fighting her former mother-in-law for custody of her deceased ex-husband's infant child. The good news: Caleb has taken to his new role as über-dad with gusto. The bad news: it’s causing trouble in the Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club; As for Jade, she is given an opportunity of a lifetime to prove herself: both as an academic researcher, and as the perfect partner for her fiánce, Reggie. But will his assistant Samantha's attentions come between them? And Brady's quest to reunite Ally with her father may be the one thing that will tear their relationship apart; Last but not least: Top Moms are in full revolt. They know that their only hope of getting out from under Bettina’s thumb is to secure their secrets-filled files hidden deep within a sculpture to be auctioned off with the rest of her possessions. Let the bidding begin! REVIEWS FOR THE TOTLANDIA SERIES “I love a good mommy send-up as much as the next gal, and this peek into the ridiculousness of the San Francisco uppercrust is delightful. Whether or not you’ve ever had the pleasure (or pain) of joining a playgroup, Brown’s tale is as charming as it is cringeworthy. I laughed, I winced, I kept scrolling.” —Romantic Times “With affairs, pending divorces, secret jobs and unsavory pasts, each wannabe member hides something that could blow her chances for good.Like the characters in reality shows such as “Dance Moms,” the women in Pacific Heights might be over-the-top, but in the end the best interests of their kids are (almost) always at heart. Laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes touching, the “Totlandia” novellas serve as the perfect quick read for busy moms or anyone looking to escape with some gossipy fun.” — “Josie Brown writes Totlandia with her usual storytelling flair. The dialogue is smooth and flowing. The characters are easy to side with or become angry with, depending on each situation. The scenery is easy to visualize. And we mustn’t forget all the sex (blushworthy, at that) and scandal that is a staple of a true Josie Brown novel. Totlandia: The Onesies (book one) kept me entertained and on my toes the entire time. It showed that there are mothers who are human and sometimes screw up even with the best intentions at hand. It’s like a soap opera for mommies. Guilty pleasure, anyone?!? I look forward to reading book two next and will share my thoughts on that one, as well!”—Melissa Amster, “This book is wonderfully written and has more than just drama. There are touching moments, parts that made me laugh out loud, and as I read the story I felt like I was reading a television show!”—Divine Secrets of a Domestic Goddess

What Dreams Are Made Of

Sheila O'Flanagan - 2016
    Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Erica James and Marian Keyes, this free collection of Sheila's previously published stories will make your heart skip a beat, make you laugh with abandon, and smile in the knowledge that just about anything's possible... A passenger spots the man of her dreams on her daily commute - and decides to make her fantasy a reality.A widow on the verge of giving up everything rediscovers the magic in her life.A publicist attending a star-studded event ends up in the spotlight.A mother reveals a secret to her family that will change their lives for ever.A pop star discovers she can't hide - even in paradise - until she takes fate into her own hands.A young girl comes to term with who she is - and who she isn't - on her island escape. These feel-good stories, together for the first time in this exclusive digital edition, are taken from Sheila O'Flanagan's bestselling collections Destinations, A Season to Remember and Connections. In addition to these wonderful stories, don't miss the chance to get up close and personal with Sheila in WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF's special extra material, including a sneak peek of her upcoming novel, THE MISSING WIFE.