Book picks similar to
Maya (A Dark McKenna Story) by Shayne Ford


Forever Friend Zoned

C. Morgan - 2021
    I took all of that crap from the past and turned it into a goldmine. My body, namely. And there’s one girl I want that rejected me over and over. Lucky for me, the beauty is on the heels of a terrible breakup. Yes. I mean, aww… Her parents are pushing her to go to the gym to lose some weight. Boy, do I know how that feels. And guess who’s waiting for her when she gets there?That’s right. Me. The forever friend-zoned guy. But I have no ill will toward my curvy first love. I only want what’s best for her. Namely, me. *wink*So the game begins, and I’m lucky to be in the coach’s shoes this time. She has no clue who I am, but sparks fly high. No way in hell I’m telling her I’m the guy she remembered rejecting. ‘Cause I’m not out for revenge. I just want what I’ve always wanted… Her.


Zahra Girard - 2020
    Contains dirty-talking, protective bikers who will do whatever it takes to keep their women safe. 'Trips' features tons of action, steamy scenes, no cheating, and has a HEA.

Landing the Billionaire

Macie St. James - 2021
    Her task is to clean it out and prepare it to sell, since she has no interest in living in the oversized space. But the billionaire living next door keeps distracting her from getting her work done.Grayston Young isn’t just Fiona’s neighbor. He owns the very building where her father lived. But he’s also the man who plans to take away the thing that matters most to her: her small bookstore. One of his top projects involves buying up the entire strip mall and turning it into a medical center.In their battle, they both start to realize there’s more to life than work. But one of them has to give in if they can ever be together, which means choosing love over business.The Music City Billionaire series is a sweet, clean contemporary billionaire series filled with swoon-worthy heroes and plenty of romantic moments.

Meet Jon, the Billionaire: From Enemies to Lovers

Laura Olsen - 2021
    HEA guaranteed!

The Sheik's Surprise Donor

Erin Snihur - 2020
    Let alone his country, Kuwa. Now, with his brother and father deceased -- only one man can rule as Sheik of Kuwa.Razeen.What Razeen doesn’t expect is his past coming back to haunt him. In that of a child . . . His child.***Alexandra Tasis grew up in foster care only dreaming about having one thing in her future. A family.Given the chance to have a child, Alexandra jumps at the opportunity -- not knowing that her child shares royal genes with an exotic and seductive man . . . Sheik Razeen el-Qazi.Can these two distrusting souls learn to trust the love they have for one another? Or will outside forces tear them apart at the seams?

Winning the Single Mom's Heart (Unforgettable Love Stories #5)

Patty H. Scott - 2021
    Everyone around her seems to think she should be ready to date, but the idea of being with another man overwhelms her. She wonders if she’ll ever be willing to take a risk on another romantic relationship.Up until two years ago, Michael spent his life traveling the globe as a photographer's assistant. All that changed when he developed a very successful app for photographers. With his recent notoriety in the tech industry, women seem to mostly want him for his status or money. Michael had given up hope of ever meeting someone he could see a future with ... until he's set up with Madison as his plus-one for an event.Madison is everything Michael could hope for in a woman. Can he convince her he’s the man worth taking a chance on?

Whiskey Wild

Jessica Mills - 2021
    My twin brother got himself into an impossible situation and who saves his bacon? Me. I go into a job interview pretending to be him, and lo and behold, the most beautiful girl in the world is the one hiring for the job. Giving her my all isn’t hard, until I get the position. I’m a farmer. My brother is the guy trying to make it up a ladder, but now we’re stuck. It would be too damn obvious that he’s not me and I’m not him. So I’m stuck. But it’s not all that bad. The girl of my dreams is in need of a real cowboy to teach her the ropes. And I’m the guy for the job. Unfortunately, pretending to be a nicer version of my evil twin catches up with me. Those little white fibs always do. Now she’s questioning my trust and walking away from what could possibly be the best decision of both our lives. Time to show this sweet little thang the man she’s yet to meet—the real me.


Kasey Krane - 2021
    We're enemies.I have no interest in being a pawn.But if that's what the family's want,Then that's what they get.Reese is pretty, powerful, and sassy to boot.But when we learn this isn't the truce,We were all expecting,She threatens to run.I didn't think I could stand her,Now I can't live without her.What's an Irishman to do?Drink and chase the lass of course.She'll be mine,No matter what war our families are brewing.

A Secret Chance: A Small Town Love Story (Chance Rapids Book 4)

A.J. Wynter - 2020
    Nope. No thank you. Am I crazy to turn down a man as hot and rich as him? Maybe. But we can’t be together. Not when I’ve kept a secret like this one for the past ten years. That night we spent tangled up in the sheets together at the heli skiing lodge changed my life forever. Now, the man I thought I’d never see again is sitting across from me at the bargaining table - and it’s my job to destroy him. My simple small-town life just got really complicated… A Secret Chance is book 4 in the Chance Rapids Series but can be read as a standalone. If flannel shirts, enemies to lovers, evil developers, and small town charm are your jam, you're going to love the town of Chance Rapids.

Brand New Man

Weston Parker - 2019
    To them. Not me. Women swoon over my wallet, but it’s a façade. A ruse. I keep to myself and always will. Besides, one thing I’ve learned is you never pursue romantic relationships at work. Especially not as the boss. The billionaire. The top shit.A girl from my past shows up at a fundraiser. The one that got away in college. She needs help changing the city for the better with a children’s home, but I have different ideas. Crazily enough, the more money I spend, the more time I get with her. And this time, I’m willing to pull out all the stops. It’s hard not to slip back into my old ways, but this woman is the one. She makes me want to be a brand new man.


Jill Burrell - 2021
    Stranded and desperate, she finds herself at the mercy of a handsome, brooding mechanic. When he offers her help, she accepts, knowing too well the pain that comes from trusting others.Widower and grieving father, Ben Young, fixes cars and avoids people. He can’t stand to see the pity in their eyes. There’s something different in Amy’s eyes, though, and he’s driven to help her—for her little girl’s sake. But helping means caring, and that’s not something he’s capable of. Not anymore.Just when it looks like a relationship might be possible between Ben and Amy, she realizes her breaking down in this small town wasn’t an accident. She holds the key to what happened to Ben’s family. But will her quest for answers cost her everything?

Texas Hold Em'

Ali Parker - 2021
    Either way, this Texas boy ain’t scared. I’m looking for love in all the wrong places.


Natalie Ann - 2021
    Secretly...of course. Devin Andrews loves his job at Fierce-The Brewery and working for his cousin Mason. What he doesn’t love is that his Aunt Jolene has set her sights on making him the next target of her matchmaking scheme. But he’s onto her and has no plans on falling prey like her unsuspecting children did. Besides, he’s not sure he has what it takes to fall in love since he never has before, even being the oldest of the family. Hope Hall picked up her life and moved to Charlotte for a man. She should have listened to her family when they cautioned her against it, reminding her that she was too spontaneous with everything in life...even men. After being blind, stupid, and naive once again, she doesn’t want to go home and listen to them say they were right. Instead she is trying to make a life for herself—one without a man in it—and prove she can do it on her own.

Bayou Cottage

Suzanne Jenkins - 2020
    It’s the perfect place to run away to after her heart was broken.The first night while she’s down at the road to lock the gate, a hunky guy on horseback steps out of the woods, but Maggie doesn’t recognize him. Turns out they were childhood playmates long ago during winter visits to her grandparents’ cottage. Justin Chastain, local vet and wild horse advocate, heard through the grapevine that Maggie had returned to Cypress Cove and wanted to see her for himself. But he didn’t know that she was hiding from a failed marriage, leaving her with a big chip on her shoulder. It remains to be seen if she can ever trust again. The chemistry Maggie senses fluctuates between lukewarm and molten, but for Justin, it’s constant and he’s falling in love, hard. Then he unintentionally commits a blunder that Maggie will struggle to forgive, and they have to start all over again. Is there another chance at love for Maggie Angel?


Stacy Eaton - 2019
    When she sees a man touching her daughter at the park, she reacts without listening. It’s only later when her daughter is rushed to the hospital that she realizes how wrong she had been. Doctor Wesley Young only wanted to help the tender-aged girl he witnessed fall, but when her mother attacks him at the park, he’s left stunned. When the little girl arrives later in the emergency department, he comes face to face with the mother makes more of an impression on him than the cut she left on his face. Things heat up quick when Marisol is no longer his patient, but when things from the past are revealed, Wes isn’t sure that Charlotte is the woman for him. Can Charlotte find a way to explain it all so that Wes will accept both her and her daughter before it’s too late? The Loving a Young Series will include six books: Wesley Henley, (Jan 2020) More Young's coming soon! Bradley - Riley - Huntley - Kayley