Embracing Love, Vol. 1

Youka Nitta - 1999
    This lighthearted romantic comedy lampoons the adult film business, the mainstream media, and the natural vanity of actors while exploring the earliest stages of a new relationship.

Beast & Feast

Norikazu Akira - 2010
    Back then, their relationship was like oil and water, and it certainly seems to be the case now as well: while Kazuha is a police detective, Hyoudou is a member of one of the notorious yakuza groups. Hyoudou claims to be willing to bargain for some very important information pertaining to Kazuha's case. His price is unacceptable, however. Demanding Kazuha, himself, as payment -- the refusal given seems to not be an option he will accept! Now, not only after a cold-blooded killer, Kazuha finds himself stalked by his very own beast of a different sort. Will he catch the killer and come out with his heart, body, and soul intact?

スターライクワーズ [Star-like Words]

Junko - 2011
    Stumbling upon a beautiful painting in school, he knows he’s found his first love – the artist behind the work. But winning the heart of his love interest isn’t going to be easy, particularly with his promiscuous lifestyle…


Yuzuha Ougi - 2004
    Since then, Yui has avoided Asuka at all costs, going so far as to leave Japan and study in America.

Skyscrapers of Oz

Yoshino Somei - 2004
    Their latest job is, of all things, to sleep with Yu, a beautiful male student! But instead Mari finds himself rescuing Yu from an attack, then sheltering him in his own apartment!

Earthian, Volume 1

Yun Kouga - 1988
    Save for the occasional annual angelic convention, they are scattered across the globe interacting with humans and their crises. Chihaya and Kagetsuya consistently find themselves in different parts of the world dealing with an array of characters and their hopeless problems. This seems to be the only source of their worries, in spite of Chihaya's unfortunate tendency to get spotted with his wings out, until news arrives of a growing legion of fallen angels plagued by the "Black Cancer." What will happen when Chihaya and Kagetsuya are asked to find one of the feared Fallen Angels, Lord Seraphim? What is it about Chihaya that lands the Fallen Angel right at his doorstep?

Our Everlasting, Volume 01

Touko Kawai - 2000
    He has just confessed his undying love to timid and quiet Shouin, and though Shouin feels the same, he is reluctant to return Horyu's affections. Unknown to Horyu, Shouin already has his heart broken and is - as the saying goes - once bitten twice shy. It looks like Horyu will wipe out on this one, unless he can convince Shouin that he won't ever go through the same heartache twice. Meanwhile, in the second half of the book, Osaka-born Takehiko is tirelessly pursuing reserved art teacher Momose. But Momose has a terrible secret... he has a very weak heart and setting their relationship to a more physical level could mean the death of him. In this case, could not showing your love be the ultimate expression of it?

Kizuna: Bonds of Love, Vol. 1

Kazuma Kodaka - 1992
    Ranmaru and Kei have a strong and passionate relationship built on years of trust, sacrifice and love. When the mysterious son of a Yakuza boss starts to have designs on Ranmaru's affection, tempers flare, and hidden emotions rise to the surface. Will Ranmaru and Kei's love for each other be able to survive this difficult test, or will the emotional conflict finally come to a head? Will come shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ age advisory.

Hey, Sensei (Yaoi)

Yaya Sakuragi - 2007
    He cannot imagine how a boy 10 years younger could possibly seduce him, but Homura has eyes captivating enough to weaken one's worst enemy. Will the temptation of this dangerous love with his student cause Isa to cave?

Hero Heel, Volume 01

Makoto Tateno - 2005
    Minami is a young actor who has been cast as the main character of a super-hero TV program. Although he takes the job half heartedly, thinking of it as a mere children's show, he's soon taken by the talent of his costar, Sawada. One day, Minami stubles upon Sawada kissing a man! Deeply confused, he's unable to hide his growing attraction for him. A hero's love is always filled with trials! MATURE THEMES

Only Serious About You 1

Kai Asou - 2008
    So when flirtatious customer Yoshi offers to lend a helping hand in an emergency, it’s awfully hard to turn him down! But will Yoshi’s simple favor turn into an offer that Nao couldn’t possibly refuse?

La Esperança, Volume 01

Chigusa Kawai - 2000
    However, afraid of others doing him harm, he has never allowed anyone to get close. Why is it then that misfit Robere can effortlessly step over this line Georges has drawn and see right through him? Will getting too close to Robere result in a tragedy that justifies his worst fears?

Our Kingdom, Volume 01

Naduki Koujima - 2005
    To this simple boy's surprise, he is told of his candidacy to become heir of the Takatou name. However, the princely and handsome Rei, is also a likely contender. Far from being competitive, Rei shows no interest in the prospect of inheritance, and instead takes an immediate liking to Akira. Rei's aggressive showings of affection bewilder the naive country boy, until Akira begins to discover a budding attraction towards Rei within himself.


Momoko Tenzen - 2011
    So when the two men are paired up for a high-pressure project, he can’t believe his good luck! But what will happen when Asada’s defenses are shaken by their immediate, undeniable connection? Flutter beats with the racing pulses of brand-new lovers! When success at work leads to an after-hours confession, an exciting relationship sparks to life. But is the flash of intimacy the beginning of a fiery blaze…or just a passing flicker?

Wild Rock

Kazusa Takashima - 2002
    When they meet, it's love at first sight...and a wild romantic odyssey is about to unfold. But the odds are stacked against this primitive Romeo and Romeo! With their resentful clans providing no support for their budding relationship, can these star-crossed lovers get behind each other to stop the long-standing family feud? BLU hits boys' love fans with a hot, new manga Wild Rock, set in a fabulously fantastic prehistoric backdrop!