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The Renewed Earth by Chad Daybell


Turning Hearts

Deanne Blackhurst - 2009
    Her recurring dream makes it seem urgent - the dream with the shiny gold frame and the vaguely familiar faces smiling down at her. The dream in which her grandmother says, "You must find them. You're the only one who can."When Amanda gets to California and starts teaching, she wonders which family she was sent there to find. What happens next is something she never would have expected.


Jeff Call - 2002
    Early indications are that his success is certain, but along the way Luke discovers these people exhibit traits he has rarely seen before-- kindness, compassion, and sincerity, to name a few. As he struggles to complete his assignment in so-called "Mormonville," Luke unwittingly learns the truth about himself.


Susan Evans McCloud - 2008
    Esther and her father, the local vicar, are the first to receive copies of the Book of Mormon. Both recognize truth in the book, but recoil from the challenges this knowledge brings. The new message affects the lives of other villagers as well: the Lutheran minister, the grocer, the stone mason, the local squire's son, the stable boy who finds a discarded Book of Mormon, and the innkeeper and his sons, who spearhead the opposition to this new faith. Faith, charm, and romance permeate this glimpse into nineteenth-century England and the early Church.

In Quest of Zion

Laurel Mouritsen - 2003
    In Vol. 1 a Latter-day Saint newspaper writer has his world turned upside down when he meets a woman far more than his match. See how mobs attack their city, chase them from their farms, and how they still come out victorious. Fall in love with the characters and read history that moves you! (Hardcover)

Dark Sky at Dawn

Laurie L.C. Lewis - 2004
    Free people who dream and pursue what liberty and independence should be for their families lives.

Faraway Child

Amy Maida Wadsworth - 2005
    But now Jen's life seems to be crumbling around her. Her husband Adam is suddenly without a job, her sister is moving far away, and people increasingly describe her two-year-old daughter as a difficult child. This is not the way Jen dreamed parenthood would be, especially with her youngest daughter.In the middle of each night, Kaye wakes up screaming. Human interactions and parental guidance have little meaning for her. Jen makes jokes about Kaye's public behavior to push away the pain. Marie, her four-year-old daughter, wants to know, "Why won't Kaye play with me?" Then Jen's new visiting teacher asks if Kaye is autistic. In Faraway Child, Amy Maida Wadsworth shares her most personal novel to date with a story about a family who faces shattered expectations, and then learns to reach out to family, ward members, and to God.

Moment of Truth

Cheri J. Crane - 2005
    But while on vacation with her family in Mexico, she meets Ed, a seventeen-year-old Baptist from Illinois who is spending his vacation building houses for the homeless. Laurie returns to Utah determined to make a difference through her actions and weekly editorial in the student newspaper.Unfortunately, she finds her best friend, Roz, has also changed. Their strong-willed personalities collide as they stand on opposite sides of a heated battle involving popularity and Church standards. As Laurie writes impassioned pleas in the student newspaper for how things ought to be, she seems to further alienate herself from her peers, leaving her with only her new-found friend in Illinois. In the end, Laurie discovers how difficult and terrifying--and absolutely worthwhile--it is to truly stand for something.

Seventh Seal

Jessica Draper - 2003
    Conflicts between Latter-day Saints and other major groups have reached their breaking points since the Mormons moved their headquarters from Salt Lake City to Independence, Missouri. Now one of the Twelve Apostles is missing. The end of the Sixth Seal is at hand, and the forces of evil are mounting a great offensive against the very essence of good. Amidst the turmoil, Merry Galen, a brilliant LDS medical researcher uncovers the truth about a vaccine that promises to end infectious diseases but only at a horrific cost. Now it's up to Merry to escape those who would silence the truth, and to warn the world as forces that may destroy mankind are set in motion.

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites COMPLETE SET

Chris Heimerdinger - 2010

Into the Fire

Jeffrey S. Savage - 2002
    Everyone agrees that Joe Stewart is a pillar of the community. But the pillar is about to crumble.In a dramatic series of events, Joe loses virtually everything: his job, his wealth, his home, his reputation, and his health. Even his family teeters on the brink of falling apart.Joe finds himself miles from civilization, his health deteriorating rapidly, and his family menaced by the dark entity that haunts his dreams. Joe must somehow find a way to unite his family and use their strength to save them all before it is too late.

Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread

Wendie L. Edwards
    He finds the country in a political disarray as the constitution hangs by a thread. Through his visions, he sees the outcome of the present chaos as it spirals toward destruction. The country must return to the values that inspired its beginnings if it hopes to be protected from the secret combinations that are designing its downfall. Brea, the eldest sister of the family is trapped in an unholy web of deceit as she unravels the truth about Matt’s family. The facts are too horrible to believe and too deadly to ignore. She must make some difficult decisions to protect her unborn children. Just what will that do to her love for Matt and the marriage they share? Elder Rogers becomes a hostage to the country of Israel but his burden is made light through participating in prophesy. The long awaited Jewish temple rises. The Jews know their Messiah is coming. Do you?

Prologue: The Brothers

Chris Stewart - 2003
    Brother fought brother. Families were torn apart. Some fought to protect their homes, their freedom and peace. Others fought to destroy everything they had once held so dear. And as the battle between good and evil came into each home, all God's children had to chose which side they were on, which principles would they fight for, and what price would they pay.In this contest before the Great War, each of us learned the first lessons of life. The great ones may fall. The wicked can change. The weak and the foolish can be made the strongest of all. And when the contest was over, we also had learned the greatest secret of all: the children of God can defeat their adversary, for they have fought him before.

The Counterfeit Convert

Linda Chadwick - 2010
    With the recent death of their father, the girls must marry quickly in order to inherit their late father?s fortune.Even when Tristan finds out the three women are Mormons, a religious group he knows nothing about, he is positive he can lure Rachel into marriage?if he can convince her he?s a member of her church. Tristan soon finds himself fascinated by much more than just Rachel?s money. After a life of doing whatever?s necessary to close the deal, Tristan wonders if a fledgling testimony of the gospel can give him the strength to come clean to the woman he loves, even though it could mean losing her forever.This fresh, romantic tale is anything but your typical boy-meets-girl love story. Told with equal parts wit and heart, The Counterfeit Convert will keep you laughing while reminding you that facing consequences is the best way to conquer them.

Joseph and Emma: A Love Story (Volume II , 2)

Marsha Newman - 2002
    Few, if any, of the most imaginative writers of love stories have or could have envisioned the experiences of this couple.

Small Grain of Sand

Pamela Carrington Reid - 2013
    Her female coworkers, however, are more focused on the allure of the children’s enigmatic single father, Phillippe Durand. When the handsome Frenchman is faced with a trip abroad with his children, he approaches Jennifer with an offer: a summer job as the twins’ nanny—on the idyllic island of Tahiti. Amid swaying palm trees and blazing sunsets, Jennifer forges a tentative friendship with her employer and begins to put together the pieces of this mysterious man. Phillippe, a former member of the Church, is haunted by a past fraught with death and heartbreak. Determined to help him rekindle the flame of his faith, Jennifer is caught off guard by the spark of romance that grows more undeniable by the day. But when Phillippe’s painful past threatens their blossoming relationship, will true love really have the power to conquer all?