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Her Pirate Prince by Joanne Wadsworth


Boudreaux's Lady

Lauren Smith - 2020
    Her lot in life isn’t what she’d choose, but being an upstairs maid for a wealthy baron is better than living on the streets. Little does she know her lackluster days are about to become decidedly more interesting…and dangerous. When a madman wants Philippa dead, it’s going to take more than the plan of her good-hearted employer to save her and find out why she’s being targeted. It’s going to take a hero…or maybe a rogue.Beauregard Boudreaux is a notorious rogue, living uneventful days and terribly scandalous nights with little thought to settling down. He needs nothing more than a strong drink, a beautiful mistress, and a spirited card game to be happy…When he intervenes to rescue a friend’s upstairs maid from a killer, he’s drawn into a game of cat and mouse with the maid used as bait to draw out the killer. But the more time Beau spends with Philippa as her protector, the more he has an irresistible attraction to this mysterious woman. He also can’t shake the feeling that he’s seen her somewhere before.But Beau has lost too much in life to risk being hurt again. He can’t let himself fall in love, not even with the temptation Philippa presents to him.And bloody hell, she is oh-so tempting…

Merry Misrule

Ellie St. Clair - 2020
    For Joanna remains scarred by the pranks Lord Elijah Kentmore pulled on her all those years ago. She does, however, long for a Christmas with her closest friend, one in which she can, for a brief holiday, enjoy a respite from her work as a seamstress and appreciate the extravagance of Christmas in the home of a marquess.Lord Elijah Kentmore has returned home from war just in time for Christmas, only to find that nothing has changed at Briercrest Hall, while he is but a shadow of the man he used to be. Many of his memories of old have fled, only to be replaced by others he wouldn’t wish upon anyone. All he wants now is to be respected for the man he has become, instead of the man he used to be. When Elijah attempts to capture the beautiful, mysterious woman under the mistletoe, he is shocked by her dismissal—and by the news that the ugly duckling turned swan is, in fact, his sister’s friend Joanna. Now all he wants for Christmas is to win her over and convince her that he is not the man she remembers. Can he ever earn the forgiveness of a woman he so wronged?

Lynna's Beau

Kitty Margo - 2013
    Married to the man of her dreams, a baby on the way, and finally back home with her husband after being kidnapped by a pirate rumored to be the most vicious cutthroat to ever roam the Caribbean.What more could a girl ask for?Yet, why can’t she shake the worrisome notion that her entire world is about to crumble at her feet?Two reasons.Suzanne Fletcher Jordan. Voodoo priestess in training. Destruction follows in her wake like a shadow.Sean Devereux. Devilishly handsome pirate captain. Determined to hold Lynna to the promise she made while a prisoner on his ship.When Suzanne and Sean join forces to plot revenge, NOTHING is off limits.

Presenting Miss Letitia

Maggi Andersen - 2019
    Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Rakes are intent on something a young debutante must never give them... their virtue! Armed with this advice from her aunt, Letitia Bromley embarks on her first Season in London. Fresh from the country, she is intent on a romantic adventure after reading the diaries of her great-great Aunt Lydia, who sailed the high seas with a pirate. But when Letty’s kind patroness begs for her help to right a wrong done to her dead husband, Letty can only respond to the lady’s distress. Can it be true that the rakish Brandon Cartwright spies for the French? Danger lurks, and Letty becomes unsure whom to trust. Her head urges her to be sensible, to go home to the man everyone in her village expects her to marry, but her heart says otherwise. Declared the family’s black sheep by his father after a tragedy, Brandon is drawn into the spying business. He has had little regard for his life, taking on dangerous assignments, until circumstances change when he becomes involved with a stubborn young lady who is determined to help her chaperone. Brandon can’t help but admire Letty for her bravery and compassion, but while he’s intent on keeping her safe, he has no intention of drawing her into his disreputable life. Once he sees her safely on her way back to Cumbria, he can pick up the threads of the life he lived before she came into it... or will he follow his heart - and her? Once a Wallflower Series Presenting Miss Leticia Introducing Miss Joanna Announcing Miss Theodosia

Unmasking the Silver Heiress

Ava Devlin - 2020
    Getting tangled in a web of espionage and mystery was also less than ideal.Nathaniel Atlas was gorgeous and charming, an impossibly good catch for an unfashionable bluestocking like Nell, but what dangerous secrets were hidden under that polished politician's mask of his? What was he really after, and how did he become entangled with the enigmatic Silver Leaf Society in the first place?What Nell doesn't know is that her new husband is just as curious about her. How did this shy schoolgirl derail his life so thoroughly, and what in God's name is she doing involved with spies and smugglers?To find the answer, he'll have to take her to the last place in the world he wishes to be... his childhood home.Secrets and sacrifice are hidden deep in the ruins of Meridian House, if they are brave enough to unearth them.Unmasking the Silver Heiress is the first in Ava Devlin's new series, The Silver Leaf Seductions. If you love sweet and steamy Regency romances, perplexing mysteries, and a touch of danger, this is the book for you. Grab your copy today!

The Lyon's Den in Winter

Whitney Blake - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.Viola Black is not conventional — she dresses as a man to sell her sought-after plays to London companies. She's lucky. Her father, wily solicitor Malcolm Black, turns a benevolent blind eye to her habits. That is, until one frigid night, when she’s cornered by ruffians. While Viola tries to dismiss the incident as a hazard of London life, Papa is more alarmed. She senses there is far more he's not telling her.But she's keeping something to herself, too. Though she was shaken by her attack, she also had the good fortune of running into Dr. Duncan Neilson — whom she can't banish from her head. When Papa insists the Black Widow of Whitehall find her a husband, Viola balks. None of the eligible bachelors will be the magnetic Dr. Neilson, for a start.Then he walks into the Black Widow’s parlor, charming and enigmatic as ever.But before the two can benefit from fate or providence, Viola is abducted and becomes entangled in an old feud she knew nothing about. Papa has been concealing his past from her, and it involves the same underworld as the Black Widow’s.As Viola keeps a level head and contemplates escape, her unexpected fiancée is working with her father to bring her home. Does love wait for her on the other side of intrigue and deception? She dearly wants to find out, and she’s certain that even her plays are less dramatic than all this...

Rogues Like It Hot

Tamara GillShereen Vedam - 2019
    Enjoy a variety of heat levels from these rogues and the heroines that get them hot under the collar. Grab your copy for a bargain price or for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!Rogues Like It Hot includes:Act of Pardon by Sandra SookooA Marquess for Convenience by Biance BlythePrince of Rogues by Angelique ArmaeA Reversal of Fortune by Rose PearsonThe Scottish Governess by Arietta RichmondHer Gentleman Pirate by Tamara GillThe Duke's House Party Match by Kelly Anne BruceTo Capture Love by Shereen VedamSinful Deeds by Samantha Holt

Caribbean Jewel

Jayla Jasso - 2013
     When Jolie’s cloaked midnight rescuer ends up being the sexiest Spanish captain this end of the Caribbean, she figures a long ocean voyage to freedom on his brigantine might not be the worst thing that could have happened to a proper Englishwoman. Especially one who’s just been caught committing a crime and needs an escape route, fast. Captain Gabriel Marcano’s not searching for love on Crab Island—he’s looking for Spain’s beloved national treasure, the Corazón de Isabela. So when he shows up back at his brigantine with a half-drowned English beauty instead of the famous gold nugget, he has some explaining to do. His only intention is the girl’s safe passage to Europe, he informs his crew, and her presence will have no effect whatsoever on his command of the ship. All lies, Marcano admits to himself, especially when the fair-skinned wench stares at him with those innocent whisky-colored eyes…truth is, living in such close quarters with his little damsel in distress causes him far more trouble than he’d planned. And things only go from bad to worse when her violent past catches up with them, threatening to tear them apart forever.

The Lyon Sleeps Tonight

Elizabeth Ellen Carter - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.Love is just a whim away…Free-spirited Opal Jones and straight-laced Peter Ravenshaw are childhood friends growing up in India, away from the structured mores of English society. But all good things must come to an end. The friends are sent to England and go their separate ways.Years pass but not Opal's love for Peter. Opal is determined to get her man, but she will need the help of Lady Dove-Lyon, the most notorious matchmaker in London.The Lyon’s Den will host a most unusual game: He who can stay awake the longest, wins the hand of the fair Miss Opal Jones. Peter is horrified that his beautiful, headstrong friend would give herself away on a game of chance, not realizing that Opal already holds all the cards.

The Black Rose

Christina Skye - 1991
    Men toasted him, women whispered his name like a prayer. Deserted and deceived, exquisite Tess Leighton, emerald-eyed temptress, would do anything to save her family estate-even masquerade as the Fox himself....A challenge to the Viscount RavenhurstScarred by war, betrayed in love, Dane St. Pierre returned from Trafalgar determined to wreak vengeance on Tess, the reckless, willful woman who had turned his heart to ashes yet still haunted his fevered dreams. Now he alone knew her dangerous secret and swore she'd pay the price...A summons to danger and adventure.In a storm of treachery and high treason, they would be swept into battle on enemy seas. From the rugged Sussex coast to the wave-swept isles of Brittany, a tender torment of remembered passion bound them, plunging them into a danger beyond imagining, a desire beyond restraining...into the dark, rapturous secrets of...BLACK ROSE

Taken by You

Connie Mason - 1996
    Now he sails the seas as a British privateer, taking his revenge by attacking and plundering Spanish ships.She is Luca Santiego, forced from the shelter of a convent and destined for a marriage arranged by her father. When her ship is attacked by pirates, she dons the garb of a nun and prays for mercy. Yet amid the flames of the sinking ship, the blue-eyed captain is seized by an unbidden passion for the beauty who kneels before him. Driven by a wicked desire to claim her as his spoils in an act of vengeance against the Spanish, he is torn by an overwhelming response to Luca's sweet innocence, and aches with need for her. Yet he vows he will have her only when his tender kisses bring about her willing surrender to a magnificent, undeniable love.

Pirate in My Arms

Danelle Harmon - 1992
    In innocence, young Maria Hallett teases him, taunts him...and surrenders to a scorching seduction that leaves her in disgrace as his ship sails. But Sam cannot forget Maria--his golden-haired angel, a haunting beauty whose awakened sensual passion has seared his very soul with tormented longing. When he returns it is to claim her, to sweep her into his pirate's world--on a perilous voyage of daring dreams and dangerous desires...and a confrontation with a love that thunders with the raging passion of the stormy sea.


Valerie Sherwood - 1985
    The proud Colonial beauty, graced with silvergold hair and flashing eyes, hoped to be his bride. Then, swept into a growing storm of scandal, she was banished to Virginia. Captured by buccaneers on the high seas, Carolina became the Silver Wench of the Caribbean...and the defiant prisoner of the infamous Kells, a brooding man with insolent charm andd a mysterious past.On the island of Tortuga, where gentle winds caressed the perfumed nights and a lustrous moon whispered love's allure, Carolina must find Thomas again, and to flee Kells' passionate embrace, the rapturous temptation of his...LOVESONG

A Lyon in Her Bed

Amanda Mariel - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.A woman seeking escape…Lady Emiline Hawthorne will do anything to avoid an unwanted union—even marry a stranger. To that end, she goes to The Lyon’s Den to enlist Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon’s help. There is only one problem; Emiline cannot pay the matchmaking fee. A man with a broken heart… Leonard Quinton, 6th Earl of Morton, returned from the war to discover everyone he loved had betrayed him. Now he must beget an heir without risking his heart. He proposes a simple arrangement to the first lady he sees at The Lyon’s Den—The use of her womb in return for his financial support. Two souls, one heart… When Emiline finds the old Countess of Morton’s diary, she learns the secrets of Leonard’s past. Secrets even he does not know. Will their revelation lead to happily ever after, or will they destroy the bonds Leonard and Emiline have formed?

Fed to the Lyon

Mary Lancaster - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.A high-stakes game…but who is playing?On the day the Princess of Wales goes into exile, Diana loses both her court place and her betrothed. Devastated, she staggers home in the small hours of the morning, alone, drunk—and ruined in the eyes of Society.In desperation, her mother takes her to the infamous matchmaker, the Black Widow of Whitehall. Abandoned and alone at the scandalous Lyon’s Den gaming house, Diana is disguised as a boy and there encounters her prospective groom, a wealthy Scottish nobleman, Lord Garvie.She is appalled!However, Mrs. Dove-Lyon plays a deep game, and nothing is quite as it seems at the Lyon’s Den, where Diana finds unexpected adventure, passion, heartache, and the true love she always dreamed of.