Old Haunts

Susan Hill - 2018
    Sirens. Blue lights. Tyres screaming. People running. The army called in. And Simon in the thick of it. Until he’s pulled aside and put on a very different kind of job: his first undercover op awaits. Will the young Simon be able to hold his nerve? Or is he walking into a trap?

Classic Crime Short Stories

Ruth RendellMaurice Leblanc - 2001
    Ruth Rendell and Frances Hegarty spearhead the modern genre, moving through the popular and rarely-recorded Graham Greene, to Edgar Wallace and G.K. Chesterton and his master detective Father Brown.

In the Nick of Time: John Rebus vs. Roy Grace

Ian Rankin - 2014
    Different generations, different backgrounds, and not to mention, they work 500 miles apart.The case that eventually brings them together centers on a crime that happened when Rebus was just a teenager in the 1960s—but it took place in Roy Grace’s stomping grounds in Brighton, England, at a time when violence erupted between rival gangs known as Mods and Rockers.Now, a deathbed confession in in Edinburgh brings Rebus and Grace together to investigate a cold case with a shocking twist.For more exciting pairs, check out all eleven stories in FaceOff!

The Complete Thriller Collection: 12 Exciting Thrillers by Adam Nicholls, Including the Mason Black and Morgan Young Trilogies (Plus 6 Other Stories)

Adam Nicholls - 2020

The Best American Mystery Stories 1998

Sue Grafton - 1998
    In this volume, best-selling writers such as Mary Higgins Clark, Walter Mosley, Lawrence Block, Jay McInerney, and Donald E. Westlake stand alongside an impressive array of new talent. As Grafton writes in her introduction, "Nowhere is iniquity, wrongdoing, and reparation more satisfying to behold than in the well-crafted yarns spun by the writers represented here." Already a bestseller in its first year, this year's collection of The Best American Mystery Stories promises to keep readers intrigued and coming back for more.


Deborah Crombie - 2012
    When, the following morning, her ex-husband realizes she hasn’t returned, a search is instituted and a K9 search and rescue team finds Meredith’s body in the river.Scotland Yard superintendent Duncan Kincaid, returning from a family celebration of his marriage to Inspector Gemma James, is called to investigate Meredith’s death. He soon finds that both Meredith’s rowing colleagues and her ex-husband might have had good reason to want her dead. But when an attempt is made on the life of one of the search and rescue team members who found Meredith’s body, Kincaid realizes the case may be more complex and more dangerous than he believed. It is Gemma, however, who discovers that Meredith’s murder may be connected to enemies within the heart of the Met itself, and together Duncan and Gemma must endanger their careers and their lives to bring the killer to justice.

The Book Thing

Laura Lippman - 2012
    It’s bright, cozy, and packed with the kinds of books that she is dying for her daughter to fall in love with. But no matter how badly she wants to support this adorable local business, the owner’s attitude stops her in her tracks. What kind of children’s bookseller hates children? What’s eating Octavia, the grouchy owner, is more than the pressures of running a small business. Each Saturday, someone steals a stack of her priciest, most beautiful children’s books, and the expense threatens to force her fledgling store out of business. Luckily, Tess is more than a book lover—she’s a private investigator who doesn’t mind working pro bono to help out an independent bookshop. Her simple act of kindness will make Octavia smile for the first time in months—and uncover a crime more suitable for the mystery aisle than the children’s section.

The Mysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1982
    Further adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

Snow Blind (A Joe Gunther Short Mystery)

Archer Mayor - 2012
    A classic Vermont snowstorm, a confused young man, and of course, a crime.

The Boat House

Mark Sennen - 2014
    A reclusive old man. A body.DI Charlotte Savage’s first ever case as a detective.AN 11-PAGE SHORT STORY, INCLUDING AN EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT OF TELL TALE.

The Runaway Train

M.W. Griffith - 2014
    When another child vanishes into the creeping fog around a bus station, Kathryn and her partner, Selena Marrenger, embark on a mission to find the truth behind the disappearances. What they uncover is a hidden secret far more sinister than they could have imagined.As suspects begin to pile up, Selena is forced to leave the case for the FBI. Alone, and desperate for answers, can Kathryn find who's responsible before it's too late?

The Agatha Christie Hour

Agatha Christie - 1982
    - The fourth man- The case of the discontented soldier- The red signal- The girl in the train- Magnolia blossom- Jane in search of a job- In a glass darkly- The case of the middle-aged wife- The mystery of the blue jar- The manhood of Edward Robinson

Into the Shadows

Shirley Wells - 2007
    According to DCI Max Trentham, Jill’s ex-colleague and ex-lover, the case if pretty cut and dried — Alice’s son was found standing over her body with the murder weapon in his hand. But he won’t talk.And that’s not all. Someone is intent on reminding Jill that she made a mistake in the Rodney Hill case. Is it a malicious joke, or is there a more deadly agenda? It begins to look as if real killer — the man who should have stood in Rodney Hill’s shoes, the man still terrorizing the Lancashire Pennines — is stalking her. And that is a truly terrifying thought.

Capital Murder

Rick Murcer - 2011
    Her partner, Manny Williams, had joined the FBI, and she was on her own with one of the most unusual murders in Michigan history.Michigan State Senator, Simon Young, had been found brutally mutilated in his office and no one had seen a thing, until the senator’s wife appeared at the murderscene covered in blood, denying her guilt. Was it all a lie or were there other forces at work? The deeper Sophie digs, the more the facts unravel into the realm of the improbable.Can she solve the puzzle before it’s too late? Find out.Rick Murcer is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author with the critically acclaimed Caribbean Moon series featuring Manny Williams and Sophie Lee.

Bury in Haste

Jean Rowden - 2007