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Mister Miracle (2017) #1

Tom King - 2017
      Scott Free is the greatest escape artist that ever lived. So great that he escaped Granny Goodness’ gruesome orphanage and the dangers of Apokolips to travel across galaxies and set up a new life on Earth with his wife, the former female fury known as Big Barda. Using the stage alter ego of Mister Miracle, he has made a career for himself showing off his acrobatic escape techniques. He even caught the attention of the Justice League, which counted him among its ranks.  You might say Scott Free has why isn’t it enough? Mister Miracle has mastered every illusion, achieved every stunt, pulled off every trick-except one. He has never escaped death. Is it even possible? Our hero is going to have to kill himself if he wants to find out.  Written by Tom King (BATMAN) and illustrated by Mitch Gerads (The Punisher), this is a MISTER MIRACLE unlike any you’ve read before.

Super Sons, Volume 1: When I Grow Up

Peter J. Tomasi - 2017
    A part of DC Universe Rebirth!Superboy (aka Jonathan Kent) and Robin (aka Damian Wayne) make their super hero duo debut in this all-new series SUPER SONS, part of DC Rebirth.This debut series looks at the lives of Robin and Superboy and their destiny to follow in their fathers’ footsteps, while we meet a new villain whose ascension parallels the boys’ own understanding of their powers-except that he believes it’s his right to rule over every being on the planet!Collects SUPER SONS #1-5

Batman Annual #2

Tom King - 2017
    What was Bruce and Selina’s first date? How did this rivalry blossom into romance, and then go right back to being a rivalry again? Tom King reteams with his BATMAN/ELMER FUDD collaborator Lee Weeks to show us a little young love with capes and cowls. And a little crimefighting, too.

Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film

Sharon Gosling - 2017
    Wonder Woman: The Art & Making of the Film celebrates the creation of this groundbreaking movie, taking fans on a voyage of discovery through the world of Wonder Woman. Showcasing the earliest concept art, set and costume designs, sketches and storyboards, the book delves deep into the filmmaking process, from creating the stunning island of Themyscira to the war-torn trenches and towns of First World War Europe.This official companion explores the Amazons rigorous training regimens, their weaponry, armor, Themysciran culture, and the amazing women themselves. With exclusive insights from cast and crew, including director Patty Jenkins, production designer Aline Bonetto, and Diana herself, Gal Gadot, this volume is the ultimate guide to the past, present, and future of one of the most iconic heroes in the world Wonder Woman.WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements (c) and TM DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment. (s16)

Midnighter and Apollo

Steve Orlando - 2017
    Whether it's pirates in Los Angeles or demons in Opal City, Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Supergirl) continues the adventure and brings the fighting duo center stage! But when the duo are torn apart by a mysterious villian who sends Apollo to the underworld, Midnighter faces the gates of hell for his lover.Collecting: Midnighter and Apollo 1-6

Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Vol. 2

Greg Rucka - 2017
    2!The deadly Medusa comes calling, and Wonder Woman's world is turned completely upsidedown. After a terrible sacrifice, the Amazing Amazon must prove herself once again to her comrades in the JLA and to the world.Collects WONDER WOMAN #206-217.

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1

Tom King - 2017
    Welcome to Bat Season! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Tom King and artwork by Byron Vaughns.

Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III

Greg Rucka - 2017
    Williams III team up to show a new side of Gotham through the eyes of Batwoman. As one of the first openly gay superheroes in the DC Universe, Kate Kane has broken down boundaries since taking on the the beloved Bat mantle. Batwoman returns to the spotlight when a mysterious villain comes straight from the rabbit hole in BATWOMAN BY GREG RUCKA AND J.H. WILLIAMS III. Batwoman's crime-fighting nights in the city of Gotham are collected in BATWOMAN BY GREG RUCKA AND J.H. WILLIAMS III. Collects DETECTIVE COMICS #854-863.

Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 1: Rise of the Batmen

James Tynion IV - 2017
    From the new creative team of writer James Tynion (Batman/TMNT) and artist Eddy Barrows (Martian Manhunter), Detective Comics brings back the characters you know and love and thrusts them into dangerous, new adventures!Collecting: Detective Comics 934-940

Doomsday Clock #1: That Annihilated Place

Geoff Johns - 2017
    See the WATCHMEN characters and the DC Universe come together for the first time!

A Generation of Vipers

Clay Griffith - 2017
    TV show Arrow and concluding the first crossover between The Flash and Arrow novels! Continuing from the events of THE FLASH: THE HAUNTING OF BARRY ALLEN, team Arrow and team Flash seek to eliminate the bizarre energy that threatens to kill the Scarlet Speedster. Their quest takes them to Markovia, where they must get past an army of mercenaries and assassins to face the enigmatic Count Wallenstein.

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus

Jack Kirby - 2017
    These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far-flung twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggle for supremacy, and the world-conquering Darkseid adventured across Earth for the deadly Anti-Life Equation. Collects SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #133-139 and 141-148, THE NEW GODS #1-11, THE FOREVER PEOPLE #1-11, MISTER MIRACLE #1-18, plus later stories from NEW GODS #4 and DC GRAPHIC NOVEL #4.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Greg Rucka - 2017
    However, in the midst of her grief, her Lasso of Truth stopped working! Start down the rabbit hole as dark secrets from Wonder Woman's past unravel her present! Flashing back between Year One and the current day, Greg Rucka and illustrators Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott weave together an epic of the Amazon Warrior, the likes of which have never been seen! This new deluxe edition collects WONDER WOMAN #1-14 and the WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH one-shot.

Batman: The Red Death #1

Joshua Williamson - 2017
    As the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world! How can even the World’s Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures? Find out in these special tie-in issues!

Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years

Paul DiniDan Slott - 2017
    From her time as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the Joker’s psychiatrist, to her transformation into the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic, and always villainous Harley Quinn, celebrate twenty-five years with the most acclaimed writers and artists that have contributed to Harley’s raucous adventures!

Dark Days: The Forge #1

Scott SnyderJohn Romita Jr. - 2017
    DARKNESS COMES TO THE DC UNIVERSE WITH THE MYSTERY OF THE FORGE! Aquaman, The Flash and more of DC’s pantheon of heroes suspect Batman of hiding a dark secret that could threaten the very existence of the multiverse! It’s an epic that will span generations-but how does it connect to the origins of one of DC’s most legendary heroes? The great comics event of summer 2017 is about to begin courtesy of superstar writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion III and illustrated by a master class of comics artists: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr.! You do not want to miss this one!

Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1

Sam Humphries - 2017
    As the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world! How can even the World’s Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures?

Justice League: The Darkseid War Saga Omnibus

Geoff Johns - 2017
    Now the ruler of Apokolips returns, but sets his sights on the world-shattering Anti-Monitor. Will the combined might of the Justice League be enough to protect the Earth from the collateral damage as Gods fight? The NEW YORK TIMES best-selling series from Geoff Johns comes to its explosive conclusion here in this massive hardcover! Featuring art from comics industry all-stars including Jason Fabok, Francis Manapul and more--collects JUSTICE LEAGUE: SNEAK PEEK #1, JUSTICE LEAGUE #40-50, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR SPECIAL #1, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR one shots (Starring Superman, Lex Luthor, Flash, Shazam, Batman and Green Lantern).

Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 1

Chuck DixonJim Aparo - 2017
    But lurking at the end of this seemingly endless gauntlet is the deadliest menace of all--a mysterious man-mountain known as Bane! Will Bane break the Bat, or will the Dark Knight be able to save Gotham City from the newest reign of terror to hit its streets? For the first time ever, the entire Knightfall saga is collected in one massive hardcover volume. BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL OMNIBUS includes the best-selling story line from BATMAN #484-500, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #16-18, BATMAN: VENGEANCE OF BANE #1, DETECTIVE COMICS #654-666 and SHOWCASE '93 #7-8.

Young Justice, Book One

Peter DavidKarl Kesel - 2017
    Superboy. Impulse. Wonder Girl. Secret. Arrowette. United they form YOUNG JUSTICE. Witness the formation of the original team as mentors like Red Tornado and Nightwing guide the group!These teens must face foes like the Joker, Gorilla Grodd, Super-Cycle, Rip Roar and Bedlam and protect the world! With guest appearences from The Justice League and Captain Marvel!Collects issues YOUNG JUSTICE #1-7, YOUNG JUSTICE #1,000,000, JLA: WORLD WITHOUT GROWN-UPS #1-2, SECRET ORIGINS 80 PAGE GIANT #1, YOUNG JUSTICE: THE SECRET and YOUNG JUSTICE: SECRET FILES #1

52, Book 2

Geoff Johns - 2017
     DC s groundbreaking publication of the weekly comic 52 tells the story of a missing year in the DC Universe3/4in real time. The cataclysmic events of INFINITE CRISIS have left the world without its three biggest icons3/4Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Who will stand up in their absence? Now, in the second of two volumes, 52 is collected with bonus material after each chapter, including concept designs, page breakdowns, scripts, alternate story elements and more! Collects 52 #27-52."

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One

Enrico Marini - 2017
    The stakes are high, and for Batman, it’s personal!

Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus

Len Wein - 2017
    This hardcover edition features work from comics legends Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Nestor Redondo, Martin Pasko, Tom Yeates, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben and more! Deep in the bayous of Louisiana, far from civilization’s grasp, a shadowed creature seen only in fleeting glimpses roils the black waters…a twisted, vegetative mockery of a man…a SWAMP THING! One of the most acclaimed creations to emerge from the Bronze Age of Comics, this shambling, muck-encrusted figure swiftly became one of DC’s iconic characters, and his shocking stories are universally hailed as some of the finest tales of gothic horror in the history of American comics.  Collects THE HOUSE OF SECRETS #92, SWAMP THING #1-24, THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #1-19 and THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1.

Batman: Creature of the Night (2017-) #1

Kurt Busiek - 2017
    But as grief and rage builds inside Bruce until he feels he can’t keep it inside anymore, something strange starts taking wing in the Gotham night! Perhaps Bruce’s grief isn’t inside him after all?Modern masters Kurt Busiek and John Paul Leon unite for the spiritual companion to the beloved SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY, putting a new spin you’ve never seen before on the legend of Batman—and the dark emotions that drive him!

Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 1

Keith Giffen - 2017
    Can an unlikely new Justice League lineup work as a unit to stop terrorists at the U.N., the Royal Flush Gang, and other threats--or will they succumb to squabbling and bad jokes? Pairing humor with hard-hitting action and heartfelt emotion, Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, along with frequent illustrator Kevin Maguire, created one of the greatest iterations of the Justice League ever! This oversize omnibus graphic novel series collects their run in its entirety for the first time ever, beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL OMNIBUS VOL. 1! Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-6, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #7-25, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #26-30, JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE #1-6, and JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL #1-3.

DC Comics Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Warrior

Landry Q. Walker - 2017
    Packed with information on allies, enemies, locations, and much more, DC Comics: Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Warrior is a must-have book for fans of DC Comics, Wonder Woman comics and characters, and the Justice League of America."Keep Faith. Trust Love. Fight with Honor. But Fight to Win." Copyright (c) 2017 DC Comics. WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics. WB SHIELD: (TM) & (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17) Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston.

Dark Nights: Metal #1

Scott Snyder - 2017
    The superstar BATMAN team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reunite for a massive, universe-spanning event! DARK DAYS: THE FORGE and THE CASTING hinted at dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! Now, as DARK NIGHTS: METAL begins, the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger-and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe! DARK NIGHTS: METAL is a DC event unlike any other one that will push Batman, Superman and heroes of the Justice League beyond their limits to take on threats unlike any our world has ever seen! It will take the combined might of the World's Greatest Heroes as you've never seen them before to face what's coming their way!

Halloween ComicFest 2017 DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High Special Edition (2017) #1

Shea Fontana - 2017
    The students of Super Hero High go on a one-of-a-kind field trip that will allow them to learn about history up close and personal! After a time machine mishap, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl and company travel back in time! How will their adventures in the past affect their future?

Batman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Tom KingDeron Bennett - 2017
    The next great Batman story begins here! Collects BATMAN: REBIRTH #1, BATMAN #1-15.

Superman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Peter J. TomasiAlejandro Sanchez - 2017
    Tomasi brings you Superman, Volumes 1 & 2: Deluxe Edition! This collection features the first two paperback volumes of the series, combined to make a deluxe edition graphic novel in hardcover for the first time ever.Collecting: Superman 1-12, Rebirth

Batgirl: A Celebration of 50 Years

Gardner F. FoxDamion Scott - 2017
    And ever since, the butt-kicking hero has been a vital part of Batman's team and a role model for girls everywhere, squaring off against mobsters, assassins, super-villains and more. Though many young women have worn the cowl--from unassuming librarian Barbara Gordon to deadly mute assassin Cassandra Cain to teen vigilante Stephanie Brown--all have made their distinct mark on the DC Universe. Now BATGIRL: A CELEBRATION OF 50 YEARS collects all the greatest triumphs and most tragic moments of the many Batgirls in one volume, offering a crash course in the character, from Babs' first appearance by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino to her modern-day adventures by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Gail Simone and more.

Zatanna by Paul Dini

Paul Dini - 2017
    And unlike the parlor tricks peddled by other would-be Houdinis around town, Zatanna’s magic is no illusion. It’s real. The dazzling Mistress of Magic can warp reality with just a few backwards words. But the supernatural is powerful…and in the wrong hands, it’s deadly. So when mystical menaces start causing trouble, Zee steps in to stop them—from the evil sorcerer Brother Night to possessed puppets to nightmare demons. But things get complicated fast when the foe is the ghost of someone she loves!Emmy award-winning writer Paul Dini's complete collection of ZATANNA stories are here in one graphic novel! The acclaimed creator of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES has long had a history with the premier magician of the DC Universe, penning best-selling stories for the past two decades featuring Zatanna Zatara. Illustrated by some of the greatest artists in the industry, including Joe Quinones, Stephane Roux and more.ZATANNA BY PAUL DINI is a must-own for any superhero fan! Collects ZATANNA #1-16, ZATANNA: EVERYDAY MAGIC.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #86

Paul Kupperberg - 2017
    But will their hijinks distract them from solving an even greater mystery?

Absolute Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang, Vol. 1

Brian Azzarello - 2017
    The only one more shocked than Diana by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hera-so why is her sinister daughter, Strife, so eager for the truth to be told? This Absolute edition collects WONDER WOMAN #1-18 and #0.

Jack Kirby's Kamandi Omnibus

Jack Kirby - 2017
    From one of comics' legendary creators, Jack Kirby's Kamandi faces danger from a giant, monstrous crab creature and an intelligent killer whale, and is hunted by the Sacker Company as a valuable intelligent human. In what is considered the series' greatest tale, Kamandi is forced to compete with the leader of a gorilla clan for the ultimate prize: Superman's costume!Collecting: Jack Kirby's Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth 1-40

Midnighter and Apollo (2016-) #4

Steve Orlando - 2017
    Apollo’s in Hell, and the only weapon that can kill his captor has been destroyed! Does Midnighter have a plan? Why are you even asking that question?

Midnighter and Apollo (2016-) #6

Steve Orlando - 2017
    Midnighter always knew it wouldn’t be easy to fight his way out of Hell…but did he ever consider that it might be impossible? Even with Apollo’s strength by his side, some wars just can’t be won…is this never-ending battle finally over?

Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 2

George PérezBarb Rausch - 2017
    More than four decades after making her debut in ALL STAR COMICS #8, the World's Greatest Heroine was comprehensively reimagined in 1986 by legendary comics creator George Perez--and this new incarnation of DC Comics' fabled Amazon Princess quickly rose to unprecedented levels of popular and critical acclaim.Working with such talented collaborators as Len Wein, Mindy Newell, Chris Marrinan, Jill Thompson and Tom Grummett, Perez went on to craft Wonder Woman's adventures for years, spinning masterful stories that ranged from heart-stopping battles with the Titans of myth to heartwarming interludes with Diana's trusted network of friends.Now, for the first time, these treasured tales from the 1980s are available in a comprehensive omnibus edition, featuring some of the most exciting moments of DC's Modern Age!This second volume of the deluxe hardcover series collects issues #25-45 of the historic title together with WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #2, and features a special bonus gallery of archival art and information.

Batgirl: Stephanie Brown, Volume 1

Bryan Q. Miller - 2017
    Miller's critically acclaimed run takes Stephanie Brown a.k.a. former Robin, a.k.a. Spoiler, to new heights as Batgirl!Battling both inner and external demons, Stephanie must learn to balance school and crime-fighting or face the wrath of Barbara Gordon! With guest appearences from Batman and Robin and villains like Man-Bat and Clayface, Batgirl must step up to the mantle!Batgirl must battle the Calculator and stop his plan to unleash a nanovirus upon the citizens of Gotham City that will turn them into mindless techno-zombies, enter the FLOOD!Collecting: Batgirl 1-12

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #82

Giacomo Briglio - 2017
    will need to trade in the Mystery Machine for a big rig and hit the road. With a truckload of Scooby Snacks at stake, will Scooby flee from the Terror, or just eat faster?

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, Volume 1

Gerard Jones - 2017
    When Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, crash-landed on Earth, he knew it was time to pass the emerald mantle to a deserving human. After quickly studying billions of people, the ring selected test pilot Hal Jordan, who was busy making a mess of his life. Now gifted with an incredible trust, Jordan needs a crash course in both using the ring and what it means to be a Green Lantern. And he had better learn fast. Legion, the alien marauder who has already killed four Green Lanterns, has arrived on Earth to hunt down his fifth. Witness the beginning of Hal Jordan's heroic career post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, with legendary comics creators Gerard Jones, Keith Giffen, M.D. Bright and Romeo Tanghal, in GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN: HAL JORDAN VOL. 1, collecting GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN #1-6 and GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN II #1-6 for the first time in chronological order.

Grayson: The Superspy Omnibus

Tim Seeley - 2017
    As Robin, he was supposed to take up Batman's mantle. As Nightwing he broke the mold and became a hero all his own. As a dead man he was supposed to do nothing. But now he's something different. This oversize omnibus collects GRAYSON #1-20, SECRET ORIGINS #8, GRAYSON ANNUAL #1-3, GRAYSON: FUTURE'S END #1, ROBIN WAR #1-2.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #77

Ivan Cohen - 2017
    Scooby, Shaggy and the gang are checking out the excitement at a big surfing contest, but one thing they weren’t expecting to find was pirates! Fred and Daphne suit up to help uncover the culprit, but will they solve the mystery before they all have to walk the plank?

Batgirl Annual #1

Hope Larson - 2017
    Batgirl and Supergirl must team up to break into Arkham Asylum! In this all-new Rebirth annual Batgirl must seek Supergirl’s help to solve a mystery that leads them to the heart of the most insane insane asylum there is! But what they discover—and who they discover—in Arkham will lead to a much, much bigger story!

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #84

Jymn Magon - 2017
    Medieval theme restaurant Joust in Thyme has it all: minstrels wandering between tables, live jousting tournaments…and the terrifying ghost of an 800-year-old knight! There’s only one way Sir Scooby and Sir Shaggy can uncover the face beneath the mysterious knight’s helmet: by raising swords and lances to take on the ghost in a tournament themselves!

Future Quest, Vol. 2

Jeff Parker - 2017
    How can we survive when other more advanced worlds have fallen? Robots, monsters, kids and mad scientists are the only hope for the future! Collects FUTURE QUEST #7-12.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #85

Derek Fridolfs - 2017
    is threatened by a ghoulish gator. Can they stop this croc from creeping the course, or will they be handicapped with fear?

Justice League of America: The Ray Rebirth #1

Steve Orlando - 2017
    SUICIDE SQUAD! Locked indoors, raised in the dark and told his medical condition could be fatal to himself and anyone he meets, Ray Terrill is dangerous. A freak. Broken. Or is he…? Witness the amazing power of realizing your true self and stepping into the light in this moving rebirth of a long-lost hero for a new generation.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #80

Derek Fridolfs - 2017
    capture this clean fiend or will they find themselves all washed up?

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #56

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    When monstrous rumors bring the Weirdness Wagon to town, will they find a fearsome beast, or another real-estate developer gone bad?

The Kamandi Challenge, Chapter 1

Dan Abnett - 2017
    Each issue will end with an unimaginable cliffhanger, and it’s up to the next creative team to resolve it before creating their own. It’s a challenge worthy of “The King” himself! In this premiere issue, the Last Boy on Earth is dragged from his safe haven by a group of tigers, only to face the nightmarish threat of the ultimate weapon!

Midnighter and Apollo (2016-) #5

Steve Orlando - 2017
    Midnighter always knew that one day he would have to face the Devil himself to answer for all the people he’s killed here on Earth…and that day is today! It’s a bare-knuckle brawl between Midnighter and Neron for the soul of Apollo!

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #54

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    If the curse on Plastic Man's friend Woozy isn’t real, who’s behind the series of accidents that might guarantee that it comes true?

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #65

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    The Legion of Super Heroes’ clubhouse is haunted—and the only one who can crack the case is that “legendary ghost-hunter from history,” Scooby-Doo.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #81

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    to save the day. They’ll have to unravel the mystery, evict the hulking squatter and get the bridge up and running—hopefully before rush hour!

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #63

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    But Scooby and the gang know that “ghoul” things come in big packages!

Legionnaires Book One

Tom McCrawBrian Apthorp - 2017
    Bankrolled by their rich benefactor, the youths recruit an assortment of teenaged heroes from the many different worlds of the future and form the Legion of Super Heroes. Now acting as a patrol force of peace and justice, the adolescent adventurers protect the universe from all threats of evil and destruction. Written by Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL), Tom Peyer, and Tom McCraw, this classic series is finally re-collected in this new graphic novel series. Collects LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #0 and #62-68 and LEGIONNAIRES #0 and #19-24

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #79

Ivan Cohen - 2017
    After arriving at the cryptic castle they find themselves part of a magician’s hot new act—and terrorized by a mysterious vampire! Will they be able to solve this trick before it’s too late?

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #66

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    It’s all up to Scooby and the gang when the 31st Century heroes whisk them back to the future to the to solve the mystery of “The Ghost of Ferro Lad!”

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #88

Derek Fridolfs - 2017
    But the scary Slimmer Man that haunts the lot will do anything to make sure that for this sale to happen, everything must go…away! If you scream it, you drive it. Quality ghouls guaranteed.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #55

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    But meeting Jonah Hex wasn't on anyone's to-do list!

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #78

Derek Fridolfs - 2017
    Sci-fi turns into sci-fright! Outer space camp goes scary when an angry alien tries to stop Fred and the gang from becoming astronauts, but this Unidentified Freaky Object may prove that in space (camp) someone can hear you scream!

Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Omnibus

Arnold Drake - 2017
    Together, the trio would take on bizarre menaces including General Immortus, the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and the Brotherhood of Evil!Collects MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80-85, THE DOOM PATROL #86-121 and THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #65.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) #87

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    But Scooby and the gang know that “ghoul” things come in big packages—and they’ll prove it when they join forces with the minuscule marvel to tackle a mad scientist’s giant monsters!

Dark Days: The Forge/The Casting Director's Cut #1

Scott Snyder - 2017
    This Director’s Cut includes never-before-published extras!

Titans Annual #1

Dan Abnett - 2017
    When Dick, Wally, Donna and Garth awaken in an unfamiliar place, they find themselves face-to-face with their mentors: Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman! Allied together against a common foe, the mentors and protégés must race against the clock to unlock the secret of their current predicament and save the planet from an alien invasion!

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-) #59

Sholly Fisch - 2017
    and the Challengers of the Unknown both show up at the scene of a monstrous mystery!

Adam Strange: The Silver Age Omnibus

Gardner F. Fox - 2017
    Debuting in 1958 in the pages of DC Comics' SHOWCASE, Adam Strange was an archaeologist working in South America when he was whisked away by a Zeta Beam to the futuristic planet Rann, which circled the star Alpha Centauri.There, the displaced Earthman met and fell in love with the beautiful Alanna and kicked off a series of intergalactic adventures that bounced him back and forth on the Zeta Beam like a yo-yo, alternating between his normal life on Earth and defending Rann from a seemingly endless barrage of weird threats and invaders.ADAM STRANGE: THE SILVER AGE OMNIBUS collects the galaxy-spanning adventures of Adam Strange, first published in SHOWCASE #17-19, MYSTERY IN SPACE #53-100 and 102, and STRANGE ADVENTURES #157, 217, 218, 220, 221, 222, 224, 226, 235 and 241-243.

Lego(r) DC Comics Super Heroes the Awesome Guide

D.K. Publishing - 2017
    Gasp at the amazing superpowers and learn all about their incredible collections of gadgets and vehicles.Who will win the fight between good and evil?It's time to find out!All DC characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics. (s17)LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. (c)2017 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. Produced by DK Publishing under license from the LEGO Group.

Justice League: The Ultimate Guide

Landry Q. Walker - 2017
    A must-have for fans, this book showcases major in-world events in the Justice League's pulsating story, spanning nearly 60 years of comic book history, and is packed with info on the team's allies, enemies, bases, origins, and more. Includes artwork from the first Justice League comic book in March 1960 to the crucial Rebirth issues and beyond. The stunning design contains lots of in-world information, including in-depth profiles of characters, key comic book issues, and special features on the Justice League's greatest adventures.Copyright (c) 2017 DC Comics. All related characters and elements are trademarks of and (c) DC Comics. (s17)

Nightwing: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

Tim Seeley - 2017
    Heroism is his one true calling. To heed that call, he's worn many faces. He was the first Robin and a replacement Batman, a superspy and a dead man walking. But the greatest of the masks he's worn into battle against evil is the one he created himself--the one he's just won a hard-fought battle to take back.He's Nightwing. And he's returned to reclaim the streets of the cities he loves.From Gotham City to his adopted home of Bludhaven, Nightwing is taking the war on crime personally--and he's taking it right to the enemy. The all-powerful Court of Owls and their rogue agent Raptor. The old foes out for his blood and the new serial killer framing him for crimes he didn't commit. Even his mentor, the Dark Knight, and his longtime love interest Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, won't stand in his way.Now more than ever, the night belongs to Nightwing!Discover the start of an all-new saga in the life of one of comics' greatest heroes in NIGHTWING: THE REBIRTH DELUXE EDITION BOOK ONE, from the creative team of Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez, Marcus To and Chris Sotomayor--exploding from the pages of the blockbuster DC: UNIVERSE REBIRTH event! Collects NIGHTWING: REBIRTH #1 and NIGHTWING #1-15.

Justice League of America: Killer Frost Rebirth #1

Steve Orlando - 2017
    SUICIDE SQUAD! What happens to a super-villain on their last day in Belle Reve Prison? Against all odds, Killer Frost is up for parole from the Suicide Squad, but you can bet Amanda Waller isn’t going to make it easy for Frost to join the new JLA.

Batman: The Court of Owls

Scott Snyder - 2017

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1: Sinestro's Law

Robert Venditti - 2017
    Jordan's long, illustrious--and tumultuous--tenure with the Corps takes several hairpin turns. At lightspeed. Toward a black hole. In a blender!For starters, the Green Lantern Corps has disappeared, and now Sinestro's own Corps enforces his uniquely brutal brand of law and order in the universe. As a result, Jordan has no ring to sling, or Sector 2814 (a.k.a. Earth) to protect. (So more of the usual for Hal!) Green Lantern veteran Robert Venditti teams up with Rafa Sandoval and Ethan Van Sciver to pilot Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1: Sinestro's Law!Collecting: Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps 1-7, Rebirth

Batgirl: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1

Various - 2017
    1!Batgirl started her vigilante career when mild-mannered librarian Barbara Gordon, daughter of famed police commissioner Jim Gordon, attended a costume party gone awry. It wasn't long before the teenage genius crime-fighter became a regular feature of Batman's world and an icon to generations of young readers.Beginning with the million-dollar debut of Barbara Gordon in 1967, BATGIRL: THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS VOL. 1 collects Batgirl features from DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN and BATMAN FAMILY through the mid-1970s and features writers and artists Frank Robbins, Elliot S. Maggin, Don Heck, Mike Grell, Carmine Infantino, Gardner Fox, Gil Kane, Bob Rozakis and more. Collects DETECTIVE COMICS #359, #363, #369, #371, #384, #385, #388, #389, #392, #393, #396, #397, #400, #401, #404-424; BATMAN #197; and BATMAN FAMILY #1, #3-7, #9-11. The story of one the greatest comics characters of all time begins here!

Batman & Robin Adventures Vol. 2

Paul Dini - 2017
    The dynamic duo takes on the likes of Joker, Harley Quinn, Phantasm, Two-Face, Bane, Scarecrow, Catwoman and more as the streets of Gotham get darker and wilder.BATMAN & ROBIN ADVENTURES VOL. 2 collects issues #11-18 and Annual #1, featuring the animated stories inspired by the television series and written by series creator Paul Dini (BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, BATMAN ADVENTURES: MAD LOVE) along with Ty Templeton (BATMAN '66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET), Brandon Kruse (The Tick) and Rick Burchett (ALL-NEW BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD) and others.

Harley Quinn: A Rogue's Gallery - The Deluxe Cover Art Collection

Amanda Conner - 2017
     As the headliner of her own long-running series and a regular star of both SUICIDE SQUAD and DC COMICS: BOMBSHELLS, Harley Quinn is DC Comics’ most in-demand cover girl.  Beyond regular monthly appearances on her own series covers and variants, she’s also been front and center on too many miniseries and one-shot specials to count and has twice taken over the other books in the DC Universe with special variant cover-month events.  From these hundreds of unforgettable cover scenes, this volume brings you a curated collection of Harley Quinn’s best, most memorable cover art, drawn by dozens of the industry’s top talents!

Ultimate Sticker Collection: DC Comics Wonder Woman

D.K. Publishing - 2017

Wonder Woman: Warrior for Justice! (DK Readers L3)

Liz Marsham - 2017
    Discover her amazing superpowers, read about her dangerous enemies, and meet brave allies, including the Justice League.Perfect for 7-9 year olds starting to read alone, Level 3 titles include in-depth information presented through more complex sentence structure with increasing amount of text to expand the reader's general knowledge and confidence in reading. Additional information spreads are full of extra facts, developing the topics through a range of nonfiction presentation styles, such as fliers, instructions, and record-breaker statistics.Copyright (c) 2017 DC Comics. WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics. WB SHIELD: (TM) & (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17) Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston.

Batman: Detective Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

James Tynion IV - 2017
    he first two volumes of the smash-hit series are now available in one deluxe hardcover in BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS: THE REBIRTH COLLECTION DELUXE BOOK 1! Batman and series co-star, and fan-favorite hero, Batwoman join forces to train new and familiar recruits in the fight to keep Gotham safe from an army of mysterious foes! Collects BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS issues #934-949.