Dark Magic by Christine Feehan l Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.

Wild Blood

Samantha Wolfe - 2018
    So it seems like a good idea when she hastily accepts one at a seedy dive bar she finds along the side of the road. Especially when she ends up meeting an unbelievably gorgeous man who arrests her attention and inflames her desire like never before. But when two terrifying men start an equally terrifying bar brawl in an attempt to kidnap her, she realizes she made a horrible mistake. Her first night on the job becomes an incomprehensible nightmare that threatens her life and her sanity, and has her questioning everything she knows. Emmett Weylin isn’t human. He and his family are part of a pack of werewolves living in secret in the tiny town of Wolcott. Drawing undue attention to himself is the last thing he can afford, so hitting a shady bar outside of town with a questionable reputation is a necessary evil when he needs to scratch an occasional itch. He never expected to find his mate and the love if his life there. And when he sees her, both the wolf and the man inside him instantly take notice. Wanting. Needing. Coveting. But when two evil and inhuman abominations show up to take her away from him, can he keep her safe long enough to do something about it? Or will the shocking truth about what he really is, and what they are to each other, scare her off before he even has a chance?

Witch & Wolf: The Complete Series

R.J. Blain - 2018
    These are their stories.  Inquisitor When Allison is asked to play Cinderella-turned-Fianceé at a Halloween ball, the last thing she expected was to be accused of murder. She has to find the killer or she'll be put to death for the crimes she didn't commit. To make matters worse, the victims are all werewolves.  On the short list of potential victims, Allison has to act fast, or the killer will have one more body to add to his little black book of corpses. Winter Wolf When Nicole dabbled in the occult, she lost it all: Her voice, her family, and her name. Now on the run from the Inquisition, she must prove to herself — and the world — that not all wizards are too dangerous to let live. Blood Diamond The world is full of corpses, and Jackson knows them by name. When a group strives to destroy the Inquisition, his powers may be all standing between the supernaturals and extinction.  Silver Bullet Finished with being a victim, Vicky will do everything in her power to put an end to Basin once and for all, even if it means she must make the ultimate sacrifice and bite a silver bullet for the sake of her family, her friends, and the rest of the supernatural world. This collection also contains Tales of the Winter Wolf Vol. Six.

First Forest (Stand Alone Tales Book 12)

Viola Grace - 2020
    Once she left, she must wait for an invitation to return. Finally, her mother needs her to return to gain the permission of the elders for her sister’s wedding to a local young man. Abiha is on the next transport home.She changes into the traditional garb that is all that is ever worn in the village, leaves all her tech behind, and after a security check, she enters the walled forest and inhales the scent of home.Her mother is as cold as she remembers, and her sister is as charming and loving. Once she drops her things at her family’s house, she goes to the temple to greet the spirit of the first forest, formally asks the elders in the village for permission, and hears the forest spirit agreeing to the union on one condition. She has to agree to him.Kiloh has watched the village for generations, watching and waiting for the genes to create someone compatible with his energies. When Abiha returns, his wait is over.

Auctioned To The Werewolf Princes

Daniella Wright - 2019
    Sorry.""There's something we have to do first." He wrapped his hand around my forearm, but I pulled away from his grip. "I can walk on my own," I barked. He opened the first door in the hallway and let me go ahead of him. There was a big, comfy-looking bed, with a blond wood frame and two blond wood bedside tables to match. "There are clothes in the closet." He walked in and pointed to the white door in the corner. "Now, come over here." I took my time approaching him.I wasn't sure what he meant when he said there was something they had to do first."You are not going to like this..." "But I'm going to have to insist you put this on." NO WAY...This is a stand-alone novel with a HEA. 18+ only!

A shifter Under the Christmas Tree - Winter Romance Series - Book One: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

M.L. Briers - 2019
    All she’d wanted to do was stop for Christmas, and yet, fate had given her more than she’d bargained for under the Christmas tree this year. Max was everything that she didn’t know she wanted, but she couldn’t stay and let her troubles catch up to her, and didn’t want to leave him behind. Kaylee had more than just herself to think about; there was Jackson too. He was the reason that she’d had to leave, and she had to put him ahead of her happiness. Max couldn’t let her go, could he? He had a witch for a mate, and not everyone was happy about it, but he didn’t care what they thought. With a snowstorm brewing, trouble knocking at the door, and a pesky vampire lurking, things didn’t always go to plan, but fate always won out in the end, didn’t it? Love, laugh and join the clan this Holiday season with a romantic comedy that’ll warm your heart.

The Vampire's Rules (Vampire Guardians Book 5)

Jody Offen - 2016
    No unauthorized teleporting. 2. If a human can’t do it – a human shouldn’t see it. 3. Clothing check at the door. You have allure. It can get you killed. Know it. Learn it. Wear it. 4. No roller blading in the house. 5. We have excellent hearing. The music doesn’t have to be loud enough to rattle the windows. 6. We are not allowed to own a blood bitch. 7. Don’t discuss our strengths or abilities as a supernatural in front of humans. 8. Dare can and will stake our asses to the door and use us as a knocker if we break his rules, just ask Cole. 9. There really is a dungeon. Think about that if you are ever threatened with it. 10. No question is stupid, even if I tell you it is. Do as you’re told, follow my rules, toe-the-line and I won’t have to kill you. Signed: DARE

The Witch's Mind: (A Cozy Witch Mystery) (One Part Witch Book 9)

Iris Kincaid - 2018
     The latest transplant witch has long been surrounded by extraordinary people with extraordinary abilities. Which can prove a jarring contrast to her own very ordinary life. In fact, it’s only by living vicariously through others that her life has had any excitement or meaning. But now it’s time for her to take center stage. From the other side of the grave, Lilith has been waiting long and impatiently for this moment. Finally, one of her transplant heirs has the ability to see the dead. To speak to the dead. But who will this young woman be to Lilith – protégé , ally, or puppet? This is one meeting of the minds that you won’t want to miss. ALL REVIEWS GREATLY APPRECIATED, BUT THIS BEING THE SERIES FINALE, PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!! If you could avoid any reference to the circumstances of Lilith Hazelwood's death, then it will allow everyone to enjoy the surprise. Thank you.

Seduction (Fated Souls Book 3)

Elle Lincoln - 2020


Laura Wylde - 2019
     I dug a hole. A deep hole. Now I’m being targeted by a gang of ruthless harpies who are power-hungry, dangerous and wreaking havoc on NYC. When I met Sergeant Daniel Richards, he reveals a side of the city I never could have imagined existed - including the three other stunningly HOT protectors who stand by my side: Lenny: The rebel who wears his heart on his sleeve. Jack: Two words: Champagne and Chopin. Jamie: The type of person who behaved as though he has always known you. Social. Relaxed. They’re a very special unit of Phoenix shape-shifters and their responsibility is to keep the balance between Earth and the nether-world. Unfortunately, things couldn’t be further from.... The closer I get to my protectors, the more drawn to them I become. But now’s not the time to be thinking about that while the whole city goes to hell…. is it? A steamy shifter romance that will bring your body temperature up a notch and leave you wanting more.

Save Me (Shifting Allegiance, #1)

Imani L. Hawkins - 2020
    . . from my family. That’s what happens when your father is a murderous asshole. My mother was a mobster's daughter until he killed her and my grandfather, before pinning their deaths on me. Alone in a small town away from everyone I've ever known, I don’t exactly have many friends. Until I met them. Three devastatingly sexy werewolves caught me stealing from their store And instead of killing me, took me in. Now my brother’s caught in my father’s crosshairs, and he’s the only family I care about. I have to go back. Take down the club.Take down my father. And save my brother. But I’m not doing it alone.

Fated (Mystic Academy)

Ednah Walters - 2017
    She thinks it's the reason for the tragic accident that killed her parents when she was a child and has become an expert at hiding her gift from the world by age eighteen.  That is, until a soul reaper from Hel walks into her life.   From the moment they meet, Syn Shabaka pushes Lana's buttons. He is the first person she's ever met who is immune to her gift, and the first person to offer her a way to be with other gifted people like her. The offer tempts her, but fear that he will discover the truth about her adopted family keeps her from accepting.  Lana has already lost one set of parents, and she refuses to lose another. As sparks fly between the pair, Lana must decide what is important, keeping her family safe or finding her happiness.

Zerconian Warrior Series

Sadie Carter - 2016
    She never dreamed that relief would come in the form of a seven-foot tall, sexy alien. One who claimed she belonged to him. Delusional. Except, there was something pulling her to him… a deep, hot attraction she couldn’t deny. Dexanon Xa’a always thought his mate would be a sweet, obedient female. Instead, he was given a maddening, outspoken, outrageous female who didn’t comprehend the honor that had been bestowed on her. Dex might have a rockin’ body, but his ideas about women needed a total overhaul. And she was just the woman to do it. Alien Lover Being newly mated to an arrogant, bossy alien can certainly be trying at times. Luckily for Zoey, Dex also happens to the sexiest thing on two legs she’s ever met. He’s loyal, protective and boy, the things that alien can do with his hands, his mouth, his tongue… well, you get the idea. They should have been on their way to Zerconia in blissful happiness, to celebrate their mating. But somehow, things never seem to go to plan. Some of Dex’s warriors have gone missing. While he attempts to track them down, Zoey is busy just trying to keep herself out of trouble. Easier than it sounds. And really, she isn’t trying that hard. Alien Mate With all the drama and trouble behind her, Zoey is looking forward to arriving on Zerconia and settling down into a normal life as Dex’s mate. Normal? What was she thinking? There is nothing normal about being mated to a sinfully sexy, often times arrogant and overprotective Zerconian warrior. But then normal is overrated, right? Trouble follows Zoey to Zerconia, threatening her very life. But that pales in comparison to her biggest challenge yet… Her mother-in-law.

The King of Hearts (The Dark Kings Book 9)

Jovee Winters - 2020
    but you're wrong.The day Aphrodite learned of her pregnancy she received a prophecy from the Three Fates, that she would lose the love of her offspring to another. A woman. A mortal woman at that. Determined that that fate will never befall her Aphrodite will stop at nothing to make certain she ruins any chance of happiness for that vile human. There's only one problem, she's not quite sure yet who that woman is. But it's only a matter of time before she discovers her.Eros. The most beautiful winged male in all of Olympus. Loyal. Brave. And dim. At least that's how all of Olympus sees him. A mindless puppet who serves his mother's every whim, no questions asked. But that's not how Eros views himself. He believes that love is loving despite someone's flaws. And that if his mother demands something of him he must faithfully execute her wishes. But lately, his mother's behavior has grown increasingly wild and erratic. Her demands of him are beginning to make him uneasy. She's gotten colder through the years, crueler even. And now her sights are set on a princess from the land of men. She tells Eros to go and curse the female. And though he goes, this time her demands of him do not sit well in his gut. But when he finally spies the woman, he begins to question all that he believed. And starts to wonder if maybe there is more to his mother's madness than he knew.There is one on Olympus determined to thwart Aphrodite's efforts. He works in shadows and few could ever imagine just what a formidable foe he can be when he sets his mind to it. But he knows something about the mortal princess that no one else upon Olympus does. Psyche must be saved at all costs. Her fate is far greater than any of them could imagine...

First Fae-Bear Baby

Charlie Hart - 2019
    But I never was a rule follower. When I see a crazy-pants ad on a DF Forum from a supposed bear pack, looking for a woman to breed, I’m curious. And more than a little aroused. It’s not long before I find myself on the doorstep of a cabin with three burly men ready to claim me. It’s all fun and games until they shift. Then sh*t gets real. Turns out my mother warned me for a reason. I’m more than a rule-breaker - I’m a freaking Fairy Queen. Welcome to Diablo Falls, where the world of the supernatural is out in the open, and where fangs, fur, and magic are the norm. Join the authors of Bite Club and meet those who are experiencing paranormal firsts in our growly, filthy collection of thirteen steamy “First Time” short stories. Because we all know... you never forget your first.