Crossing the Line

Meghan Rogers - 2016
    When her agency sends her to the U.S. to infiltrate the very group her parents once worked for, Jocelyn jumps at the chance to turn double agent and finish off her kidnappers once and for all. She convinces the head of the American spy agency to trust her, but it’s not quite as simple as that: Jocelyn has to fight the withdrawal symptoms from the drug that the North Koreans used to keep her in line, and her new fellow spies refuse to trust their former adversary. Worst of all, there might be some new information to uncover about her parents - if she even wants to find out.This action-packed spy thriller is part Gallagher Girls, part Alex Rider, and part Bourne Identity.

Gates of Hades

Gregg Loomis - 2007
    Jason Peters is an operative for Narcom, a private organization that handles missions too politically risky for US intelligence agencies.  When he gains possession of a laptop linked to unexplained murders, his trail will lead him around the world, to ancient ruins in Sicily and Greece, and a plot by eco-terrorists to assassinate the president of the US.

The Windchime Legacy

A.W. Mykel - 1980
    Mykel came out of nowhere with this brilliantly inventive espionage thriller. It became an overnight, international bestseller...astonishing readers with its daringly imaginative plot, larger-than-life characters, and outstanding action...becoming one of the most entertaining and beloved spy novels of the century. American has a secret: our espionage operations are run by Sentinel, an intelligent super computer that communicates with spies through an implant in their brains that massively expands their intellectual capabilities. But the power comes with a price. The implants are also explosives that Sentinel can ignite at its whim. Now one of Sentinel's creators is defecting to Russia with plans to create a red Sentinel twin and must be stopped. Superspy Justin Chaple is assigned to the mission, pitting him against the KGB's top assassins and, as a shocking conspiracy is revealed, the all-knowing, explosive killer hiding in his own skull.

Trevanian: Four Complete Novels: The Eiger Sanction / The Loo Sanction / The Main / Shibumi

Trevanian - 1984
    As he weaves his tales of death and danger, of action and mystery, he generates an explosive edge-of-the-seat excitement that few writers can match.In The Eiger Sanction, Trevanian's highly acclaimed first novel, Jonathan Hemlock, mountain climber and professional assassin, is tricked into a most hazardous assignment that involves an attempt to conquer and scale one of the most treacherous mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps, the Eiger.Hemlock's highly skilled services are required in The Loo Sanction to recover a set of films incriminating high-ranking British officials. Drawn into a labyrinthine network of intrigue, he must attempt one of the most daring escapes ever conceived. In another masterful achievement in suspense, police lieutenant Claude LaPinte must solve a grotesque murder as he undertakes a strange journey through The Main, Montreal's dangerous immigrant district.In Shibumi, Nicholai Hel uses his nearly superhuman mental and physical prowess to destroy political terrorists. His wild series of globe-spanning adventures demonstrates why he is considered the world's most dangerous man.Rich and thoroughly entertaining, these four superbly written novels prove Trevanian to be one of the most compelling writers of suspense today.

Drop By Drop

Keith Raffel - 2011
    Casting about to find meaning in the ruins of his life, he accepts an offer to come to Washington , D.C. to work for the Senate Intelligence Committee. What Sam wants out of his stint in D.C. is revenge for the death of his wife. What he gets is danger and betrayal. Secret documents are showing up on his doorstep. Russians are trying to poison him. A renegade CIA asset is strewing nuclear materials up and down Interstate 95. Sam finds allies among a savvy Kentucky senator, a billionaire investment banker, his wife's old rabbi, and the president's national security advisor. Too often, he finds himself thrown together with his counterpart on the other side of the aisle, the whip-smart, six-footer Cecilia Plant. Mourning still for his wife, Sam steels himself against Cecilia's appeal and remains suspicious of her motives.

Whistler's Angel

John R. Maxim - 2001
    But so is Adam Whistler, who learned the killing craft well under the tutelage of his father. Now, with a ticking time bomb in his hands, Whistler has been cast into a maelstrom of death and chaos. His continued existence may well depend upon a group of retired assassins once linked to the legendary Paul Bannerman, as well as a special guardian angel. For his gentle and beautiful lover, Claudia -- who barely survived an assassination attempt by Aubrey's hired guns -- has returned to consciousness changed in extraordinary ways. And now she's much more than Whistler's soulmate -- she's a fellow soldier.

A Running Duck

Paula Gosling - 1978
    When the police investigate, Lieutenant Mike Malchek discerns the mark of Edison, a deadly assassin he's been tracking for years. Then Clare's fiance is killed in a second attempt on her life, and the cold, silent Malchek is assigned to protect her. This is the intriguing story of antagonists who fall in love under nerve-shattering circumstances. And just as Clare and Malchek begin to realize their passion for one another, Edison is after them again, full force.

The Hunting Trip

William E. Butterworth III - 2015
    Williams III is expelled from boarding school for committing a prank, and on the train home naturally wonders where his life will take him now. It never enters his mind that he will become a world-class marksman and a special agent of the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps in postwar Germany, play a key role in the defection of a Soviet officer and then court danger as a courier for the CIA, marry an Austrian ballet dancer of ferocious mien, become a renowned bestselling novelist, and meet the love of his life on a hunting trip to Scotland.Yet all of this, and a great deal more, awaits him, in a raucous series of adventures across Europe and the United States that will have readers laughing, cheering, and propulsively turning the pages to discover what happens next.

Devil's Keep

Phillip Finch - 2010
    Not Ray Favor. He killed with the ease of flipping a light switch. ONE SHOT AT REDEMPTION A decade ago, Ray Favor was a remorseless killer for the Black Ops cell Bravo One Nine. He did what he was hired to do out of patriotism and duty. Now, having amassed a fortune but deeply troubled by his past and suspicious of his own nature, Favor is motivated by something more: a chance to right the wrongs he committed and restore balance. He gets that chance deep in the Philippines, where the disappearance of two teenagers leads Favor and his Bravo team to confront an illegal operation by the Russian mob — and an evil so deplorable that it can only be righted by the means Favor once used to wreak destruction. Now, driven by a hungry sense of purpose, Ray Favor will seek retribution by any means necessary. And exact a violent justice without mercy — or regret.First in Phillip Finch's stunning new series, Devil's Keep is a suspense-packed international thriller introducing a powerful, complex, and memorable action hero.

Ripple Effect

L.T. Ryan - 2017
    Ryan's first novel in the Noble series told from Riley "Bear" Logan's point of view!One shot. One Kill. A simple plan. A simple operation.But it doesn't take much to throw off the assassination of a corrupt U.S. Senator in a foreign country. Not once the cartel gets involved.Can Riley "Bear" Logan and Jack Noble fight through the waves before a traitor gets to them first?The action is fast-paced and non-stop in this international thriller! Fans of Tom Clancy, Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, and Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne will enjoy this suspense filled Bear Logan & Jack Noble thriller.

The Secret Agent

Francine Mathews - 2002
    Restless, impatient, ruthless, and ambitious, Stefani Fogg's career and credibility is in ruins as she's lured on a deadly mission that leads her to a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a man they call the Silk King.

Choke Hold

Warren Murphy - 2007
    Pity poor tobacco tycoon Edgar Rawly.  Thanks to lawsuits, government meddling and the inexplicable deaths of many of his best customers, his megabucks industry is gasping its last breath.  That is, until the introduction of the Cheyenne Smooths, Rawly's latest product.  Not quite tobacco, not quite legal, more addictive than crystal meth.  Suddenly customers are once more beating a path to his door.  That's when the bodies start piling up.  Seems people are not only dying to taste the flavor of a Cheyenne Smooth, they're killing for it.  Enter Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and Chiun, the deadly Master of Sinanju.  They've been sent to kick some butt, but wind up in danger of being snuffed out themselves. Turns out Edgar Rawly is not the only shady character to recognize the value of the Cheyenne Smooths, and things really start to heat up when Remo bumps into a cult of ancient Chinese assassins, an Asian crime lord, and a worldwide addiction that just might send civilization up in smoke...and dump the Destroyer on the ash heap of history.


S.L. Pierce - 2011
    She walked away two years ago and had no plans to share her secret, least of all with her husband Jack. But when she is attacked in her own home by an unknown assailant, she is thrust back into her old element. More shocking to Gwen than the man hired to kill her, is that he knows nothing of her past. Now Gwen and Jack are on the run until Gwen can discover who wants her dead, and why! Secrets is a fun thriller delving into the world of developing super computer chips and industrial espionage!

Night of Error

Desmond Bagley - 1984
    It is on an expedition to a remote Pacific atoll that Mark dies - a natural death Mike is told.There was no love lost between the brothers. But the circumstances surrounding Mark's death were suspicious enough to force Mike to investigate - even without the series of violent attacks on him that followed.

Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon Novels 5-8

Daniel Silva - 2011
    This #1 New York Times bestselling series starring the Israeli spy and art restorer has earned multiple comparisons to John LeCarré, and puts its author “squarely atop the spy thriller heap” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).Prince of FireThe MessengerThe Secret ServantMoscow Rules