White Death

Robbie Morrison - 1998
    Millions were sent to their deaths in pointless battles. The Italian Front stretched along the borders of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empires, in treacherous mountain regions. In the last months of 1916, a private in the Italian Bersaglieri returns to his childhood home in the Trentino mountain range to find it no longer a place of adventure and wonder as it was in his youth, but a place of death and despair. Amongst the weapons of both armies, none is more feared than the White Death: thundering avalanches deliberately caused by cannon fire... which, like war itself, consume everything in their path...

G.I. Joe: Special Missions, Vol. 1

Larry Hama - 2010
    JOE's Special Missions, remastered, recolored, and collected for the very first time!Collects G.I. JOE: Special Missions #1-7.

In Danger's Hour

Douglas Reeman - 1988
    The Rob Roy. A tiny machine, just 230 feet from stem to stern. In peacetime she would have trawled for cod. Now her catch is deadlier by far. Lieutenant-Commander Ian Ransome is a veteran of the treacherous front line of naval combat. For three years, he's swept the explosive curtains of Nazi mines that shrouds the British Isles. Now, under sealed orders in the battle-tossed waters of the Mediterranean, he and his jack-tired crew face one final test of their courage and seamanship under fire. Their secret mission: to spearhead the Allies' desperate invasion of Italy.

Enemy Ace: War in Heaven

Garth Ennis - 2003
    Now it's World War II, and blood rains from the skies once again! Von Hammer, the finest pilot Germany has ever known, is now a 46-year-old man with plenty of enemies in the Nazi regime. This edition also includes a classic World War One Enemy Ace tale by creators Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert reprinted from STAR-SPANGLED WAR STORIES #139!

G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds

Max Brooks - 2010
    JOE and COBRA. "I'm a natural tracker, and it's got NOTHING to do with my heritage. For me tracking's not a gift, it's a curse." - SPIRIT "Some fight for God, some fight for country. I fight for cash, and don't you DARE judge me until you know why." - MAJOR BLUDD


John Stack - 2018
     Yet the trouble is not yet over. As mercenaries land in Carthage to claim payment for services rendered, they do not receive what they expect. Lacking a shared culture, structure and even language, this band of warriors has taken up residence in Carthage, and is becoming increasingly angry... Meanwhile, veteran Roman sailor and prefect Atticus Perennis is fighting pirates in the seas around Sicily. Perpetually an outsider, despite his Roman citizenship, due to his Greek heritage, Atticus is a fine warrior with more than one point to prove. He sails with his brother-in-law, Septimus, a Roman centurion of striking bravery and skill, and despite their grisly encounters with pirate crews, both long for some measure of peace after the wars with the Punici of Carthage. It is a vain hope. For among the pirates’ booty are Roman senators, who tell Atticus of the mercenary occupation of Carthage. Worse, the mercenaries have kidnapped the Roman proconsul to whom Atticus owes a particular debt of honour. And so, Atticus, Septimus and their crew sail for Carthage. Once there, Atticus is re-united with yet another acquaintance, Hamilcar Barca. As military commander of Carthage, Barca could do with some help. But the last person he wants help from is Atticus Perennis... Mutiny< is a meticulously rendered tale of politics and war in the Roman era, a tale that takes an unflinching look at the details of battle and occupation, and the compromises of allegiance. It will delight fans of Roman history, historical fiction and military fiction alike. John Stack was born and lives in County Cork. He is married with three children, and is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling Masters of the Sea series.

The Sixth Gun: Dust to Death

Cullen Bunn - 2015
    Then, we follow Billjohn O'Henry on a heartbreaking adventure to save his beloved daughter. From the House of Death to a Wild West Medicine Show, these yarns take aim on heretofore unexplored realms of The Sixth Gun!

'68, Volume 1: Better Run Through The Jungle

Mark Kidwell - 2012
    Welcome to 1968...and the end of the world. From the steaming jungles of Viet Nam to the brightly lit campus of demonstration-torn Berkeley, California, ravenous hordes of unstoppable ghouls are changing the face of the Age of Aquarius.Collected for the first time, this 178-page trade paperback re-presents the first four-issue story arc from the '68 ongoing series, along with the re-colored and re-lettered original one-shot from 2006! Plus, creators MARK KIDWELL, NAT JONES and JAY FOTOS have included tons of behind-the-scenes extras to make this a must-have for zombie and horror fans everywhere!Collects '68 #1-4, plus the 2006 '68 one-shot

The Amber Treasure

Richard Denning - 2009
    Treachery in Dark Ages Northumbria. Cerdic is the nephew of a great warrior who died a hero of the Anglo-Saxon country of Deira. Growing up in a quiet village, he dreams of the glories of battle and of one day writing his name into the sagas. He experiences the true horrors of war, however, when his home is attacked, his sister kidnapped, his family betrayed and his uncle's legendary sword stolen. Cerdic is thrown into the struggles that will determine the future of 6th century Britain and must show courageous leadership and overcome treachery, to save his kingdom, rescue his sister and return home with his uncle's sword. “I will take care of the body of my lord and you can carry the sword, story teller. For all good stories are about a sword.” The Northern Crown series follows the story of a young nobleman - Cerdic - as he lives through the darkest years of the Dark Ages. Through his eyes we witness the climatic events that forged the nations of Britain. For it out of this time that the English, Welsh, Irish and Scots races began to form: born in the conflict between Saxon and Celt, Pagan and Christian.

Shadow Show: Stories In Celebration of Ray Bradbury

Joe HillDave Eggers - 2015
    In this collection are stories based on "By The Silver Water of Lake Champlain," "The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury," "Backward in Seville," "Weariness," "Live Forever!," "Who Knocks?," "Earth (A Gift Shop)," "Altenmoor, Where the Dogs Dance," and "Conjure."

An Eye of the Fleet

Richard Woodman - 1981
    HMS Cyclops is involved in pursuing American privateers who are a danger to British trade and Drinkwater finds himself part of a prize crew when initiative and courage in a critical situation enable him to survive a dangerous encounter. When the frigate is detached on special service to the swamps of South Carolina, grim actions are fought at sea and by a detachment of the ship's company on land, resulting in violent deaths before CYCLOPS arrives in New York in 1781 and is sent back to Spithead with the news of Lord Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown. Through his experiences both in action and in the hard life on Cyclops, Drinkwater matures and gains the ability to stand up against the tyranny of the midshipmen's mess and the sinister and evil influence of the senior midshipman, Morris. In overcoming his difficulties he is sustained by his growing love for Elizabeth and the contrast of home life with the brutality of naval service.

Eerie Archives, Vol. 1

Archie GoodwinDonald Norman - 2004
    Eerie magazine, like its killer kin Creepy, features work from many of the masters of comics storytelling. For fans of spectacular spookiness, mind-bending sci-fi, and astonishing artwork, the Eerie Archives library is a must have!

Making Payments: An American Indian, the Vietnam War, Laos, and the Hmong

John Oventile - 2012
    But this wasn’t science fiction; this was a journey of harsh reality, pain, hunger, danger, and death. George Downwind, an American Indian, an Ojibwa, grew up in the isolation of a twentieth-century reservation. But instead of succumbing to the alcoholism and hopelessness around him, his outlook was shaped by the myths and legends of an earlier time. From countless stories told by old men around campfires, he thought he knew what life had been like for his people in the time before the white man. In his imagination he lived this life, passed the tests of manhood and tasted battle. When the end came he experienced the depression of watching his people be defeated and disintegrate as a culture. To the west of the battlefields in Vietnam during the 1960’s and early ‘70’s, across the border in the neutral country of Laos, another war raged. This war was seldom mentioned in the news and when it was, it was referred to as the “Secret War.” Few people heard of it and fewer still knew who was doing the fighting. It was the Hmong, a minority ethnic group who had survived for a thousand years in their mountain sanctuaries through slash and burn agriculture, and a resolute adherence to their culture. They valued freedom, family, and wanted nothing more than to be left alone. They were a primitive people without a written language living in a primitive land. And, just as with the American Indian tribes, each of the Hmong clans had their own approach to survival. Some fought, some forged alliances, and other just tried to say out of the way. Grievously injured in the chaos of battle in Vietnam in the early days of that war, George Downwind, a private in the U.S. Army, was rescued from certain death and nursed back to heath by one of these clans. During his time with them he experienced the full brutality of the life they lived—the same life that had been the fate of his ancestors. When it came time for him to leave Laos and the Hmong, he had a debt to repay. He owed his life to the Hmong and vowed to make the payments.


Jack Hight - 2010
    For over a thousand years the walls of Constantinople have protected the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, the furthest outpost of Christianity. But now endless ranks of Turkish warriors cover the plains before them, their massive cannons trained on the ramparts. No European army will help. Constantinople is on its own, and treachery is in the air. Three people will fight to determine the fate of an empire: the young Sultan, returned from exile and desperate to prove his greatness; a Roman princess sworn to protect her city; and a mercenary captain with a personal score to settle.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Russell Punter - 2017
    The poor folk of Nottingham find themselves at the mercy of the heartless money-grabbing Sheriff. But deep in Sherwood Forest, rebellion is brewing. Join brave Robin Hood and his band of daring friends as they pit their wits against the Sheriff and his ruthless ally, Guy of Gisbourne. Swashbuckling thrills come thick and fast in this action-packed graphic legend.