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How to Tame a Werewolf by Thalia Eames


The Perfect Luna

Marissa Gilbert
    Although he was insisting that his mate was only there to appease his wolf, Ria knew the hard truth. In less then a year this little abused shy omega would destroy everything that Ria loved and treasured. Being the Perfect Luna was simply not enough for her beloved husband when his mate bond kicked in. But also… their divorce wasn’t enough for the evil omega. Right before her own Luna crowning ceremony, she ordered to brutally kill Ria and everyone who was still loyal to her.However, the Moon Goddess had other plans. Ria was returned to the exact moment where her life turned upside down with a chance to change everything. A chance that she was not going to waste.Her husband and Roxy are shocked to see the sudden change and Riannon enjoys her sweet revenge.But what she did not expect was that the changes that she was making, were creating a chain reaction. Thanks to that, she soon meets her own mate – the most powerful alphs wolf in the world. And that’s when the story truly begins.

Double Trouble : A Silent Luna Bonus Chapter

Sabrina Noury - 2017
     The storm has finally passed and all the pack is left to do now is to wait for their Luna to pull through and finally wake up. While unconscious and recovering, James, her loving and faithful Alpha mate, never leaves her side; sitting and waiting beside her bed, day and night. Until two bundles of joy arrive to the pack at an unexpected moment; bringing hope and reminding everyone that there are still things worth celebrating. Join James in discovering and experiencing the wonderful chaos of having a double dose of surprise in one day. Grab a copy of the epilogue to Sabrina Noury’s “Silent Luna.”

Northern Realm Royal Bears Shfter Box Set

Lisa Daniels - 2020
    Trust is for fools, but from the first dayI’ve wanted to trust him.Usually, a handsome or beautiful face only leads to pain.But Adrik is not like anyone I’ve ever known.Not only is he a bear shifter,He is sweet, kind, and caring.He is everything that my family is not.I’m not sure if I can accept that he cares about me,But I know that I want to believe it.This Box Set Includes:Northern Realm Royal Bears PrequelFavina's Royal RansomDevora's Royal RansomIlya's Royal RansomMyra's Royal Ransom

Shift (The Other Pack Book 3)

Erica Stanciu - 2014
    Like any shifter, she transformed into her beautiful and unique wolf but what they didn't know was the secret that plagued her for two years. Without having the courage to tell anyone she does the only thing she can think of, run. She leaves the comforts of her city to enter the brand new world of college. Will she finally be able to tell her loved ones what happens when she shifts or will the harsh reality of what she is cause her to self destruct?

Shadow Claw Box Set (Volume II)

Sarah J. Stone - 2019
    We had defeated evil. But some dark realities lingered. I’m Ivanna. The fiercest of them all. I’m also cursed and in search for a remedy that could save my life. Can my team survive the new mystery, the betrayals, and most of all… the possibility of watching me die? Contains the 10 Titles: 1. The Forgotten Curse 2. Blinded by Love 3. The Secret Necklace 4. Phoenix Rising 5. Enemies Become Friends 6. Severing Ties 7. Love and War 8. Dark Magic 9. Finding Solace 10. Love Ignited

The Holbrook Brothers Shifter Series

Renee Carr - 2020
    Or that was the way it used to be. Three hot brothers enjoy their work and each other's company, taking advantage of nearby parks for camping and fishing expeditions. But things go awry on a camping trip for Christian, the eldest brother, and that sets off a chain of events that leads each brother on an adventure of keeping the town safe from the dark shifters and finding their mates! If you like paranormal romance with danger, action, and heart-pounding romance, then you won’t want to miss The Holbrook Brothers Shifters series. Grab your copy today! Wild Temptations When a trip to the great outdoors goes horribly wrong, a small-town ER nurse soon finds herself with more than she can handle. Christian Holbrook is looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend of fishing with his brothers, complete with their usual jokes about his lacklustre love life. But when he discovers a mysterious cave hidden deep among the trees, the creature that lurks within changes his life forever. Libby Grimes is an ER nurse in a small country town. Tasked with the stressful job of caring for her wheelchair-bound mother, her long days and sleepless nights are haunted by the strange disappearance of her father. She knows he wouldn’t abandon them – but all her clues led to dead-ends. When Christian checks into her hospital, her mystery takes a new turn. Libby soon finds herself drawn to him. As their feelings grow, can Libby she help Christian overcome the darkness forming inside him? Or will his new powers be her end? Finding the Wolf Two artists brought together by a dangerous world of wolf shifters. Eric Holbrook lived for the perfect shot. He dedicates his life to the moments when everything is flawless and the planets seem to align. But growing up in small-town America, he struggles to break from his future of hometown newspapers and an ex happily married to his boss. When his chase for the perfect picture drives him toward secrets he never thought possible, he soon ends up thrust into a dangerous world of shifters. Misty Miller finds herself once again in her hometown, miles away from her art career in Chicago. Finding refuge in clay, wire and metal, she hopes the country setting will breathe inspiration into her work. But when Eric lands on her front porch, her art soon falls to the sidelines. Through the fur and fangs, Misty finds herself clawing to keep him grounded – and struggling to make sense of the new reality that has revealed itself to her. As their bond strengthens, will lust and discovery be enough to see them through the fear and danger that the shifter world brings? Or will Eric’s drive end up being more than just the death of his career? A Dangerous Curiosity She’s a big-city girl with a dark secret. He’s a small-town guy destined to become a wolf shifter. Brighton Holbrook had everything planned for his future – a good education, a family company, and supportive brothers. But when his brothers begin acting strangely, he becomes determined to find out what they’re hiding. And when he discovers their secret, there’s no going back. Lily Tucker is a city girl, groomed to take over her family’s business. But when her grandmother falls ill, she’s forced to travel to a small country town to care for her – and to protect her family’s dark secrets. She expected a quiet, boring town, but it soon becomes anything but when Brighton walks into the bar. He’s handsome, wild, and the spark between them is instantaneous.

The Katie Bishop Series Boxed Set

Luanne Bennett - 2019
    Who needs a cop when you have a dragon. Did I mention that her best friend is the queen of Savannah and her boyfriend is Superman? If you enjoy Hailey Edwards or Charlaine Harris, the Katie Bishop series won’t disappoint! “Fantasy and hoodoo in Savannah? Yes, please!!!” ★★★★★ ★★★★★ “This series was so amazing, pleeeeeaaseee tell me there is more to come.” Crossroads of Bones When Katie Bishop is asked to join an elite Savannah society that guards the city against all the supernatural riffraff that blows into town on a regular basis, she can’t refuse. Especially when the city’s latest threat has targeted her to help it escape from an ancient book it’s been imprisoned in for over a century. You see, Katie isn’t your average girl—she’s a bit of a beast and owns a tattoo shop at the edge of town. She’s also the only one who can tattoo a magical symbol on the demon’s back that will set it permanently free—and live to tell about it. Blackthorn Grove It’s just another Saturday night in the city, but what happens on this particular evening will set the wheels in motion for a witch war that could destroy Blackthorn Grove—the reigning coven of Savannah. There’s been a murder, and all the evidence points to one of their own. In the race to uncover the truth before a council of witches arrives for a formal tribunal, the revelations about Blackthorn Grove keep coming. Shifter’s Moon Jackson Hunter’s past has finally caught up to him. So has the woman who refuses to let him go—a cat with some sharp claws. Katie Bishop is starting to wonder if she knows her boyfriend at all. He’s just given her two million reasons in cash to doubt that, and the shifters he used to ride with back in Atlanta want to get their hands on it. But they want more than just the money. They want Jackson, and they’re willing to dine on a few tourists and take hostages to get it all!

Bayou: King of the Seas Book 1 & 2

Annitia L. Jackson - 2020
    Not to mention, the very waters they call home are now killing them and has the Merpeople facing extinction. 
 Something or someone is out to destroy the Water Realm, and it is King Bayou Moreau’s duty to figure out what is going on and save his people. He turns to the one person he knows can help him, Rachal Porter, the woman he loves but refuses to love him back. 
Rachal Porter Moreau lost her mate, Samuel, who was Bayou’s brother. She blames Bayou for his death and pushes him away, even though she finds herself drawn to him. 
 When the two start to investigate the mysterious deaths and disappearances, not only are they drawn to each other but into the web of an enemy they never expected.

The Faerie Games: The Complete Series (Dark World: The Faerie Games)

Michelle Madow - 2021

Vampires of Maze (Part One)

Tim O'Rourke - 2015
    Joining a pack of werewolves, Julia must travel with them to a land unknown to her. Here she will learn the horrifying truth about the dark secrets hidden in the town of Maze.To stay alive, Julia will not only have to figure out who to trust but also who to love. For Julia's worst nightmares are about to get a whole lot more terrifying as she heads into the war raging between the vampires and werewolves where even her own magic abilities won't be able to protect her.Note: This ends on an unbearable cliff-hanger. Part Two is now available!For readers 16+

Snow Rising (The Great North Woods Pack #4)

Shawn Underhill - 2015
    With the help of Lars, Joseph and the pack strike back against their old enemies.

The Twice-Dead Boy (Teen Shapechangers Book 2)

Laer Carroll - 2020
     Freed by a freak of nature after a century he is in modern-day Santa Monica and must navigate it--as an apparent 17-year old boy. How does an immortal shapechanger deal with being a teenager once again? Why, he must go to high school!

The Heir's Pendant: Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem (Lydia Pack Book 1)

A.P. Cole - 2018
    Spending her adolescent life in foster care didn’t give her the best life, but she made due with what she had. Now, she finally gets to peruse her dream degree at a small college in Spokane, Washington. Everything is going great. In the beginning, she has an amazing class schedule and she has a job. But, there was one thing she didn’t prepare for. In her first few weeks of classes, she meets four, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous men. But, when her past comes back to haunt her, they will change her life forever. Will she be able to take these new developments in stride or will they prove to be too much to handle? ***Warning*** This is a slow burn reverse harem with one woman and multiple men. Contains bad language, violence, and sexual content. This book is meant for mature audiences only. ***Trigger warning*** Contains rape and abuse scenes.

Cursed: Water Sorceress

D.L. Harrison - 2020
    At least, not until she vacationed in Chicago and ran into a Sorcerer of Air who sets her free.Her world is about to be turned upside down. Witches, dark covens, vampires, sorcerers, and good and evil are all coming for her, ready or not. She’s going to need a little help, if she’s going to survive it all.Note: This is the first book of a trilogy. No major cliffhangers but expect a few unresolved plot threads. This story is told in the first person, from Danielle’s point of view.

Howl - Complete Set

M.L. Briers - 2018
     Howl's You Doin'? Book 1. Bree is the kind of witch that will throw caution to the wind and try any spell once. Unfortunately, once is enough in this case when she unleashes a spell that brings the wolves to the door - literally. Howl's That? Book 2. Kelly’s been run off from her home and is looking for a new little town in which to rest her head. When she runs into the big, bad wolf, she thinks it just might be time to move on, but when the vampire intervenes, and all hell breaks loose – things don’t exactly go to plan. Howl's Lotta Lovin' Book 3. The spell that Bree let loose doesn’t seem to be over just yet, and now there’s a new witch walking around pack land as if she has a right to be there, but one member of the pack is determined to run her off. Howl's That Happened? Book 4. The spell that Bree let loose just keeps on giving, and now there is a new witch in town, but is she a mate, and who would fall under that spell this time? Howl's It Goin'? Book 5. The spell that Bree let loose just keeps on giving. Whose turn is it to fall under that spell this time? Howl's About Us? Book 6. The spell that Bree let loose just keeps on giving, but this time that spell is about to bite Bree on the backside. It's a Howl's Lotta Fun.