Loki (The Tempests Book 3)

Cee Bowerman - 2022

The Children of the Gods Series #41-43

I.T. Lucas - 2021

Lottery King

Eric Vall - 2022
    And the perks just keep piling up: Money, cars, mansions, the finest cuisine, the most exotic beauties I’ve ever laid eyes on… you name it.I’m even expected to marry multiple paranormal women.But being the first human king of the Eternal Realm comes with its own challenges, and there’s plenty of species who’d like to see my head on a spike.It’s time to show my subjects exactly what kind of king I intend to be, because there’s no way I’m giving up the rich life now that I’ve finally gotten a taste of it.

Asherah: The Warrior Princess: A Fantasy Romance (The Goddesses Trilogy Book 1)

Rubina Ramesh - 2020
    She is forced to seek the help of the ancient God and her husband, Lord El, whom she married at a young age. But there she falls in love with Lord El's stable hand, Hanish.Hanish…Hanish knows his limits. He knew falling in love with Asherah was forbidden.The Love…They're both bound by duty - one to her kingdom and the other to his master - and so they try their best to fight the growing attraction between them.Will this forbidden love ever reach fruition? When Asherah discovers the truth about Sandor, will it sabotage her love for Hanish? Or will the truth about her marriage to Lord El destroy her forever?Caught between three men, Asherah has to travel to her past to know her present. Will her heart finally recognize her true love? Grab a copy of Asherah now to find out.

Timeless Fairy Tales: Books 10-11: The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Snow White

K.M. Shea - 2021

Shifter Protectors 12 Book Compilation

Lisa Daniels - 2020
     The first story is a special Valentine's Book soon to be released in late January! Author's Note: All stories are intended for 18+ and are stand alone romances with a HEA.

The Rise of a Dark Mage

D.L. Harrison - 2017
    She wants him dead, not to take his place, but so she can escape the bond of magical slavery, and leave Zual behind to explore the other kingdoms of the world. Her ambition will drive her to rediscover the secrets of the strongest of magic. She is determined to succeed, or she’ll die trying.Note: This stand-alone fantasy book follows the life of Cassandra, it takes place in the same world as the stand-alone book The Formerly Dark Mage, but happens three hundred years later, long after Silvia is gone, and some shocking changes have taken place in the world. It is not necessary to read the first book, but if you plan to read both, you should read The Formerly Dark Mage first to avoid spoilers.

Kidnapping Phoenixes and Other Ways to Die - The Complete Series: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure

Ramy Vance - 2021
    Not the name you’d expect from someone on the run from the paranormal mob.You know, ogres with machine guns, kind of mob.But when the unborn ashes of the Phoenix ask for help, well, what’s a girl gonna do? I stole her urn from the mob and went on the run.Now I'm hiding in small town Indiana, where I work as a medic for fantasical beasts. I should be safe here, right?But the mob aren’t the only ones looking for the Phoenix.An ancient evil is searching for her in hopes to usher in Armageddon.Now I have a choice to make: abandon the Phoenix and run, or stop these supernatural bullies and beasts from harnessing the Phoenix’s magic for evil.Like I said, what’s a girl gonna do?Meet Frances, the latest hero in the GoneGod World. Frances a paranormal medic, treating the mythical creatures who now walk among us. If you love Mercy Thompson, Buffy or Katrina Darling, then you’ll absolutely love this unexpected heroine.

Love Comes with a Price: Tales of a Dopeboy's Girl

Bianca - 2016
    She has a bad attitude and she does what she wants and when she wants and does not care who she hurts in the process. She has everything that she could possibly want in life, but she feels like she is missing one thing, the love of her biological father, Tristan “Triple T” Thompson. Briana turns to different men looking for that love and affection that she has never gotten from Trip. Will that missing love and affection cause Briana to turn to a man who does not have her best interest at heart?Shanice Miller and Briana are sisters and they are nothing alike. Shanice has always been in her sister’s shadow and she hates it. Shanice starts to hang out with a different crowd and starts doing things that she knows no one would be proud of. She meets someone who she believes has her best interest at heart and will help her get her life back on track. Will he help her get her life back on track or will he lead her down a path of more destruction.Jaslyn Roberson is the quiet and rational thinker of the group. Jaslyn find herself in an abusive relationship and along with home issues she sometimes doesn’t know which way is up. After an tragic event she seeks solace into the arms of another man. Jaslyn can sense that this new guy is keeping a secret from her, but can’t quite put her finger on it.

Leyna Book 2: Elven Lands: A Fantasy Romance Adventure

Helen E. Peters - 2019
    The path in front of Leyna and her erstwhile friends becomes especially perilous when they get a new goal: to find a way to the plane of Demiurges, the creators of worlds. Yet who can know more about portal traveling and parallel worlds than those who created them? The brave company led by charismatic Leyna still has a long way ahead, fraught with dangers, yet full of thrilling escapades. Trying to find her way back home, she continues to explore the fantastical land laid bare in front of her. She is learning and discovering new and unexpected abilities with the help of her loyal companions, not even shunning the assistance of demons. But in the end, would Leyna find it within herself to leave this new world behind for good? Leyna: Elven Lands is the second book in the fantasy romance series written by Helen E. Peters. It is not a classic romance tale, but an exciting adventure, filled with good-natured humor, vibrant and memorable characters, and magic mystery. A witty story of a strong modern woman thrown into the epicenter of an epic fantasy adventure and trying to figure out this new world and its fairy inhabitants has already gained a huge international fanbase.

Brink Mage

Gideon Mills - 2020
    Until now.The kingdom Urgan is on the brink of chaos. Goblins are being attacked, dark entities abound, and the king can’t be trusted.Beautiful women are coming to Wyatt for help. And Wyatt has never been one to turn down a gorgeous woman in need.Brink Mage is a sword-swinging high fantasy adventure across a world in chaos. This is the first book of a harem series that has magic, violence, and sex with elves, dwarves, goblins, and princesses.

'Twas the Night Before Murder: Cozy Mystery (Country Cottage Mysteries Book 21)

Addison Moore - 2021

Jaded Hearts (Blue Moon Series, #2)

Ambernique Legget
    Really hurt. What happens when she, a simple human, is mated to Matt Stone, the Gamma of the Blue Moon Pack? Matt knows that she is the missing piece that he has been searching for but He asked first teacher about his life as a wolf, And all that goes into it before she can truly be his. When the shadows come back from her past to haunt her, will they be strong enough to overcome or will the darkness take them both?

Talented Twins:Fall in Love with the Ex-wife Volume 01

kongfu books - 2019
    Then Ye Wei gave birth to a twin with super IQ after that ridiculous night. Five years later, a noble man appeared in front of her and said, "Woman, you stole my seed, do you still want to run?" It was said that Lu Shao was well-known for his fierce and cruel nature.It was also said that he who suffered from psychological distortion, was impotent. Ye Wei rubbed her waist which was nearly broken, murmuring, was he really impotent?

Shoes: A Reluctant Fairy Tale

Elizabeth A. Reeves - 2014
     It’s pretty obvious if you think about it that it wasn’t a magical girdle that Aphrodite had. It was a pair of magic shoes. So where are those shoes now? Making the rounds with mortal women! Grace Gallagher would be the first to say she’s nothing special. Short, on the plump side, with a failing bookstore, she is the black sheep of her large family. More than anything she wants to live her own life, have an adventure, maybe even a little romance like in those books she hides from her parents. Then a strangely handsome man drops off a package at the shop, addressed to her. Inside are a pair of shoes.