Spoken English in Dialogues: 833 common English sentences used by native speakers in everyday life situations

Julia Deniskina - 2016
    The book presents a lot of valuable phrases and sentences you will never think of unless you come across them. It contains plenty of common sentences used by native English speakers in everyday life. The book covers topics such as meeting new people and making small talk, dating and visiting friends, emergency situations and doctor’s appointments, car and flat rental, staying in hotels and traveling by air, shopping and bargaining.

Spanish: 201 Easy Spanish Phrases: Increase Your Vocabulary With New Spanish Phrases & Words Explained. Includes Access to a Spanish Audio Book

J.G. Jimenez - 2015
    These are phrases that you hear almost every day in Spanish speaking countries, on TV, in movies, and when talking with friends in Spanish. Included in this book is FREE Access to Downloadable Mp3's of this book. Spanish Audio book is available by clicking link in book. This book is very basic Spanish. It is for beginning Spanish learners or students that want to review basic Spanish phrases. Some Topics Covered in this book are: Greetings Music What are you doing? Phrases about the Present (right now) Phrases about the Past Hotels Restaurants And Many More! Are you ready to learn some Spanish phrases you can use right away? GREAT! Download the book now and start learning Spanish.

The Great English-Polish Dictionary (2 million words): interactive - replaces the standard Kindle e-reader dictionary

Dariusz Jemielniak - 2014
    Marcin Milkowski, Ph.D. and Prof. Dariusz Jemielniak, Ph.D. It is the largest English-Polish dictionary ever published. It contains over 1.8 million words, covering hundreds of thousands of meanings in over two hundred thousand definitions, includign abbreviations, synonyms, antonyms, et al. Its range is over 20% wider than in the case of any dictionary published before.It is also the first English-Polish dictionary developed in the 21st century, basing on actual English language usage and frequencies (based on corpora of American, British, and Canadian English), covering not only general vocabulary, but also terminology and idioms typical for business, finance, law, medicine, the sciences and technology, including over 150 disciplines! It is the first English-Polish dictionary including words such as QWERTY, screenager, smartphone, tablet or boccia, with their proper pronunciation. The dictionary can replace the standard Kindle e-reader dictionary, to allow one-click lookups (please, note that this functionality is typical for all Kindle e-readers, but not necessarily a tablet).

Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde: In Aid of the Royal Theatrical Fund

Oscar WildeGeoffrey Palmer - 2010
    Additional narrators include Geoffrey Palmer O.B.E., Sir Donald Sinden, and Elaine Stritch. Music: 'Reverie De Sebastian' by Steve Davies.

IELTS Band 9 Grammar Secrets

Cambridge IELTS Consultants - 2014
     We show you how to develop your grammar and vocabulary into more formal, precise and advanced English. We will explain how to organise your sentences, your paragraphs and your entire essay in a way that will impress English-speaking college tutors and examiners. Above all, we give you the methods to quickly change your writing from normal, day-to-day English into Band 9 Academic English. Packed with examples, models and guidelines to follow, these methods have been used with great success by our students for IELTS and University preparation. Start getting the results you need - and write the Academic way. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Cambridge IELTS Consultants are a team of IELTS trainers and past examiners based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. They have many years experience of preparing students for IELTS at University level, assessing the speaking tests and developing course books to guide candidates through the Cambridge IELTS process. They really are the experts!

Talk English: How To Learn From The Success To Speak English Like A Native, A Step-By-Step Guide To Learn Spoken English

Ken Xiao - 2015
    Follow The Effortless Step-By-Step Instructions In The Book To Completely Get Rid Of Your Accent and speak English like a native! How to speak English fluently? Learn from the success to perfect your English pronunciation, your tone, your flow, your expression, and everything you need to speak English naturally just like a native speaker would to make you speak English like a native speaker. So that instead of saying "how learn English" --> you would naturally say "how to learn English." What Level Of English Fluency Will You Achieve: Short Answer: Native. How to speak English like a native? Effortlessly Follow The Step-By-Step Instructions In The Book To Achieve The Highest Level Of Fluency, Making You Speak English Like A Native Speaker. The Author Is A Successful English Learner: This Book Is Written By An English Learner Who Successfully Learned To Speak English Like A Native Speaker. While Knowing Only Little English, The Author Started To Learn English Fluency At The Age Of 20 And Successfully Turned His Broken English Into Fluent English In Just 6 Months. "English spoken" It's actually "Spoken English." In The Continuing Effortless Practices, He Then Perfected His Fluency, Making Him Speak English Like A Native. "How speak English?" Well, it's "How to speak English?" You'll naturally speak it in the right way after following the step-by-step instructions in the book. Likewise, "English grammer," "Grammar English." it's actually "English grammar." Use For English And Any Other Language: The Author Founded The Myfluentenglish Formula Which He Used To Perfect His Speaking In English. Using The Same Formula, The Author Also Perfected His Speaking In Two Other Languages. This Formula Is Designed To Make You Speak English Like A Native. The Formula Is Also Designed To Make You Speak Any Other Language Like A Native. Just Follow The Step-By-Step Instructions In The Book. The best way to speak English. It's OK to type "The best way to speak Englosh." One out of 100 people would type Englosh instead of English. Learn English tenses, English verbs, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and everything you need to speak English like a native naturally by following the instructions in Talk English! What Comes With It: Talk English - How To Learn From The Success To Speak English Like A Native, A Step-By-Step Guide To Learn Spoken English + Bonus 1: Let's Get Started - 3 Strategies To Start Speaking English Immediately + Bonus 2: Let's Talk - How To Start A Conversation In English + Bonus 3: Vocabulary Built Solid - 6 Ways To Build A Rock Solid Vocabulary + Bonus 4: Free Lifetime Access To Native Study Materials. What readers are saying: THIS is the book every English learner NEEDS to read. Crystal F. Canada After 2 weeks, the change is significant. Most importantly I think like a native speaker starting building a little bit in my subconsciousness. Dexuan L. China How I can speak English so fast without accent? With your tips I can do it. I will recommend to my friends with broken English because I think your book is very helpful for me and other people like me to learn speak fluent English. Thank you so much! Farah A. Iran The book provides the readers a workable way on how to get to speak fluent English. It's simple, straightforward, and most important of all, its focused and not too way long to cost the readers too much time. Joanne L.

Onboard Hindi - Learn a language before you land

Eton Institute - 2014
    Learn the Alphabet and pronunciation as well as useful phrases in 8 categories, such as greetings, travel and directions, making friends to business and emergencies. Download, read and enjoy your vacation like never before.

Master English FAST: An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English

Julian Northbrook - 2017
    If you’re struggling to learn English and speak it well in your work, business, teaching or daily life this is the book for you."Master English FAST – An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English", by Dr Julian Northbrook, will get you started on the right track by showing you step-by-step what to do as an intermediate or advanced English learner to speak English as a second language at a very high level.This is Julian's most complete and comprehensive guide on the topic and is the recommended starting point for all of his English improvement books.

Are My Roots Showing?

Karola Gajda - 2016
     Thirty something Magda, born in England to Polish parents has recently broken up with her rotten boyfriend Matt and needs a fresh start. Quitting her job, she sets off to Warsaw to teach English, While her excited Mama thinks she is off to find a nice Polish husband, Magda simply wants to explore her roots. improve her rusty Polish and see how her parents' homeland has changed. To her horror Magda discovers that Mama and bossy cousin Dagmara have sneakily put her on a dating site. Does Magda stay in Poland? And does she find a Polish husband? And what does she learn about her mama's tragic past? A moving romantic comedy, 'Are My Roots Showing?' is about identity, migration, family, the fleetingness of life and love. Magda learns how history affects the present, and that where there are roots, new shoots can grow. …It’s a charming book which can be read as a light-hearted tale but there is a lot of meaning beneath the surface. As an exploration of how it feels to belong to and reconcile two cultures, it's really successful. It offers humour, sadness and wisdom as well as entertaining read. Just beautiful!… …Although Are My Roots Showing? explores some serious themes, it’s all done with a very light touch and a lot of laugh-out-loud humour. The characterisations are exquisite… …This is a beautiful book, sometimes really funny and sometimes heart-breaking…What readers say about the romantic comedy 'Are My Roots Showing?' ...Fantastic. A Polish Bridget Jones. Funny, and yet the Polish history interjections are interesting too. Makes me want to visit Poland, but I need to take my own food!!! You'll understand once you've read it... …It’s a charming book which can be read as a light-hearted tale but there is a lot of meaning beneath the surface. As an exploration of how it feels to belong to and reconcile two cultures, it's really successful. It offers humour, sadness and wisdom as well as an entertaining read. Just beautiful!… …Although 'Are My Roots Showing?' explores some serious themes, it’s all done with a very light touch and a lot of laugh-out-loud humour. The characterisations are exquisite… …This is a beautiful book, sometimes really funny and sometimes heart-breaking…

24 Italian Songs & Arias - Medium High Voice (Book/CD): Medium High Voice - Book/CD [With CD]

Gregory A. Schirmer - 1986
    Schirmer edition of 24 Italian Songs & Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries has introduced millions of beginning singers to serious Italian vocal literature. Offered in two accessible keys suitable for all singers, it is likely to be the first publication a voice teacher will ask a first-time student to purchase. The classic Parisotti realizations result in rich, satisfying accompaniments which allow singers pure musical enjoyment. For ease of practice, carefully prepared accompaniments are also recorded on CD by John Keene, a New York-based concert accompanist and vocal coach who has performed throughout the United States for radio and television. Educated at the University of Southern California, Keene has taught accompanying at the university level and collaborated with Gian Carlo Menotti and Thea Musgrave on productions of their operas.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese - Word Power 101

Innovative Language - 2011
    This e-book is a completely new way to learn Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary fast - and for free! Start speaking Brazilian Portuguese in minutes with the powerful learning methods you will master in this book.The vocabulary words you’ll find in Learn BrazilianPortuguese - Word Power 101 were hand selected by our Brazilian Portuguese language teachers as the top 101 most frequently used words in the Brazilian Portuguese language. With each entry, you’ll see the word and a vibrant image to help remember the meaning. You’ll hear the word (separate free download) to master the pronunciation. Then you’ll see how the word is actually used in everyday speech with sample sentences and phrases. Learning Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary has never been easier!In this book, you’ll get: - 101 of the most frequently used Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary words - Audio with authentic native Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation *Supplementary mp3 audio files are a separate download - Vibrant photos and images to help memorization - Useful and practical sample sentences and phrases Purchase Learn BrazilianPortuguese - Word Power 101 today to start mastering Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary in the fastest, easiest and most fun way possible!

English Short Stories For Intermediate Learners: 8 Unconventional Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Learn English the Fun Way!

Olly Richards - 2016
    You will have fun reading, learn a lot of new words, and understand English better!- Short chapters, so you can finish each story easily and not get frustrated!- Carefully chosen vocabulary that is not too hard for you. Most books have too many difficult words, but this book is perfect for intermediate level! You do not have to use the dictionary all the time - instead, you can keep reading and enjoy the stories.- Grammar at the right level for intermediate level learners, so you can learn new grammar without feeling frustrated.- Real, spoken English in each story, so you can learn English that native speakers really use.- Helpful exercises at the end of each chapter to help you understand the stories.- A six-step plan for reading the stories and improving your reading in English.English Short Stories for Intermediate Learners has been written especially for students at intermediate level; B1-B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The eight exciting stories are designed to make reading fun, and to help you say: "I understand everything I'm reading!" If you find reading English hard, these stories are perfect! You will be able to enjoy reading English, learn more vocabulary in a natural way, and native speakers!So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab your copy now!

French: French For Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of French in 10 Days! (A SPECIAL BONUS FOR YOU INSIDE)

Manuel De Cortes - 2015
    Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. If You Don't Have Kindle You Can Still Read This Book On Your Web Browser using Amazon Free Cloud ReaderThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how to pronounce French vowels and consonants, how to pluralize nouns, and how to get around your way in France, using all the helpful examples of phrases and dialogues provided in this book.Through this manual you will learn the basics of the romantic French language and gain confidence as you speak. To facilitate learning, easy-to-follow pronunciation guides have been included. Tips for tourists and other pertinent information about the City of Lights were extensively researched for your convenience. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn Inside ✔ Numbers and Gender✔ Plural Forms of Nouns✔ Pronouns✔ Verbs✔ Prepositions✔ Useful Expressions✔ Much, much more! Take Action Right Away and START your amazing journey with French!


Julian Green - 1983
    Paris is an extraordinary, lyrical love letter to the city, taking the reader on an imaginative journey around its secret stairways, courtyards, alleys and hidden places. Whether evoking the cool of a deserted church on a hot summer's day, remembering Notre Dame in a winter storm in 1940, describing chestnut trees lit up at night like 'Japanese lanterns' or lamenting the passing of street cries and old buildings, his book is filled with unforgettable imagery. It is a meditation on getting lost and wasting time, and on what it truly means to know a city.

Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: Student Book and CD-ROM with Answer Key: The Next Generation

Deborah Phillips - 2005
    This book gives students all the tools they need to succeed on the new TOEFL integrated-skills test.