The Monster That Followed Me Home From School

Kate Clary - 2013
    It’s a little, green monster that is interested in only one thing- Max’s lunch box! Max and his friend Alex come up with a plan to trap the monster. Will they succeed?

The Village Guard Diaries (Book 1): The Search for John (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Mark Mulle - 2016
    The village master has given her his blessing, but on the condition that she return—no matter what— by her 15th birthday. Join Cassie on her adventure, as she battles spiders, creepers and other enemies to find a Prismarine Shard, the one thing that can help her find John. Other books in this exciting Minecraft series Book 1: The Search for John, Book 3: Going Home, Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

The Dance of the Caterpillars

Adele Marie Crouch - 2010
    Therefore, The Dance of The Caterpillars was written as a fun way to teach prepositions. This exciting children's book contains twenty-two prepositions, one two-word multiple, and two three-word multiples. It is destined to become a valuable learning tool for children as well as English as a second language students. You will find English, traditional Korean characters and Korean transliterations. There is also a vocabulary list in the back of the book for your continued study.

The Monster of Battle Island: A Battle Royale Adventure

Matt Korver - 2019
     The Battle Island mailman is missing, and only one person in the whole world can save him. Unfortunately, that person is done being a hero. Pete Kartson never asked for his island home to turn into a battle royale warzone. He’d certainly prefer that people in goofy costumes didn’t hack through his ceiling every morning at 7 a.m. And he really doesn’t feel like facing off against a crazed madman again. But Pete might not have a choice. Strange things are going on at Battle Island, and it’s looking like Mailman Dale is at the center of everything. Can Pete and his friends solve the mystery before it’s too late for everyone? The Monster of Battle Island is the second in a series of funny, action-packed battle royale adventures. It's a great way to convince reluctant readers to set down the controller for a few minutes and pick up a book. The Monster of Battle Island is perfect for fans of video game books for kids like the Trapped in a Video Game series and Cube Kid books.

Home Again (Kitten Adventure #1)

Tara Star - 2015
    Daisy comes to realize that the warmth of home is much more attractive than the harshness of the outside world; that after the adventures of life-pleasant and unpleasant, it’s good to come to a home where love and care reign supreme…even from those you least expect. The close relationship between human beings and their pets has been around since time immemorial. ‘Home Again’ highlights this special bond and presents it in a way that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

First Time in Space

Mark Powers - 2021
    Welcome to space! Follow Lime, as he graduates from Mira Space Academy and becomes the newest crewmate on the Skeld.But strange things start happening all over the ship, and Lime and his friends have to figure out who the Imposter is.Kids will love reading this novel that follows the adventures of the crew of the Skeld spaceship as they try to find the alien that is sabotaging everything and threatening their plans.Fun illustrations, intrigue, and humor make this an instant hit for fan's of Among Us.

Sea Turtle Rescue (The Mermaid Adventures)

Lindsey Scott - 2015
    Leena and Molly are best friends and they are also the top contenders at this year's race. The two girls had both been training all year and were super excited to compete in the upcoming race. However, on the day of the race, trouble strikes. Leena is asked to rescue a family of sea turtles that have been trapped in a net down in Old Ship Valley. Will she be able to save the poor trapped sea turtles in time? Can she make it back in time to compete in the Mermaid Races? Find out what happens and download your copy today for just $0.99!

Everyday Horses

Genevieve Mckay - 2021
    She knows the mountains and rivers like the back of her hand, and every day she can spend exploring with her horse, Beatrice, is a great one.But, tragedy strikes and the whole family is forced to move to the sprawling, manicured estate of grandparents they’ve never met. And their Grandfather makes it no secret that he doesn’t want any of them there.The only bright spot is that there are horses everywhere and Fina soon finds herself caught up with the wild, charismatic girls who own the fancy stable next door. But will following her new dreams mean giving up on Beatrice and the family she loves?

Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Agent Book 1: The Cosmic Cube Saga - The Mystery Land (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Agent Jack)

Alex Anderson - 2015
    Jack is chosen by Notch for an extremely secret mission called 'Project Z'. This mission is very dangerous and there is no promise of success but this mission is essential for the future of the Minecraft world. Rare, dark and guarded secrets of Minecraft will be revealed in this action packed saga. So what are you waiting for? Grab this book now for FREE with kindle unlimited.

Leave Your sleeve, Steve!

Yonit Werber - 2013
    Steve was a sweet and smiley boy.His mom loved him very much, But she had a problem -Every evening, at dinner,When Steve ate cheese, egg, or sandwich with peanut butter and jelly,And some food was left at the corner of his mouth,Steve would clean his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt.Steve's mom asked him over and over again "Leave your sleve, Steve!"but nothing helped.Until one day she had a brilliant idea...


Indu Jain - 1984
    He would choose as his minister the man who could keep a ram for one month without allowing it to lose or gain any weight. Jinadatta was a man who followed instructions blindly and found himself struggling with losses. These two characters feature in the two tales taken from Jain texts written in the 10th and 14th centuries.

The Day My Mommy Slept In!

Kally Mayer - 2015
    Find out what happens when Mommy does not hear the alarm. All kinds of things go wrong! Does the day end up in disaster? Many families will be able to relate to the funny events that take place. Perfect for bedtime and beginner readers. Click the Look Inside button for a sneak peak before you buy.

Minecraft: Diary of a Funny Minecraft Pig (unofficial minecraft book, minecraft, wimpy, minecraft strategy, xbox, funny, minecraft stories)

Wimpy Steve Minecrafter - 2015
    Two fiends; a Minecraft pig and chicken, search for their friend through monster covered hills and mines. It is also rumored that "Steve" is somewhere about and has a craving for porkchops and chicken. KINDLE UNLIMITED & AMAZON PRIME members can read this book for FREE!

Ninja Pug (2): The Truth Revealed

Amma Lee - 2017
    Not only are they still tracking down the ninjas who had stolen books from Jiro’s owner and friend Hanzo, but now they must stop the ninja organization’s evil plan regarding the president. Things are moving fast for our ninja dog heroes, but Jiro’s determination to figure out the truth will ultimately prevail. In the second installment of the Ninja Dogs series, readers follow Jiro and Luna on their journey towards the truth, and the truth regarding the mysterious ninja boy Ryo, Hanzo, Monukuma, and Luna will have readers shocked and on the edge of their seats wanting more!

Super Pooper Book - Potty Training for Kids

Monika Sloan - 2011
    The colorful illustrations and cute characters will bring fun and laughter to a sometimes frustrating and challenging world of potty training! This book is certain to become a favorite choice of potty training your little one.