The Billionaire Bad Boy Plan

Catherine Vall - 2017
    Majoring in psychology and not much of a social butterfly, she entertains her friends by being there for all of it. By chance one night she meets a handsome stranger known as Jonathan Ellis who becomes totally infatuated with his choice in her. She is a masterpiece of solemn beauty he wants to keep for himself. He yearns to control his chosen Sienna and she has no idea about the rich and profound impact of imaginative ideas with her. This will be a ride of a lifetime for both of them. Ready, set and go... By chance, he sees her and locks her into his sights. She is not like the other young college students. In fact, she is way more than he can understand. Jonathan knows he must have her for every fantasy he desires. But will she permit it? Sienna cannot remember another man like Jonathan. He is the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes upon. Is she ready to discover his real agenda? It is much more than she could have bargained for. Actually, Jonathan Ellis has many secrets to share, and Sienna will be part of the whole discovery, so it would seem. As a bonus for downloading The Billionaire Bad Boy Plan, you get three complete Bad Boy and Billionaire Romance Series Scroll up the page and download your copy today

Whatever it Takes: An Erotic Novella

Monica Walters - 2019
    As a successful dietician, she started her own business, by traveling and doing home visits for patients instead of working for someone else. She always knew she was destined for greatness. The only area she struggles in is her love life. After taking a trip home to visit her parents, she runs into her high school sweetheart. It has been seven years since she’s seen him, but her feelings haven’t changed, and she discovers that immediately after seeing him. Chance Sylvester has accepted mediocrity in his love life, since he felt like he couldn’t have the woman he wants. As a successful accountant, he’s made the best of life and his career, feeling like he was on the brink of making partner. His mediocre love life comes to a screeching halt when he sees Amesha, after seven years, in the grocery store. He is determined to hold onto her this time, no matter what it takes. This chance encounter is only the beginning. Despite the rekindling, they are now adults and don’t know if they will be as compatible as they once were as kids. Can they turn a past, immature attraction into an undeniable love?

Beauty's Release by Anne Rice Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    55 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Beauty's Release. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Beauty's Release by Anne Rice.

A Billionaire in Disguise, Books 1-3

Terri Marie - 2013
    This is a collection of updated versions of my first three books in A Billionaire in Disguise series! Now you can get:Forbidden Disclosure, Book 1A Perfect Plan, Book 2The Wrong Side of Midnight, Book 3All three for a lower price!Want a friend or relative to enjoy A Billionaire in Disguise? This is a faster, more cost-effective way to share or to give as a gift!

The Sleepwalker

Mardria Portuondo - 2021

Kindled: First Lover Bundle

Michelle Hughes - 2014
    In this sensual bundle you'll discover that the first taste of love can be sweet or simply knock you off your feet with undeniable attraction. Three incredible couples, unique in every aspect except that the heroines are innocent. Whore: Laura Burns was screwed! She had 30 days to find a new place to live and Taylor Ross seemed like her best option. There was only one problem with that scenario. He thought she was a whore! He wanted her to seduce his clients and in return he would save her from poverty. Can a virgin be a whore? That depends on your definition of the word! Bought For Love: Can a person be bought for love? You don’t know Jack! Emily Yates was sweet, young, and innocent. The perfect pawn for a man like Jack to use. She was a blank slate that he could mold into the woman he wanted by his side for his political career. From the moment she walked into his office, he was determined to have her in his bed, in his life, and as his perfect little pet. Jack poured on the charm and Emily saw the man he wanted her to see, but would she discover out who he really was before her heart was destroyed? You don’t know Jack. He gets what he wants. Strawberry Wine: Everyone remembers their first love Luke Parks was mine. My first kiss, my first love and my first broken heart. He swept me off my feet with just one look and after a summer of awakening my body to passion left me broken. He was twenty-four and to a girl of sixteen, I'd never been prepared for the devastation of loving and losing so completely. Time, like all things moves on, but my heart never fully recovered from watching him drive off down that country road out of my life.

Raw: A Primeval Harem

Misty Vixen - 2021
    Jak awakens, cold and confused, on the shore of an unknown island at the beginning of a dangerous nightfall.With nothing but his name and a head drained of memory, he stumbles into the nearby forest and is quickly forced to fight for his very survival.When he meets Niri, a beautiful elf exiled from her people and left to die in the wilderness, he begins the quest to build his own tribe in a land of blood, brutality, and wild adventure.RAW contains tribe building, savage violence, and a harem of hot, primeval babes.

Punishing Miss Primrose, Parts XI - XV: An Erotic Historical in the Red Chrysanthemum Series

Em Brown - 2014
     Spencer Edelton, the Marquess of Carey, had intended to provide Miss Beatrice Primrose a set-down for what she had done to his brother and cousin. But Miss Primrose is proving much harder to tame than he expected. The wicked temptress has ignited a raging lust that threatens to consume him. Beatrice has no intention of falling for the overbearing Marquess, but her body cannot resist his touch. More and more, she finds herself wanting the pain and pleasure of submission. But when Lord Carey discovers the worst of her crimes against his brother, will the retribution he seeks be too much for her to handle?

The Master Series Box Set Two

Simone Leigh - 2016
     This is the continuing tale of Cinderella BDSM erotica between a submissive woman and her Alpha Male Billionaire Master This Box Set contains books 7-10 of the 'Bought by the Billionaire' series. Book 7 - The Master's Sin Book 8 - The Master's Heart Book 9 - The Master's Rage Book 10 - The Master's Revenge Approx Total 22,000 words

Unfettered 1

Summer Olsen - 2014
    A childhood spent afraid of her own shadow (and clowns, and heights, and antique wheelchairs, and spiders… the list goes on) has turned her into a young woman determined to face life head-on and go after what she wants. And what she wants is him. Meets immovable object.‘Billionaire playboy’ are the two words most often used when describing Jeremy Tinsdale. There seems to be no doubt that the gorgeous bachelor enjoys his position as crowned Prince of a corporate empire… and all the benefits that come with it. Though Jeremy acts as if he is exactly the shallow womanizer and figurehead CEO the media depicts, Penny believes there’s more to him than his public persona suggests… an article’s worth.An impossible equation?When Jeremy repeatedly warns her off the story, it only makes Penny more determined to discover what he’s hiding. But each step Penny takes toward learning the truth brings her closer to Jeremy, and the disturbing things she’s beginning to want. Uncovering Jeremy’s darkest secrets may just reveal her own.

Caught by my Husband: Erotica (Casey's Addiction Book 1)

Isis Kelly - 2014
    It's a 3,000 word, super-hot story about every woman's darkest fantasies. It includes first-time anal sex, deep-throating and punishment scenes.I’m Casey, I’m 25 years old and from Missouri, and I’ve been married to my gorgeous husband Jack for six years. All I’ve ever wanted to do is have a job, keep our home nice and have a happy life together. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, I got into watching internet porn. I knew I could never tell my husband about it, and I felt real bad about it, but something just kept making me watch it again and again.People say it’s addictive, and they’re right! It’s like something crazy happens to me that I can’t control. One minute I’ll be in bed, turning things over in my mind, and the next I’ll be downstairs, opening my laptop and looking for all kinds of nasty stuff. Anyway, this went on for a while, until one day Jack catches me in the act! He feels like I’ve betrayed him, and he’s determined to punish me for what I’ve done. My punishment is being forced to re-enact some of the scenes in the videos I’ve watched. This is my diary, where I confess what happened when I got caught, and the things I let Jack do to me in the following weeks to atone for my crimes.

The Chase: The Complete Series Box Set

Jessica Wood - 2014
     This complete series box set includes The Chase, Volumes 1 through 4. The Chase, Volume 1 735 to 1. 735 = number of notches on his belt. 1 = the notch he couldn’t get. Who is he? Dean Chase. He loves the thrill. He loves the women. And above all, he loves the chase. But the one thing he doesn’t love is being tied down by a woman. To him, once the chase is over, it’s time to pull up his boxers and move on to the next target. That is until he meets Blair Parker. Blair is unlike any of the women under Dean’s belt. She’s confident, mysterious, and sassy. In Dean’s world, she’s the wicked curved ball he couldn’t figure out. She’s the first woman who always seems to be out of reach no matter how hard he chases. So when it comes to Blair, Dean couldn’t move on. Dean will need to change his ways in order to chase Blair down to make her the 736th notch on his belt. But will chasing after Blair become Dean’s undoing and end his love of the chase once and for all? The Chase, Volume 2 736 = the number of notches on my belt. 736 = the notch I can't get out of my head. 736 = the notch who leaves me wanting more than I’m prepared to give back. Who is 736? Blair Parker. She is unlike any women I have met before. She's powerful. She's feisty. She's headstrong. And above all, she’s the one I had to break my one and only rule to chase down. But there’s just one problem. She wants nothing to do with me before and after our night together. If that’s not enough, life then throws me another curve ball. I’m offered an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s an opportunity to achieve the success I’ve worked so hard for. It’s an opportunity anyone in my position would kill for. It’s an opportunity that I’d be crazy to say no to. But there is a catch. There is a price to pay. There is something I need to do in exchange for this opportunity. To be the youngest partner at the most prestigious international law firm, I need to make Blair the casualty of my success. The Chase, Volume 3 When the Blonde Bitch broke my heart ten years ago, I had vowed two things. One: I would never waste my time on loving someone again. Two: I would never have anything to do with the Blonde Bitch again. When I met my 736th notch, I broke that first vow. The minute I saw Blair, the second our eyes met, the microsecond I tasted her in my mouth, I knew that was the one vow I had to break. But the second vow, that I would keep. That vow I had control over. That vow I would take to my grave. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Because Fate had other plans in mind. Fate was in on a cruel joke, and I was its target. The Chase, Volume 4 No one told me things would turn out this way. No one told me that to be honest with Blair, I had to break her heart.

The Obsessed With Him Series: Complete Box Set (A Bad Boy Romance)

Hannah Ford - 2016
    I wanted to take her curvy body and full lips, wanted to pull her hair and bend her over and take what was mine. I didn’t mind helping a damsel in distress, but she was going to have to give me something in return. I didn’t want to shatter her heart. But she was just too damn tempting, with her soft skin, her long blond hair, her tight little… She claims she hates me, but her body tells a different story. I’ll just have to show her how good a bad boy can be. OLIVIA I hated him from the moment I saw him. I hated his dark brooding eyes, his smartass mouth, and that cocky grin that always made it seem like he was in on some private joke I knew nothing about. I hated his need to control me, his bossy attitude, his brooding stare, the way he could make women drop their panties just by looking at them. But I was in deep trouble. I had no family, no money, no one to save me. So when he offered me a job and a place to stay, I had no choice but to say yes. Now I’m around him all the time, and I can’t stop thinking about his rough hands on my bare skin, his kiss on my lips, my neck, my… I’m too smart to think I’m the one who can convince him to change. Guys like him never change. I know he’s going to break my heart into a million pieces. The problem is, I’m powerless to stop it... *This box set contains the complete OBSESSED WITH HIM series with HEA. The first seven books in Hannah Ford's bestselling WHAT HE WANTS series are included as bonus books*

His Willful Bride (Victorian Brides #1)

Maggie Carpenter - 2015
    Having grown up without discipline since the death of her parents when she was a child, Charlotte’s sharp tongue and often less-than-ladylike demeanor have caused her hapless aunt and uncle no end of grief, and they have all but despaired of finding her a proper husband. Lord Edward Pemberly III is no timid schoolboy. He is a man of the world, both a gentleman and a businessman, and from the moment she meets him Charlotte’s heart is set racing. Edward quickly makes it clear that once they are wed, he will not hesitate to correct her whenever and wherever he sees fit. On the day of their wedding she misbehaves and he backs up his words, delivering a sound bare-bottom spanking that very evening. Edward’s plans for Charlotte extend far beyond just spanking, and she is soon kneeling naked at his feet, her beautiful body and bright red, well-punished bottom on full display while he inspects what is his. Though her face burns crimson with shame as she is tied to his bed, spread open and fully exposed, she cannot help quivering with desire and even begs for more as her husband claims her fully. With every new experience, every blushing climax, and every stern chastisement, Charlotte finds herself falling deeper in love with her handsome, dominant husband. But when a jealous, vindictive woman seeks to come between them, can Charlotte keep her wits about her and trust that Edward is hers forever, just as much as she is his? Publisher’s Note: His Willful Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Deceit (The Nexus Series Book 3)

Lainie Suzanne - 2015
     Leo put up a good fight, but Gina's natural submissiveness taunts his sadistic nature. Can Gina endure Leo's demanding ways or will her past destroy her and those closest to her, including newlyweds, Katherine and Isaac? ***Warning*** This story contains wickedly erotic romance.