Liz Schulte - 2015
    If you can’t wear clean underwear, don’t wear any at all. Never trust a vampire. Secret ruling councils should generally be avoided. Finally, and this is the most important, very few people are ever what they seem. However, it wasn’t always easy to live by these rules. Like, when said secret ruling council demanded my appearance and then did the worst thing they could possible do and inflamed my curiosity. Asking me to go to New Orleans to investigate a series of werewolf attacks, I couldn't possibly say no to that. The first problem was werewolves had been eliminated from the Abyss so it was impossible that they were killing anyone. The second fiasco was that more vampires were in this city than ever before, including the one who was intent on ruining my life. And the third complication was I couldn’t tell anyone else about my mission or I would forfeit my freedom to the council. Some missions are easy. Others are a Catastrophe.

Demon Singer I

Benjamin J. Nichols - 2014
    On the day he cast his Soul Song into the Verge to tie forever to one of the mysterious and powerful Vergers, something entirely unique occurred. For the first time in history, a Soul Singer cast so far through the Verge his Song landed in Hell itself and tied him to the very thing he'd pledged his life to fight. Now he has a year to find a way to sever a bond that is supposed to be eternal and unbreakable, if he doesn't, the Guild will consider him fallen and treat him like any other demon. As if this wasn't enough, Lyric, the demoness Acheron and the mysterious swordswoman, Cadence, learn of a prophecy that leads to them becoming inextricably tied up in the first supernatural war the earth has seen in centuries. From Boston to Louisiana to California, the Soul Singer and his companions are driven all the way to the second-sight city of Markhato, where free will kicks destiny in the teeth.

The Soul's Mark Series Boxed Set

Ashley Stoyanoff - 2014
    After searching for his soulmate for nearly a century, and now that Amelia's here, Mitchell's not letting her go. As their newly formed soul's bond wreaks havoc with their emotions, Amelia unlocks her painful past, uncovering a powerful secret. Caught in the middle of a deadly game of revenge, she quickly learns YOU CANNOT RUN FROM DESTINY. Waking Dreams: Eric had a history, a life before Amelia Caldwell arrived on the scene. Yet there was something familiar about her, an attraction that was destined not to be fulfilled because she was marked for his father. One day he was a simple rancher, the next in a world beyond his wildest imagination--dreaming of a girl he knew he couldn't live without. The Soul's Mark: HUNTED: After a shaky start, Amelia and Mitchell are finally getting along. But the tranquillity is short-lived when an unexpected reunion with Mitchell's ex-girlfriend and Eric's mysterious dreams adds tension to their new life and threatens their blissful home. Danger becomes inevitable when vampires and humans turn up dead, and the killer is heading straight for their front door! The Soul's Mark: BROKEN: Willowberg doesn't take kindly to unexpected guests; the vampire hunters are no exception. When turmoil breaks out between the vampires and humans, Amelia must fight not only for her and her family's freedom, but also for the town's humans. Forced to face a fate decided by a power much closer to her than she ever imagined, will she find the strength to mend what has been broken? The Soul's Mark: CHANGED: Amelia and Mitchell have a predicament on their hands--Amelia is now a vampire, and Mitchell is a human with a very bad cold. All hell breaks loose when they encounter an unexpected resistance and an unexplained deadline from the spirits. Amelia soon realizes this is a fight she can't win alone and in order to save Mitchell, he needs to change--again--but will he survive?

Obsidian Souls

Donna Augustine - 2012
    She never suspects that her attacker is not human, and that Caden, her white knight, would be more of the dark and brooding variety and as scary as the thug he’s saving her from.Now strange beings are stalking her every move and she does not know why. The cops are turning a blind eye, and she has nowhere left to turn but to Caden. He’s willing to help, but he is short on answers and his motivations are not the purest. If she does not find answers soon, her life as she knows it is over. But is she prepared for the truth she finds?Author's Note: Although some of the story elements might feel complete, this book is not intended to be a stand alone. This is only the beginning of the journey, and I appreciate everyone that decides to come along. Thank you.


Heather Killough-Walden - 2009
    But when madmen begin to come after Jessie, claiming that she is a force of evil, Abigail realizes that, until now, she really had no problems at all.Enter Michael, an ageless man in Armani with piercing eyes and an eternity's worth of secrets. He is a member of an organizaiton that wishes to help Abigail. But there is a price to be paid fo his assistance. And though Abigail owes him her life, paying that price just might turn out to be the most life-altering thing she has ever done - or will ever do.

Push Up Brawl

Bella Jacobs - 2019
    Two vampires looking for a one-of-a-kind girl to help reclaim their stolen throne. And a sexy bargain that's triple the fun...The only thing worse than dating a mad scientist who couldn't keep his swizzle stick out of other women's beakers? Discovering he secretly revenge-altered your DNA while you were sleeping.Now, I'm the world's only rhino shifter.That's right. A rhinoceros.I went from second-runner-up at the Miss U.S. pageant, spending hours perfecting my ballet routine, spray tanning, and selecting the perfect push-up bra, to rolling in the mud to keep the ticks away and wondering what I'll do if militant shifters determined to kill freaks like me catch up with me before I'm able to stay human full time.Enter two stupidly hot vampires who say they can give me what I need.All night long...Okay, so they don't say the second part flat-out, but it's all sorts of implied. I scratch their backs, they'll scratch mine, and we'll all part ways with multiple O's, no regrets, and no one's head on a pike outside Kin Born Shifter headquarters.But what happens when I fall in love? With both of them?Or when I decide maybe being one-of-a-kind isn't so bad, after all?Can rhinos live happily ever after?Push Up Brawl is a red hot stand alone urban fantasy romance set in the world of Bella Jacob's Dark Moon Shifters series. Each of these steamy standalone tales end with a happily ever after and can be enjoyed alone or as part of the larger Dark Moon universe. No Cliffhanger.

Wicked Good Witches Three Book Box Set

Starla Silver - 2015
    The Three Book Box Set is a Limited Time Offer so Grab it Fast! The Howard Witches, three siblings charged with protecting The Demon Isle... Charlie, the werewolf. Michael, the empathic death reader. Melinda, living under self-inflicted house arrest. Her gift: prophetic dreams of people about to die. Their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield. Charming, ridiculously handsome, and walking a dangerous line between sinking into darkness and living in the light. In constant temptation to declare his love for the one woman that could be his undoing. The story begins with an unsolved murder. One that will change everything... Come stalk the streets of The Demon Isle... you'll go up against witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, shapeshifters, ghosts, mermaids, faeries and a host of other devious supernatural creatures waiting to wreak havoc on The Demon Isle. Where fans of the paranormal come to vacation and immerse themselves in fantasy. Where magic comes to life, mysteries abound, and you might just find yourself laughing, crying, and most definitely, falling in love. In Book One: Melinda Howard is the Demon Isle's weird girl... the one that's been holed up in the Howard Mansion for the last four years. Why? No one knows the truth except her family... a long line of witches charged with protecting the Demon Isle, along with their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield. Another reason Melinda doesn't mind her self-inflicted imprisonment. She gets to spend her days with the charming vampire, who also happens to be her best friend. Only now, she's spending her night's with him too. He just doesn't know it... Any other girl would enjoy the nightly thrill of a sexy vampire invading her dreams. But not Melinda as her dreams have a tendency to come true. Although typically, they don't include the handsome vampire she's crushing on, but rather horrifying visions of people about to die. But she cannot stay under self-inflicted house arrest forever. And if her brothers or William get their choice in the matter, Melinda will be out of the house partying with her friends, giving her affections to a human, not a vampire, and digging into her role as a witch. A role her eldest brother Charlie lives for and a role her second brother Michael would rather live without. Nevertheless, when duty calls, usually from the local sheriff needing help with some tourist who's gotten themselves into trouble, life screeches to a stop, and duty takes over. Such is the case when the sheriff needs help with a four-year-old murder investigation; one she fears has a supernatural cause. To assist her in the case, she calls upon the skills of The Howard Witches. However, what they learn might be more than any of them can deal with, or accept. Worse yet, they fear what this discovery will do to Melinda, as it returns them all to the core of her self-imprisonment. Back to the lives, she could not save... Wicked Good Witches... Book 1: Demon Street Blues Book 2: Alpha Knows Best Book 3: Bye Bye Bloodsucker Book 4: Ghast Me Gently Book 5: A Nightmare to Remember Book 6: A Stake With a View Book 7: Bite Me, Baby!

Blood Captive

Izzy Shows - 2018
     The dawn of vampires has come, they have dominated the world, and the blood mages that challenged them—the only creatures capable of annihilating their species.  When one blood mage is freed from the dungeons, by a werewolf no less, tensions rise in the vampire court. Werewolves have not been seen in centuries, and a blood mage on the loose could mean the downfall of vampire kind.  She’s taken, trained, and turned into a lethal weapon. The shadows are her friends, the vampires her prey.  The time has come for her to prove herself—her first solo hunt. If she fails, she stands to lose everything she’s come to depend on.  When the Prince of Vampires stands between her and her prey, she has no choice but to find another way. But he’s not the only complication.  What price would you pay for freedom?

Daughter of the Flames

Nancy Holder - 2006
    Then she begins to hear voices in her head when she's awake.Slowly she realizes that she's not going crazy -- she's reading people's minds. And that's just the beginning. When the mysterious Jean-Marc enters her life, he introduces her to a dark world beyond anything she's ever imagined and powers she never knew she had. Now he will lead her to her destiny...or her ultimate destruction.

The Mageri Series Box Set

Dannika Dark - 2013
    But she is not alone. Zoe must learn to trust the new men in her life that are friends, protectors, and companions.But only one will be her lover.STERLINGZoë Merrick lived an ordinary life until late one night, she was brutally attacked and left for dead.She survived, saved by a stranger who witnessed her undergo a physical transformation. That's not the only thing that's different. Zoë is unable to control an unexplainable energy coursing through her body.Justus De Gradi is a man who can teach her that control. He's handsome, arrogant, and not entirely human. He reveals that she is a Mage - an immortal made of light, not magic. She must now make a choice: Rebuild her life in the human world with the man who saved her, or live with Justus and learn how to use her extraordinary gifts. Justus has sworn an oath to protect her life, but can he guard her from the one man who has a right to claim it?Zoë learns the price of freedom...and the value of loyalty.TWISTMonths after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws. She is forced to give up her old life and live in secret among the humans. There is finally hope of leading an ordinary life . . .Until Logan Cross walks into it.Their chance meeting leads her close to discovering the identity of the nameless Mage who once stole her light and discovered the unique power she possesses. That knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Silver, fueling the search to find out who he is before he finds her.Lives are at stake. Truths are revealed. And an unexpected passion ignites.IMPULSEAlmost one year ago, a Mage attacked Silver and changed the course of her destiny.Immortals exist, and now she is one of them.Within the dark and supernatural city of Cognito, Silver is living under the watchful eye of her Ghuardian and dating her mortal enemy. Neither man can protect her from a dark secret, one buried within the contents of a box. As rival factions struggle to gain control, she finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old feud that threatens to drive a wedge between her and Logan Cross, the man who intends to seduce her.In an explosive turn of events, one life is saved and another is forever altered. Can Silver trust those around her, or are they hiding a dark secret of their own? SEVEN SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 - Seven Years (Seven Series #1)Book 2 - Six Months (Seven Series #2)Book 3 - Five Weeks (Seven Series #3)Book 4 - Four Days (Seven Series #4)Book 5 - Three Hours (Seven Series #5)Book 6 - Two Minutes (Seven Series #6)Book 7 - One Second (TBA) SEVEN WORLD Charming (TBA) MAGERI SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 - Sterling (Mageri Series: Book 1)Book 2 - Twist (Mageri Series: Book 2)Book 3 - Impulse (Mageri Series: Book 3)Book 4 - Gravity (Mageri Series: Book 4)Book 5 - Shine (Mageri Series: Book 5) Final Installment!OTHER BOOKS:Closer: A Novella

The Witch Doctor Is In

Mindy Klasky - 2018
    Ashley McDonnell, a witch, always knew running a hospital for paranormal creatures would be a challenge. But then she lost her magical powers. And Empire General’s operating license was put in jeopardy. And the most valuable supernatural drug in all of Washington DC was stolen from the hospital’s impermeable safe. Now, Ash must work to regain her lost powers, even as she fights to discover who is undermining the hospital’s upcoming inspection. All of which would be a lot easier if she weren’t distracted by Secret Service agent Nick Raines, a newly turned vampire who appeared at Empire General the night everything went wrong. How can Ash regain her magic when the vampire making her hormones hum may be the man sabotaging her career? Magical Washington includes The Washington Witches Series, the Washington Vampires Series, the Washington Warders, and the Washington Medical: Vampire Unit Series: Girl's Guide to Witchcraft Sorcery and the Single Girl Magic and the Modern Girl Capitol Magic Single Witch's Survival Guide Joy of Witchcraft "Dreaming of a Witch Christmas" "Nice Witches Don't Swear" Fright Court Law and Murder “Stake Me Out to the Ball Game” The Library, the Witch, and the Warder The Witch Doctor Is In Fae's Anatomy 100218mkm

The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf

Cate Dean - 2017
     She hopes that a move to Nocturne Falls will help her find out why – and maybe get some of it back. But when a sexy werewolf crashes into her life – literally – she realizes that the quiet life she had planned just flew out the window. And she learns that there’s more than one kind of magic. Harrison Grey has always been clumsy, and has been the star of many jokes since he tripped over his first branch. Now, as the owner of a shop selling interesting keepsakes to the tourists, he can at least go about his day without embarrassing himself. Until he tumbles at the feet of a beautiful new resident. Her humor, and her acceptance, restore his belief in himself. When he learns of her recent loss, he helps her find the person she can be, with or without magic.

Cassie Palmer Novels 1-5

Karen Chance - 2011
    Battling with vampires, feys and mages who all seek supremacy, Cassie must use her powers wisely in order to save herself - and the world.The Cassie Palmer Novels includes Touch the Dark, Claimed by Shadow, Embrace the Night, Curse the Dawn and Hunt the Moon.

Fated Bonds

Tessa Cole - 2019
    Be patient, Amiah. Someone’s out there who’ll awaken and complete your soul bond. It’ll be beautiful. It’ll be… The worst possible thing that could happen. Because a soul bond is no fairy tale, it’s a prison. Torture, should I wind up bonded to a complete stranger. Or worse, driven insane over a lost soul mate. It’s a ticking time bomb and I’ll do anything to get rid of it. But before I can figure out how or if that’s even possible, Titus, the last dragon shifter, falls out of the sky and my healing magic accidentally leashes us together. If we’re separated, we both die. Now we — along with Cassius, my best friend and a top JP agent, and Sebastian, a fae sorcerer who just won’t stop hitting on me even though I know he doesn’t really mean it — are being hunted by men who want to possess Titus’s unique dragon power. And if they can’t have him, they won’t hesitate to kill him… and take me down with him. Fated Bonds is the first book in the Angel’s Fate series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with powerful sexy men and a heroine who doesn’t have to choose. ** Angel’s Fate is a spinoff series from the Nephilim’s Destiny series. It’s not necessary to read the first series to enjoy this one.

Bear Guards

J.S. Striker - 2018
    You won't find it on a map and it is full of secrets...EvanDeana Thomason has had enough of heartbreak, and moving away from the city and into her grandmother's town seems like the perfect way to recuperate. The people are friendly, sometimes nosy, and everything has its charm...except maybe the cops.Okay, one cop.Evan Malone is the kind of confident man who gets on her nerves and her walls at the same time. He's charming. He's watchful.He's dangerous.But as it turns out, there are more dangerous things than a cop here, and Deana is in for a rude awakening as she finds Evan's protection drawing her closer to the town's secrets. In the end, she's left with two choices: run far away, or run into the arms of a man who stirs her soul--and who has more secrets than she could ever possibly imagine...GarrettAs the peacekeeper of the vampires in a town where they aren't exactly adored, Angel Hayley is used to obstacles every single day--and it's not made easier when three strange vampires come in and wreak havoc.Now she has to work with a cop: Garrett Limewell, who's about as righteous as anyone can get and is out to prove that she doesn't belong here. Well, two can play that game. In a battle of wits and survival, they come together: in heated words, burning touches and everything in between.And Angel must resist it every step of the way, because there's an enemy hunting her--and it might be him...AdamBeing the witch doctor of a town filled with supernatural beings isn't exactly easy, but it's a job Hazel Woodson is used to. They trust her, and she trusts them. She also lends a certain protection, one that keeps the town somewhat safe.Except that protection is broken when a stranger comes into her house, bloodied and asking for help.His name is Adam Ushmeg, and he's the most fascinating man she's ever met. He's ancient, and he's powerful--and he has enemies, creatures that will stop at nothing to get to him.Now Hazel has to decide: keep Adam here and work with him, and try not to get too distracted by the heat burning between them.Or she could drive him away and keep the town--and herself--safe for good...NikolaiLife as an outcast isn't as bad as everyone claims it to be, especially for a powerful witch like Irene Stanford. Sure, it gets lonely. But she gets more free time to experiment with her magic, and she's often out of trouble.Which is why it comes as a rude surprise when Nikolai Bastet marches into her life and demands for assistance. He's the town's hotshot Sheriff, and she's always disliked their kind. But the man leaves her with no choice, and soon Irene finds herself involved in a tangle of fights, power struggles and a darkness that's far more dangerous than she's ever faced.But there's one thing more dangerous: Nikolai himself, and how she's drawn to him when she can't be--not when it can mean his instant death...Adult Content.