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The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror by R.J. Mitchell


Ten's a Crowd (part one): The Heartwarming Story of a Glasgow Family

Cliff McCabe - 2014
    With Mum, Dad and eight kids to feed, life in the Glasgow of the Seventies, was never going to be easy for the clan McCallister. They were short of money, overcrowded and had to rely on second-hand furniture and an outside toilet. But despite their lack of material possessions it was a happy home, full of love and laughter (and a few tears). Based on McCabe's own upbringing on the south side of Glasgow, the Ten's a Crowd series has become a real favourite.

Top Dog

Kerry Kaya - 2019
    There is only one way out. Danny McKay wants out, his boss Freddie Smith on the other hand has different ideas. At all costs, Freddie the Top Dog of the East End must protect his reign and if that means disposing of his much younger, stronger, number two, then so be it. With a price on his head, Danny must fight to stay alive. He joins ranks with his close friend Moray Garner and together they set out to take over the East End once and for all. Along the way they discover a secret, a secret so horrifying that it could bring the underworld crashing to its knees. The question is who will survive and who will be crowned the Top Dog. Top Dog a hard hitting and compelling read. Gillian Godden Author.


Kerry Barnes - 2021
    Within hours, he moves out, taking only his middle son and leaving his other two children, Jordan and Sonny, to be dragged up by their mother.Growing up in the same street but in reality worlds apart, Eden’s life is vastly different from the Swan brothers.She endures the unimaginable at the hands of Gabriel her father – a Jehovah’s Witness elder. But no one believes her.Shunned by her community, she must go it alone. But can she survive being an outcast from all she’s ever known?With his beady eyes and deviant mind, Jordan Swan wants Eden for himself, but he goes too far . . .

At Her Majesty's Pleasure

Robert Douglas - 2007
    He tells us of his prison experiences, with anecdotes about many of the most famous criminals in British history -- the Krays, the Richardsons, the Great Train Robbers, Soviet spies and many more. Told in the same endearing and fascinating voice that readers of LAST SONG OF THE NIGHT TRAM and SOMEWHERE TO LAY MY HEAD first fell in love with, this volume continues the story of Robert's remarkable journey of self-education, introducing us to larger-than-life characters on both sides of the bars, and evoking a strong sense of social change as Britain emerged from the post-War gloom into the bright lights of the Beatles years.

Gold Digger

Gillian Godden - 2020
    With her mother locked up for murder, all Julie cares about is protecting her younger sister, Frankie. But penniless and alone on the streets of Liverpool, Julie realises that there’s only one sure fire way to make cash fast – the oldest trade.The men mean nothing to Julie, until she meets Ralph Goldstein, an ex-con who’ll do whatever it takes to make his way to top. And the only man Julie can trust.Separately, Ralph and Julie’s lives are filled with risk and danger. But when they meet, their blend of personality and ambition could be the best thing that ever happened … or the worst.Will their pasts be their downfall, or will they make it big...together?

McGraw: The Incredible Untold Story of Tam 'The Licensee' McGraw

Reg McKay - 2008
    He rose from poverty in the city's East End to amass a vast fortune from crime and, when he died in 2007, his empire stretched from Glasgow to the Canaries. When he was alive, few would talk openly about the man known as 'The Licensee'. But now his incredible, untold story can finally be revealed. Real stories about the time McGraw cheated The Godfather, risking his life to end a dynasty. How he was behind the UK's biggest coke heist and who paid the price. Who killed the six Doyles in the Ice Cream Wars. Why the BarL Team was never caught even with MI5 on their case. Armed jail breakouts - who arranged them, who grassed them. There are hit contracts, backstabbings, vendettas and scores to settle with everyone from The Godfather to The Devil, M Family, Specky Boyd and Paul Ferris. McGraw did all that and much more yet was never caught. Why? He was The Licensee. Licensed to Commit Crime.

Dirty Tricks (Big Mo Series #1)

Dreda Say Mitchell - 2020
    Her dad is long gone and she won't listen to the pleas of her mum and granddad. When she's talent-spotted by local villain Barker, Mo jumps at the chance to start climbing the criminal underworld ladder.Then a vicious and violent East End gangland war to the finish breaks out between Mo's boss, Barker and fearsome gangster, Jimmy Southpaw, the head of the notorious Steele family. Mo is soon in the thick of this brutal struggle. But why are Barker and Jimmy really fighting? And will Mo live long enough to find out?

Daria's Daughter

Linda Huber - 2021
    Her daughter has vanished without a trace and nobody is telling her what happened. Evie's gone. That's all. Gone. What does Daria have left to live for?A mother and daughter reunitedMargie can't believe it. Bridie is hurt. Bridie needs her. They manage to escape the smoke, the noise and the confusion. They are together, that's all that matters. Everything will be better in the morning, Margie tells Bridie. And it will.The bonds that never breakWill Daria ever be able to put the pieces of her tattered life back together after the loss of her daughter? Is it possible that things aren't quite as they seem? Can the unimaginable turn out to be the truth?

Traitor in the House (Bad Blood #5)

Caz Finlay - 2021

The Real Gorbals Story: True Tales from Glasgow's Meanest Streets

Colin Macfarlane - 2007
    He lived in the same street as its fictional 'razor king', Johnnie Stark, and subsequently realised that a lot of the old characters represented in the book were still around as late as the 1960s. Men still wore bunnets and played pitch and toss; women still treated the steamie as their social club. The razor gangs were running amok once again, and filth, violence, crime, rats, poverty and drunkenness abounded, just like they did in No Mean City.MacFarlane witnessed the last days of the old Gorbals as a major regeneration programme, begun in 1961, was implemented, and, as a street boy, he had a unique insight into a once great community in rapid decline. In this engrossing book, MacFarlane reveals what it was really like to live in the old Gorbals.

The Ferris Conspiracy

Paul Ferris - 2001
    How did he become Glasgow's most feared gangster, deemed a risk to national security?Arthur Thompson, Godfather of the crime world and senior partner of the Krays, recruited young Ferris as a bagman, debt collector and equaliser. Feared for his capacity for extreme violence, respected for his intelligence, Ferris was the Godfather's heir apparent. But when gang warfare broke, underworld leaders traded in flesh, colluding with their partners - the police. Disgusted, Ferris left the Godfather and stood alone. They gave him weeks to live.While Ferris was caged in Barlinnie Prison's segregation unit accused of murdering Thompson's son, Fatboy, his two friends were shot dead the night before the funeral and grotesquely displayed in a car on the cortége's route. Acquitted against all the odds, Ferris moved on, determined to make an honest living.They would not let him.The National Crime Squad, MI5, the police and two of the country's most powerful gangsters saw to that. A maximum-security prisoner, Ferris is known as 'Lucky' because he is still alive.This is one man's unique insight into Britain's crime world and the inextricable web of corruption - a revealing story of official corruption and unholy alliances.

Our Little Secrets

Peter Ritchie - 2019
    But the demons of her past are never far behind.Meanwhile, Edinburgh's gangland is in turmoil. As a new breed of upstarts challenges the old criminal order, their battle for territory causes serious havoc.Into the war steps DI Janet Hadden. Ambitious, hardbitten and addicted to risk-taking, she knows how to throw opponents off balance. But when she’s thwarted, Hadden seeks help from a notorious underworld fixer, a man who keeps secrets but always extracts a price.Beset by violence and double-crossing, Grace is soon embroiled in a savage game of cat and mouse with colleagues and criminals alike. With all sides driven by dark desires, theirs is an endgame that will take Grace down unless she holds her nerve. 'Peter Ritchie pulls no punches with this gritty police procedural. A thoroughly absorbing read which drew me in from the first page.' – CAROLINE MITCHELL, bestselling author of Truth and Lies

Watch Over Me

Jane Renshaw - 2020
    But some dreams turn into nightmares.Flora and Neil are happily married, but they can’t have children so decide to adopt. And when Flora  meets little Beckie it’s love at first sight. Deep in her heart, she knows they’re meant for each other, destined to be mother and daughter. When Flora officially becomes Beckie’s mum, it’s like a part of her that’s always been missing is finally in place. She is complete, every day filled with purpose and joy. There’s only one problem. Beckie was taken from her birth family, the Johnsons, because they have a history of violence and criminal behaviour and so are judged to be unfit to care for a child. But the Johnsons don’t agree. As far as they’re concerned, Flora has stolen their little girl and they are determined to get her back. They’re very smart, utterly ruthless – and they have a plan. One that will turn Flora’s life into a living hell and push her to the very edge of insanity. This stunning psychological thriller is perfect for fans of K.L. Slater, Mark Edwards, and Teresa Driscoll.What readers are saying about Watch Over Me:“Fantastic, absolutely brilliant! I loved all the twists and turns…every time I thought I had worked it out another twist appeared.” -NetGalley Reviewer“I was hooked on this story…from the moment I picked my Kindle up until the moment I put the Kindle back down, I was completely under this book’s spell. ” -Gingerbookgeek“I can promise you Watch Over Me will be making my top books of 2020 list in December! There’s some great twists in here as well. The ending was perfect. This is a strong 5/5 and I’m very happy I got to read Watch Over Me. I can highly recommend this book.” -NetGalley Reviewer“There were many times I forgot to breathe, I was that engaged and absolutely loved the ending. Great psychological thriller…I highly recommend!” -Goodreads Reviewer“There are lots of twists and secrets revealed with the ending being incredibly gripping and surprising. I had many ideas about what was going on but was proven wrong, which I always enjoy.” -Over The Rainbow Book Blog“The shocks were plentiful, and that made reading enthralling.” -Shalani’s Books and Reviews“The book was very exciting. Right from the word go I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down. It was fast paced. Fantastic twists and plot. A real winner.” -NetGalley Reviewer“An excellent page turning read and had me hooked right to the end.” -NetGalley Reviewer“Jane Renshaw plays mind games with you in this tension-filled psychological thriller that will leave you gasping in shock.” -Book Review Hub

A Gingerbread House

Catriona McPherson - 2021
    You should… When shy, lonely Ivy meets a woman who claims to be her long-lost sister, she knows it’s too good to be true. She decides to trust Kate anyway. She wants a family. She wants someone to love. She’s making a mistake. Ivy enters Kate’s Scottish fairytale cottage… and she doesn’t come out. She’s the first to go missing. She won't be the last.

Vegetarian Nosh For Students

Joy May - 2006
    All new layout and photography. Photo with every recipe. No weighing scales required - only a mug and spoons. Accurate pricing with every recipe. Difficulty star rating with every recipe. Sample menus and shopping lists. Vegetarian Society Approved.