Creepy Crawly (DI Jake Sawyer, #1)

Andrew Lowe - 2018
    Sharp, tough and pathologically fearless.Now he’s quit the capital and returned to his home town in England’s Peak District, to investigate the savage murder of his mother, thirty years earlier.When the body of a teenage boy is found in a shallow grave, close to woodland where Sawyer used to play as a child, he’s called in to help decode the killer’s nightmarish methods.But as the victims stack up and the case takes an unexpected turn, Sawyer must risk his own life to hunt the hunter and save an innocent. Creepy Crawly is Book One in the DI Jake Sawyer series. Dive in now and discover a new breed of detective, with stories that reveal the dark side of one of England's brightest beauty spots. Praise for Andrew Lowe:"Prose that gets under your flesh and into your bones.""Taut and compelling. Not a wasted word.""Plot and character perfectly intertwined.""Keeps you reading through the night.""Poetic and utterly gripping."(Amazon reviews).

Mortal Crimes 2 (The Mortal Crimes Collection)

J. Carson Black - 2014
    After that the bundle will be gone for good!_____________IMPROPER INFLUENCE (Sasha McCandless Series) - Melissa F MillerSasha McCandless and fiance Connelly follow a trail of corruption to political influencers, backroom deals, and the biggest law firm in Pittsburgh when investigating the interconnected deaths of several young women._____________THE DEVIL'S CAULDRON (Devil's Deep Series) - Michael WallaceParalyzed and locked in, Meggie can't tell anyone what really happened the night of her accident seven years earlier. Now, for the first time, there's hope for a cure -- and there are those who will do anything to keep it from her..._____________ULTIMATE JUSTICE (The Justice Series) - M A ComleyA shocking cover-up, a family trauma, an old wound reopened -- P.I. Lorne Simpkins navigates a minefield of danger as she takes on a grisly case of human trafficking that may well end up with her locked in a cage herself._____________DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Laura Cardinal Series) - J Carson BlackThe murder of two newlyweds leads Laura Cardinal to the dark side of love when she discovers ties to an underground organization that plunge her into a high-stakes conspiracy deep in the Mojave -- where there are no second chances._____________NIGHT GAME (The Night Series) - Carol Davis LuceWhen the King's Club resort casino becomes the hunting ground for a shadowy killer, owner Jay King places his bets on PI Kasey Atwood's talents, instigating a game of passion and revenge that puts Kasey's heart -- and her life -- at risk._____________POE (Alexandra Poe Series) - Brett Battles & Robert Gregory BrowneDesperate to locate her father -- who's been disgraced and accused of treason -- Alexandra agrees to run point on a dicey mission to acquire a fugitive that will take her behind the walls of a brutal and dangerous women's prison._____________SECTOR C - Phoenix SullivanThe search for Patient Zero in a cross-species outbreak leads CDC analyst Mike Shafer and veterinarian Donna Bailey to a shocking discovery at a big-game compound in North Dakota whose owner will kill to keep the secret of Sector C.

The October List - Free Preview (first 4 chapters)

Jeffery Deaver - 2013
    . .#1 bestselling author Jeffery Deaver has created the most riveting and original novel of the year-a race-against-the-clock mystery, told in reverse.THE OCTOBER LISTGabriela waits desperately for news of her abducted daughter.At last, the door opens.But it's not the negotiators. It's not the FBI.It's the kidnapper.And he has a gun.How did it come to this?Two days ago, Gabriela's life was normal. Then, out of the blue, she gets word that her six-year-old daughter has been taken. She's given an ultimatum: pay half a million dollars and find a mysterious document known as the "October List" within 30 hours, or she'll never see her child again. A mind-bending novel with twists and turns that unfold from its dramatic climax back to its surprising beginning, THE OCTOBER LIST is Jeffery Deaver at his masterful, inventive best.

Knife & Death

Jay Gill - 2019
    Hardy is now in a race against time. The victim's flat-mate is a potential witness to the crime. On-the-run for her life, Hardy must track her down before the killer does. With his family under threat and his personal life under scrutiny, Hardy questions his ability to hold it together long enough to find the killer. Then, as Hardy thinks the situation cannot get any worse, a new serial killer shows an unhealthy interest in him. Has Hardy finally met his match? Fortunately for you, if it all becomes too much you can put the kettle, make a cuppa, and catch your breath. For Hardy, there's no such respite in this thriller starring my much-loved detective. CAUTIONARY NOTE: This novel is strictly for fans of fast-paced, crime thrillers. Some readers have noted considerable pulse-pounding enjoyment. Curious sensations, which include fear and breathlessness, as well as an acute inability to put this book down.

What Lies Beneath

Bill Kitson - 2010
    Little did he know . . . PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A REVISED EDITION OF A BOOK FIRST PUBLISHED AS “DEPTH OF DESPAIR” BONES IN THE WATER Two skeletons are discovered in Lamentation Tarn, a mountain lake. Talented detective Mike Nash and his team have little evidence with which to work, until a surprising discovery prompts them to contact law enforcement agencies in Eastern Europe. A GRIPPING, FAST-PACED MYSTERY WITH SOME STUNNING TWISTS A joint task force is formed to uncover a criminal network involved in prostitution, drugs, and human trafficking, but Nash's preoccupation with internal politics, as well as with an attractive Russian detective, proves to be a distraction. A BREATH-TAKING CRIME THRILLER PERFECT FOR FANS OF IAN RANKIN, JD KIRK, DS BUTLER or PETER ROBINSON. Finally, a young victim escapes the gang's clutches, providing Nash with much needed evidence. A search of the neighboring tarn yields evidence of even more heinous crimes. Who else will die before the criminals are brought to bitter justice?

Three Great Novels: Perfect Husband / Other Daughter / Third Victim

Lisa Gardner - 2003
    Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay. Now the cunning killer has escaped--and the most dangerous game of all begins.... After a lifetime of fear, Tess will do something she's never done before. She's going to learn to protect her daughter and fight back, with the help of a burned-out ex-marine. As the largest manhunt four states have ever seen mobilizes to catch Beckett, the clock winds down to the terrifying reunion between husband and wife. And Tess knows that this time, her only choices are to kill--or be killed. Lisa Gardner sold her first novel when she was 20 years old. In 1993 she graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in international relations. She lives in Rhode Island, where she is at work on her next novel of suspense.

When Darkness Calls

Mark Griffin - 2018
    For fans of Patricia Cornwell, Val McDermid, Robert Galbraith and the TV crime series Luther and Strike. Do you dare to look into the eye of a serial killer...?Holly Wakefield works for the NHS as a criminal psychologist specialising in serial killers. She has particular reason to be good at her job - but she keeps that to herself. When DI Bishop from the Met Police approaches Holly to investigate a recent killing, Holly is horrified by the dismembered bodies and the way they have been theatrically positioned. More shocking still is when the pathologist reveals this is not the first time she has seen these mutilations. It means a serial killer is out there, and they're going to kill again - soon. Holly is used to chasing serial killers. But this killer has something in common with Holly that she's kept hidden for as long as she can remember. And for the first time since she was a child, Holly is forced to face the darkness of her past... A gripping thriller set in London, featuring a criminal psychologist who specialises in hunting serial killers, and has hidden reasons for being unnervingly good at her job . . .

No Way Home

Patricia MacDonald - 1989
    Founder's Day in Felton, Tennessee, should be a joyous occasion. But it's the day Michele Burdette never returns home from the festivities...the day Michele is found murdered. Now, as her mother Lillie tries to heal her shattered life, haunting questions emerge about the identity of Michele's killer -- and Lillie realizes no one in her family or in Felton can be presumed innocent. A ring of suspicion is tightening around Michele's father, stepfather, and her football hero brother, and Lillie's quest for justice will reveal the deadly lies hidden behind the closed doors of her town, and her past....

Only The Good Die Young : And I'm Not A Saint

Akash Verma - 2021
    She thinks that chapter of her life hasended, and starts afresh in Mumbai. But strangely, it seems her past is trying to catch up. Dhruv suddenlycomes back into her life. Even as they try to figure out their relationship, horrible things start happening to people they know. Together, Anuradha and Dhruv need to find out who it is that cannot bear to see them together. Who is carrying out these shocking crimes? Are they really soulmates cursed to stay apart, or is there some karmic debt they have to repay? Taut and thrilling, Only the Good Die Young is unputdownable.

Hidden Motives: Never Say Die / Presumed Guilty

Tess Gerritsen - 2014
    She’s aware of the dangers, but her search for the truth about that fateful flight is the only thing that matters. So Willy enlists the help of ex-army officer Guy Barnard…The rumpled, irreverent Guy knows the jungle and the workings of land, but in a place where truth has many faces, Willy suspects even Guy has hidden motives. What she isn’t prepared for are the shocking secrets and undeniable attractions that soon come to surface…Presumed GuiltyMiranda Wood thought she has seen the last of Richard Tremain, her rich and married ex-lover — until she discovered him stabbed to death in her bed. With her knife.As the obvious suspect, Miranda looks even guiltier when her bail is posted by an anonymous donor. Was this an act of kindness designed to buy her time to clear her name? Or is someone trying to manipulate Miranda and draw her into the dark and secret world of a murdered man, where everybody’s presumed guilty?

The Mercy Seat

Martyn Waites - 2006
    . . with his bruised characters, raw-edged dialogue, and extraordinary night vision."-"The New York Times Book Review" "London's dark heart has seldom been exposed with such surgical precision. Brutal, mesmerizing stuff."-Ian Rankin"A huge talent."-"TimeOut London""One of the brightest stars in the British crime writing firmament."-John ConnollyA research scientist has gone missing. An ace newspaper reporter has disappeared; so has a minidisc, along with its incriminating evidence. And a teenage hustler is on the run. In his pursuer, the Hammer, a skin-headed professional killer with a blue sapphire tooth and a taste for death metal, "the principle of evil" has indeed been "made flesh."From its staggering opening to an electrifying finish, its prose pumping adrenaline all the way, Martyn Waites' new novel wrests former investigative journalist Joe Donovan out of his reclusion in Newcastle. His heart broken by the disappearance of his six-year-old son two years earlier-a case that remains unsolved-he now finds his destiny entwined with that of the streetwise but vulnerable and frightened teenager Jamal. For on the minidisc, lifted by an unwitting Jamal, lies a crucial, increasingly perilous link to Donovan's past.Unsettling and unpredictable, this taut, compelling page-turner of a novel delivers point-blank every unexpected narrative hit, twist, and turn as it leads Donovan finally to the terror of the mercy seat.Martyn Waites is emerging as one of the leading writers of British noir fiction. "The Mercy Seat" is his first American release. He lives in Newcastle.

Spilled Blood: Inspector Drake Mysteries Box Set Book 1-3

Stephen Puleston - 2015
    every killer leaves a trace. Good thing that Detective Inspector Drake is on the case ... Spilled Blood: Books 1-3 includes the first three novels Brass in Pocket, Worse than Dead and Against the Tide (plus a bonus prequel novella Devil’s Kitchen) in the captivating mystery series readers describe as “exceptional” and “lots of twists and turns”. If you like clever plotting and engaging characters to keep you up late into the night then you will love Stephen Puleston’s bestselling series. 450+ 5&4* reviews. Find out why readers are enjoying Stephen Puleston’s clever murder mystery series. Buy the box set to get FOUR books you won’t want to put down!


Stephen Edger - 2011
    But behind closed doors, his wife is cheating on him; his daughter’s relentless screaming deprives them of sleep; and he drinks heavily.Struggling to maintain balance in his life, cracks start to appear. Unable to deal with the mounting pressure, he hires a private investigator to spy on his wife. He is prepared to do anything to maintain the idyll.As the conclusion of Duggan’s trial looms, he must come to terms with what he has done and why he is facing a life behind bars. He is about to learn a valuable lesson: not every fairy tale has a happy ending…Betrayal, revenge, regret and suspense: TELL NO LIES is a heart-breaking thriller, exploring what fathers will do when driven to desperation.(Also considered a standalone novel.)

The Drop - Free Preview: The First 11 Chapters (A Harry Bosch Novel)

Michael Connelly - 2011
    In one morning, he gets two.DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29-year-old convicted rapist. Was he an eight-year-old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab? The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab's DNA cases currently in court.Then Bosch and his partner are called to a death scene fraught with internal politics. Councilman Irvin Irving's son jumped or was pushed from a window at the Chateau Marmont. Irving, Bosch's longtime nemesis, has demanded that Harry handle the investigation.Relentlessly pursuing both cases, Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating unknown in the city for as many as three decades, and a political conspiracy that goes back into the dark history of the police department.

Next to Die

T.J. Brearton - 2018
    It should have been her who was working last night, not Harriet. It should have been her. When a social worker is brutally murdered, Detectives Mike Nelson and Lena Overton are straight on the scene. But with a long list of potential suspects, can they work out who’s next before the killer strikes again? It’s Lake Haven’s first murder in eighteen years, and the community is terrified – especially Bobbi, who was not only supposed to be on duty that night, but also has the same long dark hair as Harriet and drives the same blue car. Now Bobbi lives in constant fear that the murderer will be back for her… When Mike and Lena make a link to a missing-persons case and uncover a wide-spread grudge against social services, they know they’re close to uncovering the killer – but can they connect the last few dots and stop him before he takes another victim?