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Oresama Kiss by Nagae Tomomi


A Hot Gentle Kiss

Coda koda - 2015
    But the condition he offers up is for her to become his lover! "Don't think about anything. Just feel it." Shinoda's hands transform Kaori's body into a lustful one... She didn't want to become the CEO's lover, but the more she learns about pleasure the more she comes to want him... Why?

The Forged Night With A Sadistic Serviceman Vol.1 (TL Manga): Cry with your lovely voice

Kiha Chihana - 2017
    One day, she finds a service man making a woman cry; she attacks him with her wooden sword, but gets beaten like nothing. Her parents bring up a potential marriage proposal, and the potential husband happens to be the naval officer that beat her, Yoshimi. On top of that, the two proceed with a loveless marriage, and get married. On their first night, Chiyoka is told that “This is what married couples do” and gets pinned down on the bed. “Your skin… it’s so white” he tells her, as if he’s used to handling women. His caresses continue… Chiyoka’s eyes and heavy breathing makes Yoshimi even more aroused, but this man is actually…!! Vol.1, 62 pages.

Fu Junai - 不・純愛

Maki Enjōji - 2004
    The stranger turns out to be Shinohara Yuki, an old crush and work colleague of Kumiko's who quit 3 years earlier because of an incurable illness, and all he wants is to confess to Kumiko before he dies. Knowing that he'll die soon, Kumiko takes pity on Shinohara, invites him to live with her, and soon becomes his lover. But are her feelings really only pity? And is there something Shinohara's hiding too...?

Don't Let Your Guard Down Around Young Men! Vol.2 (TL Manga)

Satoya Hoshina - 2015
    She begins to wonder if her day to blossom will ever come. Then the day comes when Hayato, a young man who can speak 5 languages fluently and attends one of the country's most prestigious universities, enters her company as a new part-timer. Hayato ends up helping Sumire out numerous times and all is going well until he finds out… she's a virgin. What's she to do when he leans over her and tells her, "You wanna try it? I'm really good." And to make matters worse, he comes out and tells her that he is going to start living with her. Sumire's life was like a dried up desert but now things are about to get a lot more interesting! Vol.2, 74 pages.

The Poisonous Flower

Mayu Shinjō - 2005
    If you know, that your favorite idol is a player and know exactly where he is at the moment and you can get there, and you've dreamed about him since the fist day you saw him, what would you do? Misaki goes for it, for Michiru, but not everything goes as she planned...

We're New At This, Vol. 1

Ren Kawahara - 2018
    But while years of pining came easily to him, physical closeness does not...and he's having trouble navigating the intimacy that comes with marriage. Sumika, too, is having trouble bridging the gap between friend and lover...what is this innocent couple to do but navigate it together, awkwardness and all!

Sugar Family 1

Akira Hagio - 2002
    Actually, their parents have not registered their marrriage and therefore they aren't even siblings by law; but since both parents aren't around, they end up living together! Taichi who has a very serious case of sister complex, wishes for Yuka to call him "onii-chan". But Yuka's reaction is very cold?

Before We Knew It (Webtoon)

Mayaka Nakano
    An ordinary editor who has only experienced romance through novels finds herself caught up in a complex relationship with the flirtatious and mysterious best-selling author she is assigned to work with.Source: Webtoon

We just met and yet... we're engaged!?, Vol. 1

Myu Kisaki - 2016
    This is the situation Hana finds herself in whens he wakes up after an accident surrounded by her parents and a handsome man she doesn't know. Her parents seem at an utter loss as they tell her it is her fiance Souma. He seems sweet a first, but behind his mask lies a sadist who tells Hana that he is pissed off to have been forgotten.

The Cold-Hearted Wolf Has Come to Devour Me Again, Vol. 1

Yūki Saku - 2015
    His lips feel so forceful and hot, and refuse to let me go... For the first time in 9 years, Mao meets her childhood friend Yuto, who's turned into a cold man whose job is breaking couples up. Mao wants him to turn back to the gentle Yuto she remembers, but Yuto proposes a trade... Vol.1, 44 pages.

The Patient Nurse

Misao Hoshiai - 2007

The Forced Bride

Natsue Ogoshi - 2011
    It was agreed that they would get divorced when she turned 21, and she would receive her inheritance. However, as her 21st birthday approaches, Emily claims she wants to make the marriage void. She couldn't stand the rumors of his love affairs any longer, and asks her lawyer to take care of it, escaping to a remote cottage to avoid confronting the cold and arrogant man herself. But she was naive to think she could escape him. He tracks her down and declares, "before we break up, I'll show you the true happiness of marriage!"

Blanc Marie

Yuki Yoshihara - 2009
    What’s more painful than being married to a faithless and irresponsible husband? Being in love with your own brother-in-law, that is!

The Fishes

Ben . - 2005
    Cool lives his life moderately as a delivery boy. One day, he meets Ann accidentally. Only after a relationship begins to take shape, Mr. Cool realises that Ann is actually the sister of his ex-lover, Angel, who went missing without a trace. Situation starts to get cockle when Elvin, a friend of Ann begin showing his affection towards her. With all histories start to come up, their loves surely would end with more than just unhappy.

アクマでコイビト。[Akuma De Koibito]

Yuki Shiraishi - 2008
    Since then, Rinko has always had strong feelings for Itsuki, but will he ever be like that angel-like person she meet as a child or stay as the Akuma she has now gotten used to? Story 2: That's the Rabbit's Forest Madoka is a hardworker! One day her friend asks her to fill in for her as a house-keeper due to illness and Madoka gladly accepts. When she arrives at the apartment of the Art-College student who she's suppose to clean for she finds a scary shadow-like figure in a war-zone of trash. On top of that he yells and threatens to strip her and use her as a nude model. What mess has she gotten herself in!? And whats this? A rabbit-fetish? Story 3: Because, It's Love Jun has always had a mature and cold face, but she gets easily scared and cries when she's alone. The seniors are graduating and they don't have to go to school until their graduation. While Jun is cleaning the mops, a guy next to her accidentally splashes water all over himself. She hands him her handkerchief. This handkerchief is very important to her because a guy gave it to her while she was crying but she never saw his face. Before she knows it, the guy's friends drag him away with the handkerchief.