Suddenly Daddy

Jason Collins - 2020
    Now I’m in over my head. I want to be the adoptive dad she needs, but my busy career and the scars from my past are getting in the way. That’s why I hired Presley.A nanny was supposed to simplify things, but Presley is complicated. He’s a natural with Grace, and he’s more than just gorgeous—he’s the first man I’ve ever wanted. I think I’m falling for him, but a secret from his past could threaten our future together. Even so, he may be the one temptation I can’t resist.Presley has simultaneously made things easier and harder.PRESLEY:Falling for a straight man is such a bad idea.I’m nannying to cover the cost of grad school, but the more I get to know Grace, the more I think this isn’t just a job. I enjoy being a caregiver, and not just because her dad is a brilliant photographer—and the most striking man I’ve ever met.I can’t keep my mind off Justin, but there are two problems: he’s never been with a man before, and he’s my boss. To make matters worse, I’m haunted by the secret that made me leave my old life behind, and it might ruin things for all of us. But I’m already falling for him, and I can’t keep letting my past decide my future.Maybe it’s finally time for me to stop running.This is the first book in the Close Quarters series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

Tease Me

A.T. Brennan - 2020
    I’ve caught the feels for a client. Working as a mechanic and moonlighting as an escort takes up most of my time. The rest is split between hanging out with my friends and coworkers and taking care of my brother. I didn’t have the time or the desire for a relationship until I met a client I couldn’t get out of my head. Ryan is kind, attentive, and downright addictive. His maturity, as well as his calm and slightly awkward nature, draws me in. We’re as different as can be, but after an explosive first meeting, I can tell there’s something between us. Lines become blurred and boundaries are pushed as we continue to meet. Neither of us is looking for more, but Ryan is the first guy I can’t seem to get out of my head. I’m not sure what I want, I just know that ending things isn’t an option. Tease Me is a steamy 70k word, opposites attract, hurt/comfort story featuring an age gap, an empowered sex worker, some zany coworkers, and accidental feels. It is Book One in the Rebel Mechanics series but can be read as a standalone.

Because I Need You

Avery Duncan - 2018
    Single dad. Agency temp.Aiden MunroeCEO. Difficult to work for. Utter jerk.Ellis thought he knew exactly what to expect when he walked into the offices of Munroe Holdings as the new assistant to the CEO. But he never expected this.

Loving an Absentminded Astrophysicist

T.N. Tarrant - 2012
    Liam McGregor is a well-respected astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and geologist. With no family, few friends, and no romantic prospects, he’s used to being alone. Focusing on his various scientific projects and taking care of his decidedly unusual cat help keep the loneliness at bay. Jareth Manning is starting life over—new town, new job—after the loss of his husband. The last thing he expects is for the most absentminded, and beautiful, man he’s ever seen to take up residence in his heart. Nor did he expect to find himself a willingly humble slave to Her Imperial Highness, Empress the Cat. But Jareth has learned that love doesn't come around often and to hold on to it when it does. Jareth is willing to be patient if Liam is willing to take a risk after being burned before. They just have to survive Liam’s past returning. Eight years after Liam and Jareth marry, they want a child. Things don’t go well when they try to adopt, with terrible accusations thrown at Jareth. After recovering, they proceed with a private adoption, bringing home a beautiful little girl, Carinae. Then things get ugly, endangering not only Liam’s life, but Carinae’s.

Jonathan's Hope

Hans M. Hirschi - 2013
    Dan has been fighting his own demons since the death of his lover Sean. Having retreated from big city life, he is content to live in solitude, but he never counted on meeting Jonathan. Given the dire circumstances, Dan must set his own needs aside to help Jonathan reclaim his life, but he soon finds that the ghosts of both their pasts won’t die so easily.

When Souls Collide

N.J. Nielsen - 2012
    Riley Stuart contemplates his life. He gave up everything he knew to come halfway around the world to find things don’t always work out like you planned. On her deathbed his wife outs him to her family – her very bigoted family.Noah Johnson finds a naked man and infant in his barn. What are they doing there, and where did they come from? In the course of helping Riley get back on his feet somewhere along the way he felt their souls collide.


J.J. Riley - 2019
    Living in Echo Bay again was not how he saw his life going and opening a bar was never in the plan. Despite that, he does his best to learn to appreciate what he has and works hard to make a life for himself. When the adorable geek next door inadvertently starts a prank war, he doesn’t hesitate to show him how to lighten up. Ezra wanted to own his own bakery more than anything. Taking over his favorite childhood bakery only made the dream that much sweeter. What he hadn’t bargained for was the sexy and frustrating bar owner next door. When he develops feelings for his cocky neighbor, he realizes he may be in over his head. When one of their pranks goes hilariously wrong, they realize they just might mean more to each other than they anticipated. But can a quiet geek and an outgoing playboy make things work? This is a mm romance that contains sexual themes and is intended for readers 18+

Stepping Aside

Kian Rhodes - 2018
    Sorry I'm late.." The decidedly male voice trailed off as Ryan lowered the three boxes that had been obscuring his face. "You are not Gina." Ryan chuckled, immediately liking the man. "Nope. She's in the house." He wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans and walked over to offer it. "Ryan Daniels, Gina's brother." "Christian Dillion," the newcomer offered, gripping Ryan's hand. "I've seen you at the scout meetings." He realized he was staring when Ryan raised an amused brow. "Sorry." He released Ryan's hand and smiled. "Damn. I mean, the resemblance is seriously amazing." Ryan laughed and turned back to the pallets in the garage. "I'll take that as a compliment. Gina should be in the kitchen." "Thanks. Let me say hi and I'll be back to pitch in." Christian let himself into the house, careful to close the screen door without slamming it. As promised, Gina was in the kitchen, mixing what looked like a pitcher of pink lemonade on the counter by the sink. "Hey, girl." He leaned down to drop a friendly kiss on her cheek. "Please God, tell me your brother is gay."

It's Always Been You

Max Hudson - 2020
    He spent more time at the Hayne’s household than he did his own. Which means it shouldn’t have been a surprise when he realized that he was gay. It had been Conner’s older brother, Owen, who starred in Benji’s fantasies. Benji thought he was doing a good job at keeping his crush a secret until one day Benji walks in on Owen in all his naked glory. He knew he should turn away, but Owen spots him. Things take a turn that Benji never expected. When the night ends, Owen makes Benji promise to never tell Connor. The next day Owen left for college. Owen knew it was a mistake, but he couldn’t help the way he felt for Benji. He’d always had a thing for his little brother’s best friend. However, he knew nothing could come of it. Connor loved Benji like a brother. If Owen broke his heart, he and Connor would never be the same. So he ran. Now, he’s back, and his feelings haven’t changed. He wants Benji Cole, and he’s not letting anyone or anything get in his way. Please Note: This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approximately 30,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger." Themes includes: Unrequited love, friends to lovers, college, first time, coming out of the closet.

Happily Ever Alfie

K. Sterling - 2018
    Especially when life kicks you every time you're down. Alfie Stanford was a master of fairytales and happy endings but his own story was one sad twist after another. He didn't have time for true love and he was too tired to dance at midnight, he had four younger siblings to raise. Happily Ever After doesn't happen for everyone. Sometimes, you miss your chance while you're serving your country. Jack Church gave more than thirty years of his life to the Army and believed it was too late for him to be some man's Prince Charming. Sometimes, a little girl and a very special quilt are all it takes for something very magical to happen... Sometimes, there's robots.

Seasons of Flight

Manjushree Thapa - 2010
    Some days her birth village felt centuries away, and other days it was too close, she could not get far enough away from it- She lived, now, in America, in a spare, uncluttered flat with a transient feel. Her only memento from home was an ammonite, a lustrous stone the colour of shale, the shape of a lopsided egg. A fossil of marine life from when the himals were below the sea, millennia ago.' Prema, a young woman adrift in war-torn rural Nepal, with little to bind her to her family, village and country, wins a green card in a US government lottery and emigrates to Los Angeles. In this unfamiliar metropolis she struggles to invent a life she can call her own, even as love, and sexual awakening, transform her. There are no constants, or signposts, as she navigates the territory of her new world. But her commitment to Esther, the old woman she is employed to care for, her passionate relationship with Luis, her American lover, and her growing involvement with the endangered El Segundo Blue butterfly, give her a fragile sense of belonging. Lyrical and haunting, and also deeply political, this new novel by the celebrated author of The Tutor of History and Forget Kathmandu confirms her reputation as one of the most original and distinctive literary voices from South Asia.

Love Life & Circumstance

V.L. Moon - 2013
    He worked hard, devoting his time and energy to the family owned construction firm, leaving little time to focus on the deplorable state of his private life. Small town America was no place to be when all a man craved was the touch of another man. Elijah hid his sexuality and tried in vain to convince himself he could be happy with a woman. Urged on by the dream of having the family he craved, Elijah couldn’t know a drunken one night stand would see him pay the ultimate price.Leaving the bright lights of Atlanta and placing his own life on hold, paralegal, Seth Jacobs, moved to Alabama hopeful that with a baby on the way, his twin sister Bethany would settle down. His older sister by five minutes, she gave him the confidence he needed while growing to come out and be proud of who he was. It was his turn to return the support. On arrival in Headland, Seth endeavored to make her see the dangers her behavior presented to her and her unborn child. But, to no avail.When destiny deals a cruel blow, and the life of a newborn baby hangs by a thread, Seth and Elijah are flung together to deal with the tragic circumstances. The grief threatens to consume them, while joy and fear work to unite them. Jealousy, love, lies and bitter truths rise to the surface and threaten to tear them apart. Can the powers of love and life bring them together and heal the loneliness that death leaves behind? Or will circumstance prevail and fuel the embers of love that draw them together?


A.D. Ellis - 2015
     When Decker Morgan returns to Torey Hope, he has no time for love and distractions. Always in control, his loyalties lie with himself and his family. His only interest is putting down roots and expanding his family’s business. Kate Turner had planned to leave Torey Hope after college, but she found that being there for her family took precedence. When she lands her dream job working for Decker at his family’s business, The Center+, she realizes that Torey Hope is where she’s supposed to be. When Decker hires Kate she turns his world upside down. She’s brilliant, funny, beautiful, and completely off limits, due to Decker’s self-imposed rules concerning work and family. Kate knows a secret that will make their attraction for one another a little less taboo, but she needs to convince Decker to take a chance. Decker has to decide if he’ll give in to a forbidden romance or keep his tight control firmly in hand. Kate is possibly his perfect girl, but unexpected chaos and havoc at work threaten to tear her away. Will he find the courage to let go or will he lose the only girl he’s ever wanted to keep close? **This is a contemporary romance with suspenseful elements intended for readers age 18+ due to mature language, sexual situations, and violence. While there are no male/male sex scenes in this story, there are some detailed descriptions of male/male relationships.**

Something New

Tia Fielding - 2012
    Frank sets his sights on a sleepy town in Vermont, where he plans to start over in peace and quiet—plans that are destroyed when fireman Conner O’Malley literally blazes onto the scene. To Frank, the tattooed, redheaded twenty-three-year-old and his bright smile are a flash of light in an otherwise dreary life. But it’s a tricky situation right from the beginning. Frank’s passionless relationship has left him doubting that anyone could ever find him attractive. Conner’s juggling a demanding job and the unexpected responsibility of playing dad to his little brother and sister. Battling their own insecurities, Conner’s demanding schedule, and small-town homophobia is hard work—but sometimes hard work pays off. (This is a re-release of a previously published title. The story hasn't been changed.)

Spring Affair

B.G. Thomas - 2014
    His beloved mother has recently passed away, leaving him her house and beautiful garden. But should he keep the house? Sell it? To make matters worse, he’s in love with one of his best friends, Asher, a man who can’t (or won’t) love him back. Sloan’s neighbor, Max Turner, is married to an ambitious woman with far-reaching dreams, including moving the family to France. But Max is happy teaching at the local college and living in their nice, quiet town. Then he discovers his fourteen-year-old son is not only gay, but out and proud as well. That throws him into complete disarray, for more than one reason.... When Max’s wife leaves on a two-month business trip to Paris, circumstances throw the two men together. As they become friends, Sloan finds himself falling in love with Max, who is completely unavailable… just like Asher. As for Max, he is discovering that both his son’s coming out and his new friendship with Sloan are stirring up feelings he thought buried long ago. Spring is a time for rebirth—Is there any way the two men can find happiness and a new beginning?