Spirits, Hurricanes, and the Krewe of Ghoul

Deanna Chase - 2016
     It’s Halloween and Pyper Rayne’s all vamped up, ready to play the vampire bride. And so is Ida May, her resident ghost. But when the “vampires” they're partying with start to appear to be real, there’s more at stake that just a little bite. *Originally published in Spell of the Ball 2015*

The Chocolate Magic Café

Olivia Swift - 2018
    When she inherits an old stable from her aunt, she decides to convert it into a chocolate shop and café. The best contractor to help with the conversion is the man she has argued with since she was fifteen. The work sparks off spirit activity marked by the appearance of a mysterious ghost cat. Magda’s beautiful Birman cat, Crystal, starts to act strangely. What can it all mean? This is a story of friendship, friendly ghosts, cats, chocolate and true love.

Ghostly Start

Lily Harper Hart - 2016
    She's built a business out of helping souls crossover, and even though the cases sometimes go wonky she's good at what she does. Jared Monroe wants to be a big city detective in a large market. Instead he's forced to take a job in the small community of Whisper Cove until the right position opens up. He doesn't believe in ghosts, and yet he can't seem to stay away from Harper. These two are on a collision course for each other but danger is in the way. Can they survive long enough to give in to temptation, or will their chance at romance be cut short? This is the first three books in the Harper Harlow mystery series. It includes Ghostly Interests, Ghostly Issues and Ghostly Deceits.

Cursed Academy: Year One

Holly Hook - 2019
     Klutzes and small-town girls don't get taken to Olympian Academy to learn to hone their godlike powers. But when Giselle accidentally summons a void that almost eats her friend, it's done. Except she doesn't get sorted into Olympian, but to Cursed Academy, where the descendants of dark gods and the monsters from Greek mythology learn to serve their betters. And that's just the start. Giselle 1.) has a new type of magic never seen before and 2.) gets to deal with an epic jerk, Ronin, from Olympian Academy next door. He's a descendant of Zeus, totally hot, and very out of her league. Giselle quickly learns her void-summoning powers aren't normal and that an unknown enemy--perhaps someone in Cursed Academy already--seeks to use her for a plan so vile, it threatens the gods and the modern world. With nowhere else to turn, Giselle must seek help from Ronin, who might have a clue on what she is. If only he'd stop making fun of her every time she trips over her shoelaces. Is Giselle ready to learn the terrifying truth about herself and her powers? Cursed Academy is a teen academy romance series based on the dark side of Greek mythology. Keywords: teen academy romance, teen academy, greek mythology, paranormal academy, magic academy, magical academy, myths, young adult academy romance, series, book one, monster, contemporary fantasy, first year, year one, teen academy books, magic dark cursed deity powers elemental bully teen academy romance supernatural tracker siren song villain year one freshman magical mythical creatures mythological

Running on Air

eleventy7 - 2014
    Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

Golden Ghouls (A Greek Ghouls Mystery Book 4)

Alex A. King - 2019
     Winter winds are whipping across the Greek island of Merope, so why is the dead man on Allie’s grandmother’s grave naked? Allie Callas, owner of Finders Keepers, a business specializing in digging up answers, rare doilies, and occasionally people, is discovering that there are some things nobody needs to know—least of all her. When the dead man’s ghost takes over Allie’s toilet, he tells her he’s suffering from a case of unfinished business. Allie, he’s heard, is just the woman to tie up his loose ends. Not a chance. Not when she’s busy launching a one-woman manhunt to the UK to hunt for a missing client. But her rescue plans wind up derailed when a gang of cantankerous senior citizens dig up Allie’s grandmother and vanish with her remains—crumbling coffin and all. Detective Leo Samaras, hot cop and spectacular kisser, can’t help. He’s got his hands full with murder. So it’s up to Allie to ride shotgun with the rookie cop assigned to her grandmother’s body theft. He could use the backup. Especially if there’s a chance of zombies.

Olympus Bewitched

Alice Bloome - 2018
    So hop on your broomstick, set your sights on the mystical world of Silver Mist, and prepare yourself for a suspenseful and excitingly bumpy ride ridden with magic, mayhem, mystery, and the occasional murder. Note: Each book in this series is a standalone. It’s CSI with witches and Greek gods , a (supernatural) murder to solve , a coastal (magical) town to fall in love with , and a slow-burn romance that will have you turning the pages. This is a clean / wholesome read, with no graphic or suggestive scenes or extremely foul language. It is safe for all ages to read. Categories: Greek gods and myths, witches and wizards, magical realism, urban fantasy, paranormal cozy, supernatural thriller, fantasy romance.

One Charmed Evening

Rose Pressey - 2016
    Brothers Liam and Nicolas have been nominated for Coven Leader of the Year. Things take a strange turn when ghosts and magic collide during the ceremony. There will be no awards given out if Halloween doesn’t gain control of the event. Previously published in the Spell of the Ball anthology.

For Sale: Old Manor House

Merabeth James - 2011
     Growing up with paranormal entities in all shapes, sizes and species in the Victorian mansion of her eccentric Aunt Penelope Trevelyan, who probably would have been burnt as a witch in another time, Caitlin had been told countless times that she was fated to travel to Cornwall “when the time is right” and find? Her aunt had said it would be love with a happy ending, but Caitlin had her doubts. So far, she hadn’t found any man she was willing to spend more than a few hours with let alone a lifetime. But when she opens the letter from Thane Edmunds requesting her help, she feels a strange, intense pull that shoots a shiver of awareness through her entire being. Deep down, all the way to her toes, she knows the time was finally “right” and destiny had come banging on her door. Caitlin’s knack for ghost hunting had started in her college years, when she founded North East Paranormal Investigative Services, largely to protect her Goth friend and then roommate, Moira Smoot, from her own inept dabblings in the occult…something that had almost cost her more than her life. Since then, rules had been set up to help guard their safety in a setting, where anything could happen. Rules an excited Caitlin seems to forget, when she arrives in Cornwall ahead of her team and disregards NEPIS’ first rule of ghost hunting….”never go in alone”… by driving out to the site for a quick look around before night fall. Expecting a caretaker, she is disappointed to find the dilapidated manor locked up tight and no one there, at least no one living, for she senses more than one pair of ghostly eyes witness her arrival. Circling the outside, listening to the pound of the surf on the rocks below the cliffs, she finds the lock broken on the kitchen door and enters. Looking around the fast darkening, cavernous room, she notices that a cot had been set up in one corner and the swing door to the rest of the manor both padlocked and painted with a crudely drawn red cross. Knowing that can’t be good…knowing she should get her keister out of there, but fast, and head back to the safety of the village, she finds herself battling an inexplicable compulsion to spend the night…and losing. All alone in the dark, she begins to think she may have made a “horror”ble mistake, when she senses not only the usual ghosts and spirits that go ‘bump in the night’, but also the distant presence of Colin, the long dead fifth Earl of Eastwythe, now a restless incubus who plots to ensnare her in his delicious web of dark sexuality, since feeding his lust has been his sole antidote to an eternity he finds both “ducedly boring” and very lonely. But, listening to Caitlin moving about in the kitchen from his attic lair, he feels a twinge of conscience and decides to leave her “unmolested”…at least for the night. And so Caitlin, wrapping herself in the comforting memories of the past…cold…hungry…and more than a little scared, waits out the long, dark night unaware she has been given a short reprieve. One that Colin already regrets. But when Thane Edmunds arrives in the morning, and hears Caitlin knocking out the hinge pins in his kitchen door in order to satisfy yet another compulsion to see the rest of the manor before she leaves for the village, the atmosphere heats up quickly in the old manor.

The Pine Hill Inn

J.A. Whiting - 2019
    A. Whiting.Ella Daniels, a professor of American history at Green Hill University, comes from a family with many talents, and seeing ghosts is one of them. The family matriarch, Aunt Jin, has agreed to allow a journalist to do a story on their business, Green Hill Investigations.When the man accompanies Ella to a centuries-old inn to try to help a ghost cross-over, they stumble over the body of a dead man in the garden.Who killed him? Why? Will more bodies pile up?With the help of her brother, sister, and a black cat named Raisin, will Ella and her family find the killer before he or she strikes again?This story has ghosts and mild paranormal elements.

Dragon It’s Cold Outside

Julia Mills - 2019
    Time to do or die.Faith in things unseen… Hope in a myth only fools believe… Destiny woven together by the tender hands of the Universe…With her only chance at happiness, her very existence, teetering on the head of pin, Addilyn waits for her Mate, only one prayer on her lips… “Please don’t go away. Please come for me and stay. Fate Won’t Be Denied. Dragon, it’s Cold Outside.”

Big Easy Murder

H.P. Mallory - 2016
    And it’s about to get even more bizarre. As if it weren’t enough to be on the receiving end of the affections of two men, one of whom is deceased, Peyton finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery taking place nearly sixty years earlier. Ryan Kelly, her very much alive boyfriend, is by her side while the spirit of Drake Montague, a 19th century policeman, is inside her head and her heart. As Peyton finds herself drawn into the shadowy world of New Orleans voodoo, she can only hope she escapes unscathed. Or will she become the victim of another murder in the Big Easy?

Past Presence

Nicole Bross - 2019
    After a near-death experience in her teens, Audrey can see people's past lives whenever her skin touches theirs, and afraid of being labeled delusional, she's never stayed in one place too long or made any deep connections.So when Audrey's estranged aunt dies and leaves her the historic Soberly Inn and Public House on the scenic Oregon coast, Audrey wants nothing to do with it. She's determined to sell the inn and leave town before someone discovers the power she's been hiding from the world, but clauses in her aunt's will seem to block her at every turn.Yet once ensconced in Soberly's small town life, the people-particularly the inn's bartender, Kellen Greene-start to grow on her, and she begins to feel that maybe she's finally found a place of her own. As accepting as the townspeople seem, Audrey fears their reactions-and Kellen's rejection-and decides to keep her visions a secret. But all is not well in Soberly. Soon after Audrey arrives, people in town start dying in the same manner as in their past lives-but in this lifetime it's murder. When suspicion starts to fall on Audrey and Kellen, Audrey vows to use her gift to find the murderer and protect the people she loves-before it's too late.

Bewitching Laramy

J.D. Light - 2019
    At first, it had seemed like she just might convince the hard-edged, over-literal beauty to be hers… but almost overnight, things changed. Laramy stopped returning her texts and seemed to be avoiding her at all costs. It didn't deter her. She had a goal and that goal was to be mated to the gargoyle. So, she changed tactics, showing up at during the classes Laramy taught at the training facility, each time working harder and harder to gain her attention… until Laramy told her if she wasn't serious, then to leave her alone. So, apparently, Briec was going to have to act like a grown-up. Should be too hard, right? A misunderstanding when angry words are spoken causes Briec to change everything about herself, leaving Laramy feeling responsible and sad. She never wanted Briec to change. She loved the crazy garnet witch just the way she was. Now she has to figure out how to convince Briec of that, while dealing with feelings she's never had to deal with before… like jealousy. Bewitching Laramy is a Terra Mortis short. It would help if you've read the Terra Mortis series for the sake of knowing the background characters, but not knowing them won't take away from the romance.

The Remnant Chronicles ( The Remnant Chronicles #1-3 )

Mary E. Pearson - 2018
    The Kiss of DeceptionThe Heart of BetrayalThe Beauty of Darkness