Book picks similar to
Renegade Heart by Madeline Baker


Midnight Rider

Kat Martin - 1996
    HE WAS THE ONE MAN SHE WAS FORBIDDEN TO HAVE ...As soon as the tall, handsome Spaniard leaned down from his stallion to offer her a rose, Caralee McConnell knew California held danger. But all too quickly she was forced to deny the heat Ramon de la Guerra had sparked. Determined to please her uncle who had saved her from poverty, she must resign herself to marrying a man he has chosen for her ... and ignore what is in her heart.Behind Ramon de la Guerra's dark eyes throbbed the memory of his lands, stolen by the beautiful Americana's uncle. He had sworn to reclaim them --- riding by night as the ruthless outlaw, El Dragon. In a moment of rage and revenge, he stole Caralee away to his mountain lair ... but there, in a passion as sweet as California wine, he would reveal a secret that could cost him his life --- and his heart's freedom.

Tears Like Rain

Connie Mason - 1994
    But spirited Tears Like Rain risks her life to save a cavalry officer and make him her slave. Although the Indians have beaten and stabbed Zach to the brink of death, the real torture doesn't begin until he loses his heart to Tears Like Rain.

Running Fox

Cassie Edwards - 2006
    In each other, they stir feelings of hope, freedom, and longing. Original.

Wild Burn

Edie Harris - 2013
    Ask her name later. Wild State, Book 1Infamy weighs heavy on Delaney Crawford’s broad shoulders, first as a supposed Confederate turncoat, then as a relentless hunter of Cheyenne dog soldiers. Summoned to the small mining community of Red Creek, the exhausted, embittered Del is doing what he does best—ridding the town of its savage scourge—when one of his bullets misses the mark.Ex-nun Moira Tully has been working with John White Horse for months to integrate a band of peaceful Cheyenne with the local townsfolk. Now he’s hurt, and she’s been caught in the crossfire. There’s only one man to blame for her simmering anger and the inexplicable attraction that tilts her heart on its axis. Del.When Del is forced to acknowledge the truth that the Cheyenne are no threat, his task just gets more complicated: fighting a wild attraction that catches flame at the most inconvenient times, and figuring out the treacherous motives behind his hiring.But the most heart-wrenching challenge could be overcoming sordid pasts that won’t stay in the past—pasts that threaten to bury all hope of happily ever after. Product WarningsFeatures a trigger-happy Southern gentleman, an ex-nun gone rogue and consistently thwarted desires that frustrate them both.

Snow Fire

Norah Hess - 2000
    Blinded by the swirling storm, Flame knows that she cannot give up if she is to survive. Her memory gone, the lovely firebrand awakes to find that the strong arms encircling her belong to a devilishly handsome stranger. And one look at his blazing eyes tells her that the haven she has found promises a passion that will burn for a lifetime. She is the most lovely thing he has ever seen. From the moment he takes Flame in his arms and gazes into her sparkling eyes, Stone knows that the red-headed virgin has captured his heart. The very sight of her smile stokes fiery desires in him that only her touch can extinguish. To protect her he'll claim her as his wife, and pray that he can win her heart before she discovers the truth.

Too Tough to Tame

Deborah Camp - 1996
    But an attraction develops as Tess Summar fights to save her reluctant patient's life. When she is attacked for her actions on his behalf, the brave rescues her and together they retreat into their love.

Simply Heaven

Patricia Hagan - 1995
    Determined to bring his friend's estranged daughter, Raven Ralston, back into her family fold, Steve Maddox is surprised by the half-Tonkawa girl he meets, a woman cast out of her dead mother's family who quickly falls in love with him.

Prairie Embrace

Rosanne Bittner - 1987
    Then, out of the blue, she met the heated gaze of a bronze-skinned, jet-haired Indian and suddenly the dry, barren landscape was lifeless no more. Her flesh tingled with his nearness; her blood sang through her veins as he leaned even closer. The gorgeous pioneer reminded herself that he was a savage heathen and beneath her regard but deep inside she knew her fate was forever bound to his!When the powerful Sioux warrior Tohave spotted the lone wagon trespassing on reservation land, he raised his lance and charged, intent on punishing the palefaces for invading his territory. But where he expected to see an ugly white-eyes, he found the creamy-skinned temptress who had haunted his dreams. He pulled her close so she wouldn't run away; he traced her lush curves to make sure she was real. Tohave hated her for coming West, but couldn't stop the swell of love that filled him with primitive passion, as he took her in his Prairie Embrace.

Brave Heart

Lindsay McKenna - 1993
    Yet as a washerwoman for Blackjack Kingston in a Dakota mining camp, she knew only slavery and submission. Until she risked her life rescuing a group of Sioux women, and entered a world filled with love and respect - and Black Wolf.A Lakota medicine man, Black Wolf yearned for the day the red-haired Serena would stop fearing him. For he was determined to show her that a man could be a friend as well as a lover.

Kentucky Bride

Hannah Howell - 1994
    Her father's death has left her penniless, ostracized from Pennsylvania society, and abandoned by her fiancé. All she has now is a grieving mother, two hungry little brothers and no prospects...until a wealthy Kentucky backwoodsman with a deep Scottish burr comes to town-and inspires her to make a most daring move...It's no secret that rugged, roughhewn Scotsman, Ballard MacGregor is ready to marry. Nonetheless, he is surprised by genteel Clover's sudden proposal...and more than pleased. For the lass's sweet innocence is bewitching. But settlement life proves harsh on his refined young wife. And Ballard fears that unless he can awaken her passion and win her love-as she has won his-he may lose his Kentucky bride..."The superbly talented Howell never disappoints." —Romantic Times

Dark Stranger

Heather Graham Pozzessere - 1988
    All she had left to fight for was her ranch--but she had to give up her independence to do it. She needed Cole Slater's help, but in return she offered the only thing she had--herself. No questions. No answers. Just a bargain. From the author of Slow Burn.

Lucas's Lady

Caroline Lee - 2018
    So he's sent off for a mail-order bride who won't ask questions and wants a baby as much as he does.He just doesn't expect to fall for her.Shannon Montgomery is not a solution. She's spent her life knowing she's ugly, thanks to the large birthmark on her face. Becoming a mail-order bride to a man who's never seen her seemed the ideal answer, but she's eaten up with guilt for not confessing her imperfection to him ahead of time. See, she didn't expect to arrive at Sunset Valley and give her heart to her husband quite so soon.And now they're out of luck.Lucas's problem doesn't go away with his marriage; if anything, it gets worse. Now Shannon is in danger too, and Lucas learns he's willing to do anything to protect her. But Verrick, the notorious gunslinger Lucas hires, is nothing like he seems, and turns Lucas's world on its head in more ways than one. Between Shannon and Verrick, Lucas needs to earn how to open his heart to his past...and his future. Heat level 3/5: contains violence, minor cursing, and sex behind closed doors


Betty Brooks - 1987
    Terrified she was sure her fate was sealed, when up stepped the most magnificent bronzed male she had ever seen- and the warrior was issuing a challenge for her! Her sapphire eyes sparkled with fright, her skin flushed with fear... for Rebecca knew that if her captor won she'd lose her life, and if her defender triumphed she'd lose her innocence! In the Scarlet Sunset, Proud, Lone Wolf burned with passion the moment he beheld the auburn-haired beauty. He knew the torture she'd get at the hands of the other brave and even though it went against his better judgment, the aroused warrior fought for her. Desire fueled his strength against his rival; lust powered each mighty blow. Finally, hot with victory and raging for love, he gripped Rebecca in an embrace that brooked no dispute: he'd fought hard for the gorgeous captive-and only she had the power to extinguish his SAVAGE FLAME.

A Gambler's Heart

Kay P. Dawson - 2016
    Wanting a chance at a new life, away from the pitying stares and loneliness of her life in England, she answers an ad as a mail order bride in America. Brooks is a gambling man, who wants revenge against his father's killer. His plans are complicated when Fiona lands in his lap after a winning hand. He doesn’t have time to be looking after a woman, especially one who should have known better than to come to a strange country on her own. But, somehow, she has become his problem. Will the final wager cost him his heart?

Cherish the Dream

Jodi Thomas - 1993
    Now they set out to take all that life had to offer - - and were swept up in the rugged, positively breathtaking world of two young pilots, men who took to the skies with a bold spirit. And who dared them to love.Together they embraced a tumultuous world where luck and desire meet. Where the winds of war challenged their hearts. And where passion soared beyond their wildest dreams.