Seven Bridges: a suspense thriller

Ciana Stone - 2020
    Ciana Stone writes about a victim in a way that makes you wonder if she understands this level of fear. And the monster who haunts the lives of the characters is shockingly real. A brilliant tale you won't want to put down, but definitely not for the faint of heard." - Candid Book Reviews She was seven when the monster came and when he left that night, he took with him Isabelle's happiness, sense of security and belief in a God who would protect little children. He left her with a promise, one that she could never forget and one that filled her with terror."We're not done, you and I. You're my special girl, Isabelle. I'll be back for you."For twenty-five years, she's feared that promise and his whispers in her mind. She's run from it, tried to deny it, looked for ways to forget or overcome it, and now she's ready to admit that there's only one way to reclaim her life.Destroy the monster. Or die trying.*** Reader Advisory. This book contains scenes of physical torture and murder.

Wrath in Burma (Illustrated)

Fred Eldridge - 2020

Cerberus Series: Books 1-3: (A Military Space Opera Box Set)

Andy Peloquin - 2021
    A government assassin, tasked with fixing the galaxy's darkest, ugliest problems.3 thrilling novels. 1,000+ pages of fearless heroes, non-stop futuristic action, and neck-breaking plot twists.Armed with cutting-edge weapons and an AI-run cybernetic suit that controls his paralyzed legs, he is the fist in the shadows, the dagger to the heart of the Nyzarian Empire’s enemies.Then he found Bex on his doorstep…A junkie, high on the drug he’d fought for years to avoid, and a former elite soldier like him. So he takes her in to help her get clean—Silverguards never leave their own behind.If only he’d known his actions would put him in the crosshairs of the most powerful cartel in New Avalon.Facing an army of gangbangers, drug pushers, and thugs, Nolan must fight to not only carry out his mission, but to prevent the escalating violence from destroying everything he loves. This Special Edition Omnibus contains the first three books in the thrilling Cerberus military space opera series. It's perfect for fans of JN Chaney, Jay Allan, and Rick Partlow. Grab your copy today! Books included in the set:Book 1: Assassination ProtocolBook 2: Terminal SecretsBook 3: Cyber Strike

The Haunting of Joanna Storm (Morgan's Rock Book 1)

M.L. Bullock - 2018
    Megan finds a beautiful dress in an armoire, and when she tries it on, she opens a doorway to the past--to 1932. Stepping back in time as someone else, she experiences life as Joanna Storm, the legendary actress and heiress. But the experience comes with a price. Can Megan rewrite Joanna’s tragic history? More importantly, can she get back to her own time? As Megan digs into the history of Morgan's Rock, she learns the truth about the place and the reason for the intense hauntings. Will she be able to solve the paranormal mysteries hidden, or will she too join the ranks of the undead at Morgan's Rock?  Morgan's Rock Series The Haunting of Joanna Storm Hall of Shadows The Ghost of Joanna Storm Read more of M.L. Bullock's ghostly work including: Seven Sisters, Gulf Coast Paranormal, Sugar Hill and the Idlewood series.

Standard Wirebound Manuscript Paper (Green Cover)

Hal Leonard Corporation - 1986
    96-page wirebound book; 12 staves per page; 8 1/2 x 11; Music Notation Guide.

Projector for Sale

Steven Decker - 2021
    While searching for a job, her lifelong interest in cinema is sparked by an ad about a projector for sale, and something happens that mysteriously changes everything.Emily not only starts remembering her dreams, she finds herself transforming them into reality, and her life inexplicably begins to blossom. She travels around the world searching for answers, encountering people and experiencing life-changing events that she's dreamed about before, forming relationships that could last a lifetime.But new, powerful dreams compel her to abandon the path she'd hoped to follow, and Emily must now face a final, frightening question. Can she determine her own destiny or will it be written by processes she simply cannot control?

The Widow of Wakeford

Lynette Rees - 2021
    The fate of her beloved family home, Marshfield Manor, is tossed to the wind as she discovers upon his death that he has flittered all the family fortune away. She must now summon up the strength to hold everything together; after all, she has a young daughter and an aged aunt to care for. The only thing that is now legally hers is the little cottage in Wakeford where she and the Lord once conducted a passionate affair whilst his first wife lay sick on her death bed. As a consequence, some of the villagers have never forgiven her and nor have most of the staff at the manor house. Cassandra's appearance in Wakeford will have a far reaching effect on certain people living in the village as she encroaches on their lives, even those who despise her.Outcast and unwelcome in Wakeford, Cassandra fights for survival and before the chiming of Christmas bells, she realises she has a very important decision to make...

Embracing Hope at Christmas

Catharine Dobbs - 2021
    The kindly Doctor Goodard proposes a unique way of life.When misfortune strikes again, however, young Sara has little choice but to accept the help of a woman no one has a kindly word for. In the home of Miss Thrip, Sara finds only misery, her mother confined to the hospital and hope in short supply.After Sara finds a companion in the likable Henry Fisher, she soon learns that life can still have its joys, particularly when the lighting of a Christmas tree grants her the wish of her dreams. It is not only Sara who finds hope at Christmas when other surprises unfold.Embracing Hope at Christmas and all Catharine Dobbs' novellas are wholesome Victorian Romances.

Bear Justice MC Complete Series: Bear Shifter Romance Series Box Set

Ruby Knoxx - 2021
    And they’re all yours…They’re the Bear Justice MC. They’re like paid vigilantes, on the hush-hush end of things, making sure that justice is served in this world. But underneath that leather jacket… underneath that rough exterior is something magnetic… They will draw you in, drive you insane, and make you want to do nothing but climb on their bikes and do very bad things…Sold to the BeastShe’s been bought by a monster. Her pack has sold her to science, but I will break her out of here. Let them try to stop me. I’ll tear their throats out. I’ll fight to the end. ‘Cause she belongs to me.Mated to the BeastI was never one for the innocent type. Until I met her. I’ll tear them to pieces for touching her. I’ll rip off their faces for looking at her. I don’t care about the consequences. Nobody touches my mate.Broken Out by the BeastShe’s a good girl. I’m a bad guy. It’s the worst of combinations. It can only end in disaster. Too bad it’s the only thing that can satisfy my Bear…Claimed by the BeastI kissed a biker, and I liked it. But it was also the stupidest idea I’ve ever had. I don’t need someone like him in my life. I hope he’s not going to kiss me again, because I don’t know that I can resist...Rescued by the BeastI knew I loved her the moment I met her. In my dreams, her deliciously curved body is aching for my touch. In reality, she’s gone, and there’s nothing I can do to get her back. Until we meet again…Kidnapped by the BeastIt’s been years since my hands were on her hips, but I’ve never forgotten. I don’t know what she wants. But I know what I want. I know I’m crossing lines, but it’s been so long. And I can’t stop…Tamed by the BeastI stopped by the roadside to be her knight on a bike. The effect of her almost knocked me off my feet.But she isn’t someone to claim, however much I want to. I’ve got to play this right to earn her…Secret Baby of the BeastShe had me hooked since I laid eyes on her. And now, here on her doorstep, I am smitten all over again. She tells me that she has a baby, that the baby has disappeared. And I’ll protect my family if it kills me…Rocked by the BeastI have a job to do, but I can’t help myself around her. Any sense I have goes straight out of the window. Her body sends too many thoughts through my head, none of them professional…Protected by the BeastI’ve hired him to help with a humongous problem. I’m not going to admit that I want to drink him in like ice tea. Not that I want to be animals in the wilderness with him. Because I never break the rules…WARNING: Intended for 18+ readers.

Owen Oliver

Lena Kennedy - 1991
    He only stops travelling when he reaches Kent and there his life is dramatically altered, when he is adopted by a loving old lady and her roguish son Tom.

The Cain Series Box Set

Mike Ryan - 2016
    All four books are included in this series, including:The Cain Conspiracy:Shot in the head and recovering from brain surgery, Delta Force soldier Thomas Nelson wakes up in a military hospital unable to remember who he is. Faced with going through recovery alone, with no family that he's aware of, he is recruited by a top secret government agency. Project Specter is tasked with eliminating targets they deem to be a threat to the United States. Their goal is to turn Nelson into a super assassin named Matthew Cain. Cain's first mission is supposed to be a piece of cake. Just take out an escaped fugitive in Honduras who's on the run for the rape and murder of a little girl in New York. There's only one problem...somebody beat him to it. Everything is not what it seems as Cain gets mixed up with an international arms dealer and an ex government agent who's gone rogue and supposed to be dead. The Cain Deception:In this follow-up to The Cain Conspiracy, Matthew Cain finds himself on the wrong side of a hit man. After he is sent on an assassination mission in Russia, The Specter Project learns of a man seeking revenge for Cain’s actions. After Cain hears of the man’s intentions, he sets out on a frenetic search to find the killer before he makes good on his plans to kill both Cain and his girlfriend. Along the way, Cain finds more questions than answers about the mysterious assassin, who seems to be a ghost. As Cain dives deeper into his quest, he starts to wonder about his role within the super secret agency and whether there are those above him who know more than what they appear.The Cain Directive:Cain, still reeling from the attack on his girlfriend, gets even more suspicious of Project Specter when they send him to Russia to find Dmitri Kurylenko, a man he has already secretly killed. After another attempt on his life, he soon learns of the agency's involvement in keeping his memory from him and sets to meet with a man who seems to know everything. Unfortunately for Cain, Specter showed up first and framed Cain for murder. Now, on the run, he must protect those close to him, while also trying to prove his innocence. In his quest to take down Project Specter, Cain turns to the only man he can trust for help, Eric Raines, a man Specter wants almost as badly as Cain, and a man as equally bent on taking down Specter as he is.The Cain Redemption:Cain finally relents to getting his head and seizures fixed, but his recovery time is cut short from eight weeks to one week when he learns his fellow agent, and friend, Eric Raines has gone missing. Will the rushed recovery period have dire consequences for the super assassin? Despite the concerns of those closest to him, Cain ignores the personal dangers to his health in his quest to find his friend and the last remaining remnants of the previous Specter regime, who are still on the run. His adventures take him to France, Germany, and back to Honduras, where it all started for him. Will his mission end where it all began?

The Wretched Wreath Sellers Christmas Miracle

Nell Harte - 2021
    Especially in Winter. Especially at Christmas.Edith Atkinson lives hand to mouth on the streets of London with her friends James and his sister Donna Walsh, selling songs, flowers and Christmas wreaths.But survival is never guaranteed for street rats, even at Christmas. Relying on their wits, their meagre sales and the kindness of strangers, the trio manage to keep body and soul together until a terrible circumstance forces a harsh decision. Now Edie finds herself alone facing dangers that she never knew of when she had James to protect her.When desperation drives Edie to try to find James and Donna again, she is dealt a further terrible blow. Everyone Edie has ever loved is lost to her and she is truly alone. On Christmas day, Edie loses all hope and is propelled towards a dreadful fate.Will this be Edith’s last Christmas? And what of James and Donna? Are they lost to her forever, or will fate step in and reveal a miracle that Edie could never have imagined?This heart warming clean and sweet historical romance from Nell Harte brings you to the wintery London streets of the Victorian era. For fans of Dilly Court, Rosie Goodwin and Tania Crosse.

Alice Walker's the Color Purple

Patricia Levy - 2002
    Titles in this growing series for middle school and high school students analyze novels and plays that are included in most schools' English Lit. curricula. Literature Made Easy books are more than plot summaries. They analyze characters, explain themes, and point out details that make each author's writing style unique. Each book also features "Mind Maps"--diagrams that summarize the work's most important details and serve as stimuli to help students focus their ideas for exams and term papers.

Oliver Twist

John Escott - 1995
    Filled with dark humor and an unforgettable cast of characters Oliver Twist, Fagin, Nancy, Bill Sykes, and the Artful Dodger, to name a few Dickens's second novel is a compelling social satire that has remained popular since it was first serialized in 1837-39. The text for this Modern Library Paperback Classic is taken from the 1846 New Edition, revised and corrected by the author. It includes new explanatory notes and an appendix, A Brief History of the English Poor Laws.

The Public Speaking Bible; a Survival Guide for Standing on Stage

Marcus Alexander - 2020
    All the tips within come via the author and guest performers, adding up to a combined three hundred years of essential speakers’ know-how!Within this bible:Technical advice: how to effortlessly project your voice, audience manipulation, crowd control, body language, hand gestures and more.Additionally: a frank approach for overcoming stage fright, a foolproof recipe for memorising a speech, how to overcome a sore throat and using the physics of sound to your advantage.Business advice: how to price your speech, approaching agencies, talking overseas, understanding unique selling points, the most complete list of global public speakers’ agencies and more.Children’s author Marcus Alexander, once horrified by the thought of standing on stage, has grown to become one of the most sought-after school speakers. He’s delivered more than 1600 talks in 13 different countries and is booked 18 months in advance. The journey wasn’t easy; he’s tripped, fallen and blundered over every imaginable obstacle. This bible contains all the insights you need to create a similar career at a faster rate and with half the hiccups.'Marcus doesn't just hold the stage he is the stage. Every word spoken is a sledge hammer pinning the audience to their seats.'Adisa the Verbaliser, spoken poet and author.'The first time I saw Marcus Alexander on stage was with a group of other authors. We all watched in amazement as he enthralled both the children and adults with his awesome energy. One of the best author events I have watched.'Andy Briggs, author and scriptwriter.Guest speakers sharing their advice include: best-selling author Chris Bradford, movement icon Dan Edwardes, British actor and producer Joey Ansah, author and teamwork specialist Casper Craven. Other guests include: surgeons, dentist lecturers, thespians, West End singers, polio advisers, educators and coaches.