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Meeting Malcolm by Aubrey Watt



Kyan Christopher - 2015
     Zach and Ryan are ready to get experimental in their relationship. On a trip through New Orleans, Zach introduces Ryan to the pleasures of a bathhouse. Despite his concerns over how it could affect their relationship, Ryan allows Zach to lead him into some intensely erotic situations. For mature readers. Grab More Than Friends by Aria Grace FREE to learn how Zach and Ryan met.

Locked In

Aiden Bates - 2019
    Life is about to change. He is about to meet the omega who will change his life. Parker is at the bar at a recommendation from a friend. He, too, isn’t happy with how things are going in his life. He is very family oriented and is frustrated that he isn’t in a meaningful relationship. He’s going to take a leap now and do something he hasn’t ever done before. He is going to make the first move. This is the night he’s going to lose his virginity. But, Parker’s plans change when he sees Lucius sitting by himself and looking gloomy. Parker heads over to see if there’s anything he can do to help cheer up the stranger. His good intentions quickly turn into something more as they start to flirt with each other. Soon enough, Lucius invites Parker to come home with him.

The Crying Game

Kol Anderson - 2014
    When his brother makes the ultimate sacrifice for their family's legacy and leaves William in the cold, it may just be time to accept the reality that everyone wants him to accept.

Heart's Truth

Tamsin Baker - 2013
    He wants someone to love and knows the right man will turn up when he least expects it. That moment arrives at his friend’s party. He sees Danny for only a moment, yet his interest is piqued. What could be more irresistible than a blue-eyed beauty who is completely untouched?Danny knows he doesn’t find women attractive, but how is he going to find out if he’s gay? His sister’s party answers his prayers and the most gorgeous guy he has ever seen asks him out. But can their love survive when Marcus wants more than a closeted partner and Danny wants nothing more than to hide forever?

The Russian's Christmas Present

Dani Wyatt - 2021
    For this curvy, budding fashion designer, December 25th is just another day come and gone.With the holidays behind her, it’s back to work and her first order of business is to take the measurements of one enormous, sexy Russian named Mr. Martel Kozlov. When this burly loner takes one look at Bria, he knows he’s found his own personal sugar plum.He’s willing to drop some serious cash if the young beauty from the formal wear shop will agree to win him at a charity bachelor auction the next night. Bria could sure use the money, so it’s game on. But, before the bidding can begin, things heat up faster than a couple of roasted chestnuts.Can Bria believe that her happy ending could be delivered at the speed of Santa’s sleigh, even if it is two weeks overdue? Or will she and Martel’s Russian Christmas miracle be over before it has a chance to begin…?Author’s Note: Russian Christmas is January 7th! When this pull-no-punches heroine measures this over-the-top alpha’s inseam, she gets a look at one very large holiday package. These two may be from different sides of the tracks but that doesn’t stop this obsessed older hero from claiming his sweet, young prize. This is insta-love on steroids, always safe, no cheating ever and a happily ever after guaranteed.What you can expect:**An over the top alpha hero**Always safe, swoony, no cheating**A happily ever after age-gap, holiday romance with all the feels**Super sexy times with a jealous possessive stalking hero**Smart heroine who can take care of herself…but maybeit would be nice to have someone take care of her for a change.

Listen with Your Heart

Rob Colton - 2010
    Approx. word count: 6,258

Craving Her Biker

Juniper Leigh - 2015
    But when Harper's father -- the president of the MC -- is grievously injured, she returns home and finds herself drawn back to the man she thought she left in her past. Note: Choosing Her Biker is an 8,000 word short story MC Fight Club: Iron Banshees is a Five Part Steamy MC Biker / MMA Fighter RomanceBook I. Craving Her Biker - Approx. 8,000 words. Book II. Her Fighter’s Touch - Book III. Club Business - Book IV. Breaking Bonds - Book V. Rebel’s Tryst -

Always MJ

S.J.D. Peterson - 2012
    From the time he woke up until the exact minute he crawled back into bed, his day was set. He wasn't the kind of man to seek out other men in chat rooms. He certainly wasn't the type to fall in love with someone he only knew from typed words. After a six-month online affair, Matty agrees to meet Jay in Florida for a weekend getaway. Only Jay isn't what Matty expected; although, perhaps he should have known it was too good to be true. After all, Jay's screen name AlwaysMJ stands for 'Always making jokes'--or does it?

Only Mine

Valentina Heart - 2013
    These two men are actually undercover. While their personas are masks, the emotion in this photo is very real.What has brought these two men to this point of giving and receiving comfort?Photo Description: Two older, good-looking men caught in an intimate moment after a good time in a BDSM club. They are dressed in leather with their T-shirts tucked in their belts. They look dangerous with all that exposed muscle, but still share a touch of tenderness where one man’s hands rest at the waist of the other while they press their foreheads together.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love Has No Boundaries" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Doctor Gay

Tabatha Allen - 2015
     After debating, his gay friend Peter gives him a referral for a very special medical test. Once Robert's strapped to the examination table, he'll get a hands on thorough exam. When he's done, he won't question his sexuality anymore. This 6,400-word stand alone gay medical erotica contains detailed explicit descriptions of sex between a gay doctor and a questioning young man. Includes oral and anal situations with a doctor dominating his newly gay patient. It's intended for the enjoyment of adult readers only (especially those who love first time gay stories with a firm touch of medical domination).

Hard Ride

D.D. Keane - 2012
    Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Download the story, read it online or find it in Love Is Always Write: Volume 4.

Crash Into Me (The Wicked Wingmen Series #1)

D.D. Sparxx - 2017
    He certainly doesn’t see himself as lonely. He often uses one night stands as a coping mechanism to help him blot out the pain of losing the only woman he’s ever loved. She left him without a hint as to why and he has no desire to ever let his heart get destroyed like that again.Isabella Alfieri is beautiful, independent and successful in her own right. Her world is almost perfect, but she still can’t seem to forget the man she loved and left seven years ago. And she’ll never forget the reason she had to go. She’s kept her secret all this time. There are only two other people that know what she’s hiding and they would never tell a soul.What will happen when fate intervenes and puts her on the flight he’s co-piloting? The flight that sets them on course for their worlds to come crashing back together after all this time.WARNING: The following story contains mature themes, strong language and graphic sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers. All characters are 18+ years of age and all sexual acts are consensual. If you DO NOT like explicit, this book is not for you. Otherwise, happy reading!


Aria Cole - 2020
    It was supposed to be a little fun for the summer. I never imagined it would be so much more. ParkerDiscipline has always been the key to my success, and frivolous things like love and dating never figured into the equation. I exert control over all things in my life, which is why I shouldn't want the girl next door. She's too young, too sweet, and so curvy she makes my mouth water. She's home from college for the summer and staying at her parents house—right next door to mine--and I can’t tear my eyes away. Now all I can think about is her sweet smile and making her mine. Forever.

Secret Quickie

Cassandra Bloom - 2017
    That’s the rules.” Now here I am, kissing my brother’s man right before the wedding. So I kissed a guy playing spin the bottle. Who cares? It was just for a lark, just for a moment. It didn’t mean anything. Now I can never be the same. His chest smashing against my breasts, his hands guiding my curves into him—all of it created a whirlwind of tempestuous emotion I can’t ignore. No one ever kissed me like that before in my life. But he couldn’t possibly feel the same way. He’s the billionaire who took Ben under his wing to mentor him in his consultancy firm. Forget it. Just forget the whole thing. That’s the best plan. I will just play my part and stand as my future sister-in-law’s bridesmaid. They’ll get married, and we’ll all live happily ever after. The end. Right? Secret Quickie is a HOT standalone, full length brother’s best friend novella of 20,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a bad boy billionaire who finds his happily ever after. Contains steamy scenes and explicit language. Includes bonus content!

Just Be

Jason Huffman-Black - 2012
    Photo Description: A naked man lies bound on crisp white sheets—his blindfold appears to be a white pillowcase, his gag: a white towel. The man's testicles are separated and strung tightly with a white shoelace, rivulets of cum streaking across his abdomen.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love is Always Write" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Read the story here or find it in Love Is Always Write: Volume 5.