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Bad Mojo: The Complete Series by Sharon A. Austin


Who Killed the Kaneez?

Vijay Kakwani - 2019
     Farzana is one of the prostitutes at Begum's kotha and Ramakant Bannerjee, the writer, loves her deeply. He's promised to marry her once he has enough money. He's currently writing his most ambitious novel, the story of Kaneez. As the story of Kaneez unfolds, so does the intriguing life of Farzana. What fate does she meet? Read on to find out.

When the Music Stops: Discover the most emotional, uplifting new love story for 2020

Joe Heap - 2020

A Dangerous Tryst

Danielle Bourdon - 2016
    The stakes are higher than ever as Madalina’s daring escape plan turns into a rescue mission.Meanwhile, her boyfriend is already hot on her trail. Private security specialist Cole West, along with his loyal brothers, will travel to the ends of the earth to rescue Madalina—or die trying.In this sexy, thrilling conclusion to Danielle Bourdon’s Inheritance series, Madalina and Cole realize survival isn’t just about evading the bad guys. Any hope for a peaceful life hinges on tracking down the artifacts at the heart of the conspiracy and returning them to their rightful owner.Taking readers from the carefree beaches of California to the politically volatile villages of Nepal, A Dangerous Tryst proves that nothing fans the flames of passion quite like a healthy dose of danger.

The Garden by the Sea

Amanda James - 2022
    Said to contain soil from Tintagel, the mysterious seat of the legendary King Arthur, whomever made a wish upon the box would have ‘a beautiful garden, bountiful crops and love of their fellow man’. Lowena isn’t inclined to believe the myth but can’t part with the box, knowing how much it meant to her mum.Starting over with a new home and a new job in the Cornish village of St Merryn, Lowena can’t help feeling lost and alone… but she isn’t the only one. Now, as a community of misfits finds solace and friendship in the shade of her growing garden, she realises there might have been truth to the mythical box after all, and she may just be growing the life and love she’s always wanted

A Daughter's Choice

June Francis - 1998
    But when Celia, her natural mother, re-enters her life, her world is turned completely upside down.Tormented by her divided loyalties, Katie is plagued by a question Celia refuses to answer – who is her real father? (Note: Originally published as Somebody Else's Girl)

Old Man Johnson (Kindle Single)

Andrew Kevin Walker - 2015
    in this off-kilter, coming-of-age romantic comedy.Abbie, a twenty-something free spirit who is dreading her looming parent-mandated enrollment in graduate school, makes a semi-annual pilgrimage to visit her perfectly well meaning and perfectly boring grandfather, Henry. But Abbie is roused out of her quarter-life crisis when she meets her grandfather's persnickety, oddball friend, Johnson. With his cane and elderly clothing, he is the very picture of a bitter old man. The problem is, Johnson is 23 years old, and apparently completely delusional. Also a problem: Abbie is falling in love with him. The first novel from screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, OLD MAN JOHNSON is for the old (and young) at heart.Cover design by Kristen Radtke.Cover painting by Mark Allison.

Mr. Perfect

Sundari Venkatraman - 2017
    Manish Chawla is too selfish to be bothered about his wife’s happiness. It’s watching her sister’s closeness to her new husband that actually opens Saloni’s eyes to the lack in her life. Aarav Chopra hasn’t looked at another woman since he fell in love with the seventeen-year-old Saloni. The nine years in-between seem to disappear when he sets eyes on her again at her sister’s wedding. But this time round, his love stretches to include her son too, as Mitesh holds not just Aarav’s finger but also his heart in his little hand. Things come to a head when she flees Chicago to return to Delhi along with her baby son Mitesh.Life throws Saloni and Aarav together as she goes to work in his group of companies while awaiting her divorce. The attraction is as powerful as ever! But Saloni is absolutely clear that she wouldn’t be tied to a man ever again. Will Aarav be able to convince her otherwise?

The President’s Weapon

Russ Snyder - 2015
    Determined to fight terrorists and protect his country and its citizens, President Williams moves ahead three weeks later with a risky plan. But first, he needs help from an old friend from the Marine Corp, Captain Richard Starr. Starr has the perfect weapon to help the president in the war against terrorism: Sergeant Marvin Styles, a seasoned recon sniper whose mission is simple—to kill the enemy by any means available. Helping Styles and Starr is fighter pilot J. C. Christman and the world’s best computer hacker, Darlene Phillips. Williams hides the quartet of experts under the umbrella of his newly-formed department tasked with filtering terrorist information gathered by worldwide intelligence agencies and then reporting its findings directly to Williams. With their agenda declared, only two mission perimeters are set—to not get caught or kill innocent people. In this political thriller, a group of experts acting on orders from the President of the United States must do everything in their power to rock the world of terrorism to its core as an anxious world waits.

Gangs of Bombay: From Failing a Million-Dollar Startup to Creating a Criminal Empire

Divyansh Mundra - 2019
     When the million-dollar stock prediction startup of Lakshya and Naman (two brilliant IIT-grads) tanks; they are taken in by Manav, their college friend who makes a living out of selling drugs. Debt-ridden and homeless, the two decide to help their friend in selling ‘The Holy Grail’, the newest drug in the Indian markets which is sold for margins never heard before, and the three end up making the quickest money they have seen. Lured and intrigued, they decide to sell and make as much as possible in two months before leaving the drug trade for good, and in that time, they expand their drug enterprise under Lakshya’s guidance by applying their startup strategies. Unknown to them though, they cross paths with the five infamous historical gangs of Bombay, who’ve survived and thrived since the British occupation of the city. Artavardiya, the powerful boss of the Parsi gang Surtis, takes interest in Lakshya and his drug enterprise after being charmed by his brilliance and vision. He takes him under his guidance and that is when Lakshya is able to gauge the extent to which the criminal underbelly of Mumbai is spread, spiralling down and knowing in his heart that he’d never be able to escape. In a tale of gang-wars and blood, love and loss, loyalty and betrayal, and mind-numbing revelations spread amidst brutal action and insane twists— explore the crime of the city that never sleeps. Will Lakshya and his friends expand their drug business like a startup? Will they succeed in dealing with mind-games and bullets of the five historical gangs of Mumbai? Will they survive the trials of their personal lives while the demons of their pasts try to catch up with them? And will these brilliant minds fall against the richest crime syndicates of the country? Read the crime-thriller that would keep you on the edge of your seats, about a few brilliant minds who lost their million-dollar startup and turned their skills to create a criminal empire.

Suspicion on Sugar Creek

Susannah B. Lewis - 2016
    She hoped to work on her novel, play Rook with the old lady next door and spend some lazy time with her husband and daughters. But when a new neighbor winds up dead, Tessa and her Rook partner find themselves jumping to suspicious conclusions. Add a young hippie named Rusty to the mix, and these three seem like an unlikely trio to solve an alleged crime. When you’re not laughing at the humorous rhetoric in Suspicion on Sugar Creek, you’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering how it will all play out.

A Painted Smile

B.M. Hardin - 2015
    For Storm Rivers, this very statement had recently become the story of her life. Storm's life had never been all bad; but meeting Jasper Goodson, had definitely put the cherry on the top. Life was better than ever. She was happy and she was in love. And the man of her dreams was Perfect...or was he? What goes on behind a closed door---stays behind a closed door. Storm lived by this motto and as truths about her Mr. Perfect start to unfold, Storm finds herself in a sticky situation and a tug-a-war of what's right...and what's wrong. What is she hiding? Well, you'll have to overlook the Painted Smile on her face to find out.

Little more than a Friend

Paras Goel - 2014
    At early stage he was unaware that he was in love with Siyaa but when their school ended and both of their paths were separated, he went into deep depression. As time passes Ayyan tries many times to get Siyaa back in his life, But what's going on in Siyaa's mind?

Mystery Party

Stacey Alabaster - 2017
    Margot runs a French bakery and stumbles into corruption and crime. Felicity launches her party planning business with a bang . . . and a dead body. Follow along as all three women must solve murder mysteries to protect themselves, their businesses, and those they love. This collection of cozy mysteries includes the first book in each of three popular series. If you like cozy mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected twists, the Mystery Party Cozy Mystery Boxed Set is for you. Buy the Mystery Party Cozy Mystery Boxed Set and start solving your next mystery (or three) today! Steps from Death by Stacey Alabaster - When you’re the new girl in a small town, you have to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. But sometimes that can leave you only Steps from Death. This is book one in the Craft Circle Cozy Mystery series. Croissants and Corruption by Danielle Collins – To all appearances, North Bank is a charming retirement town and tourist attraction - until a murder reveals a darker side of crime and corruption. This is book one in the Margot Durand Cozy Mystery series. Dying for a Drive by Susan Harper – Senoia is a quiet little town . . . until a man drives into town with a classic car to sell but never drives out. This is book one in the Senoia Cozy Mystery series. Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Dangerous Tides at Brightwater Bay: Part three in the sparkling new series by Holly Hepburn!

Holly Hepburn - 2020
    But Merry has a secret: the magic has stopped flowing from her fingers. Try as she might, she can’t summon up the sparkle that makes her stories shine. And as her deadline whooshes by, her personal life falls apart too. Alex tells her he wants something other than the future she’d always imagined for them and Merry finds herself single for the first time since – well, ever. Desperate to get her life back on track, Merry leaves London and escapes to the windswept Orkney Islands, locking herself away in a secluded clifftop cottage to try to heal her heart and rediscover her passion for writing. But can the beauty of the islands and the kindness of strangers help Merry to fool herself into believing in love again, if only long enough to finish her book? Or is it time for her to give up the career she’s always adored and find something new to set her soul alight??The brand new series from Holly Hepburn, author of A Year at the Star and Sixpence. Parts one to four in the new series are available to pre-order now: BROKEN HEARTS AT BRIGHTWATER BAY, SEA BREEZES AT BRIGHTWATER BAY, DANGEROUS TIDES AT BRIGHTWATER BAY and SUNSET OVER BRIGHTWATER BAY ~*~Praise for Holly Hepburn~*~ 'A fresh new voice, brings wit and warmth to this charming tale of two sisters' Rowan Coleman 'Warm, witty and laced with intriguing secrets! I want to pull up a bar stool, order a large G&T and soak up all the gossip at the Star and Sixpence!' Cathy Bramley 'You'll fall in love with this fantastic new series from  star of women's fiction, Holly Hepburn. Filled to the brim with captivating characters and fantastic storylines in a gorgeous setting ... simply wonderful. I want to read more!' Miranda Dickinson 'The Star and Sixpence sparkles with fun, romance, mystery, and a hunky blacksmith. It's a real delight' Julie Cohen 'Like the dream pub landlady who always knows exactly what you want, Holly Hepburn has created the most delightful welcome to what promises to be a brilliant series, in the first Star and Sixpence. The sisters are warm and intriguing, the neighbours are (mostly!) friendly and the gossip is utterly addictive. I was very sad when it was time for last orders, and am already looking forward to the next round. Especially if a certain blacksmith happens to be at the bar...' Kate Harrison 'Warm, witty and utterly charming, Snowdrops at the Star and Sixpence is the perfect book to curl up with on a cold winter's day.

A Trail Too Far: A Western Frontier Adventure (A Rab Sinclair Western Book 1)

Robert R. Peecher Jr. - 2018
    Cummings has hired Rab Sinclair to guide his party as far as Santa Fe.But Rab's easy way in the wilderness does not mix well with the family's Eastern values, and he soon finds himself at odds with some among them. When Amos Cummings' wife and daughter develop a fondness for Rab, the relationship is strained even farther.But when the family encounters the gang of bloodthirsty bandits, their moral code against violence will be tested.When these ruffians abduct one among the emigrants, Rab Sinclair may find that to save his charge he must travel A Trail Too Far.If you love classic Westerns under open skies and over rolling plains, A Trail Too Far promises to be an instant favorite.So check that you've got plenty of beans and jerky, and saddle up for an overland crossing on the Santa Fe Trail. Click the buy button to start reading now!