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Loaded Hearts by Adrienne Sallay



Deborah Smith - 1991
    Amy finally breaks through de Savin's shell and teaches him to love and laugh again, and Sebastian helps Amy blossom into a magnificent woman.

In the Hands of the Sheikh

Clare Connelly - 2015
    Finally, she is free! Or so she thinks. Unfortunately, her future becomes irrevocably entwined with that of Sheikh Hakim of Mehran. A single look from the powerful ruler is enough to set her body on fire, but can she ever like a man who speaks so highly of her horrible stepfather? Will she be able to get him to understand the truth of her childhood? The powerful Sheikh Hakim Al Meshuda is far from pleased to be thrust into the role of guardian. Particularly as his charge is spoiled, selfish and distractingly beautiful. He puts her out of his mind, as best as he is able. Until, at twenty one, she arrives in Mehran, a sophisticated, troublesome, sexy woman. Resisting her is no longer an option... He wants her. That much is obvious. But just how far is he prepared to go to get Phoebe into his life and keep her there?

Made for Him

Alexis Ashlie - 2020
    It will give you the HEA that you crave with OTT everything. You don’t want to miss this one.

The Anniversary

Hilary Boyd - 2018
    But each of them has a new partner and a new life.Should they fight temptation?Should the past remain the past?Or are some loves simply meant to be?'Riveting' Woman & Home'Terrific, beautifully written, searingly honest' Charles Dance'Fans rate this deeply emotional read her best novel yet' Sunday Post 'One of the best family and friendship sagas - an emotional read' Prima 'True to life characters whose dilemmas will tear at your heartstrings' Sunday Mirror

Delaney's Desert Sheikh & A Little Dare

Brenda Jackson - 2014
    Jamal Ari Yasir intends to school Delaney in sensuality. But instead of loving and leaving her, he becomes enraptured by his sexy-as-sin roommate. Can Jamal convince Delaney that they are fated for more than a summer fling? A LITTLE DARE When Sheriff Dare Westmoreland sees Shelly Brockman again, he can almost taste the sweet, steamy passion they'd once shared. Then she announces he's the father of her son. She's returned to her Georgia hometown to get her son away from bad influences…and help him know Dare. But will being so close to Dare reopen old wounds, or will this be her last chance to secure his love forever?

Paladin's Hell

Manda Mellett - 2018
    At only fourteen, she developed a teenage crush on me, the man who rescued her. I gave her time to grow, waiting for her feelings to mature. As years, when I was forbidden to touch her, passed, I never doubted she was mine. I just wasn’t allowed to show it. Circumstances send us to Colorado, away from the restrictions and over-protective brothers. At last we have a chance to be together. What could be better? What could be worse? A new club. A new life. Out of my depth, I don’t fit in. A different president and his old lady who’ve been married thirty-six years. That their marriage is on shaky ground spills over into how they treat us. For some reason, Hellfire and Moira want to force Jayden and I apart. Jay and I are just beginning. Or, is it the end? After all this time, will we make it work? Or have the years I’ve spent waiting been wasted?

Stranded with the Ex-Boyfriend (Snowbound Billionaires Book 2)

Sophie Brooks - 2020
    I don’t even want to see his stupid, handsome face, let alone pretend to be a couple. Too bad there’s a blizzard raging, and the innkeeper won’t rent us the last room until Aaron convinces her it’s our honeymoon. Like I’d ever marry him! Sharing close quarters should be a nightmare after everything he’s done, but with him pretending to be a loving husband, I start to remember the good times. How it feels to curl up next to him. The way his strong hands rub my shoulders when I’m tense. He’s charming when he wants to be, keeping me from going stir crazy and holding me tight when the power goes out. When I see how great he is with the kids at the inn, it reminds me of the future I thought we’d have together. Is it possible I was wrong about him? He claims he wants a second chance, but that might be even more dangerous than the storm outside. **Stranded with the Ex-Boyfriend is a romance novel with steamy scenes, no cheating, and a happy ending. It can be read as a standalone.**

Home on Seashell Island

Brenda Kennedy - 2017
     While staying temporarily at her family's vacation home on Seashell Island, Carly runs into an old family friend, Beauregard Romano. However, Carly is pleasantly surprised that Beau is no longer the same scrawny boy she remembered. She can’t deny that he's certainly transformed into a sexy hunk over the years. She's successfully self-employed, has an unrefined vocabulary, and is a wine enthusiast in the prime of her life. He's a single father of a three-year-old daughter and the preacher of the only church on Seashell Island. Will sparks fly between the two? Can they make their differences work? Or is it best to ignore the sparks and pretend they don’t exist?

Primed for Sin: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Sarah J. Brooks - 2019
    Brooks! All five standalone full-length novels feature protective alpha males that fight for the women of their dreams. No matter if accidental fake marriages, surprise baby gifts or second chances - this collection has everything you need for long and steamy nights in your bedroom! Book 1 – Never Over You Alright, before you hear his side, let me tell you mine. I was just cleaning his room. I swear that’s it! I mean, he’s my boss for Pete’s sake. But Anthony came out of the shower dripping wet and naked from head to toe. I tried to look away, but IT was right there. And boy was it happy to see me. That’s so not my fault, right? Cute butt, killer abs, bubblegum lips that were begging for a kiss. How could I say no? Turns out he’s had a crush on me since high school. His dad’s freaking out, but Anthony’s got his own billions. So big, bad Daddy Whore-bucks can kiss my tight little… you get the idea. But I think Anthony’s having second thoughts. Will he be my sweetheart or leave me heartbroken? Book 2 – Hate To Want You Oh My Gorgeous eyes! Is that Xander–freaking– Selby? Bad boy muscle-man with a gargantuan-sized… bank account. Wow what a dirty little mind you’ve got there. Be patient. I’m still getting to his best parts. There’s a heart of gold hidden under muscles the size of New York City. He's got the face of an angel and moves like the devil. The first time I saw him my legs went to Jell-O, and I got all tongue-tied. Now tell me something, and be honest. Is it in bad taste to tie up your boss with a garter belt? Or run your tongue up and over his mountain and valley abs? Book 3 – Let’s Play Pretend “Of course I’ll pretend to be your wife.” I can’t believe these words came out of my mouth when my sister’s lawyer asked me to be his fake-wife. I don't like his plan to fake it at all, but desperate situations need desperate measures. Although I have enough to deal with on my own, I’d do anything for my family. Well, maybe I can take this lemon and make lemonade. After all, acting like I’m in love with Jonathan is easy. Too easy. The way he looks at me, touches me, protects me. It just feels so unbelievably good. All of a sudden, I'm not sure if this is fake anymore... Book 4 – Protecting Her The billions in my bank account are worthless if I can’t save her. There are times in your life when one decision can change everything. Mine was to risk my life for the woman of my dreams. Millie. Once I saw her, I knew it’d be her and no one else. Her gaze calls out to the hero in me. Her touches awaken the man. The problem? I’m not the only one who wants her. And her enemies will do everything to get her. Even the unthinkable. If they try to hurt her, I will give them nothing but pain. It’s time for this to end. There can only be one winner. Book 5 – Unexpected Love It was supposed to be a one-night stand. Now I’m carrying his baby. Oh-oh. I guess fate has a way of writing its own stories.

Lucifer's Woman

K.J. Dahlen - 2018
    Vicious... Tried and tested…Never met a match I couldn’t handle.Like iron forged in the fire, my body gets stronger.She saved my soul.Just a glance was all it took and I knew she’d be my salvation.My future.The woman belongs to me, and only me.To lose her now would be a death sentence of it's own kind.JessieHe’s a man they call the devil himself.In him, I find a missing piece of my heart.Now, our souls are touching - connected in a way I don’t understand.He blocked out every fear I faced.In it's place, I felt a safety I’ve never known.Now doubt is creeping in…Just before Lucifer finds me, I find another’s secret.A secret I need to expose.Now, a madman thinks he owns my fate.He’ll kill me to protect the secrets in his soul.I pray he doesn’t break me until Lucifer tracks us down.He’ll fight the evil that took me.But how do you fight what you can’t see?Time is ticking…will fate be kind to the woman who’s already lost everyone who meant anything to her?

Come Find Me

Travis Neighbor Ward - 2014
    At twenty-six Jessica Wilson believes her future is laid out. Her father and brother-in-law both died in war, and now she’s helping to care for her mother and her sister’s children. She’s also managing a wildlife rescue center in the Georgia mountains, where she met her wealthy Canadian fiancé, Blake McCormack, a rancher. Everything seems perfect. So why is it that she breaks into a sweat whenever she pictures Blake announcing their engagement at his parent’s annual rodeo? Jessica is doing a good job of ignoring her doubts until Mark Fripp, the boy she fell in love with ten years ago, shows up on his motorcycle to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. What really happened when he disappeared from her life? What secret is he hiding for fear that she won’t accept him for who he is? And will she still be able to move forward with the life she has planned, even after she knows the truth?

A Bad Bit Nice

Josie Kerr - 2015
    All she wants is a challenging career, her very own home, and an age-appropriate Mister Ideal who will make her toes curl when he kisses her. Mick Brennan is a bearded, tattooed widower of 20-plus years who thinks, maybe, just maybe, he might be ready to dip his foot back in the dating pool. He might not know exactly what he’s looking for in a relationship, but he knows he doesn’t want a girl half his age. When Em moves into her dream home, she had no idea that her downstairs neighbor could be her Mister Ideal. When Mick meets his talkative upstairs neighbor, he’s more intrigued by her than he has been in any other woman in two decades. Can these two lonely people overcome the wounds of their pasts to discover love again? This contemporary/second-time contains explicit sexual situations and graphic language.

Winter Affair

Doreen Owens Malek - 1985
    Kyle Reardon was paying his last respects to a man everyone believed he had wronged.Leda knew Reardon was accused of destroying both her father's business and his life. She knew the townspeople scorned him as an outcast. She knew he was the one man she should avoid at all costs. But one glimpse of the pain and determination in his bleak gray eyes told her he was also the one man she could never turn away from.

Taming the CEO

Hayson Manning - 2017
    Maarten. There’s a small catch, though. The seller insists all bidders visit the island and experience the singles retreat firsthand. This wouldn’t be so bad…if only rule-maker Daisy weren’t paired with her bitter rival, the hot and broody Alexander Gillard. Keeping her enemy close just became a whole lot harder.Alexander “Zan” Gillard didn't expect to be partnered with gorgeous Daisy at the idyllic singles retreat. A challenge that has them cuffed together ignites an explosive chemistry, and soon Zan wants more than four days with this bewitching woman who is nothing like he expected her to be.But their families are at odds and reality awaits them at home, along with a betrayal that threatens to blow their newfound trust apart...

Close Match

Tracey Jerald - 2019
    She commands the stage until one night, everything changes. With lifelong secrets revealed, she’s determined to find out the full story. Even if that means leaving everything she knows behind. Arrogant and protective, Montague Parrish needs to be strong enough for his mother and stepfather as a family crisis comes to a head. He’s wary when fate brings Linnie into their lives at a critical moment. Over time their relationship changes; offering light when fear is ready to consume them both. And then reality intrudes, threatening their need to survive each other. After all, life can bring a close match, but it takes love to make it a perfect one.