Mattie's Girl: An Appalachian Childhood

Celia H. Miles - 2002
     In stories deeply rooted in 1940s Appalachia, June chronicles the years between meeting the irrepressible PeeDee and losing her. She struggles to understand her mother's indifference, her father's divided love, her grandmother's sudden death, her grandfather's being institutionalized. Three years later, PeeDee, riding the rails west, brings a final gift and the truth about Cade's murder. In this world forever gone, June survives and triumphs through the grace of family and friendship. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Celia H. Miles, a native of Jackson County in western North Carolina, now lives in Asheville. She attended Brevard College and Berea College and has graduate degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). She taught at Brevard College and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. A long-time instructor of English, she now spends her time writing, photographing old mills and stone circles, and traveling. She has co-authored a college textbook, has published romance novels, historical and contemporary novels, along with stories and poems in various markets, and co-edited three women’s writing anthologies. Some of this material has been published in modified form in the following: “The Big Sycamore” in Cricket (October 2000) “Selling the Grit” in Yesterday’s Magazette (July-October 1998) “Backsliding” in Victoria Press (2000) “Going to the Dentist” in Victoria Press (1999)

The Chieftains of South Boston

Stephen Burke - 2011
    His two older brothers never left and are at the top of their respective games—politics and the Irish Mafia. At the wedding, family fireworks go off in spectacular fashion and end with an incident that sends the whole city of Boston into turmoil. An intense seven-day drama creates the ultimate test for the three brothers: how to be loyal to family, to friends and to a place called home.

Escape to Sunrise Cottage: A Fabrian Books' feel-good novel

Zara Thorne - 2017
     When artist Violet Brooke leaves her engagement ring on top of a Chinese wedding cabinet and runs away from the trendy apartment in London’s Brick Lane, there’s only one place to go – Sunrise Cottage. All she wants is to cosy up in her rural retreat, concentrate on her painting, and forget about Jayden Fox, bad boy of the East End art scene – he’s certainly forgotten about her. The last thing she needs is romance. Then handsome antique dealer Max Finch shows up in the middle of a field and the problem is, he’s impossible to resist. For Max, meeting Violet – and falling in love with her at first sight – is a turning point. His ex-wife, Sarah, has bipolar, and Max still feels partly responsible for her well-being. But Sarah has others to care for her now, and Max knows that if he is to win Violet’s trust, he must put her first. Max is not the only complication in Violet’s rural idyll. Before long, she’s shocked to discover that somebody wants her gone from the village, and they’re making sure she knows about it. But who? And why? Is this Violet’s cue to head back to London and pick up her real life? Or is Sunrise Cottage – and Max Finch – as real as it gets?

The Strategist

William Cunningham - 2013
    . . and how long would you live? When a disgraced former top Wall Street strategist starts to suspect the U.S. employment data is being manipulated to influence the Presidential election, he knows no one is going to listen. But when several people show up dead, a provocative reporter, who happens to be his ex-fiancée, takes notice. As they uncover a web of secrets, lies, and corruption, they are forced to choose between ambition, loyalty and love to save their lives . . . and the global economy. Set in the aftermath of the financial crisis, The Strategist is a fast paced, plot twisting thriller straight from today's headlines by a former Wall Street insider. But could it be real? Read it, then look at the recent employment data and decide for yourself!

The Dog Got It All

Robert McCullough - 2015
    Phipps is “one of those rescues who are all the rage these days,” an upscale Manhattan dog with a rich owner, a great dog walker and an idyllic New York lifestyle. But his world is turned upside down when his owner, Angie DeSoto, suddenly passes from pancreatic cancer. The good news is that Angie leaves her millions to Mr. Phipps and he finds himself temporarily in the care of Devin McCloud, his dog walker and best bud. The bad news is that her adult children, a contentious clan at best, are furious about being left out in the cold, money-wise. And there's more. According to the terms of the will, Mr. Phipps and his millions will go to one of Angie's progeny, specifically the one best qualified to take care of him. After a brief trial period in which each one takes the dog, their efforts will be judged by a panel of dog experts – a famous, Cesar Millan-style dog trainer, a pet psychic and a renowned behaviorist. To further complicate matters, love will strike on several fronts as Mr. Phipps tells his story and his fate unfolds in this charming canine romantic comedy that reads like a date night version of "Marley and Me".

New Doctor at Chestnut House: A Fabrian Books' Feel-Good Novel (Bramblewick Book 1)

Sharon Booth - 2017
     Is home a place—or a person? Anna's about to leave Bramblewick behind. She's due to marry her childhood sweetheart in a few weeks, and then she'll be heading to Kent and a whole new life. Connor's a new arrival in Bramblewick. He's bringing with him a whole lot of baggage, and he's doubtful that this small village on the Yorkshire Moors is the ideal place for him and his daughter, Gracie. It's not easy for Anna, watching Connor move into her family home and take over from her beloved father at the local surgery, but she's determined to help him settle in and adjust to rural life, so that the villagers get the doctor they deserve. Connor's not convinced. This country practice is very different to what he's used to, and the locals have some strange expectations of their GP. Protective of Gracie and hiding behind self-constructed barriers, Connor struggles to adapt to life in Bramblewick. Can Anna convince him that this is the place where he and Gracie can finally find happiness? And can she convince herself that leaving Bramblewick is the right move for her?

Miss Alphie's Secret

David R. Johnson - 2010
    Now that secret is about to be revealed--with potentially catastrophic geopolitical consequences.

Pappy Moses' Peanut Plantation

Michael Edwin Q. - 2014
    For appearances, his white son-in-law, Josh, plays the part of Master of the plantation when strangers are about. Together they make a success of the plantation. Their main goal is to use the money they make to buy slaves, but not just any slaves – they’re buying family members. The plan is, when they gather the entire family, they’ll exodus north to freedom. Problem is, just as they leave, other landowners catch on and hunt them, so they could take possession of the Plantation and its slaves.

Queenie's Castle

Lena Kennedy - 1994
    The incident ends in murder and Joe is accused - of the real villains there remains not a trace.But his memory of that fateful night, and a clue to the identity of the murderers, helps him through his time in prison and fuels his desire to uncover the truth. His quest leads him back to the East End and to the Ship and Castle pub, run by the mysterious and formidable Queenie . . .

The Tailor's Wife

Alexandra Connor - 2005
    Suzannah is the sensible one and she's happy with the unconventional role her father has found for her. Suzannah's also a beauty, and she's caught the eye of the most eligible of bachelors, Edward Lyle, the son of a powerful local politician who is horrified at the thought of being connected by marriage to such a lowly family. When Suzannah's brother Girton is taken in by the charms of scheming Rina Taylor, Suzannah is right to fear that chaos and scandal will follow, giving Noel Lyle the ammunition he needs to prise his son away from Suzannah ... or so Noel thinks. But the two young people whose lives he is setting out to destroy are less malleable than he imagines...

A Moment on the Lips

J. Taylor - 2021

U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - Marshal Shorty Please Help Us: Tales of the Old West Book 95 (U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson: Tales of the Old West)

Paul L. Thompson - 2021

Storm Warrior Vol 22: Quest For Peace

W.L. Cox - 2015
    He has troubling news and is asking Charles for help. Charles is not sure that he can, but he is willing to try.Helping involves traveling north to the Sioux Valley. Gray Wolf and Swimming Otter insist on riding with him if he goes.Charles has problems at home that need to be dealt with, but the pleading of the warrior to prevent a war weighs heavily on his heart.Charles is warned by many not to go, and reverts to prayer to get his answer.

Nathan Gage And The Missing Woman: A Western Adventure (A Nathan Gage Novel Book 2)

C. Wayne Winkle - 2020

The Golden Persuader

Michael Reisig - 2015
    The device had the power to make anyone that it was aimed at do the bidding of the holder. What sounded like a unique opportunity for Dax actually becomes more trouble than he bargains for as people around him keep coming after him and the device.