P.J. Trebelhorn - 2012
    With the goal of trying to erase the void left in her life by her tumultuous childhood in the foster care system, Liv has dedicated her professional life to reuniting kidnapped children with the parents who want and love them. The problem is, more kids have turned up dead lately than alive.Sophie Kane is a new member of Liv’s team and has training in hostage negotiation. She grew up in an ultra-conservative family and was shunned when she came out to her parents at the age of sixteen.A child abduction case in rural Pennsylvania brings the two women together, and they find themselves trying to deny the mutual attraction they have while working together to stop the kidnapper. But the ghosts of the past, and the kidnapper himself, threaten to derail their budding relationship before it can even begin.

A Perfect Match

Erin Dutton - 2010
    Soon, unable to get her game back on track, she is in danger of losing her sponsor. The upcoming Celebrity Pro-Am is her chance at redemption.Elena Pilar has paid her dues in the boys’ club of sportscasting and her career is finally on the upswing. But when she is paired with Tiernan in the Pro-Am, her attraction to the volatile golfer could threaten her success as well as her carefully guarded personal life.

The Complete Package

Ann Roberts - 2014
    Her friends despair of cheering her up. Even making her mayor of their idyllic Colorado mountain town doesn’t awaken the joyous, passionate Lenny they once knew.But the arrival of the corporate planners from the Wilderness Campaign brings back some of Lenny’s fire. They already act like they own the place, including the arrogant Sloane McHenry. Pinedale—and her fractured family—does not need a Fortune 500 fix.Sloane is always hunting for the complete package and she’s got it in Pinedale. The mayor is a spineless pushover, the site only holds a dilapidated shop owned by the aforementioned mayor and Sloane has a secret weapon that will prove useful should she meet resistance. This project’s not just about profit, either, for reasons she can’t explain—not even to herself.

For Now, Forever

Trin Denise - 2012
    After a full weekend of celebrating her birthday, she goes to work thinking it will be just another typical workday. That thought comes to a crashing halt when she flips the “Closed” sign to “Open” and finds an elderly mustachioed man standing at the door.Gordon LeVitt, Attorney at Law drops a bombshell that will flip Cassie’s life upside down. The man that she believed to be her father for the last thirty-three years is not really her father, and her recently deceased biological father Collin Masterson has named her as an heir in his Last Will and Testament. The catch: Her presence is required at the reading.Cassie heads to Masterson, West Virginia and has a blow-out that sends her car careening off the side of the road. With her heart racing in her chest, she is relieved when the most gorgeous creature she’s ever seen stops to help and then Cassie does something she has never done in her life—make mad passionate love with a complete stranger named Eelyn M. Carmichael who has agreed to drop Cassie off for her appointment.After Mr. LeVitt’s introductions, Cassie gets an even bigger shock when Eelyn comes strolling into the room and takes a seat next to Lenora, her father’s widow. Feeling sick to her stomach and thinking her world is crashing down, Cassie does the only thing she can—she runs with no intention of looking back. The one thing Cassie forgets is that things are seldom what they seem and Eelyn M. Carmichael has already made up her mind that Cassie Reynolds is not going to be the one who got away because some things that happen in the now, can and do last forever.

No Leavin' Love

Larkin Rose - 2009
    Ranch foreman Sydney Campbell isn’t expecting anything from the arrogant fireball she once found irresistible, least of all a tame heart inside the beautiful body. She’s not surprised when Mercedes thinks she can use her again. Two can play that game, but when neither notices that the rules have changed, both women find they have a lot to lose.

Sea of Grass

Kate Sweeney - 2010
    When she’s called back to the sprawling Double R cattle ranch and her ailing father, Tess is thrown back into the world she had nearly forgotten since the death of her brother two years earlier.Unsettling memories boil to the surface for Tess, and her only pleasant distraction is the new cook Claire Redman and her son Jack. However, there is more facing Professor Rawlins than dealing with the memory of her brother or her attraction to Claire. Tess must figure a way to save the Rawlins’s five thousand acres of rich grassland. It has thrived for five generations, when her great-grandfather started the dynasty in the 1880s; now she may lose it all to an unscrupulous land developer.Set in the foothills of the Bitterroots, Tess and Claire find themselves in the fight of their lives—for love and the sea of grass.

As You Were

Kelli Jae Baeli - 2009
    But when an average day ends in a tragic accident, Tru must embark upon a quest to regain the life she once had with her lover, while sinister outsiders take advantage of the precarious situation. Yearning, revelations, and lurking danger pull at the threads of a once-idyllic life. As You Were is a romantic story driven by mystery and suspense.

The Practitioner

Ronica Black - 2017
    An anxiety disorder, loss of her business, and homelessness have been difficult to overcome. But Johnnie has come through the other side to find success as an artist. Now, however, she’s lost her creative drive and she’s struggling to produce.Elaine Taylor has an interesting job. She’s a “creative practitioner,” known to awaken her client’s creative side by using many different approaches, including a sensual or sexual approach. Most of her clients are male and she likes it that way. Women are the last thing she wants in her life, having lost the most important woman she’s ever known, her wife.Fearing she’ll lose all she’s worked so hard for, Johnnie takes her friend’s advice and calls a lone number on a business card, steps into Elaine’s office, and shakes up both their worlds forever.

Outside The Box

Robin Roseau - 2016
    I'm Alex Franklin. I'm a realtor. Pleased to meet you. Kids? Sort of. I helped raise Kate's daughter. My lover? Laugh. No. Kate is my little sister. Melody is twelve now. She's the light of my life, and I love it when she calls me "Mom Two". Seeing anyone? Not currently. But, if you can believe it, Melody has been playing matchmaker lately... -- This is a sweet romance novel of 65,000 words.

One Touch

L.T. Marie - 2012
    Cajoled into accepting an invitation for a seven-day cruise to celebrate her ten-year high school reunion, she comes face-to-face with her past when the woman of her dreams haunts her days on the warm seas, even as she struggles to keep a secret that tears at her heart.Sierra Connor works for the travel agency responsible for booking her high school reunion cruise. She doesn’t want to attend the reunion in the first place because one woman will be there—the one who always made her feel whole but then disappeared and left Sierra’s heart and soul crushed without so much as a word. She knows love is for people who can trust, and she’s not one of those people.It was only one touch, ten years ago. Forced together once more, will the memory of that one touch ignite a new future? Or will their old hurts quench the flame?

Rules of Revenge

A.J. Quinn - 2014
    Nothing is what it seems. Case in point? Darien Troy, the beautiful but deadly operative brought in to help neutralize the threat. Jessie is drawn to Darien. She’s just not sure she can trust her.Darien’s never backed down from a challenge, but this one’s suddenly very personal. As the body count increases and old secrets come to light, she’ll have to decide how far she’s willing to go. Because this time, more than survival is on the line.


Jove Belle - 2009
    Eden is fleeing a past filled with blood and death that promises to forever haunt her. She travels aimlessly until the day her motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, southern Idaho, and in rides Brandi Cornwell. Brandi Cornwell lives a simple life on her Idaho ranch. She works hard, struggles to make ends meet, and follows the Golden Rule. The only thing missing is a good woman to share the sunsets, and as much as she'd like that woman to be Eden, Brandi senses the turmoil within her, and buries her feelings, knowing that whatever Eden's running from, it's going to take her away from Idaho and from whatever chance they might have at love.

Uncharted Passage

Julie Cannon - 2008
    Two women on a vacation that turns deadly face down one of nature's most ruthless killers - and find themselves falling in love.

Taken by Surprise

Kenna White - 2011
    As winter gathers closer she wonders if it might finally be time to sell her getaway retreat. It’s only a few hours from Denver, true, but her career as a corporate lawyer has left her little time to enjoy it, and the years have ticked by, almost unnoticed.Snow and ice are part of Margo Tosch. She’s been on skis since she could strap them to her boots, and her love of the sport has taken her around the world. Now, as snowplow driver, ski instructor and shopkeeper, this Jill-of-all-trades has carved a life for herself and her daughter in the mountains she loves, where the isolation lets her keep her secrets to herself.When their paths cross in the high-mountain air, city-dweller Leigh is certain she has nothing in common with this rustic mountain woman named Margo. But even the frostiest of hearts can be taken by surprise.Bestselling author Kenna White warms the rugged mountains of Colorado with a smoldering love story.

More Than a Kiss

Saxon Bennett - 2014
    Amy Stewart finding true love together... except a banana peel, a psycho stalker, a lesbian poetess, an extreme chef, a KGB spy, and a sex toy inventor. Join Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner as they combine their creative *genius to bring you the romantic comedy of the century. ** Guaranteed money back if you don't laugh out loud. * Geniuses in their own mind. ** This is a lie. The authors are broke.