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No Way Out

Ancelli - 2017
     Abandoned at birth, Perry Ortiz vowed never to turn out like his deadbeat parents. He didn't have much growing up, but he made it through with the love and support of his aunt Lola. At the age of sixteen, he did what he needed in order to help his aunt financially which led him to meet the love of his life Alicia Stone. She made his heart race with just one glance. The brown skin beauty captivated his thoughts the moment she smiled his way. Alicia was his soulmate but nine years later everything came crashing down around them. One heated argument ruined everything they'd built together, leading him in the arms of another woman, Lorie Valentin. His world slowly started to shatter into pieces after a one night-stand sparked the beginning of his misery. Now in a loveless marriage, Perry tries to make sense of what his life has become. Do you believe a man can be emotionally, verbally and physically abused? Neither did Perry as he tries to find the man he used to be? Is there a second chance at love when someone refuses to let go? Adult content

Victim Of Circumstance

Freya Barker - 2020
    It’s overwhelming. Each year Robin Bishop returns, and while everyone around her is solemn, she lifts her face to the sun and celebrates her freedom. It’s liberating.He sees her.She stands out in the grieving crowd—her head thrown back, her face bright with contentment—like a beacon offering to guide him into the light.

Goodiva's Secret

Sienna Mynx - 2020
    And it happened. Goodiva, a young DJ and aspiring actress makes the mistake of drawing the wrath of Mr. Price. Desperate to cover up her fateful mistake her decision to flee the scene of a crime will eventually trap her in the dungeon of Mayfair Manor before she is forced to escape to the royal palace in the Middle East. The man who loves her is also the man who hunts her. The secret they share will change, destroy, and rebuild a future neither could foresee.

Escape to Heaven

Reana Malori - 2014
    Calling on strength she never knew she possessed, Adele builds a new life for herself and becomes a stronger woman in the process. Now ready to move forward—she never expects love to waltz into her life when she least expects it. Stefano Indellicati feels an instant attraction to Adele and is determined to get to know her better. Something about her calls on his protective instincts, and he realizes he would do anything to call her his own. Willing to stand and fight for what he believes, Stefano will prove to Adele that he is the only man for her present and her future.


Shara Azod - 2016
    I fought my way out of hell. Now I fight for pleasure. I answer to no one, I trust no one. I need no one but my brothers.The O’Shea brothers are on a mission and not even Satan himself dares cross our path.But she did. Sauntering right into my life, switching that delectable behind that was just begging from for me to lay my hand across it. Hard. I want her. Begging and screaming my name and only my name—Shannon O’Shea.Hell itself will tremble if anyone gets in my way.NOTE: There are four stories in the Irish Sugar series. The readerexperience will be enhanced by reading all four stories; however each of themare standalone novellas and can be enjoyed separately and can be read in anyorder. Enjoy! Kieran- Kassanna Dwight - Shara Azod - Reana Malori - Marteeka Karland

Gypsy's Lady

MariaLisa deMora - 2018
    Having forever been a stranger to love, he was stunned when it beckoned to him from a darkened room in faraway Oz. The route to hold the woman of his dreams might be turbulent, but now that he’s found her, he’s determined to keep her…no matter the cost. Full description: Douglas Tatum was a decorated police officer and considered himself a community servant loyal to the shield … back before he lost the faith. Betrayed by a man he considered a brother, he cut all ties with his past existence, drifting until he found a home with the Rebel Wayfarers MC, and their president, Mason. With renewed purpose, Gypsy, as he’s now known, threw himself into building a new life, earning his way into a trusted position in the club. Dispatched overseas to help fulfill a club debt, Gypsy didn't expect to find his destiny under an unfamiliar canopy of stars. It took just a single trembling glance for the dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty to own his heart. Kelsey had spent months in captivity, serving men’s sadistic whims. Endless days of living moment to moment, in darkness and pain, she had given up hope of escape until Gypsy walked through the door. With one word from him, her heart settled in her chest, and she knew she was safe. From that moment he had taken control, dispatching her enemies and her nightmares, giving her a chance to be fearless for the first time she could remember. Now fate has thrown them another curve, and they’ll have to partner with an unlikely crew to help save another girl. In the series timeline, this story sits alongside 'Fury' (book #11). Story in the Rebel Wayfarers MC book series, timeline matches book #11, Fury. Gypsy's Lady #11.5. *Please note this book is part of the Rebel Wayfarers MC book series, featuring characters from additional books in the series. If the books are read out of order, you’ll twig to spoilers for the other books, so going back to read the skipped titles won’t have the same angsty reveals. I strongly recommend you read them in order. Available now: Mica (book #1), Slate (book #2), Bear (book #3), Jase (book #4), Gunny (book #5), Mason (book #6), Hoss (book #7), Duck (book #8), Watcher (book #9), Bones (book #10), Fury (book #11), and Cassie (book #12).

Vasily's Revenge

Latrivia Welch - 2014
    As a Russian Mafia hit man, his entire purpose has been to protect his bosses and their families without prejudice. However, even the bravest hit man has loved at least once. To Vasily’s detriment, it was his former boss, Leo Rasputin’s wife, Lilly. After sticking his neck out once in the name of love to protect her, he was nearly killed and then discarded by the very man who had sworn allegiance. Given a second and better chance with Dmitry Medlov and his men, Vasily focused on climbing the ranks and becoming lauded by his brethren. Now the head of security for the Czar of the Underworld, a feared and revered faction of the Vory v Zakone, he put all ideas of love aside and follows the code of the Thieves-in-Law. That is until Leo breaks out of Attica and tries to hunt down Lilly in an attempt to take her life. Secret pacts between men and women come unbound as the race against time for $20 million in diamonds, unveils the truth for Vasily. He might not only carry the title of enforcer but also the title of father of Lilly’s eight year old son. Hiding them under the guard of the Medlov family, he must find the diamonds, find the men responsible for the set up and finally find out the truth. Read the first book in the new series about the most famous fiction Russian Mafia family in books, The Medlov Men, by national bestselling author Latrivia S. Nelson.

The Only One for Me

Toni Jackson - 2015
    From the time he was a child, the importance of keeping his father's legacy in the family was drilled into him. His dream was to expand the company until Davenport Corporation was a household name.The one thing Sean Davenport wants - needs - is a child of his own blood to carry on the legacy his father left behind. A child of his own that he could groom and train to take over the company when the time came. For a man of his means, it should have been simple.But money can't buy everything.And this is the one thing he begins to believe he will never have.At least until he meets Danielle Knox, a rising star in the art world and the one person in the world who doesn't appear to be impressed by his wealth. To achieve his goal, he has to make her fall in love with him.But first he has to keep her alive....


Trevion Burns - 2018
    But when unexpected tragedy strikes, they find another common thread: Stella’s newborn daughter, Blue. Overnight, they’ve become all Blue has in the world, leaving little room for the powerful tension blazing between them to spit even one more spark. Forced to put aside their differences for the sake of baby Blue, the two rivals find themselves living under one roof, fighting to juggle their careers and social lives as a baby they never planned on raising together works to uproot their lives. Try as they might, a world shaken to its core has a funny way of peeling back even the sharpest layers. Threatening to unveil a depth of forbidden love, explosive passion and dark secrets dangerous enough to destroy the only family Blue has left. And this time, forever. ---- ILLICIT is book one of a two-part series.

Bad Cop

Linda Verji - 2018
    He’s the kind of man they warn women about. Checkered past, man-whore, cocky… and hot as sin. Good girls can’t handle him. And that’s exactly what Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Mitchell was when they first met; a dewy-eyed good girl who believed in love, roses and everything nice.Then he broke her heart!Now she’s back in his life and she’s different – feisty, a little cruel and outrageously irresistible. Innocent, sheltered Jasmine was cute, but this brave, new Jasmine is sexy as hell. Lucas knows that he shouldn’t get close to her because he’ll just hurt her again. However, that doesn’t change the way her sweet-as-sin kisses have his heart racing and blood boiling. Worse, she keeps diving head-first into danger and has somehow landed on a dangerous murderer’s kill list. Lucas will do anything to keep her safe. But can he keep his desire on a tight leash while he does it?*This sexy bwwm romantic suspense is a standalone novel with a little bit of crime, a happily ever after ending and no cliff-hangers.

Chasing Gunner (Chasing #2)

J.M. Stoneback - 2019
    Drink, f*ck, and work.Repeat.I’m an empty vessel.Torn by my demons that haunt me.Until the woman I craved for nine years stumbles back into my life.Working as my Personal Assistant.Gia Gallagher.Wreaking havoc like a tornado.She knows I’m a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.She knows not to fall in love with me.She fell hard.I fell hard.And then, I broke her.I broke me.I broke us.

Remember Me

Priscilla Poole Rainwater - 2012
    In her dreams, however, the image of a child haunts her, and she feels she should know him. In the care of Dr. Brett Parker, an unscrupulous and shady physician she trusts, she thinks he has her best interests at heart. But does he? And what dark secrets may he be harboring? Will she ever remember her past, and her family?For three years, billionaire Granger Mortensen’s pride has kept him from pursuing the wife who suddenly and inexplicably abandoned him and his son. But his young son wants answers, answers to why his mother left, so he begins a search to find those answers and have closure, one way or the other. But unbeknownst to both Granger and Cassandra, there are people who will stop at nothing to keep them apart, and possess them for themselves, even if it means murder.

Black Pearl

Tiffany Patterson - 2015
     Black Pearl, Book 1 of the Black Burlesque Series Monday through Friday, Devyn Williams is executive assistant to the CFO of one of the top finance firms in the country. But Devyn has a secret. At night she becomes Black Pearl, a rising performer on the Atlanta burlesque scene. Devyn's good at keeping these two aspects of her life separate, even from her company's CEO, Nikola. Nikola Collins, is CEO of Excel Financial Services, the company his father started more than thirty years ago. After graduating from West Point and serving in the military, Nikola assumed the role he'd been groomed for since he was a child, upon his father's untimely death. With his brother, Andre as CFO, Nikola has helped Excel exceed even his father's expectations. But, Nikola has a secret of his own. For the three years Andre's executive assistant, Devyn, has worked at Excel, he's been harboring a crush. Opting to not cross any professional boundaries, Nikola has kept his distance. All that changes when Nikola and Devyn are tasked with working closely with one another. The pair's attraction for one another finally boils over. Nikola finding out Devyn's little secret is not all she has to worry about. When an unwelcomed intruder from Devyn's past returns, the new couple's happiness is threatened.

False Pretenses

Tressie Lockwood - 2013
    At her wits end, Alyssa jumps at the chance to do her cousin a favor in exchange for the money--pose as the girlfriend of her cousin's boss, billionaire Nathan Corde, for one glorious week in the Cayman Islands. Alyssa has always admired the view in the form of Nathan, but she never imagined getting so close to him since she's on a whole other level. Hell, many nights she's settled for eating ramen in order to cover the bills. Nathan's world is far from what she's used to--limos, servants, mansions, and fancy parties in ritzy hotels. But there's also danger--the threat of falling in love, and of losing her life.

Finding Ali

Megan Fall - 2018
    She was lying on the floor and four terrifying bikers were standing over her. After six long months, an older biker slips into her cell and lets her out. He places her in a car and gives her an address, then strides away. Jaxon has been barely surviving since his girl Ali was murdered by a car bomb. He becomes the Sargent of Arms for his MC and swears to never open his heart to anybody else. His brothers rename him Dragon, in honour of his newly discovered appreciation of the blowtorch. How will he cope, when an unfamiliar car shows up near the compound one day, and his Ali is behind the wheel? Will she ever recall what he was to her? And will he be able to save her from, the man determined to see her dead!