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The Captain's Captive by Christine Dorsey



Valerie Sherwood - 1985
    The proud Colonial beauty, graced with silvergold hair and flashing eyes, hoped to be his bride. Then, swept into a growing storm of scandal, she was banished to Virginia. Captured by buccaneers on the high seas, Carolina became the Silver Wench of the Caribbean...and the defiant prisoner of the infamous Kells, a brooding man with insolent charm andd a mysterious past.On the island of Tortuga, where gentle winds caressed the perfumed nights and a lustrous moon whispered love's allure, Carolina must find Thomas again, and to flee Kells' passionate embrace, the rapturous temptation of his...LOVESONG

Capture My Heart

Bobbi Smith - 1992
    His kidnapping as a child by Barbary pirates changed the course of his life. Now Serad is master of the seas, accustomed to possessing whatever--or whomever--strikes his fancy. . ..He Stole Her Freedom. . .When Serad boards the vessel La Mouette to loot for treasure, he discovers a cargo more precious than any trinket: the heiress Victoria Lawrence. A raven-haired, emerald-eyed beauty, Victoria captivates Serad as no woman ever has before. But the fiery young lady doesn't seem to understand that she is now a captive, expected to honor her new master's wishes and desires without question. . .But He Must Win Her HeartWhen Victoria set sail from India, she expected the voyage to deliver her into the arms of her betrothed--not a heartless gang of pirates. Now captured, she refuses to bow to any man, even one as commanding as Serad. Sharing his cabin, Victoria can barely resist her overwhelming attraction for her captor. But if she gives in to her desires, Victoria knows Serad will accept nothing less than her total surrender. . .

Velvet Chains

Constance O'Banyon - 1985
    The black-garbed captin had kidnapped the English beauty as ransom for an American patriot. But the longer the Redcoats stalled negotiations, the more time the Raven spent with his prisoner...and the closer he came to tumbling her to his bed! Soon all thoughts of freedom for the Colonies fled his mind and the only cause he now embraced was possessing his sumptuous captive!LOVE'S BONDSEmerald-eyed Season Chatsworth had defied her father's plans for her future; she certainly wasn't about to obey a stranger's commands! Escape was all the spirited young woman could think of--until she gazed into her handsome abductor's eyes and lost her will to resist. His searing touch and devouring kiss kept her by his side with more force than manacles of steel. Then the moment came when Season no longer rebelled against the cruel fate that linked her to the Raven; now she was forever bound to him by passion's VELVET CHAINS.

Eden's Promise

Cassie Edwards - 1989

Too Great a Temptation: 15th Anniversary Edition

Alexandra Benedict - 2006
    She wanted escape. Neither wanted the love of a lifetime . . .A lord so sinful he is dubbed the "Duke of Rogues," Damian Westmore lives for pleasure--until the day his brother dies at the hands of pirates. Abandoning the libertine life to pursue revenge, Damian finds the criminals he seeks and joins their crew in disguise, waiting for the chance to strike the brigands down. But he never imagined there would be a woman on board--or that the stunning siren would inflame the very passions Damian swore to resist until his brother's death was avenged.Beautiful, fiery Mirabelle Hawkins longs for the freedom of the high seas--so she stows away on her brother's pirate ship at the first opportunity. But she finds something more exciting than chase and plunder: a bold, handsome, secretive sailor whose touch makes her tremble with desire . . . but whose love is a cutlass that could destroy all she holds dear.

Pirate in My Arms

Danelle Harmon - 1992
    In innocence, young Maria Hallett teases him, taunts him...and surrenders to a scorching seduction that leaves her in disgrace as his ship sails. But Sam cannot forget Maria--his golden-haired angel, a haunting beauty whose awakened sensual passion has seared his very soul with tormented longing. When he returns it is to claim her, to sweep her into his pirate's world--on a perilous voyage of daring dreams and dangerous desires...and a confrontation with a love that thunders with the raging passion of the stormy sea.

Bride of the Wind

Shannon Drake - 1992
    Now banished from his beloved England, he lives the life of a pirate -- seeking vengeance on those who betrayed him... including the beautiful temptress whom he once held dear. On a storm-tossed sea they are united once more -- he, no longer a noble, but the notorious brigand called Dragonslayer. And she, one his bride, is now his helpless prisoner -- forced to submit to his fury, his will...and the blistering, sensuous need that chains her captive heart.

Crimson Rapture

Jennifer Horsman - 1986
    His lean, masculine frame radiated a shocking strength; his piercing blue eyes left her feeling helpless and weak. Somewhere deep inside her, the innocent beauty felt a yearning for an unknown ecstasy, and thirsted for adventures that were forbidden even in her dreams. But, as his lips gently grazed her flesh and his hands thoroughly ravished her senses, Christina resolved that after he had his way with her, she would flee under the cover of night and forever escape his ardent demands! He forced her response...There was nothing like a challenge to make the blood flow faster in Justin Phillip's veins. So, when the dashing pirate saw the timid wench shrink from his gaze, he decided that he'd take her with-or without-her consent. He coaxed desire from her pouting lips; he awakened passion with his expert touch. The experienced rake knew that Christina would try to run away from pleasure, but once he'd had her..he knew that he could never let her go. If it meant capturing her with kisses, and enslaving her with his caress, he would do it, and turn the seeds of her hidden desire into the full bloom of Crimson Rapture...

The Robin Hood Trilogy

Marsha Canham - 2011
    The author's version of how the legend of Robin Hood began, featuring all your favorite characters: Little John, Maid Marienne, Guy de Gisbourne, Friar Tuck, and of course, Robin of the Hood. Book One begins the legend in the misty greenwood, when an outlaw named the Black Wolf kidnaps a young bride...Multiple Award-Winning USA Today bestselling author

How to Fool a Duke

Mary Lancaster - 2020
    The ultimate goal: to find husbands for these rejected ladies of the ton. Yet, not every young woman is motivated by the same emotions, for some of these ladies possess rakish hearts that can only be tamed by true love.Her voice is pure, her motives wicked.Lady Sarah Merrington will never forget being spurned by the duke she was supposed to marry. After all, that is the very reason she finds herself as a personal guest to the enigmatic Lady Whitmore in her village on the coast, a place of sanctuary where a lady might learn new accomplishments and, perhaps, the necessary skills to charm the elites of society. And Sarah is determined to reinvent herself so she can seek satisfaction, if not a bit of feminine revenge against the Duke of Vexen.Leonard Blackmore, the Duke of Vexen, is invited to host a charitable event in a place he's never heard of before and by a lady he's never met. Pleased by the opportunity, he accepts the invitation only to find his gracious hostess, Lady Whitmore, is not only a fellow patron to the arts but provides second chances to young ladies who simply need a helping hand. Unexpectedly, the duke meets a beautiful woman who sings like an angel. He swears he's seen her before but can't quite remember where or when. It doesn't matter, for she's captured his deep interest, and he always gets what he wants.Sarah can't believe her duke has arrived, giving her the chance to fulfill her dream for revenge. But the more she's around him, the more she admires and likes him. And it's only a matter of time before he realizes who she is. Will Sarah take advantage of the perfect opportunity to fool her duke, or will she forgive and forget in order to give love a second chance?

Wings of a Dove

Elaine Barbieri - 1990

Mail Order Majesty : Clover Lake Grooms Book 1

Sara Jolene - 2018
    She is looking for adventure and love…not an arranged marriage to a man she hasn’t seen in years. She travels to America to join her betrothed and quickly realizes that the boy she met and wrote letters to is not the man she is committed to marry. Thanks to a chance meeting with a local matchmaker, Lorraine gets the opportunity for a second chance in the woods of Northern Pennsylvania. Milo Murphy moved to America to pick up where his parents left off…farming the land and building a home in Montrose, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, he spends more time mining coal in nearby Scranton than he does tending his property. A looming strike at the mine offers Milo the chance to move to his farm full time. However, he quickly learns that creating a future is a lonely job, so he sends a letter to a mail order bride agency, hoping they’ll send him the girl of his dreams. The moment they meet, their connection is undeniable. But will it be enough to keep them together as they try to carve out a place on their new land?

A Promise by Daylight

Alison DeLaine - 2014
    But for an infamous rogue, it's easier said than done. Hiring a personal medic, he sets about recovering from his injuries—and avoiding temptation at all costs. Little does Winston know, the one temptation he can't resist might be hiding before his very eyes. A tenacious virgin… Without a friend or farthing in the world, posing as a man is Miss Millicent Germain's only chance to achieve her dream of becoming a physician. But working for the decadent duke is trickier than no-nonsense Millie anticipated—and his touch threatens to awaken her deepest desires. By daylight, the two are at odds…but by night, their attraction may prove undeniable.

Miss Taygete’s Sweet Sister’s Society

Charlotte Stone - 2018
    Since the moment Taygete Bellenger met the Earl of Edvoy, she knew there would never be another for her... But when he married her eldest sister instead, he broke her heart. .Now...She has devoted her life to helping the soldiers fresh from the war in France,1- deciding to never marry,2- to never confess her love to Hugh,3- and to take an even darker secret to her grave.  . Hugh Vance married the wrong woman, yet even after the passing of his wife, he knows there is little he can do to fix his mistakes.But when opportunity shows itself in the form of escorting the younger Bellenger girls during their first season in London, Hugh finds himself drawn to the one woman who's always held his heart.Taygete Bellenger. .But their match is forbidden by English courts, and Taygete has yet to reveal the wrong she committed years ago.With little hope, it seems two will have to make a decision.Forever apart or together under the shame of Society. .Is love truly worth great sacrifice in the end?Page Count: around 330 pages

An Unexpected Bride for the Betrayed Duke

Emma Linfield - 2020
    And that means one thing: when her Lady is invited to her future husband’s home, Vivien must follow.Though vexed with his stepmother’s machinations to have him married, Gerard Kahler, the Duke of Hartwick, vows to be the perfect gentleman. What he never accounted for is Lady Isadora’s beautiful companion.But as both Vivien and Gerard soon realize, the past is a peculiar thing, with a mind of its own. Vivien has been living a lie facilitated upon her birth, and the key to the riddle is a single old pendant. A sapphire as bright as the moon the night she was taken...