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Wayward Deluxe Book 1 by Jim Zub


Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him

Robert Kirkman - 2015
    Unfortunately, what he uncovers along the way could bring about the end of life on Earth as we know it. Collects OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA #1-6.

God Country

Donny Cates - 2017
    Emmett isn't just a problem for his children--his violent outbursts are more than the local cops can handle. When a tornado levels his home--as well as the surrounding West Texas town--a restored Quinlan rises from the wreckage.An enchanted sword at the eye of the storm gives him more than a sound mind and body, however. He's now the only man who can face these otherworldly creatures the sword has drawn down to the Lone Star State...In GOD COUNTRY salvation is a double-edged sword. Collects GOD COUNTRY #1-6

Gideon Falls, Vol. 1: The Black Barn

Jeff Lemire - 2018
    Now, its mystery ensnares and entwines the lives of two very different men. One: a young recluse, obsessed with finding hidden clues within the city's trash. The other: a washed-up Catholic priest, finding his place in a small town that hides dark secrets. Neither of them are prepared for what's inside the Black Barn.From Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, the bestselling creative team behind Old Man Logan and Green Arrow, comes a character-driven meditation on obsession, mental illness, and faith.Collects Gideon Falls #1-6.

Invincible, Vol. 1: Family Matters

Robert KirkmanJohn Rauch - 2003
    The only major difference being that his dad is the most powerful superhero on the planet! And, Mark seems to be inheriting his father's powers! See Mark thwart super-villains, alien invasions and all sorts of craziness, as he gets the hang of all this super-heroing stuff.

They're Not Like Us, Vol. 1: Black Holes for the Young

Eric Stephenson - 2015
    but they're not like us. Collecting: They're Not Like Us 1-6

Rumble, Vol. 1: What Color of Darkness

John Arcudi - 2015
    A Scarecrow Warrior God walks into a bar...and proceeds to drag a modern American city into a ten-thousand-year-old grudge-match! A bizarre new adventure—complete with boozehound shamans, monster queens, and a football-fetching hydra! Featuring an extended sketchbook section and a few surprises!Collects RUMBLE #1-5

The Wicked + The Divine Deluxe Edition: Year One

Kieron GillenStephanie Hans - 2016
    Revel in the opulence of this over-sized hardback! Revel in it! Collects issues 1 through 11.

Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 3

Tim SeeleyDaniel Leister - 2010
    Will Vlad be enough back up, or will the slasher hunting duo need to turn to some unlikely allies?Collects: Hack/Slash Series one #18-32, Entry Wounds, Hackoween, and The Living Corpse Annual 1.TPB Equivalent: In Revenge & In Love (volume 6), New Blood, Old Wounds (volume 7) and Super Sidekick Sleepover Party (volume 8). Omnibus 3 is the only place The Living Corpse Annual 1 is collected.

Morning Glories, Vol. 1: For a Better Future

Nick Spencer - 2011
    When six brilliant but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and desperately seeking answers...and escape from a place where nothing is what it seems to be!

Phonogram, Vol. 1: Rue Britannia

Kieron Gillen - 2007
    Phonomancer David Kohl hadn't spared his old patron a thought for almost as long... at which point his mind starts to unravel. Can he discover what's happened to the Mod-Goddess of Britpop while there's still something of himself left? Dark modern-fantasy in a world where music is magic, where a song can save your life or end it.Collects Phonogram: Rue Britannia #1-6.

East of West, Vol. 1: The Promise

Jonathan Hickman - 2013
    It is not the one we wanted, but it is the one we deserved. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse roam the Earth, signaling the End Times for humanity, and our best hope for life, lies in Death.Collecting: East Of West 1-5

Shutter, Vol. 1: Wanderlost

Joe Keatinge - 2014
    Kate Kristopher, once the most famous explorer of an Earth far more fantastic than the one we know, is forced to return to the adventurous life she left behind when a family secret threatens to destroy everything she spent her life protecting. Collects Shutter #1-6.

Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under the Knife

Brandon Seifert - 2011
    meets Fringe in the first Skybound Original from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's new comics imprint! Meet Vincent Morrow, a doctor looking for a vaccine... for the apocalypse! Horror gets a brain transplant in Witch Doctor, the book Warren Ellis calls -Mental!-

Ice Cream Man, Vol. 1: Rainbow Sprinkles

W. Maxwell Prince - 2018
    Each installment features its own cast of strange characters, dealing with their own special sundae of suffering. And on the periphery of all of them, like the twinkly music of his colorful truck, is the Ice Cream Man—a weaver of stories, a purveyor of sweet treats. Friend. Foe. God. Demon. The man who with a snap of his fingers—lickety split!—can change the course of your life forever.

Injection, Vol. 1

Warren Ellis - 2015
    It was called the Cultural Cross-Contamination Unit, and the idea was that it would hothouse new thinking and new patents. Five actual geniuses, all probably crazy, very eccentric, put in one place and given carte blanche to think about ways to approach and change the future. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?They did A Crazy Thing, which was referred to as The Injection. A mysterious Thing that they did in order to make the 21st Century better and stranger. It got out. It got loose into the fabric of the 21st Century, whatever it was, and now things are getting weird and ugly, faster and faster.So a few years have passed. They've all gone their separate ways, into separate "jobs" that allow them to follow and sometimes deal with the repercussions of The Injection. We are in the period where the toxic load of The Injection is at such a level that events that are essentially paranormal in nature are coming faster and faster, headed towards a point where humanity won't easily be able to live on the planet any more. Not a Singularity of glory, but an irretrievable constant blare of horror coming too thick and fast for anything to deal with.From the creators of Moon Knight: From the Dead: the story of five mad geniuses trying to save us all from themselves.Collecting: Injection 1-5