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Playing For Keeps by Jamie Denton


Second Down Love

Kara Hart - 2016
    On and off the field. I'm tall, confident, and ripped. Yeah, that's right. Jackson Leeman is my name and I'm the player of every woman's dreams. Love? F*ck that. No one can tie me down. That is, no one except for my high school sweetheart, Fiona Breckenridge. She's a hot piece of a** with curves to die for, but I broke her heart over a decade ago. Now that I'm famous, she despises me. Wait until I show her the whole package... I'm the best football player there ever was, but I can't control myself. When I find out she's my new PR agent, I know I'm screwed. I'm not the kind of guy who holds back. I'm going to tame her. I'm going to make her mine. This is my year, but my whole career is on the line. I need to settle down and focus. One problem: I want that woman more than I want to win the big game. All it takes is one night to get her begging my name. After that winning touchdown, I'm taking her all the way home. "It's always hotter the second time around." **Second Down Love is a standalone, 50,000 word, bad boy sports romance novel with a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGERS!**

False Start

Julianna Marley
    Until the day Jax made a choice that altered their lives and crushed Alivia harder than a quarterback sack. Football hero Jax Monaghan hadn’t had it easy in life. Despite his thriving football career he always destroyed everything beautiful he’s ever had. That was until he met his wife, Alivia, who had taught him what love and family was all about. But when he watches his wife fall apart due to his decisions, he’s reminded just what he is capable of – and he makes what he thinks is the ultimate sacrifice. Walking away. When Jax returns home in order to be closer to his children, he can’t help but want to be closer with Alivia again as well. But the brutal reality of his choices keep knocking him back to the starting line. As the past threatens them further apart, Jax and Alivia are forced to line up together and play for the same team. Had their entire marriage been a trick play? Or was it simply just a false start into their happily ever after

Hate to Love

R.S. Lively - 2018
    Whatever you do, don't fall for the big bad wolf. Big, tattooed, and super powerful.

Fair Game

Emerson Rose - 2016
     And I ruined it all. I walked out on the only woman I ever loved. No word. No notice. Nothing. I broke her, And destroyed myself. I'm determined to fix it, To win her back. When I left Amethyst Amero, She may have crumbled, But she's far from shattered now. She's strong, sexy, and secure. And she wants nothing to do with me. AMETHYST When Adam Silver walked out of my life for a football career, It was over for me. He was everything to me, And he walked away without warning. But I survived, I built myself back up, recreated myself, And never looked back. But now, he's ready to pick up where we left off. I refuse to let that happen. Too many wounds, Too long ago. That was the past. This is the present. And he certainly isn't my future. Or is he? AUTHOR'S NOTE - If you love romance with a dash of sports, Fair Game is for you. This is a full length, stand alone romance with a happily ever after and no cliff hanger. BONUS - For a limited time, each download of FAIR GAME includes Emerson’s bestselling Bad Boy Heroes series.

After the Rain

Mary J. Williams - 2016
    On and off the field.Logan Price is getting a second chance.Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts.Logan Price was living his dream. After years of hard work he finally made it. Starting running back for the Knights.After only a few games, he was a fan favorite. There were whispers of a rookie of the year award.It all ended with a devastating injury to his leg that sent him back to Oklahoma. A failed attempt at a comeback sent him into a deep depression.His life became about two things. Working at his father's bar, and running. One filled his days. The other made getting through the endless nights a little easier.When an old friend offers Logan a lifeline, he's reluctant to grab hold. He could live without football--barely. But he didn't think he could survive getting his hopes up only to lose it all again.Claire Thornton's dreams are just as big as Logan's. She left the small town where she was born to make something of herself. It hasn't been easy. A woman with no money and no connections. Everything she has, she's earned. Helping Logan Price make it back to the NFL will prove to her detractors that she can be a trainer. She is determined to make it in a male-dominated world.The attraction is instantaneous.The reasons not to get involved too numerous to list.It only takes one kiss--one touch--for them to realize it they want their dreams to come true they need more than luck. They need each other.Book one in a new, stand-alone, sexy sports trilogy.

The Gate to Everything

Ava Miles - 2016
    His football rock star life had become too burdensome to her. Plus there was another teensy, weensy reason. Chef Grace Kincaid had gotten tired of waiting for him to propose. Ouch.When Jordan wins the Super Bowl, he tells himself it’s enough. But he can’t get Grace out of his mind. When she calls, insisting they meet, he eagerly agrees.Only to discover he’s going to be a father…Grace had always wanted a happily ever after—her yellow house, the picket fence, and children—with Jordan. She’s not willing to settle for a shotgun wedding. But hope makes her agree to live next door to him in the dream house he’d secretly had built for her. The fire of their attraction and deep waters of their love reemerge as they become parents for the first time.The gate between their houses becomes the key—to everything.And check out Ava’s bestselling family series with a touch of magic, mystery, and romance…


Colleen Charles - 2017
    I'm filthy rich, filthy mouthed, filthy on the mound and in the mound. I've never met a woman who didn't worship at the altar of my cleats. Opposing batters eat my smoke and scream for their mama as they swing through dead air. They'll never be running the bases on my watch. But with the lovely ladies...I'll take them around the bases and drive for home all day and all night long. I get everything I want whenever I want it.But not her.Beautiful, smart, Brenna Sinclair. My arch nemeses. She's a reporter for Sport Taste magazine and she's been charged with hating my guts. She relishes every single hit piece she writes about me containing a sensational headline in bold, black letters. And I give her plenty to write about. RHETT BRADSHAW TAKES NEW YORK BY THE CROTCH. Yeah, that one was my favorite. But she got beamed with my baseball. And now she doesn't remember anything. In spite of the fact that I know it's wrong, payback's a bitch. I'll make her fall madly in love me. And she'll squeal my name. BrennaYankee's pitcher, Rhett Bradshaw, is a chauvinistic,immature playboy. An embarrassment to mankind. Women lift their shirts at games and throw their panties on the field. Their panties. What self-respecting woman does that? There's nothing I relish more than announcing to the world what I think of him and his juvenile antics. Threesomes in a limo? Check. Blow jobs in a back alley? Check, check. He disgusts me. Bad decisions happen when money and talent meet those panty-melting good looks. I'd love to know if there's any semblance of a decent human being underneath his pinstripes. I have the journalistic world by the tail and I'll write anything I want whenever I want to.But not about him. No, not anymore. I'm done with Rhett Bradshaw. Until an errant Sinker from his glove knocks me for a loop. Now, I don't remember anything from the recent past. And like an angel sent from heaven, there's this gorgeous baseball player hovering, worried about me. And before I know it, I'm thinking about what's underneath his sexy uniform. He's rich. He's talented. He's charming. For the first time in my life, I want to throw caution to the wind and just take what I want. Besides, what could possibly be wrong with letting myself fall?This full-length alpha billionaire romance by best-selling author Colleen Charles is meant for mature audiences. For a limited time, a FREE copy of Colleen's #1 Second Chance Romance novel, Wasted Love, is included. Colleen's books are always FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Forward Progress

S.R. Grey - 2019
    He blew his first shot at success, but now he has a second chance at playing football . . . and at having a life. Graham’s not about to squander this new opportunity with a rising team. No way. They’re about to make his dreams come true, even If they did just add a weird clause that he’s supposed to pretend some random chick is his girlfriend. Whatever. Teams can be weird about stuff. But Graham can play along. After all, it’s all about forward progress. In football, getting the ball down the field and scoring is goal number one. Life isn’t all that much different. That’s why Graham is hoping to do some scoring of his own off the field. Especially when he finds out the pretend girlfriend the team has picked out for him, Eden Vetterly, is beyond hot.But it’s not all about sex. Graham really likes Eden. And she likes him too—a lot.Too bad the team just changed all the rules. Forward Progress is the first book in the new Men of Fall football rom-com series, where football meets romance.

Sports & The Single Dad

Emma Nichols - 2018
    One personal assistant turned nanny. Too much tension to mention.PaxtonI was used to women coming and going in my life, but when a baby I never knew existed landed in my lap, I turned to the one woman I could always count on. For more than a year, Avery has run every aspect of my life seamlessly, with a poise and grace I’d never truly appreciated until I saw her holding my child. Before my eyes, she morphed from personal assistant extraordinaire to hot mama material and I needed her like never before.AveryLike every other female who’d seen him, I was attracted to Paxton Gentry, my boss, the NFL player, who barely paid attention to me. When his ex left Molly with us, I knew they were a package deal and I’d never seen a more perfect package. Suddenly, the man who’d never noticed me wanted me to move in, care for his child, and seemed to be hinting at so much more.

Jocked Up

Summer Cooper - 2016
    The truth is, I couldn’t face what I did. I just wanted to be with her, my soon-to-be stepsister. It was wrong, and the only thing I could think to do was to pack up and run! Just as I thought I had it all, running into her again made me realise that she is the only thing I’ve ever wanted. And this time, I will never run away. I deserve my second chance in love, with her... only her. Bethany, the good girl. Talented, tall, ripped and with smouldering good looks that could burn your soul. Sounds like a deal too good to be true, right? He is the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. His mum and my dad were going to get married, what was I thinking getting in bed with him? Lucky me, he left town the next day. Lucky me, our parents called off the wedding; otherwise, I would never have been able to forgive myself. The only problem is, he is back in town and wants to take me out! My best friend Amelia, who happens to be his sister, insists that he has changed. Do men like Drake ever really change? Maybe. Maybe not. The thing is, I can not afford another mistake like this. Not now that I have him... my son, my only joy. A romance full of twists and turns. Ready for an emotional roller coaster? Note: This story contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only!

Tackling Love

Kathleen Kelly - 2020
    Vulnerable in lust, Skye wants nothing more than to give in to her heart’s desires.

Zone Blitz (Springville Rockets #3)

Daphne Loveling - 2017
    I'm more than a pretty face on camera. I want serious journalism, But I can't get my foot in the door.   It's time I showed them who I am, And what I can be. My only option is the rugged linebacker for the Springville Rockets He's hot, sexy, and completely wrong for me. But, he has the right idea, And together we just might have the victory we're both after.   MASON They think they know who I am. They don't know the half of it, And I can't even broadcast the truth. I just have to run with it, And rebuild my reputation, From the ashes up.   The feisty, gorgeous journalist is my ticket to success. She just has to agree to it all. If she doesn't, It'll just be another fumbled ball, A defeat that I can't recover.   But as things heat up, one thing is clear: This is a game I’m not about to let myself lose. Anna’s body, her taste, her touch: I’m playing for keeps.    ZONE BLITZ is a completely standalone, steamy bad boy romance with guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger! It's also the third book in the Springville Rockets Bad Boys series. All three books are available now on Amazon!

Show Time

K.B. Winters - 2016
     Carson I’ve been sitting on the bench for longer than I care to admit. A fluke accident throws me into the playoff game as starting quarterback in the biggest blizzard of the year. The weight of the team going to the Super bowl falls on my shoulders. I don’t mind, they’re broad—and I’ve carried a lot worse. I don’t have time for distractions. But when Gwen crosses my path, I lose track of all the x’s and o’s bouncing around my head. All I can think about is getting my hands on her sexy curves. She’s irresistible. I want her. At the games, in my arms—and in my bed. Gwen Years of busting my ass have finally paid off. I’m one envelope away from practicing law. When Carson comes into my aunt’s diner one snowy night, I can’t help but wonder what I missed out on all those years buried under a pile of textbooks. Aunt Maggie says he’s a CIA spy, but it turns out he’s a third-string quarterback. He’s broad-shouldered, charming, and a true gentleman. But underneath that nice guy facade, there’s something dark about him, and I’m not sure I want to know. Not when I’m days away from chasing down the case that could make or break my career. I don’t have time for games—much less football games—and I sure don’t have anything in common with the people who do. Time or no time—I can’t stay away from Carson and with each passing day, I get closer and closer to finding out the secrets he's carrying with him. Will I be able to handle the truth when it finally comes to light? Show Time is a full-length bad boy football romance with a Happily Ever After. No cliffhanger and no cheating. Intended for readers 18+ due to Kindle-melting scenes and other mature content.

Super Over You

Jamie Knight - 2019
    I’m calling because I have to, not because I want to.” Olivia was my high school sweetheart. But then things between us eventually turned sour. Now fate has brought her curvy body back into my life. She still hates me for being a cocky football player. I tell myself I hate her too, for being opinionated and stubborn. And that there’s no time for an instant replay of our hot and cold relationship. I have a comeback to make in my career, and a Superbowl to win. But I can’t resist those soulful eyes and that feisty laugh I fell in love with long ago. Now I want to re-claim what’s been mine all along. Even though she’s adamant that she’s super over me. This is a full-length standalone romance novel. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

Hearts in Overtime

Daphne Swan - 2016
     I finally get a job that’ll put an end to my financial struggles once and for all. I’ve been hired to write a biography for starting quarterback and brutally hot brooding bad boy, Ryan Blake. But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Ryan is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to his past, and trying to get him to open up is an arduous task. He’s stubborn and rude and all the things I can’t stand in a guy. And yet… He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my entire life. When sparks start to fly, I can’t resist the urge to be with him. I’ll be fine just as long as I keep in mind that this won’t lead to anything real. I’m a regular sort of gal with a little extra junk in the trunk and he’s…well, he’s Ryan Blake. RYAN What the hell? What is it about this wholesome chick with the smokin’ hot body that has me so captivated? We’re hot for each other and that’s great, but I absolutely cannot let my guard down. If I start to get comfortable, the next thing you know I’ll start spilling all my secrets, and there are some things that need to stay hidden at all costs. If the truth about my past should come to light, it’ll destroy my image. This girl has the power to ruin me. I know I have absolutely no business hooking up with her, but I’m powerless to stop myself. Why is she so effing hard to resist? Hearts in Overtime is a 50,000-word standalone novel with NO CLIFFHANGERS and an HEA. As a special thanks for downloading, this limited edition also includes six steamy bonus stories, which means Hearts in Overtime ends right around the 52% mark.