Max Brand - 1974
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Sons of Texas

Elmer Kelton - 1989
    The expedition proves fatal for Mordecai and leaves the Lewis boys in peril on both sides of the border: with a murderous Spanish officer in Texas and a blood vendetta with the Blackwood clan, a neighboring Tennessee family.

The Gun Fight

Richard Matheson - 1993
    John Benton was one of the toughest men ever to wear a Texas Ranger badge.  But eight years ago, in August 1871, he hung up his guns for good.   Or so he hoped.   Then young Robby Coles challenged him to a fight over some imagined slight to the boy’s sixteen-year-old girlfriend.  At first Benton tried to laugh off the affair.  Why, the boy was little more than a child.  But rumors and gossip spread like wildfire through their dusty frontier town and soon enough the entire community seems to be goading both men towards a fatal confrontation neither one truly wants.             Benton doesn’t want to kill again.  Robby is secretly terrified of facing the legendary gunfighter.  Yet, with both men’s honor on the line, is there any way to avoid a duel to the death?


Louis L'Amour - 1962
    But when he takes in a stranger on the run from the leader of the renegade Comancheros, he quickly finds himself in hostile territory. Reissue.

The Border Empire

Ralph Compton - 1997
    The Sandlin gang kicked up that dust as they rode back laughing into Mexico, where the U.S. law couldn't touch them and local law didn't want to.Behind him Nathan Stone left his horse, his Winchester, his custom-made Colts, and his name. The son who had grown up without him took them all. His name is Wes Stone. He used to be a lawman, but when he picks up his father's guns, he takes down the star from his chest.Wes knows the impossible odds of going against the outlaw army and its empire of evil. But he knows something else too. He's his father's son, and he's going to teach his father's killers exactly what that means...More Than Six Million Ralph Compton Books In Print!

Deadman's Lament

Linell Jeppsen - 2013
    Twelve-year-old Matthew Wilcox leads a charmed life on his family's sprawling ranch in Washington Territory until a series of tragic events leave him orphaned and in the clutches of a vicious band of outlaws. Threatened by the gang leader's perverted cousin, Top Hat, Matthew also faces Indian attacks, dangerous wildlife, and a deadly snowstorm. He survives but burns with an overwhelming hunger for revenge.Thirteen years later, Matthew - now a Spokane County sheriff - realizes that Top Hat is riding again with a new gang called the Mad Hatters. It means risking his friends, his family and the love of a good woman, but Matthew must find the man who destroyed what he once loved most in the world. To that end, he and his posse venture into Idaho gold country to capture the Mad Hatters.Top Hat, however, has a different idea. He turns the tables, heading to the sheriff's hometown of Granville and going after everyone Matthew holds dear.What follows will haunt Sheriff Wilcox for the rest of his life as he confronts the hatred, vengeance and retribution buried deep in his own soul. Matthew will do anything, though, to put an end to A DEADMAN'S LAMENT.

A Texas Ranger

William MacLeod Raine - 1911
    According to Wikipedia: "William MacLeod Raine (1871—1954), was a British-born American novelist who wrote fictional adventure stories about the American Old West.."

The Fugitive Trail

Zane Grey - 1957
    To save his cowboy gambler brother, Bruce Lockheart takes to the fugitive trail for a crime he didn't commit, and is hotly pursued by a relentless ranger and the woman who loves him.

The Lawless West

Jon Tuska - 2007
    Now three of their best short novels are collected in a single volume. Zane Grey’s From Missouri has been restored from the author’s own manuscript and is appearing in paperback in its corrected form. Max Brand’s Over the Northern Border is a classic tale of stage coach robbery and relentless pursuit, also corrected and restored from the author’s original manuscript. Louis L’Amour’s Riders of the Dawn debuted in Giant Western magazine in 1951 and appears here in that original version, as L’Amour himself first intended it. Enjoy these three classic tales and experience the Western the way it was meant to be.

The Blackfoot Trail

Charles G. West - 2009
    Now, Joe Fox is forging a new trail?of vengeance!

Name’s Corcoran, Terrence Corcoran

Johnny Gunn - 2018
    Now he’s returning to the Comstock looking to get his badge back and stumbles into a conspiracy that might put the sheriff, district attorney, and others in jail for a long time. A lovely working girl is brutally murdered, a Hungarian duke wants a Wells Fargo gold shipment, and the sheriff rehires him after first kicking him in a most tender spot. Corcoran was born on the ship bringing his family to this country, ran away to the frontier at an early age and brings his ideas of the old country and knowledge learned of the west to whatever mess he finds himself in. He’s carried a badge, found himself in jail, and stands four-square for right, honor, and truth. You gotta love the guy.

The Long Trail

Brad Dennison - 2013
    The story of a family building a ranch in the rugged wilderness of post Civil War Montana, and of a young man seeking his family and his destiny. If you liked the movie OPEN RANGE or the TV shows BIG VALLEY and LANCER, or the novels of Louis L'Amour and Ralph Compton, then this might be for you.

Wind River

James Reasoner - 1994
    After buffalo hunter and former army scout Cole Tyler arrives in Wind River, a primitive outpost in the wild Wyoming Territory, he is unwittingly drawn into taking the unwelcome and dangerous job of town marshal. Marshal Cole Tyler finds himself facing a ruthless killer as Wind River becomes a town with its own brand of justice.

Blood Storm: A John Henry Cole Western

Bill Brooks - 2012
    Recent unexpected gunplay has whittled his detective agency down to a single operative: a man named John Henry Cole. Cole is the only man left when a new assignment comes in from a former lover of Kelly’s, a woman operating an escort service in the new mining camp of Deadwood in Dakota Territory. Three of the young women working for her have been murdered, and someone is trying to cover up their deaths.It’s a dangerous job, and Cole is advised that he must take every precaution—as if he needed such advice. The legendary Wild Bill Hickok was recently murdered at Deadwood, and Calamity Jane Canary and Doc Holliday are among Cole’s potential suspects. Add that to a corrupt constable and a bounty hunter who just happens to be an old enemy of Cole’s, and it’s clear there are many who will not welcome his arrival in Deadwood. Cole is a lonely man in a lonely profession, and finding a murderer in the wild mining camp could be less of a challenge than simply staying alive.Using real-life characters and settings from one of the most notorious times in the history of the Wild West, veteran author Bill Brooks spins another edge-of-your-seat thriller.Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction that takes place in the old West. Westerns—books about outlaws, sheriffs, chiefs and warriors, cowboys and Indians—are a genre in which we publish regularly. Our list includes international bestselling authors like Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour, and many more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Josey Wales: Two Westerns

Forrest Carter - 1989
    His wife and child had been lost to pre-civil War destruction and, like Jesse James and other young farmers, he joined the guerrilla soldiers of Missouri--men with no cause but survival and no purpose but revenge.Josey Wales and his Cherokee friend, Lone Watie, set out for the West through the dangerous Camanchero territory. Hiding by day, traveling by night, they are joined by an Indian woman named Little Moonlight, and rescue an old woman and her granddaughter from their besieged wagon. The five of them travel toward Texas and win through brash and honest violence, a chance for a new way of life.