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His Reputation Precedes Him by Carole Mortimer


Expecting His Love-Child

Carol Marinelli - 2008
    He trusts only himself and doesn't want a wife or an heir to the Kolovsky name.Millie has returned to Australia to find Levander. They shared one unforgettable night together. And now she's come to tell her secret: she's expecting his baby....

The Markonos Bride

Michelle Reid - 2008
    Here she met and married gorgeous Greek playboy Andreas Markonos and bore him a precious son. But when tragedy struck, Louisa fled ...Now, years later, Andreas can't believe that his runaway wife has dared set foot on Aristos again --- and that he still desires her. Andreas will reclaim his wife with the one thing they still have in common ... intense physical passion!

Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife

Sarah Morgan - 2009
    Her sister claimed she was expecting Leandro's baby. So Millie ran away, distraught. The designer dresses had clearly never hidden how unsuitable and unglamorous she truly was.Now, though, Leandro's powerful voice is demanding that his wife come home. And, to her shame, she's willing....

Deserving of His Diamonds?

Melanie Milburne - 2012
    But now Emilio is faced with proof of Gisele’s innocence! He’s determined to win back the only woman who ever truly satisfied him, but first he must persuade Gisele she’s worthy of wearing his diamonds again… Don’t miss this first installment in Melanie Milburne’s The Outrageous Sisters duet!

Jewel in His Crown

Lynne Graham - 2011
    But he's going to have to use more pleasurable tactics to convince his new bride . . . .A day ago Ruby Sommerton was an ordinary girl, going to work and gossiping with her flatmate, now she's found out she's a princess and waits nervously in the bedroom of the Prince's desert palace!Raja's new bride has a lot to learn about being a royal, most enticingly of all . . . how exhilarating nights with her new husband can be—and that an heir is top of his agenda!

To Love, Honor and Betray

Jennie Lucas - 2012
    She thought she'd found the perfect man in her dangerously seductive boss, Eduardo Cruz, but "Get out!" wasn't exactly the morning-after treatment she'd hoped for.Holding her wilting bouquet, Callie waits for her groom—her best friend, a man she'd never kissed, or even wanted to kiss.But once the eminently powerful Eduardo knows about the bump concealed under Callie's oversize, secondhand wedding dress, there's no way he's going to let her walk up the aisle with someone else.

Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child

Chantelle Shaw - 2009
    Sweet beauty Rachel Summers has sated his appetite--so why does he find his body yearning for more?Rachel knows she is not Diego's type--less glamorous supermodel, more wholesome country girl. But that doesn't mean she has to wear her heart on her sleeve. She kept her virginity a secret before he bedded her.... But now she has to tell Diego she's carrying his baby!

Shaken and Stirred

Kathleen O'Reilly - 2008
    Until she's out on the street and Gabe O'Sullivan, her mentor, boss and certified babe-magnet, steps in. Any other woman would die to share his apartment--not to mention his bed--but Tessa's determined that they should stay just friends. The fiercely independent mixologist has to prove to their skeptical coworkers at Prime--the O'Sullivans' hot Manhattan bar--that the arrangement is strictly hands-off! But Tessa has trouble adhering to her own "no touching" rule when the actual sharing of close quarters day and night leaves her shaken and stirred....

The Ice Prince

Sandra Marton - 2011
    She isn't any ordinary adversary, she's a high-flying, straight-talking lawyer in a no-nonsense suit and killer stilettos—conflicting signals that perplex, frustrate and attract Draco all at the same time.…While they're at odds in business, in the bedroom Draco's desire for Anna has the power to melt his defenses. The temptation to play with fire is overwhelming.

Royal Holiday Baby

Leanne Banks - 2010
    She had always been the good girl, the model princess--not the one getting mixed up in tabloid scandals. But one carefree night burning the bedsheets with charming Texan Zachary Logan had changed everything. Now her main responsibility was not to the throne, but to her unborn child...and getting to know his or her father.With Zach, Valentina felt she could put down her tiara and just be herself. But the rancher had a dark secret--one that threatened any chance of happily ever after. Could the American cowboy be her true Prince Charming? Or was she risking it all for a royal heartbreak?

Forbidden to His Touch

Natasha Tate - 2012
    Knowing he'll never deserve the only woman he ever wanted, Raf will make sure she stays as far away from him as possible.But when Sophia Turino, the daughter of the man who raised Rafael from the gutter, stands before him seven years later, she's even harder to resist—confident, successful and as intoxicatingly beautiful as ever. It's time for Raf to obliterate his darkly powerful infatuation….

Bedded, Or Wedded?

Julia James - 2007
    even if that means having to put on false eyelashes and flatter wealthy men... Xavier Lauran has pursued Lissa from the moment he walked into the Soho casino. The last thing she needs is the dark, lethal sexuality of the Frenchman. But she can't resist....Xavier has woven a web of deceit to catch her! And now he's trapped her--he'll ruin her!

A Lingering Melody

Patricia Wilson - 1987
    There she had met Matthew Silver.Meeting him again four years later was no accident. He had manipulated events to put her back in his power, and she found that the gentle, considerate lover she'd known had become an unfeeling, hard stranger.He blamed her for their breakup yet he was the one who had left. Carrie had resolved Matt would never know that her husband was a figment of her imagination and that her twin daughters were his own.

The Italian's Runaway Bride

Jacqueline Baird - 2001
    Then she heard that Gianfranco didn't want her at all -- he just wanted their baby.... Kelly had no choice but to run away... However, one thing was certain. Gianfranco would find her -- but why? Because he wanted to reclaim his bride...or his

The Nanny Bombshell

Michelle Celmer - 2012
    Now Sierra will stop at nothing to protect her children—even if it means going undercover as the perfect nanny…with a perfectly shocking secret.Former hockey player and entrepreneur Coop Landon can tell when someone's running a game. Clearly, his new nanny's not after his money or fame. Discovering her scheme is a challenge he's more than ready for, especially when seduction is the winning strategy. But the truth might cost them both dearly….