The Ballad of Uriah: A Mountain Man Story

Mike Mackessy - 2020
    Understanding enough about himself, he realizes he is not yet prepared for such an adventure. He prepares himself by working for three years on a railroad crew. Working adds the strength, maturity, and of course fighting skills learned from the rough and tumble life of an early railroad camp. One of the self-taught lessons he improves on is hunting. For a year and a half, in addition to swinging a pick, he lands meat on the table of the camp on his single day off. All the pre-apprentice skills he acquires prove their worth in the mountains.Before he reaches the Rockies, he is captured and tortured by the Blackfoot Indians. He is rescued by an old hand, another mountain man named Micah. What he learns from the Crow and from Micah prepares him for his apprenticeship in the wilds. He matures, living and trading with the Crow and the Cheyenne. Uriah acquires the help from a young Cheyenne captive passing on his hard learned lessons. Not one of those lessons prepares either man for what will face them.Their life is filled with Indian raids, grizzly bear attacks, mountain lion fights, and of course, buffalo hunting. Life in the wild revolves around the buffalo.

GOLDEN ONE: An Omega Files Adventure (Book 3) (Omega Files Adventures)

Rick Chesler - 2020

Take Out The Judge (Jacob Chance US Marshal Book 3)

Johnny Gunn - 2017
    Marshal, into the fray. Vicious, selfish, and desperate men own Nevada’s capitol city sheriff, and pay handsomely members of the legislature to get their way. Death rides the sagebrush range, and Chance gets help from the Virginia City sheriff.

One More for Saddler Street

Harry Bowling - 1996
    Lana Johnson - young, intelligent and strikingly attractive - is getting serious with the local small-time villain, Ben Ferris. Next door to the Johnsons lives Lottie Curtis, a kind-hearted widow they have taken under their wing. For decades Lottie has been foster mother to children from broken homes. Only Jimmy Bailey has ever demonstrated in a practical way the debt he owed to Lottie. But it's 1946 and Lottie is facing her eightieth birthday alone. When Jimmy, now demobbed, teams up with Lana to organise a reunion of all the old lady's children as a birthday treat, there's more than one surprise in store...

Raid of the Wolves: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure (Ormstunga Saga Book 2)

Donovan Cook - 2021

The Tempest

John Escott - 1996

The Last Two Aces in Las Vegas

Donna Foley Mabry - 2006
    His father died when he was eleven, leaving Alberto, his mother, and his baby sister Sophia, on their own. As man of the house, Alberto vowed that he would do whatever it took to care for his family, even if it included murder.Decades later, he finds that he is running out of time and he still has three people on his list, two of them to care for, one of them to kill.Beautiful, talented, and bold, casino Entertainment Director Alexandra Merritt grew up in a middle class home where there were sharp distinctions between right and wrong. When she discovers that someone she loves may be a murderer, she finds that real life comes in all shades of gray. Should she tell her suspicions to handsome homicide cop Sam Howard or should she be loyal to someone who may be planning another murder--maybe her own?

Storm Warrior-Vol 46: Gross Injustice

W.L. Cox - 2019
    Charles receives divine interception and is informed of a man that will come to him to gain information. A brother to one of the gangsters killed in New York is in Philadelphia and has plans to remove Charles and his entire family from the face of the earth. Charles is forced to act before an assassin is hired. While Charles’ wife Judith recovers from the bullet wound, Charles takes the children to England and France to buy grapevine plants to produce Champagne. A long-time friend, Colonel Absalom H. Markland, comes to England to help protect Charles from two hired assassins that were paid to make sure Charles does not return to America. The adventures continue and Charles visits Sacramento and the meeting with the new store manager that Ghost hired ends with Charles firing the manager. Charles and the family travel to Valejo and Ghost saves Charles from an attack by the fired store manager wielding a hickory ax handle. In court, a new judge with other motives releases the prisoner and charges Ghost with assault, resulting in a 30-day jail sentence. Charles is devastated, and begins to dig into who this judge is, and why did he make such a horrific decision.

The Return

C. Wayne Winkle - 2019
    Wayne Winkle! Following the Civil War, Ten St. John comes home to find his mother dead and his father gone West. He goes after his pa to let him know it’s just the two of them now. Along the way, he begins hearing about someone other than his father who may be traveling with him. He also begins finding out a lot of new things about his pa. The question is: Will he find his pa, and will he be who Ten thinks he is?

Clay Brentwood: Book 8: Loralie

Jared McVay - 2018
    Clay can't go as a Ranger because its out of his territory, but he can go as a friend and that's exactly what he intends to do...and God help those rustlers if they even think of hurting Loralie.

The Giving Tree

Anya Fincham - 2016
    They say, every wish can be fulfilled. Kito is a little orphan, living in a village, who got to know about a magical tree, that can make his innermost desire true. But at the same time all the other villagers want their desires to be fulfilled as well...

Birthday Surprise (Legacy Series Reunion Book 2)

Paula Kay - 2017
     The will be good food, good company and several surprises along the way! Legacy Series: Book 1: Buying Time Book 2: In Her Own Time Book 3: Matter of Time Book 4: Taking Time Book 5: Just in Time Book 6: All in Good Time A Map for Bella: Book 1: Bella’s Hope Book 2: Bella’s Holiday Book 3: Bella’s Heart Book 4: Bella’s Home Legacy Series Reunion: Book 1: Christmas in Tuscany Book 2: Birthday Surprise Book 3: A Summer Together

The Scottish Doctor's Daughter

Jo Bartlett - 2018
     DI Hannah Blair has returned to Scotland to head up a small team of detectives investigating the whole range of crimes that occur in the wild Highlands. When her team is asked to investigate a suspicious death in the rural town of Balloch Pass, Blair isn’t just looking for a potential killer, she’s also chasing the ghosts of her past. Dr Noah Bradshaw has only been in town for a year. But as one of three GPs in the small medical practice, he’s already well-liked in the community… until the finger of suspicion points at him, and some of his patients start to believe he really could be capable of murder. With a local priest also under suspicion, Blair is preoccupied by her strained relationship with her father and her unwanted attraction to one of the suspects, until the investigation seems to be slipping through her fingers. But when Noah reveals the secret that brought him to Balloch Pass, everything changes… Blair faces a race against time to stop the killer striking again, and grab her own chance of happiness with both hands.

A Slave's Song

Michael Edwin Q. - 2016
    Along the way he learns the horrors of war, the evils of slavery, the plight of the slave, and the cost of freedom. By a twist of fate he becomes the pastor of a church of black slaves.

Bear Claw: Crow Killer Series - Book 4

Alfred Dennis - 2019
    Plenty of action, adventure, and romance follow Jedidiah Bracket, known as Crow Killer, as he traverses the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Four years had passed since the Arapaho Chief rescued Jed from North Platte River where a sudden flash flood dumped him bloody and broken on its muddy banks. Jed’s birthmark of a lance on his back plus the old medicine man’s words foretold that he would become a great warrior. With guidance from the Arapaho warrior, Walking Horse, he had become a mighty Lance Bearer of the Arapaho Nation and a legend among the tribes. Jed only wanted peace, but he still had many trails to ride and many battles to undertake. His friends, Walking Horse and Red Hawk, would always be by his side in battle, but were they enough to combat the crazed Blackfoot called Bear Claw?