CSIR-NET General Aptitude - A New Outlook

Christy Varghese
    Includes the detailed solution of all previous CSIR-NET exams. Beneficial for all science streams - Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and Earth Sciences.

The Rise of a Dark Mage

D.L. Harrison - 2017
    She wants him dead, not to take his place, but so she can escape the bond of magical slavery, and leave Zual behind to explore the other kingdoms of the world. Her ambition will drive her to rediscover the secrets of the strongest of magic. She is determined to succeed, or she’ll die trying.Note: This stand-alone fantasy book follows the life of Cassandra, it takes place in the same world as the stand-alone book The Formerly Dark Mage, but happens three hundred years later, long after Silvia is gone, and some shocking changes have taken place in the world. It is not necessary to read the first book, but if you plan to read both, you should read The Formerly Dark Mage first to avoid spoilers.


Frederic P. Miller - 2009
    Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, World of Naruto, Naruto: Shipp den the Movie, List of Naruto characters, List of Naruto episodes, List of Naruto manga volumes, List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes, List of Naruto video games.

Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques

Raj Bapna - 2011
    Trains you to read faster in 30 minutes, remember better, revise more effectively, take better notes, get more marks, and much much more. The author Raj Bapna is a former Intel engineer and founder of Mind Machine Lab with 20 years experience in mind power research, development, and helping students. It has the following chapters:Introduction1. 1.Learn These Two Powerful Techniques in One Hour and Immediately Improve Your Learning Efficiency2. New Research in Brain Science Proves that You are More Capable than You think3. 27 Questions and Answers that will Instantly Improve Your Success in any Exam4. Seven Surprisingly Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory Quickly5. Twelve Easy Techniques for Improving Your Memory, Concentration and Intelligence6. Eight Ways to Best Use Your Time in the Classroom for Your Success7. Mind Maps: A New Scientific Way to Take Memorable Notes8. Eight Ways to Use The Power of Beliefs, Imagination and Neuro Linguistic Programming for Your Success9. Six Advanced Memory Techniques to Remember Long Sequences, Spellings, Vocabulary and Difficult Things10. Eight Secrets of Getting More Marks in Exams that Most Students Don't Know11. Techniques for Self-confidence and Success in Interviews and Group Discussions12. Three Big Mistakes During Exam Days and How You Can Avoid ThemBonus Chapter: Topper's 4 Keys

Mathematics With Applications in Management and Economics/Solutions Manual

Earl K. Bowen - 1987

Curing Cancer with Carrots

Ann Cameron - 2014
    Since then, others with a variety of cancers have reported similar successes. Cameron wanted to find out why such an apparently simple cancer cure--just carrots--works. Based on her extensive reading in scientific journals focused on nutrition and cancer, her ground-breaking book describes the details of the carrot treatment and the scientific evidence for its power. In this book, she shares little-known research that is revolutionizing scientific thinking about cancer and how to treat it. The research comes from the exciting new field of epigenetics--the study of how chemical switching mechanisms in our bodies change the expression of our genes. Our environment, the foods we eat, and the way we live can silence pro-cancer genes or turn them on, set anti-cancer genes on alert or turn them off. Genes aren't our destiny. Neither is cancer. Cancer develops when the body loses its ability to recognize and eliminate rogue cells--cells that take over the body if they don't quit dividing. In some cases--probably many--carrots can restore the body's natural power to regulate growth and kill defective cells. The scientific information in this book could be a life-saver and a beacon of hope for you or someone you know. Equally helpful, it offers the practical knowledge Cameron gained from her journey through cancer and back to health--how to use the internet to research proposed treatments and the quality of hospitals and doctors; how to reduce the cost of cancer care; and how to arrive at individual treatment decisions that are best for you.

Reckless MC Opey TX Chapter: The Complete Series

K.B. Winters - 2020
    The girl looks as sweet as her name.But looks can be deceiving because she’s no ordinary girl.She's all woman with a kick ass job, one that has her in trouble with the US government.They’re out for blood.Says she can handle it on her own,That she doesn’t need my help.But she came looking for me, all the way from Mayhem.I let her go once,It won’t happen again.Wicked Hazel.I want her.But she's off limits.One, I'm her bossFor two, pain already shines in her beautiful eyes.As sure as sin shines on her lips.I can't get her mixed up in all this Reckless MC stuff.I'm not even sure I want to be here myself.That is, until she comes running into my arms.Okay, maybe not running exactly.Falling.But now she's in trouble,And there's nothing that will stop me from saving her. Having her.Not even the ghosts from my past.Locked The girl who shattered my heart in high school just walked back into my life.Aspen Holt was a grade 'A' b*tch back then.Rich, hot, and entitled.To her, I was just a poor ranch boy.But we aren't in high school anymore.And I'm not a poor rancher.Loaded Good ol' Dr. Annabelle Keyes can make it disappear for a while.She may be a well respected Doctor while she's at work,but she is one freak in the sheets.And too good for a man like me.We've got a friends-with-benefits type of relationship,Except we're not really friends.It's more of a love-hate thing.Sure, she helps out the MC when someone needs stitched up or a bullet removed.But other than fightin' and screwin'? We don't have that type of chemistry.Tied My step sister just showed up at my door,It's been years since I last saw her.I don’t really know the kid who moved in when our parents got married.It was right before I signed on with Uncle Sam.But she needs my help now,Because her a-hole Daddy sold her to the mob.Wild Living in the sticks is boring. Mundane.Good thing the club keeps me busy,As members get their kink on,And the ladies keep me up.All. Night. Long.But damn if the one woman I want under me is off limits.Ella Mae.The most badass woman ever and the VP of a rival MC.Turns out, there’s more than one way to be forbidden.Love filthy talking bikers who can melt your panties with just a whisper? Or just a hot AF ride on the wild side? You got it babe! Reckless MC delivers! Grab this box set now. Just remember to leave your panties at the door!

Saving the Doc (Falling for the Doc Book 5)

Jennifer Youngblood - 2021

Surf Dragon

Scarlett Grove - 2021
    She's always put her family first. Since her mom died, she's had to forget her dreams to take care of them.Water dragon and extreme sports champion Caspian Storm came to Fate's Peak to settle down and start a family. After two years on the fire crew, he still hasn't found his mate. Without the love of a mate to give him purpose, he might not be able to resist the call to adventure much longer.Myrtle's family situation is tense. Her dad and older brother hate dragons and waste all their time complaining about them. That leaves Myrtle and her younger brother to tend the crumbling ranch.When Caspian and Myrtle meet, it changes everything. Caspian can finally see a happy family in his future. All Myrtle can see is drama. If her family ever found out she was the fated mate of a dragon, it could be very dangerous.Can Myrtle and Caspian create the passionate life they desire, or will everything burn down around them?

Seth: The Brothers of Hastings Ranch Series: Book Seven

Katharine E. Hamilton - 2021

Capsizing Her Billionaire Boss

Sarah Gay - 2020
    When his assistant shows up unannounced and tells him to get his head back in the game, she has no idea how her presence, and his mounting attraction to her, affects him—in the most terrifying and scintillating way.

The Rancher's Surprise New Family

Holly Rayner - 2022
    And she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous about it…Help arrives sooner than expected—and he couldn’t be more different to the man he’s replacing. Dan Zark is the brooding, gorgeous ranch hand with an unexpected surprise in tow: his adorable five-year-old son, Jake.It quickly becomes apparent that Dan is the perfect man for the job—even if calling him “strong and silent” would be an understatement!As the weeks pass, Caitlin grows ever keener to reconcile the loving, warm-hearted man Dan is around his son with the gruff, monosyllabic outdoorsman he is the rest of the time. What’s eating at him?To find out, she’s going to have to cross a line, or several.And further adorable surprises may yet be in store!


R.R. Haywood - 2014
    A chance to set things right. Mike Humber, an ex-detective sacked for beating a child molester is offered an opportunity to make amends for the failures of his past but once that path is chosen it leads to an event that changes everything he has ever known.From the mind of the best-selling author RR Haywood comes a violent gut-wrenching tale of revenge.RECRUITED was first published in RR Haywood's The Book of Shorts Volume One to great critical acclaim

Stone One Tough Texan

Janalyn Knight - 2020
    Praying for anything to save the Iron Horse Ranch, he’s shocked by the miracle offer from Wy Talbot.A talented female landman, Wy has made an impressive career in the oil and gas industry and has worked with many handsome cowboys though she’ll be damned if she ever falls for one. But Stone’s sweet drawl and southern manners begin to break apart the walls she’s built around her heart.Unexpected desires are another… Stone has been so focused on the ranch and being a single father, he hasn’t given himself the chance to find love. As he works with Wy, passions grow and feelings deepen. But Wy never planned any life other than doggedly pursuing her career, and Stone can’t imagine her being anywhere but with him. When disaster strikes, will they witness the true miracle of love?

The Dreaming Reality

Noor Anand - 2018
    I am Ridhima Maniktala, 21.I'm in a relationship with Rihansh Kashyap.He is my student, and 5 years younger to me.I read about a disease called Cullen Syndromein which the patient gets vivid dreams about their future.I also get lifelike dreams about a woman called Sara and her family of three.But I haven't told Rihansh about my last dream in which Sara receives a phone call saying "Your husband was killed in a car crash."Am I Sara?Is Rihansh going to die?Will my dreams be my future?