Sight Unseen

Susan Mac Nicol - 2017
    BLINDSIDEDSoCal natives, Nate and Cody have been friends since childhood. Both knew they were different—and the same. At seventeen, a stolen weekend in the Florida Keys drove their connection deeper and hotter than either could imagine. They were meant to be together. Then, for reasons only Nate knows, suddenly they weren’t.They’re still friends. Best friends. But they’ve moved on and found other partners. The yearning remains, however, despite the long-ago secret that drove them apart, and when tragedy strikes, both men find themselves in the dark. They must grope their way back to who and what they are...which they will find in each other’s arms. Sometimes, losing one’s sight can open one’s eyes—and heart.

Burn Me

Jess Whitecroft - 2018
    Six months sober following a brush with death, Rocco knows a thing or two about the painful process of giving up drugs and alcohol, including one of the biggest rules – no relationships in the first year of recovery. Thrown together again in their attempt to help Matt stay sober, Daniel and Rocco find themselves drawn closer and closer to one another, despite knowing that Rocco is damaged, dangerous, and that falling in love with him is like playing with fire. Can they compromise and find their way, or will Rocco’s vulnerability send everything they’ve fought for up in smoke? This book contains dark themes (addiction, depression, suicide) that some readers may find distressing.

Damaged Heart

S.C. Wynne - 2014
    Estranged from his abusive mother, he's made a new life for himself as a successful lawyer in Los Angeles.When Cory's mother dies he grudgingly returns to his hometown to handle the estate. Rhys Tucker owns the construction company that is going to renovate Cory's childhood home. But Cory is unaware that Rhys has harbored a crush on him since they were in high school. When Cory comes home Rhys takes that opportunity to get close to Cory. Or at least try to.Their physical chemistry is undeniable, but will Cory ever be able to have a real relationship with Rhys after being so emotionally scarred by his past? Can a heart as damaged as Cory's every really come home?

After The Fall

Sarah Goodwin - 2012
    His wife is a stranger, his dead parents just a photograph, and his home an unfamiliar, shabby place that smells of dog.At a local support group for amnesiacs, Connor meets Nate, a fellow sufferer of retrograde amnesia. Nate has no memory, and no idea how he came to lose it, but he remains easy going, and Connor quickly considers the foulmouthed, chain-smoking Nate a friend. But, when Nate makes a pass at him, Connor starts to question everything he’s learnt about himself. Is he really a happily married 32 year old, or are secrets being kept from him?Who is the mysterious ‘Coop’ whose cryptic emails are still in his inbox? And why, on the day of his accident, was he driving with another man in his car? A man whose life, and death, are still a touchy subject at home.

Love & War

Jackie Chanel - 2013
    Raised by her former supermodel mother, Caprice was supposed to follow the path that her mother’s stilettos left. Until a letter from her father, mafia don; Domani Bonatelli, changed the course of her life.Four years later, living in New York City, Caprice abandoned the life she had once cherished and focused solely on obtaining what her father has... power.At 22 and fully engrossed in a life of crime, Caprice has a job to do. Protect the Bonatelli name and family business at all costs...but what exactly will it cost her?

The Opera House

Hans M. Hirschi - 2013
    After the death of his son, his life shattered, Raphael regrets that he didn’t lie about some perfect paradise, and he pushes away everything that once mattered to him—his lover, his job, his reputation as a top architect. Then he meets Brian, a homeless, maybe hopeless kid. A Second Chance Brian’s a street kid. When he disappears, Raphael realizes that he cannot fail another person, and he launches a full-out search. What he finds both breaks his heart and begins to heal it. A Little Magic The price of saving Brian is high, maybe too high. But Raphael is no stranger to sacrifice, and he’ll risk everything to save Brian and reunite with the man Raphael now loves. The question is—How? Like the architecture of the opera house Raphael designs, the steps to regaining his life will depend not just on careful planning, but faith, hope, and maybe just the magic of love.“The Opera House, is a moving and emotional story about about gay men and their children, all struggling with big issues — from leukemia to abandonment, devastating loss to unbridled joy — in a way that’s remarkably touching, sometimes funny, and often unexpected. Remarkable, must-read novel from an emerging master storyteller.” Diane Anderson-Minshall, editor at large, Advocate magazine


Autumn Avery - 2016
    I couldn't have been more wrong. Joey Mason Once upon a time we were supposed to be together. He was the mysterious outsider, and I fell in love with him. He wasn't a jock, he wasn't the most popular guy in school, but he saw me for who I really was -- for who I really am. But we never got a chance to explore our love. He ran away from home, and didn't even say goodbye. And he was gone for six years. Six years I spent wondering where he was, whether I'd ever see him again. There was nothing left to do but move on, move on, but not forget. I got a boyfriend, Ian, and he's ready to propose, but I'm not sure I want him to... I have a job at a local bar, but I put my dreams of painting and travel aside... I did my best to put Joey out of my mind... I was about to get my perfect life. Then Joey showed up, older, hot as hell, and hiding a dark secret. And I realized I didn't want perfect. I wanted him. Vanished is a full-length, standalone bad boy/second chance romance with a MYSTERIOUS ALPHA-MALE, heart melting romance, and a HEA!

The Perfect Place

Kol Anderson - 2014
    Unfortunately, when he encounters long time ex Jackson Brooks, things start taking a turn for the worse and Liam finds himself getting stuck in a spiral again. Will he ever be able to leave?

Ventures and Investments

RoughDraftHero - 2014
    In the past, he made the mistake of crossing Tony Torroda, one of the most powerful talent agents in LA. Now, at the brink of failure, he must turn to Tony for help... the last thing he would ever want to do.

Paper Roses

A.E. Wasp - 2017
    So maybe “Do you want to marry me or not, pendejo?” wasn’t the world’s most romantic proposal, but Mikey had meant every word of it. Besides, Benny Quintaña had been making Mikey crazy since they were twelve-years-old. Mikey was used to it.So why did planning this wedding feel like facing a firing squad?When Benny had asked Mikey to marry him, Mikey’s answer had been “I’m going to fucking kill you.” “Is that a yes?” Benny had asked. He liked to be clear on things. “Yeah, for real, even though you’re an idiot,” Mikey had answered. That sounded like true love to Benny.So why does Benny have the feeling Mikey has one foot out the door?

To Have And To Hostage

G.A. Hauser - 2008
    Michael Vernon is a rich, spoiled brat with a string of meaningless lovers and an entourage of superficial friends. With no direction in life, he wastes his days spending his father's money and drowning himself in liquor...until he crashes into a man even more desperate than himself, Jarrod Hunter. Jarrod Hunter grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Out of work, about to be evicted, and unable to afford his next meal, Jarrod thought he'd reached the end of his rope and was determined to take his life. Then fate intervened delivering him Michael Vernon. Why not take him home, tie him up, and hold him hostage to get the money he needs? Two men from two different dangerous game. Trapped together in close quarters, Jarrod and Michael find themselves sharing their deepest thoughts and fighting an undeniable attraction for each other. As the hours tick by, the captor becomes captivated by his victim and the victim begins to bond with his abductor. This wake up call might prove to be just what Michael needs to set himself free. To Have and to Hostage...sometimes you have to hit bottom before realizing that what you need is standing right in front of you.

Stay Lucky

Leta Blake - 2018
    After all Leo left him for a movie star, and who can compete with that? But now, Leo’s back with his adorable, genius daughter in tow, leaving Grant consumed by three important questions: 1) Did Leo come home looking for a fresh start without the movie star? 2) Does he want a do-over with Grant too? 3) Why else would Leo be hanging around Grant’s hospital so much anyway? The attraction between Grant and Leo is undeniable, and soon their affection reignites as well. But will their luck hold out through health scares and family drama so they can find their happy ending at last? * This book is a single dad, opposites attract, second chance, hurt/comfort, medical romance by Smoky Mountain Dreams author Leta Blake, featuring over 60,000 words of an emotional, moving m/m romance with a happy ending you’ll love! *Originally published in 2018 under the same title using the pen-name, Halsey Harlow.

Thizz, A Love Story

Nicole Loufas - 2015
    Now if she could just figure out who or what she loves. Is it the blue pill that masks her depression and helps her float through the last few months of high school? Is it Nick, the boy that won her heart and keeps her from feeling completely alone in the world? Or is it Matt, the blue eyed boy that makes her feel alive and keeps her veins filled with drugs?When the horrors of her past resurface Dani is forced out of the euphoric world she’s created to face a deadly reality. Unsure who to trust, Dani turns to the one thing she knows will never let her down. Thizz.

For the Love of Scott

Jen FitzGerald - 2017
    Between recovery, physical therapy, and getting the kennel into shape, Scott's out of the life loop and the love game. For six months Ben Thompson has watched Scott work wonders with the kennel and the dogs, admiring his focus and dedication. A pickup basketball game leads to a confession and a change in the nature of their relationship. When Scott's dog, Sylvester, gets injured, Scott goes into a tail spin and blames his feelings for Ben for Sylvester’s accident. Will powerful emotions derail Scott and Ben's budding romance?


Aria Grace - 2020
    ***Liam suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was only twelve years old. Although the doctors have hope he’ll make a full recovery some day, almost eight years later, he hasn’t spoken a word and is completely disengaged from the world around him.Wyatt accepts a job as a companion and daytime caretaker for Liam as a way to make some money and get back on his feet. It’s a short-term assignment, but with room and board included, Wyatt is happy to have a break from living with his mom.While a true friendship between Liam and Wyatt develops, Wyatt finds out the real reason he was hired. To teach Liam the things his parents and sister can’t help him with.It’s awkward and uncomfortable at first, but as Liam opens up to Wyatt, they both make tremendous strides in their physical and mental conditions.And it turns out the old adage that love is the best medicine might actually be true.For mature readers.