Book picks similar to
The Haunting by Hope C. Tarr


The Colton Ransom

Marie Ferrarella - 2013
    As ranch security, he has to step in--yet this time getting justice is personal. Mistaken for a Colton heiress and stolen from her crib, his daughter's in the hands of a killer out for ransom. Desperate for an ally, he must rely on the woman determined to help him.Gabriella Colton doesn't think twice about joining Trevor's search for his daughter. Beneath his world-weary exterior is a passionate man in need of someone to trust--with his baby and his heart. Now, when every second counts, their dangerous investigation draws them closer to each other...and their darkest threat.

The Silent Rose

Kat Martin - 1994
    But her stay at the Stafford Inn offers other distractions. Deep in the night, Devon experiences a frightening vision that seems to speak to her. She awakes certain that long ago, something terrible happened there–and that it's a story she must tell.From the moment Devon begins her research into the inn's past, she is challenged by its wealthy and magnetic owner, Jonathan Stafford. He will use any means–including seduction–to force her to abandon the project. But nothing will keep Devon from the truth ... not the dark shadows of her own past, not her increasing desire for Jonathan, not even her growing fear that everything she loves–and her very life–are in danger.

One Night Heir

Lucy Monroe - 2013
    His country needs an heir, so when he discovers his lover can’t have children, he must sever their ties. Only Maks can’t resist spending one last night in her bed....can avert this royal scandal!Now he faces the biggest diplomatic crisis of his life. Against all odds, Gillian Harris has become pregnant. Maks’s royal reserve masks the heart of a fierce Cossack warrior—one who is not above using their mutual passion to convince a hurt, wary Gillian that she must be his queen!

Pleasure to the Max! (Harlequin Blaze #414)

Cami Dalton - 2008
    All she has to do is write down her most erotic fantasy, tuck it inside the box and presto! Her own personal sex genie will appear. Right! So Cassie is totally shocked when a gorgeous stranger does show up. And she's even more shocked by the things she wants to do with him....Treasure hunter Max Stone isn't amused. His latest treasure has been swiped and he's followed it to a dusty little antiquities shop in the States. Surely one woman can't stand in the way of his retrieving the priceless lover's box? Little did he guess that he'd have his hands full (literally!) with sexy Cassie. Or that he'd have to hold off on locating the box until after he located his clothes...

The Boss's Inexperienced Secretary

Helen Brooks - 2009
    Shy, tall and awkward, Kim's used to hiding in the background--but in Blaise's powerful presence, she feels feminine and desired!It is a heady combination, but she knows she must resist. Especially when her playboy boss makes it plain that he longs to get to know his chaste secretary rather better...but that he will never offer her anything more than a temporary affair....

The Way To Yesterday

Sharon Sala - 2002
    The Way To Yesterday by Sharon Sala released on Aug 23, 2002 is available now for purchase.

The Contaxis Baby

Lynne Graham - 2001
    Suddenly she's public enemy number one. And a disinheritedheiress, to boot. No job, no home and only a designer wardrobe to keepher company. But the worst part is that the papers got it wrong, and Lizziepromised not to tell anyone the truth.Devastated by the death of his half brother, Greek tycoon Sebasten Contaxisdecides to punish the woman responsible: Lizzie Denton. But when hediscovers that the stunning woman he can't keep his hands off--aninexplicable case of lust at first sight--is the same woman he's beenseeking, Sebasten alters his scheme. After all, one broken heart deservesanother, right?And revenge is so much sweeter when it's served in bed--that is, untilLizzie has some surprising news for him--.

Million-Dollar Maverick

Christine Rimmer - 2014
    It's hard to believe, faithful readers, but Nate Crawford may just have accomplished both. We have the scoop on Rust Creek Falls' best-kept secret: our former mayoral candidate is now a very wealthy man! Yet he is going out of his way to make sure no one finds out. The question is, why?Insiders whisper that Nate is also keeping another secret from his new girlfriend, nurse Callie Kennedy - a big one - and it could be a game changer. Place your bets, dear readers! What will she do when she learns her "regular guy" boyfriend is really a maverick millionaire?

Public Scandal, Private Mistress

Susan Napier - 2008
    They shared one incredible night together in Paris, and now he's seduced her into becoming his mistress. To Veronica, Lucien's a mystery—so why is he so suspicious of who she is? Especially now that a public scandal threatens to make their hot-and-steamy romance front-page news….

Body and Soul

Susan Krinard - 1998
    Despite an indomitable courage that sent her rappelling down cliffs, she is haunted by the nightmares and shadowy half-memories surrounding her mother's mysterious death. Now she is determined to find out if her mother's "accident" was murder. What she finds instead is a man as transparent as air--sensual, muscular, his blue eyes burning into hers as she cries out one word from a place deep within her: David.David Ventris, Lord Ashthorpe, late of His Majesty's Light Dragoons, is, simply put, a ghost. He's waited two centuries to be called back to earth by the woman he wronged. He knew her as "Sophie," a wondrous lady who sparked a passion so blazing that time could not dim the flames. Now he is being given the chance to guard her from danger and get back his soul--if only she will believe him real and not madness. If only she will love him enough to create a miracle...and give him life again.

Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate

Kelly Hunter - 2009
    But this maverick magnate doesn't care - he aims to keep Gaby so busy that she never leaves again!

The Italian's Runaway Bride

Jacqueline Baird - 2001
    Then she heard that Gianfranco didn't want her at all -- he just wanted their baby.... Kelly had no choice but to run away... However, one thing was certain. Gianfranco would find her -- but why? Because he wanted to reclaim his bride...or his

His Forbidden Passion (Modern Romance)

Anne Mather - 2009
    Cleo knew he was strictly off-limits. But she couldn't turn her back on him altogether; he had information that could change her whole life.Cleo was torn as to which path she should choose, but reluctantly agreed to follow Dominic to his home on the sultry Caribbean island of San Clemente. Soon they were caught in the tangled web of their new family connections--and their forbidden attraction was too hot to handle...but too strong to deny....

Come Toy with Me

Cara Summers - 2008
    But even that couldn't have prepared him for his hungry reaction to Cat McGuire--toy-store owner, smuggling ring suspect...and his new charge.Only, Dino can't believe the sexy woman under his protection is a crook. Not when she can plant a kiss hot enough to melt all his good intentions...For Cat, Christmas is always a hectic season. But this year she's agreed to a fake engagement, too, just to keep the family peace. It wouldn't be so bad, if only Cat could keep her hands off her new fianc�. After all, he's strong, he's sexy...he's the perfect boy toy. Or he is--until Cat discovers she's just another one of his assignments....

The Prince's Waitress Wife

Sarah Morgan - 2008
    Bedded for the prince's pleasureWhen virgin waitress Holly is thrown into the playboy prince's arms, he lives up to his wicked reputation by bedding her—then casting her aside!Expecting the prince's love-childHolly is pregnant! Casper is furious; Holly's just a scheming gold digger, but royal protocol demands he make her his bride!Wedded by royal commandInnocent Holly has the wedding of her dreams—and Casper knows her first duty as his convenient wife will be on their wedding night….