A Flesh Golem's Ascension

John Domus Cruo - 2017
    In time he regains his memories and realizes this is like the fantasy worlds he has always longed for but nothing is exactly how it seems. John is now a cannibalistic flesh golem stranded in a remote location with no idea where to go or what to do. He has voices in his head and the core of a dark god pulling his strings and playing with his motivations. It's not all bad though as he has the ability to customize his body and steal souls. Book one is about John figuring out what he needs to do and what he is capable of. There are no heroes in this story, no quests and no escape. If he dies, the world ends. This book has dark themes, extreme cruelty, sexual themes and harem as well as some Litrpg elements.

Tony and the Buccaneers

D.R. Rosier - 2017
    Enter a goddess, a kiss, and a new world. A world of magic, where women have power, yet, clearly need his help. It’s what he does, and who he is.Of course, they don’t make it easy…WARNING! This book is an erotic fantasy, with explicit sex. There are sexually explicit MF and MFF scenes in this book. If that is not your cup of tea, please don’t purchase. This is book one of a Trilogy, it is written in the first person, and told from Tony’s point of view.

Empath Rising

Archibald Bradford - 2017
    WARNING: This is a work of erotic fantasy, there is nudity, swearing, a bit of violence, and plenty of naughty sex between man (and woman) and monster girl/girls. If that isn’t your cup of tea please give this book a pass! Otherwise please enjoy!

Succubus Summoning 101

M.E. Hydra - 2012
    “No, not a wizard,” he said. “A warlock.”“What’s the difference?” Phil manhandled a big bin liner full of crap into the skip.“One’s make-believe while the other is very much real.”So are daemons…Phil Rowling, a normal eighteen-year-old, discovers this when he is plucked from a dead-end life of fast-food service and enrolled into Wargsnouts College for Warlocks. At the college students are taught how to summon and control daemons from Hell.Everyone at Wargsnouts knows what a succubus is, and why warlocks summon them. It’s a dirty joke shared in sniggers amongst the students. Succubi are female sex daemons, famed for their mastery of the arts of pleasure. Eager to experience this pleasure first-hand, Phil and his friend, Jake Pulman, take the Daemonica Malefique from the library and use it to summon a pair of succubi for a night of sexy fun. After all, succubi are sex daemons, used only for sex, how dangerous can it be…Phil finds out exactly how dangerous when the ritual goes wrong and he is taken prisoner by a harem of hot succubi. Trapped in a perverse corner of Hell, can he escape before the erotic wiles of the succubi claim his life and soul…?

Heartgem Homestead

Edmund Hughes - 2018
    As the son of one of the most prominent Voicemen in the Collected Provinces, he lived a controlled and sheltered existence. He would never be a duelist or a soldier, and he hated the future that was expected for him as much as any young man could. And then everything changed. Carried off to an unknown land filled with magic, maidens, and monsters, he’s given a chance to be who he wants through the cruelest twist of fate. Hal’s prepared to do anything for revenge, including becoming the apprentice of an alluring female sword master, and learning to use the magic of hot emotion, passion and lust. One life ends and another begins. WARNING: This is an erotic fantasy novel. It contains a significant amount of explicit sexual content and some adult emotional situations. Reader discretion is advised.

Awakening: Uncensored Edition (Champions (UE) Book 1)

Kenny Michaels - 2016
    It includes additional content removed from the Standard Edition due to its graphic nature. The love scenes in this version are longer, and include more graphic descriptions of sexual acts. All other content is the same. Swords, Sorcery, and…Small-Arms? An American soldier is chosen to defend another realm. Lieutenant David Kennisham was patrolling the mountains of Afghanistan, trying to complete his mission and live long enough to return to the United States, until fate intervened. Now he is a stranger in a strange land, and he is forced to rely on two women that he would have much rather avoided. One is the favored acolyte of the God of Love, and also a raging narcissist. The other is a breathtakingly beautiful, part-dragon, sorceress with anger issues. Hoping to return home, he grudgingly allows the pair to lead him to Eros, God of Love and patron deity of this new realm. Unfortunately, the path to get there is far more exciting, and dangerous, than a society based on ‘love’ should be. In a world of swords and sorcery, will his training and US Army issued weaponry help level the battlefield? Champions Volume One: Awakening is the first book in the Champions Saga by Kenny Michaels. A veteran of the United States Army and Operation Enduring Freedom, Michaels brings an insider’s perspective on combat, and the true cost of victory.

Imprismed: Captured in Rainbowland

M.J. Marstens - 2019
    . .Darkness waits.Now, Wynn must fight to prove herself to these men.Will her white light be enough to save everyone?Or will the black shadows swallow her and all of Rainbowland whole? Warning: This fairy tale rendition of Alice in Wonderland is for readers 18+.  It’s a reverse harem novel with multiple alpha men, a sassy and resourceful female, an evil bad guy plotting terrible things, and enough whimsy and steam to keep you enraptured. Check out a teaser chapter in MJ Marstens’ Naughty Readers on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MJMar...

Wildlanders' Woman

Jenycka Wolfe - 2014
    Ava Cosgrove, Maiden of Arcadia was no more. Now, she was simply Ava, Wildlander Tribute Bride."Ava has been given as bride to the men of the Wildlands, a harsh, unforgiving place where Dark creatures roamed free and peace only a memory. Her virginity taken in public ceremony, she's now a woman of the Wildlands, the wife to a Clan of four. Her body aching from her first possession, Ava initially fears her new life. Her Clanmates, though, prove to be tender and caring, seeing to her every need out of the bedchamber and lovingly awakening her flesh inside of it. These mates - powerful, unbending Blaise; fierce but sensitive Jodah; mischevious, lighthearted Daven and gentle, masterful healer Killian - all stir her in their own ways, yet she struggles to come to terms with the idea of falling in love with more than one man.Ava slowly works to adjust to this strange new place, in a culture that reveres, rather than disdains women, where magic is not unheard-of, and violent death is an accepted part of life. As a rash of attacks from the fearsome Dark creatures that her Wildlander warriors are sworn to fight threatens both her community and her own Clan's lives, Ava must look into herself and find strength she did not know she possessed to fight alongside her Clan. Through tragedy, betrayal, forgiveness, and failure, Ava learns not only that love does not fit into the tidy definitions she'd once believed, but that she might be capable of far much more than she dreamed.

The Dark Orchid Omnibus Edition

Auryn Hadley - 2019
     When working for a sex mage, it's the only way to stay safe. That's the first thing Jaeda learns when she's named as the Chosen.  The mage needs a sacrifice, and she's willing to give it.  Maybe too willing.  After all, this man is lust incarnate; a woman would have to be insane not to want him, even if he is dangerous. But desiring someone's body is very different from falling in love.  In her line of work, the two must never be confused.  She doesn't even know his name!  He's simply The Jackal, a terrifyingly powerful sex mage, and she's his altar.  Her lust fuels him.  He needs it. And that puts her in control. Magic of Lust: The rules of magic are changing, and she's going to make sure they work for her. Mages are always men. Until her. They harvest the power of simple, primitive emotions. Until her. Jaeda is something new, and the best way to protect herself is to make sure the enemy doesn't have a clue. That's going to be difficult with an Adevian mage about to take her town. Shahwa has become her home. A haven of pirates, whores, and vagabonds, this desert oasis is a myth to many and a scourge to the rest, but there's something special about it. It's filled with compassion and made up of people who know exactly what it's like to belong nowhere else. Now, it's her job to protect them. Hopefully, she won't have to do it alone, because the Jackal still hasn't shown up. She thought what they had was special. Now, she's not so sure, even though her heart says he'll still come. Her mind says she'll save herself either way. But the Jackal promised her everything, and he meant it. One woman, three men, and they're all bound together by magic. He's not about to let that go. Together, they have a chance to find happiness, yet before any of that is possible, they have to sort out their own issues. If they can figure out how to do that, then these four have something worth fighting for: each other. Because what they have is more than just the magic of lust. Spell of Love: There's nothing stronger than love, except maybe desperation. All Jade wanted was her own happily ever after. Unfortunately, it's never that easy. Being a woman and a mage complicates things. Falling for three men at the same time? At least that's working out. Everything else is a mess. And it's all the Spider's fault. That man just can't help himself. He wants power, and Xel is the best source he's ever found. To fuel his own addiction, the Spider will destroy everything in his path - including the quiet little village of pirates and whores that Jade has claimed as her own. But everyone has a price. For Jade and her men, it's the people they care about. For the first time, they've found a family, and the Spider wants to destroy that too. After all, his goal is pain. He doesn't even care whose. The only way to stop this is to go for the source. If the Sultan is this desperate to have his mage wars, then she'll play. After all, Jade has mastered the one weapon these men won't even consider. Love - it cuts both ways.

Scholomance: The Devil's Academy

Logan Jacobs - 2020
    Cole is the most powerful witch to ever be born.Except… he’s a man, and there has never been a male witch.Now Cole is stuck in the Devil’s Academy full of evil women who want to destroy him.To survive, he’ll have to perform a dark ritual that enslaves the beautiful witches to him.They’ll hate serving a man, of course, but that just makes the conquest over their bodies, minds, and souls that much sweeter.Disclaimer: This novel contains horrific violence, a harem, and deviant mind control sexual escapades.

Shadow's Edge

Eden Redd - 2018
    When he discovers there is a kingdom building expansion to the hugely popular VRMMORPG Lewd Saga, he is determined to join the sensual fantasy game and build his destiny. Thomas becomes Edric Temple, summoner and adventurer, searching for others to help build a kingdom while a war rages across all of Lukken. The player slowly realizes Lewd Saga is more than just a fantasy game. Dark plots, torn hearts and medieval politics will place the young summoner in the eye of the storm between guilds, troll masters and what his heart truly desires. Can Edric keep his new friends and fledgling kingdom together as the forces of darkness threaten to destroy everything they created? Lewd Saga is a Virtual MMORPG, based in the fantasy world of Lukken, home of dragon royalty, human kingdoms and troll masters. Players quest, grow their abilities, join in great battles and find love and lust in whatever form they desire. There is no taboo too great or too intimate. Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

Fostering Faust

Randi Darren - 2018
    Please read all the way through.)) Alex is dead. Dead, and apparently with a one way ticket to a place that only the worst of the worst go. All for a simple choice he made about a product his company owned. Damned for all time. Luckily for him, he’s about to be given a chance. Another choice to make. He can instead, return to the land of the living, though his soul would belong to another. Except the world he’s being sent to, isn’t the same one he came from. It’s not even a similar period in time, but from something long past in history. The dark ages. And part of the deal to live again, is to make pacts with others. Pacts that would bind the soul of those who take a deal to the same entity who owns Alex’s soul. How much would you give of yourself to live on is an easy question. The better question, is how much would you take from others? If Alex wants to keep living, to keep his soul from being sent to the darkest corner of hell, he’ll have to ask himself that question. Daily. Warning: This novel explores dark subjects, and what people will give up of themselves, and each other, to get what they want. The main character is written as a real person in a tough situation, and will not make choices that line up with societal and cultural norms. It contains adult themes and moral ambiguities. As with my previous work, explicit scenes are found within. It has violence and a harem relationship.

Dan the Barbarian

Hondo Jinx - 2018
    Kick ass. Save the frigging world. When college sophomore Dan Marshall's life morphs into a hybrid of Penn State and a homebrew tabletop RPG adventure, he grabs his talking two-handed sword and hits campus, seeking gold, girls, and glory. But even with two beautiful bad-ass women at his side, how can a low-level barbarian survive when he’s pitted against a fraternity of gnolls, a dungeon full of nightmares, and an apocalyptic death cult bent on destroying the whole world? Warning: Dan the Barbarian is an over-the-top adventure novel intended for readers 18 and older. It includes explicit sex, graphic violence, a harem of gorgeous ass-kicking girls, and a foul-mouthed two-handed sword. Read at your own risk.

Fairy Dust

Tielle St. Clare - 2008
    Clare When Fairy Godmother Marlena gets in trouble for including a hot sex additive to her Happily Ever After Fairy Dust, her bosses decide she's lost touch with their mission. They announce she will become various fairy tale characters until she understands that fairy tales are about overcoming obstacles to find true love-and "not" about hot, wild, break the headboard sex. Marlena tries to follow the rules, but brief episodes with the Troll from Rumpelstiltskin and Snow White's Handsome Prince reveal just how powerful her Fairy Dust really is. Who knew the Troll would grow so large in such interesting places? Or that the Prince had a spanking fetish? And when she finds herself dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and trapped between the Wolf and the Huntsman.well, what's a girl to do? Find her own Happily Ever After, of course. "Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of male/male erotic play. "


Misty Vixen - 2017
     John Greenfield wakes up in his woodbound cabin and, suffering from a bad hangover, wonders what he's doing with his life. He lives in a small town full of small-minded idiots, works as a hunter, and knows he can live a better life. But nothing seems to compel him enough to do so. That all changes when, out hunting for food that morning, he comes across an unconscious, wounded female demon. And her pursuers are nearby. Unwilling to leave her to her fate, he brings her back to his cabin and heals her. When she awakens, the demoness, Yelena, after determining that he isn't going to attack her, asks a favor. She needs to get back to her own realm, but the magic needed to travel between worlds will take close to one week to gather, and she obviously needs somewhere to hide and recuperate. John agrees to let her stay, and as they begin getting to know each other, things start getting very hot and heavy, and John finds himself falling for someone he never thought possible... CONTENT WARNING: This title contains adult situations, sex scenes, an interracial and open relationship, and a lot of hot human on inhuman action. You have been warned.