Say Uncle

Eric Shaw Quinn - 1994
    Reily, a gay man living contentedly in South Carolina, never expects to find himself raising a child. But when his sister and her husband die in an accident, their will makes him guardian of their infant son.

The Rabbi’s Wife, The Bishop’s Wife

David Jacobson - 2021

Imogene's Eloise: Inspired by a true-love story

Marguerite Quantaine - 2014
    To overcome her anxiety, she downs a glass of gin mistaken as ice water, awakening the next morning in a fog, but fixated on finding that one person in a city of millions before time runs out. On a fast paced track towards an ending you can’t possibly foresee, this book will erase any doubt you harbor in the existence of love at first sight and forever fortify your faith in happily ever after.

Camp Courageous

Daniel Elijah Sanderfer - 2021
    I’m not sure I agree. Sitting on the threshold of not quite a man, not quite a boy isn’t a very comfortable place to be. My name is Jonah and in 1999 I was sixteen. That summer was the summer that changed everything. My parents sent me to camp to find God… I found him in the eyes and actions of a sweet country boy named Neil.This is a story about love… first love so pure and true. This is a story about faith and finding the courage to be who you are regardless of what anyone else thinks. It’s a story about growing up and realizing what makes the measure of a man. Hint, it’s not how tall you stand or how wealthy or intelligent you are.It’s about having the courage to admit to yourself the truth… whatever that may be. This is my heart song. This is my battle cry. This is my threnody. It’s the words birthed from the heart of a boy who fell in love with his best friend at summer camp… his only friend.

COASTAL PAYBACKS: Coastal Adventure Series Number 3

Don Rich - 2019
    Travelling across land, sea, and by air, they'll leave no stone unturned until they bring him home safely. Little do they know that Murph won't be the only target of his kidnapper. The rescuers had better watch their own backs as well when some "friends" from Casey and Murph's past come calling.

Treasure Hunt

Matt Lincoln - 2021

Born Brilliant: The Life of Kenneth Williams

Christopher Stevens - 2010
    This book includes much previously unseen material from Williams's candid daily journal and also draws on rare in-depth interviews with friends and colleagues.

The Wraith's Story

Natalie K. French - 2015
     THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT DANGEROUS BEAUTY... This first novella in an exciting new series will take you to a future unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The world of BRIGAND is as beautiful as it is cruel - a landscape of sharp edges and sharper characters. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes harsh, always sexy, it's a world filled with people who play power games that span multiple planets and the life of a scut can be bought for a few ounces of fresh water. Genetically modified and cybernetically augmented before she even left the womb, Subject 11 was to be one of the Mandate of St. Nicolo's most potent tools of statecraft. With her contract bid out to one of the great families of Marajo Lift, she would become a crucial wheel within the many thousands of wheels that formed the Mandate's legendary engine of intrigue. But 11 had other plans... NOTE: The cover illustration for this novella has been changed to more accurately reflect the main character. DO NOT buy it if you have already purchased The Wraith's Story. ~22,000 words


James Magruder - 2009
    His mother’s second husband is a licensed psychologist who eats like an ape, his stepsister is a stoner slut, and his father is engaged to a Southern belle. Rick’s only solace is his growing collection of original Broadway-cast LPs, bought on the sly at Wax Trax.    After he brings two girls in speech class to tears by reading a story aloud, Rick is coaxed onto the interscholastic forensics team to perform an eight-minute dramatic interpretation of The Boys in the Band, the controversial sixties play about homosexuality. Unexpectedly successful at this oddball event, Rick begins winning tournaments and making friends with his teammates.    Rick also discovers the joys of sex—with a speech coach from a rival school—just as his mother, reacting to a deteriorating home environment, makes an unnerving commitment to Christ. The newly confident Rick assumes this too shall pass—until the combined forces of family, sex, and faith threaten to undo him at the state meet in Peoria.    James Magruder’s Sugarless offers a ruefully entertaining take on the simultaneous struggles of coming-out, coming-of-age, and coming-to-Jesus.  A selection of InsightOut Book Club Finalist, Lambda Book Award for Gay Debut Fiction, Lambda Literary Foundation Finalist, TLA Gaybie Award for Best Gay Fiction Semi-finalist, James Branch Cabell First Novelist Award, Virginia Commonwealth University Semi-finalist, William Saroyan International Prize For Writing, Stanford University

Soldier of Change: From the Closet to the Forefront of the Gay Rights Movement

Stephen Snyder-Hill - 2014
    policy on gays serving in the military, was repealed in September 2011, soldier Stephen Snyder-Hill (then Captain Hill) was serving in Iraq. Having endured years of this policy, which passively encouraged a culture of fear and secrecy for gay soldiers, Snyder-Hill submitted a video to a Republican primary debate (held two days after the repeal). In the video he asked for the Republicans’ thoughts regarding the repeal and their plans, if any, to extend spousal benefits to legally married gay and lesbian soldiers. His video was booed by the audience on national television. Soldier of Change captures not only the media frenzy that followed that moment, placing Snyder-Hill at the forefront of this modern civil rights movement, but also his twenty-year journey as a gay man in the army: from self-loathing to self-acceptance, to the most important battle of his life–protecting the disenfranchised. Since that time, Snyder-Hill has traveled the country with his husband, giving interviews on major news networks and speaking at universities, community centers, and pride parades, a champion of LGBT equality.

The Family Heart: A Memoir Of When Our Son Came Out

Robb Forman Dew - 1994
    American Book Award winner Robb Forman Dew, known for her breathtaking ability to depict family love in all its ambiguity and pain, reaches deep into her own heart to write the story of finding out her son is gay.

Shared Winds

Kenna White - 2004
    Lyn's hopes and dreams are perilously close to dissolving unless she can find a contractor to rebuild her business before a season without revenue forces her to close her doors forever. But with such widespread damage throughout the area, Lan's frustration mounts as the lack of available contractors becomes apparent. Then Emma Bishop, daughter of the most renowned contractor in the county, steps in to offer her services. The offer seems like an answer to Lan's prayers until she learns of Emma's inexperience and ulterior motives... As the two woman work closely together to rebuild the marina, each is caught unaware as something else begins to threaten their contractor-client relationship. Despite their best efforts, a smoldering caldron of emotion and desire begins to bubble up through the icy Okalahoma winter...

Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry

Evan Wolfson - 2004
    It is the work of one of the most influential attorneys in America, who has dedicated his life to the protection of individuals' rights and our Constitution's commitment to equal justice under the law. Above all, it is a clear, straightforward book that brings into sharp focus the very human significance of the right to marry in America—not just for some couples, but for all. Why is the word marriage so important? Will marriage for same-sex couples hurt the "sanctity" of the institution? How can people of different faiths reconcile their beliefs with the idea of marriage for same-sex couples? How will allowing gay couples to marry affect children? In this quietly powerful volume, the most authoritative and fairly articulated book on the subject, Wolfson demonstrates why the right to marry is important—indeed necessary—for all couples and for America's promise of equality.

Something to Believe

Robbi McCoy - 2010
    Cruise over, they kept in touch, and rapidly became close friends. The following year they’re reunited for a visit which ends with a spontaneous kiss that surprises them both. That one kiss destroys their friendship, sending them back to their lives—and their partners—heartsick and remorseful.Ten years later everything—and nothing—has changed. While the path is now clear for them to reignite the old flame, the time still seems all wrong. Cassie is unable to break through the emotional walls separating her from both her estranged son and her rediscovered love, while Lauren is overcome with revelations about her late partner that shatter her belief in destiny and romance.Challenged by the past and besieged in the present, the only thing going for them is the one thing they’ve denied all these years: love.With an unforgettable journey through China as backdrop for a story of fated love, Robbi McCoy (Waltzing at Midnight, Not Every River) returns with a decade-spanning romance that explores first impressions, second chances and perhaps third time’s the charm.

The Beloved Son

Jay Quinn - 2007
    Karl Preston, at fifty-two, certainly fits this image, as he lives an emotionally comfortable life with his wife and daughter in an affluent North Carolina suburb. But preparing for a weekend visit to his elderly parents' Florida home, Karl becomes increasingly aware of the pressing concerns of their faltering lives-realizing too it will be the first time in years he has seen his gay brother, Sven. Frank, Karl's father, is bellicose and bewildered, and Annike, his still beautiful mother, is increasingly isolated, despite her fluency in three languages. Then there is Sven: Harried, loving, and hopeful, he is a forty-year-old gay man who finds his life bound by the confines of his parents' needs, a situation that has taken over his life. In rich, lyrical prose, Jay Quinn charts what happens when responsibility outweighs love, when obligation turns to guilt, and when the walls come down and the truth unfolds. The Beloved Son marks a new chapter in Jay Quinn's remarkable career, as he paints both a loving and tortured portrait of the modern-day family.